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  1. hawkens

    Vietnam Veteran's Day: March 29

    Dad was there 65-67 1/9
  2. hawkens


    Ill take the gators !!
  3. hawkens

    22 Points

    23 hands down !!
  4. hawkens

    Antlerless cow tag in 6b Arizona

    sent msg
  5. hawkens

    Javelina carrying a rabbit?

    Dont look like Javi to me !
  6. hawkens

    3 shots, 3 Trophies

    did you debone for pack out ? do you process yourself or take it in to have done ? Lol need to get my grandson out there .
  7. hawkens

    Badlands bino case/harness - $70

    If you have it still i will take it
  8. hawkens

    Son's Hunting Success

    Very Cool Congrats !!!
  9. hawkens


    Ive got a Mountie and a Golden sweet lil rifles very accurate and smooth !! good Luck on the sale !!!
  10. hawkens

    6a bull rifle nov 30-dec 6

    Wife has Muzzy Bull hunt ends Nov 22 hit me up then and ill pass on info !
  11. hawkens

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    Last weekend 6b they were bugling all night , lotta a barking soon as sun came up it was silent .
  12. hawkens

    Sold please delete

    I ll take it !
  13. hawkens


    Just looked and looks like they go under the name No Excuses bullets
  14. hawkens


    Used to shoot White Systems Bullets .50 cal 600gr very accurate bullet out of my hawkens 1-48 kicked like a mule though not sure if anybody makes them anymore think White Systems is gone
  15. hawkens

    WTB - CVA optima magnum

    Love my CVA s Optima V2 and Accura LR !!! Good Luck !