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  1. hawkens

    Deer Tags

    Got 4 in the mail today
  2. Hmm woder if it would be consider it baiting if you leave your coat on the ground ???
  3. hawkens

    Vietnam Veteran's Day: March 29

    Dad was there 65-67 1/9
  4. hawkens


    Ill take the gators !!
  5. hawkens

    22 Points

    23 hands down !!
  6. hawkens

    Antlerless cow tag in 6b Arizona

    sent msg
  7. hawkens

    Javelina carrying a rabbit?

    Dont look like Javi to me !
  8. hawkens

    3 shots, 3 Trophies

    did you debone for pack out ? do you process yourself or take it in to have done ? Lol need to get my grandson out there .
  9. hawkens

    Badlands bino case/harness - $70

    If you have it still i will take it
  10. hawkens

    Son's Hunting Success

    Very Cool Congrats !!!
  11. hawkens


    Ive got a Mountie and a Golden sweet lil rifles very accurate and smooth !! good Luck on the sale !!!
  12. hawkens

    6a bull rifle nov 30-dec 6

    Wife has Muzzy Bull hunt ends Nov 22 hit me up then and ill pass on info !
  13. hawkens

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    Last weekend 6b they were bugling all night , lotta a barking soon as sun came up it was silent .
  14. hawkens

    Sold please delete

    I ll take it !
  15. hawkens


    Just looked and looks like they go under the name No Excuses bullets