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  1. GreyGhost85

    Deer draw bonus pass

    If you want to get rid of them, send a location and there will be an army of hunters ready to go. People always talk about feral hogs in AZ and how they’re becoming a problem in certain areas but are tight lipped about where they are. Are they a “problem” or are they something you like to talk about?
  2. GreyGhost85

    Credit Card hit thread

    Got a hit
  3. GreyGhost85

    Saved this Girl from being ran over this am.

    My buddy has a couple gsp’s he’s always exercising and lives on power/university. I’ll call him
  4. GreyGhost85

    az ground pounders

    The huge majority of outfitters are garbage and everyone knows it. That being said, that is the only negative thing i’ve heard about azgp. I’d take it with a grain of salt. Someone is pissy they ate a tag. Archery hunts are tough
  5. GreyGhost85

    Coues or Mule

    Dylan Mulvany is more of a woman than that is a mule deer.
  6. GreyGhost85


    3 1/2 -4? Fawns are all born at the same time in july-august how can you possibly tell all of that about a couple of long range cell phone photos?
  7. GreyGhost85

    Custom pre 64 Winchester model 70

    +1 on the nice rig. I built a custom .264 win mag on a pre-64 action several years ago. Proof CF barrel and CF stock.
  8. GreyGhost85

    Mexico dead head

    I’m not 100% sure but i’ve heard you can cut the antlers off the skull and bring them back as "sheds". Glue them to a cheap bottle of tequila and i bet you wouldn’t get hassled at all.
  9. GreyGhost85

    Vortex viper 6.5-20x44 with rings f/s

    Pm sent
  10. GreyGhost85

    No elk pics? Stories

    The bulging is always good where i’m at
  11. GreyGhost85

    No elk pics? Stories

    I’ve seen more giant bull pics than ever this year i feel like.
  12. GreyGhost85

    supressor maintenance

    How much experience do you have with supressors and supressor maintenance?
  13. GreyGhost85

    Mexico coues deer tags

    OG a$$hole mexico coues hunt? I’m in
  14. GreyGhost85

    Barlett Flatheads

    Bartlett is an enemy of mine. I flathead a lot and do pretty good everywhere else but Bartlett always kicks my butt. It is really high this year and i think bank fishing would be really tough will all the submerged trees and brush
  15. GreyGhost85

    1982 Model 70 375H&H Super Express

    No, they switched back to crf I think in 1992 but can’t remember for sure what year.