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  1. GreyGhost85

    Sheep charges

    If it was an honest system and functioned properly, slim to none. REAL curious about who drew it.
  2. GreyGhost85

    This Weeks Welcomed Monsoons and 24A

    I drove to the top of Madera peak a couple days ago to inspect the tower. It is pretty desolate. There is a little bit of new growth in a couple spots but nothing substantial. That fire burned HOT. I do not think it is going to green up a whole lot this year
  3. GreyGhost85


    Someone with a bison tag needs that thing
  4. GreyGhost85

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    In the same boat. Paid just over 50k out the door for my 2018 cummins. Blue books for 55-58 now. Tempting to sell but it would cost me 60+ to replace it.
  5. GreyGhost85

    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    Come on man. If you drew, i’d put you on a BFR
  6. GreyGhost85

    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    Good luck bud. Hire a guide
  7. GreyGhost85

    Dillon 550

    The overcharge is the only thing that worries me but if you use a powder cop die and pay attention to it you should be ok
  8. GreyGhost85

    Dillon 550

    Exactly what was already said. you wouldn't use a progressive press for extreme accuracy but the cartridges that most people load with them don't necessarily have to be super accurate. I've spent about $2,500 getting a new Hornady ammo plant set up over the last 6 months or so.... I've been reloading for 20+ years and there is definitely a learning curve involved. That being said, i can pump out 500 or so rounds an hour when I get serious about it. I still use my single stage for all of my hunting rifles.
  9. GreyGhost85

    Sheep charges

    I’m sure you’ve got a lot of places in mind to find sheep there but there are some other off the grid places that sometimes hold great rams that get overlooked. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested. A different member had the hunt several years ago and ended up shooting a pretty good ram in the direction i pointed him.
  10. if you think it disappointing being a nonresident and not drawing what used to be a guaranteed tag, try being a resident and not drawing the same tag. i probably spend more on app fees every year than most NR's and rarely draw anything.
  11. the 10% rule has been in place for a long time. I'd love to feel sorry for nonresidents but i cannot. G&F has decimated a lot of our deer herds by over promotion of OTC archery hunts for nonresidents. You can always use that license you bought by hunting OTC archery deer while it is still possible.
  12. GreyGhost85

    357 harret for elk?

    Nobody on this website, and maybe in north america, has any experience shooting an elk with a 357 Herret…..
  13. GreyGhost85

    357 harret for elk?

    It sounds like you answered your own question. Did you want an opinion or reassurance?
  14. GreyGhost85

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    We don’t. It is a detriment to residents and wildlife populations. G&F stuffs their pockets. I’d like to see an actual breakdown of money spent on conservation and habitat improvement. Project to project cost. One line item with a dollar sign doesn’t show anything. I would like to see “X-Tank refill - $15,000, new drinker in Kofa’s - $62,000, etc.”
  15. GreyGhost85

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    Think about this next time you all decide to “donate” money to the g&f…. It IS NOT going where you think it is. I’ve known about it for several years and it did not surprise me one bit. Paying nonresidents to fu€k up hunting for the residents. G&F only cares about one thing…$$$$. They could care less about conservation. This state becomes less and less desirable to live in every day.