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  1. GreyGhost85

    30/06 Winchester Model 70 Post 64

    Good luck on the sale. Not to lowball or anything as i have no interest in that rifle but you are asking about double it’s value. If it was a pre-64 like you thought, you’d still be pretty high but closer
  2. GreyGhost85

    Woodbury Fire

    #fakenews. No fire.
  3. GreyGhost85

    Lower Black River

    Looks like a good time! That spot looks familiar!
  4. I have a whole closet full of kuiu and find myself wearing my Prana Zion pants and Black Ovis merino tops much more than the kuiu. I like mostly everything about them better than my kuiu gear, as much as it pains to say.
  5. GreyGhost85

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    My bad, shoulda read through the whole post before responding
  6. GreyGhost85

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    Catfish Kev is correct. If you are in the bonus pass for your 1st or 2nd choice, you will get that tag. If i apply for a long shot 1st choice, and a guaranteed tag 2nd choice, the computer will skip over even looking at your 1st choice.
  7. GreyGhost85


    Coues are browsers, not grazers. Most of what they eat grows above ground, not on the ground so snow doesn’t affect them as much. It takes a LOT of snow to push them out of their hole.
  8. GreyGhost85

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    I’m not gay, but a sheep tag is a sheep tag, am I right?
  9. GreyGhost85

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    Someone needs to start a “what would you do for a sheep tag” topic.
  10. GreyGhost85

    2018, Desert sheep unit

    The biggest sheep in the state 2 years in a row has come out of 28south. The 2018 ram dang near broke 190” and it had around 5” busted off on one side. I was fortunate enough to handle it when we were checking in my buddy’s sheep with G&F. Absolutely unbelievable ram
  11. GreyGhost85

    What is max points for deer

    Crazy that there are 19 people 1 BP behind max for sheep because they don’t have their hunter ed! Come on knuckle heads.
  12. GreyGhost85

    Hornady ELD-X

    i shoot 13gn ELD-M out of my .264 win mag at about 3300fps. i've shot 3 different coues from 460 to 670 and all have been 1 shot DRT with big pass throughs on all of them.
  13. GreyGhost85

    Finding "pockety deer"

    Just scout until you find coues, and spend time in there. I hunt a unit that is pockety as well. There will be coues in one canyon or on one ridge and none on the other ridges or canyons around that spot
  14. GreyGhost85

    What is max points for deer

    28bp’s for javelina? Best thing i’ve heard all day. That is an EXPENSIVE pig tag. 49 for buffalo is insane