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    Big, old, snot blowin, stinkin, screamin Bull Elk and everything about them.

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  1. GreyGhost85

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    I just don’t worry about them. Come across them all the time too. They usually want less to do with you than you do with them. Most of them get a free pass, but when i come across a hyper aggressive one they usually get taken out of the gene pool.
  2. GreyGhost85

    Leupold BX5 Santiam 15x56

    I’ve heard they are right there with Kaibabs. A notch under meopta and zeiss
  3. GreyGhost85

    Trail camera recommendations

    Ds4k’s for $139 on camofire
  4. GreyGhost85

    Shed hunting Arizona

    that is a pretty impressive set. If you drew a line east and west across the unit at about rose peak, i would guess 90% of the elk in the unit would be found north of that line. there are a few scattered out all through the unit though. Grey's peak is about as far south as any real population exists.
  5. GreyGhost85

    Shed hunting Arizona

    Is that top set coues? Mind posting any more photos of it?
  6. GreyGhost85


    Man, that’s a tough one. Those two idiots look and act the EXACT way that the anti’s think hunters do. Unreal. String em up.
  7. GreyGhost85

    Hunt guidlines

    Last time they went to a draw for U1 archery, the herd improved a lot and very quickly. I grew up in unit 1 and hunt it a lot for deer and elk and i am happy to see it go back to a draw. U1 won’t be anything like kaibab but it does have great genetics and if it stays a draw, it’ll be similar to 3a/3c. My dad spoke to a game warden in 27 this year who told him that a store in unit 27 sold 800 nonresident archery deer tags in january alone. He also said to expect to see many units go to draw for archery, especially in January. It’s a hard reality, but with the number of archery hunters now and the level of efficiency, something had/has to be done. You can’t continue with near statewide OTC archery deer tags and expect populations and age class to improve. I am sure the reason why they plan on cutting out 1600 tags is to compensate for the exponential increase in OTC archery hunters.
  8. GreyGhost85

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    What about a turkey out of a tree while standing on a road?
  9. GreyGhost85

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    Pretty sure that video is from january 2018. Nothing ever happened to the dude
  10. GreyGhost85

    5 - 33x12.5x15 bfg ko2 tires and wheels

    One is brand new, but what kind of tread is left on the other 4?
  11. GreyGhost85

    6.5 PRC

    Packs a lot more punch than a 6.5CM. Ballistics similar to 6.5x284 and is supposed to be inherently accurate. I have been curious on the round as well. I hope it throws a lot of water on the 6.5CM fire personally, as it appears to be a much better option.
  12. GreyGhost85

    Jim white head or outdoorsmans pan?

    Save your money and get a manfrotto 700rc2. I think they’re better, as do a lot of people, and they’re under $100
  13. GreyGhost85

    How much you gotta spend?

    I made the mistake of buying bargain callers twice before i got a fox pro. There are some other callers that are as good, but at the same price point
  14. GreyGhost85

    KUIU ICON PRO 5200. FS (NEW)

    Does this have a tall frame or regular?
  15. GreyGhost85

    well place shot

    Sling lead till they’re dead. Do not jump up and celebrate if they drop after the first shot. Stay in your scope for at least a minute or two in case they get up. I have seen a LOT of bulls get back up and haul a$$ . High shoulder shots, if they do not hit the spine, will a lot of times jar their spine hard enough to knock their feet out from under them but they’ll get right back up and take off.