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  1. dzell

    Cat Calling

    Call nonstop bird rodent for 30 min then change sounds I do a very short pause maybe a minute when I change from birds to something bigger.
  2. dzell

    Cat Calling

    I’ve been lucky enough to call in several lions all but one came in early in the morning. Distress noises have been good to me. I start out with a rodent distress or bird. Sometimes both at the same time then I work into rabbit or fawn distress calling continuously. You know that lions in the area pick a spot where you think it might go to lay up for the day and call that country. One lion that I called in came in around 2 in the afternoon. After playing bird and rodent distress for nearly an hour I changed over to bobcat in heat and the lion came in pissed. Good luck.
  3. dzell


    Pm sent
  4. dzell


    Summer or fall cape
  5. dzell

    Berger 215 hybrid target

  6. dzell

    Electronic tags

    To many things go wrong with technology they should stick to paper tags.
  7. dzell


    Thank you
  8. dzell


    Is there any good bank fishing there
  9. dzell

    WTB Browning A bolt wood stock

    I have one it has some scratches I can send you pictures tomorrow
  10. dzell

    2020 Mathews vxr 31.5

    Pm sent.
  11. dzell

    Remington 788. 22-250. *SOLD*

    I’ll take it
  12. dzell

    Used Toyota Tundra advice

    I had an 02 tundra with the 4.7 lacked power to pull hills ithout down shifting and running high rpms. The balljoints went out all the time. Broke both rear leaf springs. I finally got rid of it at 130 thousand miles. I averaged 12 mpg every where I went.
  13. dzell

    Tamron Lens for Nikon

    Pm sent
  14. dzell

    270 wsm Christensen arms

    Interested pm sent