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  1. dzell

    Remington 788. 22-250. *SOLD*

    I’ll take it
  2. dzell

    Used Toyota Tundra advice

    I had an 02 tundra with the 4.7 lacked power to pull hills ithout down shifting and running high rpms. The balljoints went out all the time. Broke both rear leaf springs. I finally got rid of it at 130 thousand miles. I averaged 12 mpg every where I went.
  3. dzell

    Tamron Lens for Nikon

    Pm sent
  4. dzell

    270 wsm Christensen arms

    Interested pm sent
  5. dzell

    No cams on water by G&F.....coming soon.

    They dont even enforce the no camping within a quarter mile of a water rule I dont know why they feel the need for the new rule
  6. dzell


    Id like to buy this rifle if its available
  7. dzell

    Leica Trinovids 10x42 BA

    Where are you located
  8. dzell

    Savage 14 American classic .270wsm

    How does it shoot
  9. dzell

    Gun for sale

    Forgot how to add pictures
  10. dzell

    Gun for sale

  11. dzell

    Gun for sale

    Howa 1500 .243 with new vortex diamondback 4-12x40 scope shot 25 times $550
  12. dzell

    Cleaning safe,788,590,youth

    Where are you located interested in the 788
  13. dzell

    Lost tripod

    Bloody basin road