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  1. DCMHunter

    12 points...now what?

    they need to increase the bonus point pass to 40 % I am still waiting for a muzzle loader tag.
  2. DCMHunter

    Super Bonus Point

    I feel that after reading all I can on this I feel that the super bonus point is a good idea if opened up to allow the purchase for each species each year and not be limited to only one . For the three species that I have max bonus points for I do not have to choose one and loss ground on the others. If this point is only usable for only one year it will only benefit those with max points and reduce the effectiveness of it. To offset the concerns of points creeping up increase the bonus point pass to 40% or evan 30%. this would still allow the majority of the tags available in the general draw and reduce the points creep that we are already seeing.
  3. DCMHunter

    Pratt Lake

    One small 3" er
  4. DCMHunter

    Pratt Lake

    Made it by Pratt this weekend and it is not dry. The lake is actually spring fed from underneath. The water level is low but not dry. The fishing was slow but it was mid day when I was there and only stayed for about an hour.
  5. DCMHunter

    Pratt Lake

    Does anyone have a fishing report for Pratt Lake?
  6. DCMHunter

    Unit 27 Mule deer help

    Thanks Does anyone know of any good mules for sale to save the barrel horse? At a reasonable price of course. I think I will start looking around the rim area. Has anybody been into the bear wallow wilderness area?
  7. DCMHunter

    Unit 27 Mule deer help

    Thanks for the replies. It is actually my wife's tag for the early hunt. She is open to getting off the beaten path a horse back as long as it is not to rough for her barrel horse. Have they cleaned up any of the trails up around Hannegan Meadows after the wallow fire? She is from Wilcox and use to hunt low for muleys and in the hills for Whitetail. I know that the Blue gets hit really hard during the archery hunt in January, would it be good to take some of the trails off of there? DCM
  8. DCMHunter

    Unit 27 Mule deer help

    It has been a while since we have had a rifle deer tag in unit 27. You can find every other post with something about north of the river, but what about the south side. I am looking for some general information on places to start looking in Unit 27. High or Low?? Is it better to hunt high during the early hunt like up around Middle Mountain, or low off three bar mesa? Do the deer stay down on the blue year round or is there a big migration? DCM
  9. DCMHunter

    And so it begins.

    I got a hit for $45.00 so it is either me in unit 13B or 27 Dec. Or my wife Unit 27 Nov. or Unit 1. Either way we will be chasing corp around this year. And to top it off my brother in law got a hit for $300 Unit 13B or 27 Dec. Let the fun begin, I will try not to tear up my knee like i did the last time i hunted mules. DCM
  10. DCMHunter

    2015 sheep season

    My mount is almost done. Thank You AZ Wildlife Designs.
  11. I put the two side by side at Bass Pro shop and would go with the Sworo's
  12. Congratulations I hope I can get a quick return draw for my Rocky.
  13. DCMHunter

    2015 sheep season

    Thanks for all the replies. He was aged at 8YO his bases were 15 1/8" and 7/8" between the horns on top. The length was 32". I will have no problem looking at this ram on its mount for the rest of my life. I LOVE IT!!! DCM
  14. DCMHunter

    2015 sheep season

    Well that didn't take as long as I thought it would. I have rough scored him at 162 6/8 G&F got a little less but they where under the horn on one base and let the tape slip a little on one length. Not a bad ram for a DIY hunt. I can't weight for my boy to draw. DCM
  15. DCMHunter

    2015 sheep season

    finally found a mature ram, not to big but nice. I hope I can find his daddy.