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  1. BeardownAZ

    When do you predator hunt?

    Mid to late morning is when I have best results. They are nothing like deer or elk. You can hunt them whenever. I know people who have great results in the summer when its baking!
  2. Since when has liberals cared about facts? That's were you underestimate them. It's about agendas driven but illogical emotion. They are nuts and they are running this country into the ground, one state at a time.
  3. Ot course the Antis are in there pockets. Have been for awhile. Why do you think they didn't want hunting passed as a constitutional right in this state. Maybe some will wake up on this forum after hearing of this.
  4. BeardownAZ

    Bushmaster AR15

    Will be in the valley tomorrow and Saturday if anyone's interested
  5. Game and fish is not a friend of hunters. They pretend like they are, but they are not.
  6. BeardownAZ

    Bushmaster AR15

    For sale: Bushmaster AR15. Chromelined bore. Removable carry handle. Magpul furniture $600.
  7. BeardownAZ

    WTB Travel Trailer 23-26ft w/bunks. Delete

    Found please delete
  8. BeardownAZ

    Last Day pig

    On the way home after seeing nothing all morning, something told me to pullover and check a thicket out before calling it a season. About 200 yards off the road and the other side of the thicket, was a grassy flat with yuccas and about 10 grazing pigs. After not being able to close the distance due to the swirling wind likely giving me away, I called em in too about 40 yards. They came running in from about 150 or so yards out. I nailed this sow with the Ruger GP100 357 from two that came in on a dead run. What a blast!
  9. BeardownAZ

    WTB Travel Trailer 23-26ft w/bunks. Delete

    I see them on Craigslist all the time, under 30ft, and they go quick.
  10. BeardownAZ

    WTB Travel Trailer 23-26ft w/bunks. Delete

    Text sent
  11. BeardownAZ

    WTB Travel Trailer 23-26ft w/bunks. Delete

    Not really, I see them all the time, but they are popular so they go quick
  12. Found please delete Looking at buying a travel trailer. Bumper pull. No pop ups or toyhaulers. Looking for something with a queen bed and rear bunks. In the 23-26ft range. In the $4000-7000ish range. PM or text 928-651-0284
  13. BeardownAZ

    Cactus Bounders!

    Herds we've seen aren't very big. Seen tons and tons of sign but not a lot of animals considering. Maybe its us or maybe the numbers are down, not sure.
  14. BeardownAZ

    wild horses

    Typical bleeding hearts running things out of emotion and not logic. Shoot them all! No different then any other feral animal. Why aren't hogs treated the same way???