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  1. BeardownAZ

    Wtb sks

    Good luck. The days of old cheap guns are gone, and not coming back. Politics isn’t trending in our favor and name one president even “gun friendly” ones in the past 30 years that has repelled any import restrictions or anything pro gun in our favor, for that matter?? They won’t even turn over M1Garand or carbines for resale. Everyone’s favorite clown, George W Bush had said he would’ve signed and renewed the Clinton era assault weapons ban if it got to his desk. Luckily it never did.
  2. BeardownAZ

    Primary Arms SLX 5X Prism Scope FDE

    New price
  3. BeardownAZ

    PSA AK-103

    or trade for lever action in 357 or Mini 14 tactical
  4. BeardownAZ

    PSA AK-103

    Palmetto State AK-103 7.62x39 with FN cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel. Very few rounds through. Comes with one 30 rnd mag. Must be able to show AZ driver’s license and must be able to legally purchase. In Safford/Thatcher area. $900
  5. BeardownAZ

    Head on a Swivel

    If you are trained and equipped properly( radios etc), you are going to know that when help arrives that you are now no longer part of the response and will essentially surrender or "lay down" for responders as they arrive. Also the LEO will or should know what staff are armed as they should be coordinating training with them year around. Teachers and other adult school staff aren't just getting indiscriminately being shot now as these shootings occur by first responders so it wouldn't be any different if handled correctly. It's just has to be done right and it can be if the powers that be allow it too.
  6. BeardownAZ

    Head on a Swivel

    My understanding is most won't and don't want to do it. I think a plain clothed, trained, armed security/ leo or whatever would be great. Signs around the property stating the campus is armed and deadly force will be used if necessary to defend staff and students. Just a thought
  7. BeardownAZ

    Coleman Queen airbed cot-SOLD

  8. BeardownAZ

    Shooting Cart----Sold

    A stroller for guns?? Love it!!
  9. BeardownAZ

    Coleman Queen airbed cot-SOLD

    Like new, never used just taken out and aired up once to check. $75
  10. BeardownAZ

    Doin the Lords work

    Seriously the perfect and truest hunting quote ever
  11. BeardownAZ


    Seriously, bragging is all that matters. Laws and ethics be dammed
  12. BeardownAZ


    Unfortunately, this is becoming representative of the industry more and more. Narcissism is a common trait and being popular anymore, is more important to many then ethics or morals. But thats society as a whole. Hunting world is no different.
  13. BeardownAZ

    Which auto insurance...including a UTV

    Wifes cousin was an Allstate insurance broker for along time and said never ever go with Geico regardless of price. They aren't good if you actually have to file a claim. She said Progressive was good as was USAA but that USAA tended to get more expensive over time which we found out was true. We used Country Financial locally and so far is cheaper and very easy to deal with.
  14. BeardownAZ

    Setting kids up for the shot

    Alot of grown men these days aren't a good comparison. Some hire guides for cow elk hunts, lol. Being 100 successful is too often the goal for alot of people now days. Instant gratification. I get we want our kids to be succesful but they also need to learn even if it means coming home empty handed sometmes. Get him in closer (as has been mentioned) and hunt down to his level until he fills out more and gets a little more experience. He'll do just fine
  15. BeardownAZ

    Hypothetical draw question

    Thats not what the topic said. They said can you surrender the original tag and then take a hand me down tag from a adult family member.