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  1. BeardownAZ

    Hiking Machu Pichu

    Not all but the ones who are indigenious, Inca, more so but I also think its how they dress.
  2. BeardownAZ

    Hiking Machu Pichu

  3. BeardownAZ

    Hiking Machu Pichu

    Machu Pichu is amazing. I got mild altitude sickness(felt like a lingering hangover) in Cusco as it is at 11k but Machu Pichu is actually lower then Cusco. My father in law set up the guided tour. Either way, I’m sure you’ll find one and will love it. Peru is awesome
  4. BeardownAZ


    Military are briefed on how to conduct themselves in other countries and how to act accordingly. If you break the law, you are subject to that countries rules and punishment, per our military/ government
  5. BeardownAZ

    PSA AK-103

    Bump. Lower price
  6. BeardownAZ

    Mossberg 835 & 590

    Price drop
  7. BeardownAZ

    Mossberg 835 & 590

  8. BeardownAZ

    az ground pounders

    Simplest and yet truest statement I've ever heard
  9. BeardownAZ

    Christian Arms CA9mm-sold

    Pm sent
  10. Interested in any trades of any kind? 

    1. Shooter McGavin

      Shooter McGavin

      Not at this time.

    2. BeardownAZ


      Ok thanks. If you change your mind let me know. Seems people aren’t buying much these days. I guess a bad economy due to a bad president will do that 

    3. Shooter McGavin

      Shooter McGavin

      10-4, but so true

  11. BeardownAZ

    SB Tactical brace

    It was bought from PSA but it is a SB Tactical. Had it on a PSA AK-V(AK 9mm variant) and just changed colors.
  12. BeardownAZ

    SB Tactical brace

    SB tactical side folding triangle brace. $75
  13. BeardownAZ

    How bout them Devils!

    Schools that aren't the blue bloods cannot get into the mix cause they cannot get continuity in there program due to money the big boys have that pulls it away from the "lesser" programs. If Dillingham gets ASU rolling, he's likely to leave too even though he is a Sun Devil. He's too young to not keep climbing for the next greener pasture. Loyalty is gone. Money rules all and its sad. Really all you can hope for is that teams like UofA get a season like this every so often and can just be bowl eligible most of the time to be considered successful. On a side note, I find it funny that all these coaches whine non stop about transfer portal yet they move around non stop. Few coaches are at a place more the 4 years. Iowa has one of the last great old school coaches.
  14. BeardownAZ

    Mossberg 835 & 590

    Will be in Tucson on Monday 1/15
  15. BeardownAZ

    Mossberg 835 & 590