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  1. BeardownAZ

    Show Low/ Pinetop restaurants..

    Ok, I've heard that mentioned a few times, didn't realize it was pizza. thanks
  2. BeardownAZ

    Show Low/ Pinetop restaurants..

    Haven’t heard of pizza yet. Any decent pizza up there??
  3. BeardownAZ

    Show Low/ Pinetop restaurants..

    Yeah I was thinking the same but no big deal, I guess I got info for other areas for another time
  4. BeardownAZ

    Show Low/ Pinetop restaurants..

    If I’m ever in Winslow I’ll keep that in mind but definitely not heading there anytime soon
  5. BeardownAZ

    Show Low/ Pinetop restaurants..

    Ok no hiding it, I love to eat. When I go anywhere, were I’m/ we are eating is a huge part of the trip planning. I’ll be in the Show Low/ Pinetop area for 4 days soon and want to know what food joints everyone likes up there. Mexican, pizza, steakhouse, etc. all of it.
  6. BeardownAZ

    Bushmaster AR15 $500

  7. BeardownAZ

    Bushmaster AR15 $500

    Safford/Thatcher area
  8. BeardownAZ

    Bushmaster AR15 $500

  9. BeardownAZ

    Pathfinder, 4Runner, Cherokee, or etc

    No trailering. I want something I can drive too and from then back home.
  10. BeardownAZ

    WTB: 4Runner, Cherokee, or something similar

    It seems most 4Runners are 3.0. I assume most who have the 3.4 are holding. My budget(2k)is revolving right now, lol. Sold my side by side but didn’t get as much as I hoped so I’m getting funds up to give me some options.
  11. Looking to buy a offroad hunting vehicle. Like the title says. Any older 90s 4x4 SUV type . No garage queens that cost a mint. Looking at something that runs good, has ac/heat and isn't a project. I don't expect perfect but clean title is a must. Let me know!!
  12. BeardownAZ

    Pathfinder, 4Runner, Cherokee, or etc

    I've been looking at these and they definetly seem cheaper. What size tires did you go with after the lift?? Its hard for them to be seen as a off road vehicle in the "soccer mom unmodified version" but someone else has told me the same things you said about them.
  13. BeardownAZ


    Sold please delete
  14. BeardownAZ

    Bushmaster AR15 $500

    Bump final cash price