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  1. BeardownAZ

    Sight in service at Ben Avery

    I always thought learning and understanding things you didn’t know before was part of the fun. It’s why I won’t use an outfitter. Not against them but I’d rather do it myself, trophy, no trophy, tag soup. I appreciate things more that way. That’s just me though
  2. BeardownAZ

    Sight in service at Ben Avery

    Does anyone do anything themselves anymore? Sheesh
  3. BeardownAZ

    Ban on Russian guns and ammo

    This ban is a bigger concern on the side of our 2nd amendment more then it is doing business with Russia. I agree Putin is no good. I hope that American or at least other non commie countries can fill the void. But that will likely be years down the road, if at all. But this wasn’t a punishment on Russia as much as it is a back handed way of trying to starve out ammo and make it harder on people like us. Ask yourself this question, of all the things we still do business with Russia on, oh and even worse, China, why did ammo and firearms get the ban?? It’s about control, control of us, nothing more.
  4. BeardownAZ

    Ban on Russian guns and ammo

    That’s exactly what he’s doing. It has nothing to do with poisoning someone like they claim. They’d ban all Chinese products if that was the case for giving the world COVID. But Democrats have literally become nothing more then imbedded Chinese communists. This is going to drive ALL ammo back up for a very long time, possibly permanently if something legally doesn’t stop this ban.
  5. BeardownAZ

    Your Counties Pros & Cons

    Yup, its everywhere. You aren't going to escape it in any county or town
  6. BeardownAZ

    Meopta customer service

    I've dealt with Erik a few times and he's been great. Unfortunately Cabelas and BassPro are nothing but corporate now
  7. BeardownAZ

    Thoughts on High fence hunts

    I don't like either one but whatever gets some people rocks off I guess.
  8. BeardownAZ

    Firearms purchase questions

    Hmm it’s either changed Or that info is wrong. Spent 4 years in Virginia and was never a Virginia resident and was still an AZ resident the whole time. State taxes were still paid to AZ as well edit: just looked it up and as I stated before was correct as far as residency is concerned. Were you are stationed is not your residency unless you want it to be and change it to be.
  9. BeardownAZ

    Firearms purchase questions

    You don't automatically become a resident of were you are stationed. This info isn't necessarily true. Duty stations can change overnight and constantly. Most likely were he is licensed is considered home for such purposes especially if the rifle is going to be kept there.
  10. BeardownAZ

    Windham Weaponry AR-15 20” A4

    I wouldn't own a bullet button AR. So no, its a legit AR15.
  11. BeardownAZ

    Tripods head type?

    One seems very cumbersome and the other seems like it might be alright
  12. BeardownAZ

    Tripods head type?

    Vs this:
  13. BeardownAZ

    Tripods head type?

  14. BeardownAZ

    Tripods head type?

    Hmmm maybe not on the pistol grip, lol