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    Spending as much time scouting and trying to fill whatever tag I have in my possession, as well as teaching my children everything I know about the great outdoors.

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  1. Shooter McGavin

    Antonio Zoli O/U 12g shotgun

    Sunday bump
  2. Shooter McGavin

    Antonio Zoli O/U 12g shotgun

    Was asked the question if it’s ejector or extraction, and it’s extraction for shell removal.
  3. Shooter McGavin

    Ruger PRC 22lr

    Price drop $650.00
  4. Shooter McGavin

    Antonio Zoli O/U 12g shotgun

  5. Shooter McGavin

    Ruger PRC 22lr

  6. Shooter McGavin

    Antonio Zoli O/U 12g shotgun

    Yes, fixed chokes full choke on top-1 star modified on bottom-3 stars
  7. Shooter McGavin

    Ruger PRC 22lr

  8. Shooter McGavin

    Antonio Zoli O/U 12g shotgun

    Just measured, 30” it is
  9. Shooter McGavin

    Antonio Zoli O/U 12g shotgun

    Antonio Zoli O/U 12g shotgun, Silver Snipe, 3” magnum, made in Italy, wood is in really good shape, barrels smooth & shiny, single trigger, frame is satin nickel engraved, 30” full vent rib barrel with single bead. $675.00
  10. Shooter McGavin

    Water Pressure Tank and Pump

    They work really well. I would look into a Gould’s pump/psi tank, but I don’t know what your budget is. I use these in Rocky Point at our house. Keep in mind the size of your psi/bladder tank, the smaller the tank the more the pump kicks on/off. These booster pumps work better with more continuous running rather than the constant on/off. also, make sure your air psi in tank(empty) is 2 psi below your kick on psi. So if you are running a 30-50 psi, tank psi needs to be 28psi.
  11. Shooter McGavin

    Ruger PRC 22lr

    Ruger PRC 22lr, bolt action, American flag rifle, comes with (1) 15rd mag, adjustable stock and cheek rest, threaded barrel, original box, paperwork. Sig Sauer Romeo-MSR 1x20 red dot sight. 1100 rds of ammo w/box. Dialed in for hours of fun once the restrictions are lifted. Located in Tucson. $650.00
  12. Shooter McGavin

    Guns to TRADE -UPDATED-

    Any interest in the XD Hellcat for a Ruger PRC 22lr. Basically brand new, (2)15 rd mags, all paperwork, box, thought the kiddos would like the American Flag cerakote, but they prefer the 17hmr instead. Let me know?
  13. Shooter McGavin

    UPDATED, Firearms, and Scopes

    I’ll take the 20g ammo and Remington Viper 22
  14. Shooter McGavin

    Ruger 22 precision rifle

    I got this same rifle in 22lr and in 17hmr, absolute great, accurate shooting rifles. CWT plug.....you won’t be disappointed if you buy it!!!
  15. Shooter McGavin

    Charter Arms UC Lite 38spl-SOLD