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    Spending as much time scouting and trying to fill whatever tag I have in my possession, as well as teaching my children everything I know about the great outdoors.

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  1. Shooter McGavin

    Looking to sell a bunch of reloading equipment

    Everything has to go, all for one one for all @ $130.00. Too much to ship, local pick up preferred or maybe meet within reason.
  2. Shooter McGavin

    More snackers

    Got out again and got another limit of 15. Absolutely love finding antlers, it’s been there awhile, very chalky and brittle.
  3. Shooter McGavin

    Looking to sell a bunch of reloading equipment

    More pics of the brass and actual bullets. bullets 38spl/357 ( a lot of wad cutter) 25 cal 308 6mm bullets full box of Speer .490 round ball casings 300wm casing full box (60) 22-250 casings (100) 38 spl casings (4 boxes) 357 casings (61) 308 casings (21) 25-06 casings Midway Tumbler with sand
  4. Shooter McGavin

    Various hunting boots

    1-Wolverine Dura-shock boots,size 13m, brand new-never worn, (just a tad too small) all leather. Would make a great work or hiking boot, SOLD 2-Vasquez Skywalk boots, all leather, have been worn, but still tons of miles left on the soles, size 14m, $40 (would make a great pair of backup boots when your 1st pair gets wet and cold) 3-Magnum, size 10, worn 2 hunts and kids foot grew, $30 Located in Tucson
  5. Let me know if interested, it is Christmas so not looking to get rich. I was given some reloading dies and have no intention on starting a new hobby. The ones in red boxes are Bonanza. Listed below are the calibers: 243, 7mm, 22-250, 25-06, 308, 38spl-357 The ones in the green boxes are RCBS and are: 300wm, 30-06 Springfield Also a bunch of above mentioned bullets, casings, primers & powder. A Midway tumbler, scale and other reloading items(micrometers, lead, etc...) I can send pics of other items if interested. Located in Tucson. Dies will be priced at $28 ea plus shipping if interested.
  6. Shooter McGavin

    Variety of 300WM ammo

    (1/2) box of Winchester 300wm 150gr extreme point (3) boxes Winchester 300wm 180gr ballistic silver-tip (2) boxes Winchester 300wm 150gr Deer Season XP (1) Federal 300wm 150gr soft point (1) Federal Premium 300wm 180gr Nosler Partition (1) full box of empty casings $25/box or $140 for everything
  7. Shooter McGavin

    Ruger m77 300 win mag Hawkeye

    Rifle is sold
  8. Shooter McGavin

    Ruger m77 300 win mag Hawkeye

    Monday bump for rifle/rings
  9. Took the oldest boy out for a little shoulder recoil therapy aka quail hunting. Got on numerous large 30-40 bird filled coveys. I got 11, the boy got 2. Started to get a little too breezy so we couldn’t hear them clucking anymore so we called it a day.
  10. Shooter McGavin

    Anyone shoot Franchi?

    Not an Affinity, but I shoot the Franchi 48L Black Magic and absolutely love it. Little to no recoil, shoots fantastic, especially after I swapped the friction ring around (cleaning reassembling error). My Browning A5 was my go to gun, not anymore.
  11. Shooter McGavin

    What caliber should I buy?

  12. Shooter McGavin

    What caliber should I buy?

    There is a really nice Ruger 300 WM Hawkeye with a break for sale here on CWT that will do everything and more your asking.....just saying. My kids have shot it with no complaints!!!!
  13. Shooter McGavin

    Ruger m77 300 win mag Hawkeye