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  1. bigmuleyfan

    WTB AKC Yellow Lab Pup

    I have also purchased from them. The female I purchased I named Belle. Belle was the best dog one could ever dream or ask for. Super smart, well behaved, loving, and an amazing dog. She tragically passed away last year due to an accident and will be a hard one to ever match.
  2. bigmuleyfan

    Swarovski 15x56 slc wb

    I have a pair of 15x56 swaros slc wb's up for sale. Asking $1450 obo. Overall in good shape. Right eyecup is a little messed up but doesn't effect performance.
  3. bigmuleyfan

    Ruger Lcr x 38+p

  4. bigmuleyfan

    Ruger Lcr x 38+p

    I have a ruger lcr x in 38 special +p. The x is the hammered version. It has not been shot much at all. I will add a picture here later or can text/email. Located in Safford but I have the week off and plan to be all around the state this week so can make a meet up most anywhere work within reason. Asking $400 obo.
  5. bigmuleyfan

    Cleaning out the safe!

    Text sent about the Remington 700
  6. bigmuleyfan

    Wtb savage 12fv

    Anybody have one in 6.5 or 308 they are looking to sell?
  7. bigmuleyfan

    APA gen 2 little bastard

    PM sent
  8. bigmuleyfan

    WTS Howa Model 1500 .223 Rem. Walnut Stock

    Yeah my encounter was today and definitely too good to be true.
  9. bigmuleyfan

    Wts Vortex Viper HS 4-16x44 (BDC) with BKL mount rings

    Buyer beware. Guy is scamming people.
  10. bigmuleyfan

    WTS Howa Model 1500 .223 Rem. Walnut Stock

    He tried scamming me as well on a 308!
  11. As the title says I'm looking for a 308 or 6.5 in a McMillan stock. Not super picky on model but caliber and high end stock is a must. PM me if you have anything for sale.
  12. bigmuleyfan

    Hornady 308 brass

    Still available
  13. bigmuleyfan

    Hornady 308 brass

    I have 7 unopened 50 round boxes of hornady 308 brass. These retail for $35 plus tax at sportsman's. I will sell them for $30 each. $210 total for the 7 shipped to your door if not local to Safford. Payment via PayPal. Can send actual pics. Mine are still in the shrink wrap. Just trying to sell some of the extra stuff I am not using to help pay medical bills after our newborns stay in the NICU.
  14. bigmuleyfan


    I agree. I have 10s and 15s and love them both.
  15. bigmuleyfan


    Asking $1100. Great binos. I just have 2 pairs and only need one.