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  1. bigmuleyfan

    Looking for pistol primers

    Trying to round up some pistol primers. I know it’s a long shot but have had luck here before. If anyone has some message me and hopefully we can works something out.
  2. bigmuleyfan

    WTS: RCBS 3 Die Carb Set .44MG/.44SP

    Still available?
  3. bigmuleyfan

    .44 cal 265 grain Hornady FTX bullets

    The overall length because of the bullet makes them too long for just about any 44 mag. Diameter is correct but just to long. There are a few people who say they can get them to work in a 44 mag but involves trimming the case short and such so overall length stays short enough.
  4. My Dad bought these not paying attention to what he was getting. They are for a .444 marlin not a 44 mag. He bought 4 boxes of 50. Would like to sell as a lot. Will ship them. Asking $175 shipped for the four boxes.
  5. bigmuleyfan

    Wtb lever gun in handgun caliber , and ruger blackhawk

    I’d be interested
  6. bigmuleyfan

    Wtb lever gun in handgun caliber , and ruger blackhawk

    I’m in Safford but willing to travel
  7. Looking for a lever gun. Something in 357 mag, 41 mag, or 44 mag. Let me know if you have anything available. Also interest in Ruger Blackhawks in same calibers.
  8. bigmuleyfan

    Remington 700 VTR SS .308

    Pm sent
  9. bigmuleyfan

    21 VAP TKO 350 spine arrows $125

  10. bigmuleyfan


    Pm sent
  11. bigmuleyfan

    (Price drop) Cabelas instinct spotting scope

    I tried to pm but it says you can’t receive messages. Once that’s is taken care of please pm me
  12. bigmuleyfan


    Make offer
  13. bigmuleyfan

    Stone Glacier R3 3300 with lid

  14. bigmuleyfan

    WTB small rifle primers

    Anybody have any small rifle primers they’d sell? Message me if you do and let’s work something out.
  15. bigmuleyfan

    Winchester 12 Guage

    Which model?