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  1. bigmuleyfan

    WTB Evoke 35

    Can you send me specs and color and such?
  2. bigmuleyfan

    Stone Glacier Avail 2200

    Pm sent
  3. bigmuleyfan

    WTB Evoke 35

    Anybody have an evoke 35 they are looking to sell? Maybe you upgraded to an evo or are wanting to. I’d be interested in your evoke 35.
  4. bigmuleyfan

    Any hound puppies available?

    I was on puppyfind.com and a guy in Rio Rico has two redtick coon hounds posted. I saw them by searching Az and most recent listings.
  5. bigmuleyfan

    Looking for puppy

    One of the two labs we had pass away was from them. She was the best!
  6. bigmuleyfan

    Looking for puppy

    How far down? I can’t seem to find it.
  7. bigmuleyfan

    Looking for puppy

    My wife and I sadly lost both of our Chocolate Labs about a year and a half ago. I wasn’t really sure I was ever going to want to get a new dog but I’m finally starting to get that itch For a new hunting/hiking buddy. I’m looking for a Germann Shorthair, German Wirehair, or a black or yellow lab(I don’t want chocolate because of the two we lost). I don’t really care about age very much as long as they are puppy to 4 or less. I am interested in AKC papers though. Let me know if you have anything that meets what I’m looking for.
  8. bigmuleyfan

    Wtb Eberlestock mainframe

    Anybody have a tall eberlestock f1 mainframe for sale or trade? I have a regular I’d trade or cash and ready to buy.
  9. bigmuleyfan

    Ruger Lcr x 38+p, pics added

    Still available
  10. bigmuleyfan

    Ruger Lcr x 38+p, pics added

    Snub nose and still available
  11. bigmuleyfan

    Kimber Mountain Ascent .300 WSM

  12. bigmuleyfan

    Ruger Lcr x 38+p, pics added

    It is the snub nose 1.87 inch
  13. bigmuleyfan


  14. bigmuleyfan

    Ruger Lcr x 38+p, pics added

    Still available
  15. Does anybody have a Remington 700 in a McMillan stock they are interested in selling. 308, or any 300 caliber perfected. I got a good deal on one here last year so figured I’d ask again.