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  1. bigmuleyfan

    Ruger 9e package

    I have a Ruger 9e with a holster and two extra magazines (only comes with one when bought at store). Asking $425 for the package. I live in Safford but travel to Tucson or Phoenix often and am willing to meet anywhere in between. Good gun I just could use the money more right now.
  2. bigmuleyfan

    Wtb older German Shorthair

  3. bigmuleyfan

    Wtb older German Shorthair

    Dumb advice. Definitely not that simple. There are tons of Facebook pages. I was just asking for the name of the page.
  4. bigmuleyfan

    Wtb older German Shorthair

    What’s it called? I’m not familiar with it
  5. bigmuleyfan

    Wtb older German Shorthair

    I’m hoping to find a German Shorthair that is a year old or older preferably. Not wanting a puppy right now. Let me know if you may have one that needs a new home.
  6. What year of Ford are they off?
  7. bigmuleyfan


    Make offer. Lid, Bag , and Frame. Willing to travel to meet as well.
  8. bigmuleyfan

    .44 cal 265 grain Hornady FTX bullets

    Still available
  9. We are looking to add a dog to the family. We have a German Shorthair Pointer and are looking to get another dog. Open to all ages.
  10. bigmuleyfan

    Palmetto state ar10 lower with trigger and mags$300

    It says you can’t receive messages. Please message me when you fix it
  11. bigmuleyfan

    Looking for pistol primers

    Trying to round up some pistol primers. I know it’s a long shot but have had luck here before. If anyone has some message me and hopefully we can works something out.
  12. Still available?
  13. bigmuleyfan

    .44 cal 265 grain Hornady FTX bullets

    The overall length because of the bullet makes them too long for just about any 44 mag. Diameter is correct but just to long. There are a few people who say they can get them to work in a 44 mag but involves trimming the case short and such so overall length stays short enough.