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  1. jgraffaz

    Sig Kilo Range-finding Binoculars for Sale

    Sold pending final payment
  2. Outdoorsman stud installed and included. I bought these in July and used them on a bear hunt in August and an elk hunt in September then I ended up inheriting a pair of Swarovski EL range finders and don’t need two pair. I paid 1,200 for them new. Selling for 600. Call or text 480-255-7959
  3. jgraffaz

    ISO Desert Big Horn cape

    What are you willing to spend?
  4. jgraffaz

    New IPhone 14 with satellite communication

    I hunt to kill mature animals, and Iv never been lost…..bagged lots of critters
  5. I am not sure the exact number
  6. 5 years ago that might of been true
  7. jgraffaz

    Evinrude 24 Volt Trolling Motor. SOLD

    Does it have spot lock? Shoot me a text. 480-255-7959
  8. Selling a unit wide bull elk archery tag. It is a landowner tag in NM and the entire unit is able to be hunted on the tag. You can choose to validate the tag for September 1-14 or September 15-24. Hunter picks. Text me for more info 480-255-7959
  9. Like it says in the caption. Shoot me a text for more details. 480-255-7959
  10. jgraffaz

    FS 12 Ga SxS Shotgun SOLD

    I’d like to check it out in person. Shoot me a text or give me a call 480-255-7958
  11. jgraffaz

    380 Rounds - Norma 6.5 PRC 143gr

    I’ll take it. Send me a text. 480-255-7959
  12. jgraffaz

    Sold - New England Firearms - 35 Whelen

    I’ll take it if sale falls through
  13. jgraffaz

    Stoeger-ubeti cattleman .45 long colt

    If it’s still available shoot me a text at 480-255-7959. Always wanted a cowboy wheel gun