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  1. maximus

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    watch out with the chinese scams, it happened to me and they had my credit card number and was used a few times, they are like hackers and get your cc #. luckily my bank gave credit back on all.
  2. maximus

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    this one from rei is good and a little cheaper then helinox. https://www.rei.com/product/164382/rei-co-op-flexlite-camp-chair
  3. i understand they close the forest but can you drive the secondary forest roads? like the one the goes up to the greenback valley.
  4. maximus

    Looking for puppy

    i think there is a member here that breeds german shorthair pointers forgot his screen name.
  5. maximus

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    looks like Edwards Park and Bushnell Tanks are going to burn. is a shame Edwards park is a beautiful place hard to get to but beautiful.
  6. maximus

    Mask Requirements

    i listen to Doctor Birx this morning and the masks are mostly to protect the older people and the people at risk, if younger people will wear the masks won't transmit to older and people at risk, also she said if you are in public and don't wear a mask keep the distance, i think this a courtesy to the other person, doesn't matter if you believe or not or if you think that is not right to wear a mask just courtesy to the person near you.
  7. maximus

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    where about was this?
  8. maximus

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    i was in flagstaff yesyerday and always come back from lake mary rd it took me 5 hours to get home, 1 hour to do 1/2 mile at 188&60 trafic light in globe, it was caused by a car fire. is about 38000 acres , it went from 15000 yesterday.
  9. maximus


    i have a tacoma and i want to put same size tires as you.
  10. maximus


    what size tires did you put on the tacoma? if you don't mind me asking.
  11. maximus

    Recommendations - Escudilla camping

    i think anywhere on the terry flat is nice, lots of places to camp.
  12. maximus

    Hunters trailhead or gohunt, (or other)

    i had gohunt and the unit descriptions are not acurate meaning terrain and areas you want to look at, i had colorado and it was not good.don't know about the draw odds.
  13. maximus

    Hunters trailhead or gohunt, (or other)

    i use top rut and has been good.
  14. maximus

    Mounting brackets for dual big eye spotter set ups

    First time i heard about dual mount for spotting scopes was on a Jay Scott podcast with a guy name Beckets or Beckers, i thing he is a member here, he said somebody in tucson made it for him but this was a couple of years ago.
  15. maximus

    Looking for advice in Unit 10

    there is elk from trinity mtn all the way to black tank camp, melvina hill, dave's hill, just scout and you will find them.