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  1. maximus

    30 Cal Bullets FS/FT

    i take the gamekings 150 grain. 480-274-8918
  2. maximus


    i think on the website says august 9th, is that a gsp on your profile photo?
  3. the burned areas in 22 are green.
  4. maximus

    Leftover list…

    those units are a challenge already with access, a least 30a and 30b. used to be a ton of 36b and36a , 36c every year.
  5. maximus

    Binos for sale

    they are 559.00 at the stores with free shipping and no tax.
  6. maximus

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    i have a 2018 Tacoma TRD off road, i paid $33.500 or 37.500 out the door and went to the dealer to see if they had the 4runner trd pro and offer me 36.800 for mine but the trd pro was 52000. is like selling your house this days you have to buy another overprice.
  7. maximus

    Woods Canyon Lake

    Is not only people that camp that leaves trash, I had a post a couple of years back of trash left at 10.000 feet up in the peaks was not a trail it was up the mountain and only a hunter could be there, so is not only campers and people from Phoenix.
  8. maximus

    Quien Es, Quien Es...?

    Pat Garrett and billy the kid
  9. Sorry for my ignorance but what is USO ?
  10. maximus

    Who is hunting where?

    I used to live in parsipany, my nephews live in frehold, I used to go to ocean grove often during one summer, a friend of mine bought a pizza place there, didn’t do any research and found out that the town was dry, he sold right away .
  11. maximus

    ISO 300 win mag ammo

    If you need I have 11 rounds of Winchester ballistic silver tip premium 180 grain and 17 rounds Winchester power x 180 grain I don’t use because I reload Berger 210 grain for my 300 win mag, let me know $ 30.00 works?
  12. maximus

    Who is hunting where?

    Where in New Jersey? I used to live there, I remember driving down the parkway at night and you will see hundreds of eyes. I’m going to 23 in october with my nephew
  13. maximus

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    how about the woodbury trailhead and hike to angel basin, i was there a few years ago and we were alone but with the fire don't know and water situation.
  14. maximus


    This one of the puppies i got in november from Travis, great dog!