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  1. maximus

    Dental Work

    i have gum disease and had a implant put a month ago and i went back 3 times in a week, i was thinking about doing it in mexico but if you have problems like i did you have a long way to drive also, you need to think that if something goes wrong is a long ways, hope it helps, i'm just sharing my experience.
  2. maximus

    For sale Swaro 15 HD or trade toward 12x50 EL

    that is a great price
  3. maximus

    6a early archery

    do you know how to spell of COARSE?
  4. maximus

    Spotter Upgrade?

    i heard good things about the zeiss conquest gavia
  5. maximus

    Looking for a new GPS

    i have the garmin montana with onx az card and it works great, the problem i found with the phone is that if i'm 4 or 5 days backpacking i used all my battery and with the gps i have no problems.
  6. maximus

    Found One,, Leupold 6-18 or 6.5-20 Rifle Scope

    there was one on here for sale yesterday.
  7. maximus

    SPOT messaging service

    i have one and it works great.
  8. maximus


    When the regulations for deer usually come out? April?
  9. maximus

    Bino Cover For 15's

  10. maximus

    Archery lessons

    Ross Outdoors
  11. maximus

    Manfrotto 128RC brand new *SOLD*

    That is a great price, new is 110
  12. maximus

    Swarovski 15x56 bino covers?

    is not bad at all, any cover you get will be the same, i used the tripod but i leave it on.
  13. maximus

    Swarovski 15x56 bino covers?

    i got mine at Binobib https://shop.scopecoat.com/Binobib_c3.htm