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  1. maximus

    Eastmans Bowhunting

    the latest edition of Eastmans Bowhunting has the cover of a mule deer from arizona, does anybody know if it was a strip buck?
  2. maximus

    The boy tagged a nice little buck

    now even better
  3. maximus

    The boy tagged a nice little buck

    beautiful buck but it gave me a stiff neck
  4. maximus

    WTB AKC Yellow Lab Pup

    there is a place in wilcox, they breed labs and goldens and we got a golden from them and a friend got 2 goldens also, very healthy dogs and great dogs, their name is chiricaua retrievers when we were there we look at the labs and they were really nice also.
  5. i thought i put this here, don't know if is the right spot to do it, we are looking for busboys, doesn't have to have much experience but will to learn and work hard, also line and grill cooks, we are located in scottsdale, scottsdale rd and mc donald, please let me know if you know somebody to contact me @ 480-274-8918, please text i don't answer if i don't know the number, to many soliciting calls. thank you.
  6. there are some areas in 23 that takes a good 4 hours drive from phoenix.so going south 3 hours is not bad.
  7. maximus

    Unit 10 muzzleloader or late rifle bull hunters

    i saw you offer 2x1 for 2200.00 is that every year? just thinking of putting in next year.
  8. maximus

    Flatline maps for sale

    4B is still available just in time for the late elk hunts.
  9. maximus

    Flatline maps for sale

    edge somebody already pm me about it but if i don't sale it i will let you know.
  10. maximus

    Flatline maps for sale

    33 is sold , 24B still available
  11. maximus

    san carlos coues question

    do you apply online?
  12. maximus

    Scouting Dugas

    we were there a couple of years ago with my nephew and there was lots of people on dugas.
  13. maximus

    Flatline maps for sale

    nobody needs those 7.5 custom made, great areas for the next hunts.
  14. maximus

    Flatline maps for sale

    34A is sold
  15. maximus

    Flatline maps for sale

    6B, 8 and 33 are spoken for.