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  1. maximus

    WTB - Dual Swarovski 65 spotter mount

    i think there is a guy in prescott valley that makes those mounts.
  2. maximus

    Cold weather Glassing Gloves

    got those 3 weeks ago, best golves better then the kuiu mits which i have also but this 10x better.
  3. maximus

    Unit 9 thoughts?

  4. maximus

    FS Garmin Montana 610

  5. maximus

    FS Garmin Montana 610

    I have a Garmin Montana with the Onx maps chip for arizona, it is like new, used only a few times. let me know if you want pics i will text them. asking $ 300.00
  6. i'm very happy with mine, my mechanic put them on for me and it rides great.
  7. Hello Guys, i have a 300 win mag, i'm shooting 210 gr berger vld hunting amd my chart is set up for 4500 feet elevation. 55 degrees (temperature), the speed is 2915 fps, how the temperature would affect the trajectory is is colder like 30 degrees or warmer like 70 degrees? please let hear some input, probably lancet will chime in with all his knowledge. Thank you
  8. maximus

    Help from NC

    how about unit 33, lots of deer and wilderness and no border problems also lots of tags.
  9. maximus

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    they said that the mountain lions didn't kill, they are investigating.
  10. maximus

    Meopta Meostar B1 HD NIB 15x56

    we are broke right now, you should put for sale in august before all the hunts, after christmas is tough.
  11. maximus

    2019 tacoma take off rims and after market tires

    looks good, what size tires?
  12. maximus

    Meopta Meostar B1 HD NIB 15x56

    looks like you have the outdoorsmans stud on it