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  1. maximus

    Choate Ultimate Varmint Stock for Savage SA

    i had that stock on my 308, great stock.
  2. maximus


    Helicopters? what this world has come to? where is the hunting ethics and fun with family and friends? that is ridiculous.
  3. maximus

    HK USP 45 - **withdrawn**

    just a question, why not glocks?
  4. maximus

    FS Reloading powder, bullets and brass

    Sold to Winchester Thank you Travis, best GSP's ever.
  5. maximus


    i have all this stuff if you want i will throw in the dies, the brass is brand new, never opened just the one for the photo.
  6. maximus

    Brass and case trimmer

  7. maximus

    FS Leupold VX3 hd

    Sold, great to meet you Jason, goodluck on your hunt!
  8. maximus

    Non resident OTC tags sold out

    can you buy the otc deer tag for residents online also?
  9. maximus

    FFL advice

    a friend of mine is an ffl dealer but he is in europe for another week other wise you can look up on gunbroker.com and there is a section with the ffl guys, just type zip code. hope it helps if you wait a week pm me and i send you my body phone#
  10. i have 3 pounds unopened IMR 4895 $45.00 each 3 Brand new boxes with 100 each Lapua Brass 308 winchester $ 75.00 each 1 box Sierra gameking 30 cal, 150 grains #2125 $ 40.00 no shipping.
  11. maximus

    Bear quota question

    very dicey, is hard to tell sow from boar
  12. maximus

    FS Leupold VX3 hd

    anybody? make an offer
  13. maximus

    FS Leupold VX3 hd