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  1. GSPMan

    New Timney Winchester Mod 70 Trigger: $100

    Ill take it if it will include shipping. I live in Eagar. PM how you want to get paid. Thanks
  2. GSPMan

    Oversized Cutting Boards

    Ill take 2. PM me how you want to get paid. Thanks
  3. GSPMan


    Ill take it. pM how you want to get paid. thanks
  4. I have a pound Ill trade for primers if you want. PM . Thanks
  5. GSPMan

    WTS CCI Small Pistol Magnum Primers

    Ill take them. Pm me how you want to get paid Thanks.
  6. GSPMan

    Small and Large Pistol Primers

    I will take 3000 small pistol primers at 70$ a k. PM how you would like to get paid and how we can meet to pick them up. Thanks
  7. GSPMan

    Bowtech Destroyer LE 350 Barnsdale Limbs

    sweet bow. Great price. Someone will get a great shooting bow.
  8. GSPMan

    *SOLD Please Delete

    Ill take the rcbs hand priming if you would be willing to ship and I would pay shipping costs. Thanks. PM if you are interested and how you would like to get paid.
  9. GSPMan

    Anyone selling a Mathews bow?

    I have a set up z7 70lb 30 inch draw and also have 29 inch cam.
  10. GSPMan

    10x42 EL Swarovski

    Good price for a very clean pair of EL's. Good luck with sale
  11. GSPMan

    Leupold VXIII 4.5-14x40 Scope -sold

    ill take it. will pm you on details.
  12. GSPMan

    Hornady 26 Nosler dies-SPF

    ill take them. PM how you want to get paid. Thanks
  13. GSPMan

    Any newer bows for sale?

    I have a PSE expedite RH 70lb limbs, practically brand new only shot 50 shots through it. Fast and 85% let off.
  14. GSPMan

    Misc. gear: game cams, meat slicer and bipod

    Ill take both cameras and card reader if available plus SD cards. Thanks
  15. GSPMan

    Does anybody have a field optic tripod ?

    Friend bought one several months ago and it appears to be a very good tripod. It handles his BTX's with no problem.