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  1. GSPMan

    *SOLD Please Delete

    Ill take the rcbs hand priming if you would be willing to ship and I would pay shipping costs. Thanks. PM if you are interested and how you would like to get paid.
  2. GSPMan

    Anyone selling a Mathews bow?

    I have a set up z7 70lb 30 inch draw and also have 29 inch cam.
  3. GSPMan

    10x42 EL Swarovski

    Good price for a very clean pair of EL's. Good luck with sale
  4. GSPMan

    Leupold VXIII 4.5-14x40 Scope -sold

    ill take it. will pm you on details.
  5. GSPMan

    Hornady 26 Nosler dies-SPF

    ill take them. PM how you want to get paid. Thanks
  6. GSPMan

    Any newer bows for sale?

    I have a PSE expedite RH 70lb limbs, practically brand new only shot 50 shots through it. Fast and 85% let off.
  7. GSPMan

    Misc. gear: game cams, meat slicer and bipod

    Ill take both cameras and card reader if available plus SD cards. Thanks
  8. GSPMan

    Does anybody have a field optic tripod ?

    Friend bought one several months ago and it appears to be a very good tripod. It handles his BTX's with no problem.
  9. GSPMan

    .264 Nosler Accubond-SPF

    Greg I will take them. Pm me where to send money. Thanks
  10. GSPMan

    Hunt hard pack $300 or trade. Brand new.

    these are great packs and a great price.
  11. GSPMan

    Talley Rings, Mystery Ranch Pack

    Ill take the barnes bullets. PM how you want to get paid. Thanks
  12. no i would  like to get more then that i'm sorry 

  13. GSPMan

    Caldwell Lead Sled LNIB

    ill take it. Let me know how you want to get paid and Ill figure a time to come and get it. Thanks
  14. GSPMan

    Winchester model 70 7mm Mag

    you going to sell this thing or what? there is a guy in springerville that wants to buy it.
  15. GSPMan

    NEW Swaro 15HDs &Z3 4-12x50 BRX

    Is the swaro for sale still?