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  1. GSPMan

    WTT/WTS Wby. 300 Win. Mag

    nice gun and fair pricing, and great guy to deal with.
  2. GSPMan

    Custom 6.5 saum

    How do yo like the hatch bipod? Been looking at them for a little bit now. Appreciate your opinion.
  3. GSPMan

    ISO NF or Leupold scope

    I have a FFP NX8 2.5-20 available if interested.
  4. GSPMan

    *SOLD* Sitka Kelvin Lite Hoody Subalpine

    Ill take it. PM coming
  5. GSPMan

    WTB 25-06 brass

    I found what I needed. Thank you for you help and taking the time to respond.
  6. GSPMan

    WTB 25-06 brass

    looking for some 25-06 brass. Thanks
  7. GSPMan

    H4350 & Retumbo

    Ill take the retumbo. PM coming
  8. GSPMan

    H4350 & Retumbo

    Ill take the retumbo. PM coming
  9. GSPMan

    Firestone transforce AT's

    Great guy to deal with. Bump it up
  10. GSPMan

    VX5 HD Sold

    Tried pM. Is this still available?
  11. GSPMan

    ISO Coues cape

    Still looking
  12. GSPMan

    ISO Coues cape

    Good point. Coues
  13. GSPMan

    ISO Coues cape

    Looking for a cape from a mature coues buck. PM if you have one. Thanks for your help.