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  1. GSPMan

    NEW Swaro 15HDs &Z3 4-12x50 BRX

    Is the swaro for sale still?
  2. GSPMan

    KUIU $85 Never wore Tags on

    My cell is 928 245-3114. Please text me with the info. Thanks Travis
  3. GSPMan

    KUIU $85 Never wore Tags on

    Ill take it. PM me where to send funds. Thanks
  4. GSPMan

    8 LBS RL 26

    Will take it. PM me how you want to get paid and when we can meet up.
  5. GSPMan

    Jim White Tripod head & H4831SC 7lbs 9 oz

    Ill take the powder. I live in Eagar and will be traveling to the valley Monday evening and can stop by and pay and pick it up. PM what you would like to do. Thanks
  6. GSPMan

    Kuiu Tiburon Pants For Sale Size 38

    What is the inseam on these pants?
  7. GSPMan


    looking for mule tack etc. What do you have?
  8. GSPMan

    WTS Ram 2500 stock wheels and tires

    Whati size are they and what style? Aluminum? Steel?
  9. GSPMan

    Vortex viper hst 6-24x50 $450

    Ill take it. PM me your contact info. My son is going to EA and can pick it up. or call or text me 928 245-3114
  10. GSPMan

    Sako .223 $375

    Ill take it. sending text.
  11. GSPMan

    Leupold VX3

    If it includes shipping I will take it. PM me where to send money. Thanks
  12. GSPMan

    Cummins exhaust

    Very interested. Will it fit an 07 dodge mega cab?
  13. GSPMan


    interested. Text photos to 928 245-3114. Thanks By the way your in box is full.
  14. GSPMan

    7mm WSM Dies For Sale

    Ill take the the reloader 26 mag pro and the 270 brass. PM where to send money or I can meet you as I travel to the valley nearly every week. thanks
  15. GSPMan

    ISO winchester model 70 270

    hope you find one.