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  1. JiminAZ

    Kuiu gear for sale

    PM sent
  2. JiminAZ

    WTB generator 3000 or bigger

    If you buy two Honda EU2200's, be sure one of them is the "Companion" model. The companion has the 30 amp connector for hooking up to your trailer. The two generators and the parallel kit are all you need if you go this way. They also sell a 12v cord if you want to be able to charge a battery with it.
  3. JiminAZ

    SOLD Minty Glock 19 gen 3 - PRICE DROP/2 MAGS

    Thanks dmoto. G19 is SOLD
  4. JiminAZ

    SOLD Minty Glock 19 gen 3 - PRICE DROP/2 MAGS

    Yeah I'll let this ride a few days and if no takers, back in the safe she goes.
  5. JiminAZ

    SOLD Minty Glock 19 gen 3 - PRICE DROP/2 MAGS

    Dropped price and added a P-mag. You NEED this gun!
  6. JiminAZ

    Ammo/reloading prices

    The cure for high prices is..... high prices.
  7. JiminAZ

    SOLD Minty Glock 19 gen 3 - PRICE DROP/2 MAGS

    spots you see are dust. Tiny bit of wear on the barrel and breech face. Otherwise mint.
  8. Glock is SOLD EDITED TO DROP PRICE AND ADD A P-MAG TO THE SALE. I am the original owner. I just don't shoot it. I recall testing it - ran great for the <100 rounds I fired it. I'm a 1911/Gucci Glock guy nowadays so time to move this one along. Never been holstered - super clean. I seem to have lost track of the box and docs. Only comes with one genuine Glock mag. Comes with one Glock mag and one new in wrapper P-mag. Sorry I'm kind of jealous of my Glock mags these days. Pmags are readily available for about <$20 each online. $650 $625 for the gun and one mag Glock mag and one new in wrapper P-mag. I am near Scottsdale Airport.
  9. JiminAZ


    somehow the name toolking seems about right.
  10. JiminAZ

    WTB .357 revolver

    Smith Model 28 6". PM if interested. Just kind of depends on what you want Long bbl, short bbl, blued, stainless, beater, collector. Whatcha got in mind?
  11. JiminAZ

    Two 338 Win Mag Rifles

    I have two 338 WM rifles for sale. Both are in very good shape with minimal handling marks. First up is a Winchester SuperGrade controlled round feed (claw extractor), wood stock, built in mid 90's IIRC by the custom shop. New Haven rollmark of course. Has a Leupold 3x9 VX-II. It's a real classic with beautiful wood, ebony tip on forend, nice checkering, blued grip cap, red recoil pad, etc. Since I took these pics we did take the gun on a hunt. It has a couple little marks from the hunt but hardly noticeable. I will get pics of any defects tomorrow when I have decent light. The scope is dated but 100% functional with a duplex reticle. They don't make them like this anymore. $1350. Second is a Mountain Eagle. These guns were made by Magnum Research for a few years. Sako action, HS Precision stock, Krieger barrel. I never really got around to sorting this gun out and figuring out what rounds it liked. Gun does not come with the pictured Leupold scope or sling. Does come with rings and mounts though. Note small scratch on floorplate. $950.
  12. JiminAZ

    Ammo: 338WM, 9MM, 45APC, 40S&W

    last case of 40 S&W is SPF
  13. JiminAZ


    Can you specify chambering more clearly? Lots of 7's out there. 7-08, 7 rem mag, 7 WSM, etc.
  14. also check Gander RV in avondale and mesa Edit: Outdoor RV in Mesa has Fed blue box #8's for $7-something a box. They also have Win AA's for $9-something a box. Neither available at avondale.