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  1. JiminAZ

    In Reach?

    I download maps and run OnX in offline mode on my iphone with the cell service turned off. Haven't used a dedicated GPS in years.
  2. JiminAZ

    In Reach?

    The garmin mini is slick. Have been using one for a couple of years for hunting, ATV, fishing, etc. Works as advertised and is so nice and small/convenient to keep with your gear. I am not tempted by the all in one GPS with inreach as I use OnX for almost all of what I used to use a GPS for.
  3. JiminAZ

    Vortez Scope: Razor HD LHT 3-15 x 50

    Been out of town. Back up
  4. JiminAZ

    Interested in Budget 20/28 guage

    He’s probably getting a bit big for my 1100 youth.
  5. JiminAZ

    Interested in Budget 20/28 guage

    Is this for your son or are both of you using it. Wondering if he is a little guy or grown up and you are both using it. I could read your post either way. I have a Rem 1100 youth 20 ga in the back of the safe somewhere.
  6. JiminAZ

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Arizona government supplied website calculating the tax is not a source? Not sure what you want here unless its some citation from the statute. I agree with all the posts that it is very confusing the difference between use tax and sales tax and whether they are the same thing in the case of a car. Perhaps that is the root of all of the confusion here.
  7. This scope is all but new. It came on a rifle I bought, so I don't have box and docs. The rifle had like 20 rounds through it so the scope is likely the same number of rounds. The glass is very nice on this one as it is Vortex's top drawer offering. It's just not right for me as it is not consistent with the MOA scopes I have on my other rifles. Illuminated with parallax adjustment. G4iBDC reticle, 0.1 MRAD clicks, on a vortex cantilever base. https://vortexoptics.com/vortex-razor-hd-lht-3-15x50-riflescope.html They are $1350 new at eurooptic. This one is yours for 975 scope only, 1075 with mount. There may be ring marks under the mount. Most of what you see in the photos is dust but there are some very, very minor handling marks on edges of adjustment dials. LMT MWS not included! NE Phoenix near Scottsdale Airport. Will drive a reasonable distance to meet up with serious buyer.
  8. JiminAZ

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    See my previous post link is there.
  9. JiminAZ

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    see above link 3 posts up