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    Anybody have IMR 4064?

    I would trade for a pound of H4350, H-1000, or H335
  2. JiminAZ

    1978 Colt Python

    Sent you a PM with offer.
  3. JiminAZ

    ISO 28 ga. Citori

    I was about to tell you about my Gran Lightning....
  4. JiminAZ

    Tikka 7mag

  5. JiminAZ

    WTB 12 or 20 gauge O/U

    12 or 20 ga O/U could be anything from a Krieghoff to a budget Turkish beater, with a whole lot of territory in between. Might help to indicate budget, preferred bbl length, chokes, that sort of stuff. I have a nice B. Rizzini 20 ga. 28" bbls, very nice wood.
  6. JiminAZ

    Tikka 7mag

    PM sent
  7. JiminAZ

    Toyota Sequoia - Any good?

    Have a 2016 Sequoia bought new in early 2017. Has been a pretty good car through 54K miles. Had a few QC issues with the leather that I had to go round with Toyota to fix and I'm not happy with a couple of little cosmetic things. I think they could choose better elastomers where the grill joins the hood (already cracking) and the headlights scratch easily. 5.7 v8 plenty of power and it's a gas hog - 13 mpg average sorry that's the truth. Yes it has the diff lock button which was one of the things my wife wanted on her car. Electronics are behind the times - onboard nav/gps is like programming a VCR and honestly is wonky enough that we rarely use it. No apple play, etc if that is important to you. Does have bluetooth so you can stream from Spotify or whatever. I think the stereo sounds just so-so. Tows very nicely up to about 5000 lb. Haven't towed heavier. Great road trip car zips along at 80+ mph all day smooth as silk. Really runs nice. We have some friends who have one the wife does not like it but I think she just doesn't realize that she is pretty much driving a truck. My wife loves the way it drives. Expect it to last a long time.
  8. JiminAZ

    Relentless Scammers

    I once had a guy claiming to be in Corpus Christi with a gun I was looking for. I think it was a Cooper. I was on to him from the beginning because I did a google photo search and foundn where he lifted the photos. Let him run with it for awhile then asked if I could send a buddy by to inspect the gun, I grew up in TX have lots of friends there you'll love him he's a cool guy. Scammer got a bit more tenative. Ran on a bit longer with more blather about how much I love Coopers and he was telling me how great the gun was blah blah. Then I said hey my buddy gets off shift at such and such a time can come by and check it out he's a really cool officer loves guns just like you and me - you won't have any trouble recognizing his patrol car. Radio silence.
  9. JiminAZ

    Johnson 8HP outboard

    That is one sweet motor from when they just ran like champs. Have an Evinrude 6 hp from the same era that just runs fantastic. Always starts, runs super smooth, idles great, etc.
  10. I have been telling the NRA fundraising callers for some years now - not one more cent until WLP is gone. Clean up the board, get transparent with the finances, and have proper governance so you are squeaky clean. I have held my nose and given thousands, patron life member, etc. No more. After reading the WSJ article on the judge's ruling and the evidence presented, it's worse than I feared. LaPierre may well end up bringing the whole organization down. I have cleaned up a number of businesses where financial hanky panky was going on, and it is ALWAYS worse than you initially suspect.
  11. JiminAZ

    Reloading brass

    300 BO?
  12. JiminAZ

    Looking to buy a 14’ utility trailer

    When I went through this in 2019 (pre covid) - people wanted so much for used trailers (with old tires, questionable brakes, wiring problems, leaky bearing hub seals, warped and cracked decking, etc) that I just went to Rockland and bought a new one. IIRC I got ny new 16' 7000# dual axle with a spare tire and tool box low $3K including tax and registration. I'd imagine prices have risen since then because prices for steel, tires, etc. are up. The folks at Rockland Trailer are good people. No connection here just a happy customer. With the covid/everyone's a camper/outdoorsman now craze I'd bet the used market is even worse today. Not sure what your budget is, but the used market is sort of crazy right now. Good luck in your search.
  13. FWIW Seizmek makes a bed extender for the Pioneer that goes a long way toward increasing storage with the seats up. One thing that is nice with the Honda is you can just put one of the rear seats up like you see in this pic. You can also see how I had a bin stored behind the seat that was up. I agree with the dust and heat complaints. I think Honda could have provided something of a seal on the rear doors. Not sure anyone else is doing better with fine desert dust and a windshield. The best solution to the heat from what I've heard is to add a fan that will draw air through and across the engine/tranny and out the back. Haven't tried it yet to be able to tell you how well it works. It's on my list of projects........
  14. JiminAZ

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    My two youngest got 4A antlerless youth tags. Party hunt!
  15. JiminAZ

    Kuiu gear for sale

    PM sent
  16. JiminAZ

    WTB generator 3000 or bigger

    If you buy two Honda EU2200's, be sure one of them is the "Companion" model. The companion has the 30 amp connector for hooking up to your trailer. The two generators and the parallel kit are all you need if you go this way. They also sell a 12v cord if you want to be able to charge a battery with it.
  17. JiminAZ

    Trade complete - Please delete

    PM sent
  18. Glock is SOLD EDITED TO DROP PRICE AND ADD A P-MAG TO THE SALE. I am the original owner. I just don't shoot it. I recall testing it - ran great for the <100 rounds I fired it. I'm a 1911/Gucci Glock guy nowadays so time to move this one along. Never been holstered - super clean. I seem to have lost track of the box and docs. Only comes with one genuine Glock mag. Comes with one Glock mag and one new in wrapper P-mag. Sorry I'm kind of jealous of my Glock mags these days. Pmags are readily available for about <$20 each online. $650 $625 for the gun and one mag Glock mag and one new in wrapper P-mag. I am near Scottsdale Airport.
  19. JiminAZ

    SOLD Minty Glock 19 gen 3 - PRICE DROP/2 MAGS

    Thanks dmoto. G19 is SOLD
  20. JiminAZ

    SOLD Minty Glock 19 gen 3 - PRICE DROP/2 MAGS

    Yeah I'll let this ride a few days and if no takers, back in the safe she goes.
  21. JiminAZ

    SOLD Minty Glock 19 gen 3 - PRICE DROP/2 MAGS

    Dropped price and added a P-mag. You NEED this gun!
  22. JiminAZ

    Ammo/reloading prices

    The cure for high prices is..... high prices.
  23. JiminAZ

    SOLD Minty Glock 19 gen 3 - PRICE DROP/2 MAGS

    spots you see are dust. Tiny bit of wear on the barrel and breech face. Otherwise mint.
  24. JiminAZ


    somehow the name toolking seems about right.
  25. JiminAZ

    WTB .357 revolver

    Smith Model 28 6". PM if interested. Just kind of depends on what you want Long bbl, short bbl, blued, stainless, beater, collector. Whatcha got in mind?