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  1. I have 4 boxes of 250 grain Elite Hunter bullets. Three boxes are sealed, one box was opened to measure a bullet. 1 box - $120 TYD 2 boxes - $220 TYD 3 boxes - $320 TYD 4 boxes - $420 TYD Buy more and save! 😉
  2. SteveInMesa

    Proof 338, 26", 9.4 twist Sendero

    Brand new Proof Sendero barrel. I'm going in a different direction now. The barrel was removed from the packaging to check how it fit in a stock then put back in. $700 TYD
  3. SteveInMesa

    Christensen Arms LA Receiver

  4. SteveInMesa

    Christensen Arms LA Receiver

  5. SteveInMesa

    Bergara B14 Ridge Special Purpose 6.5 Creedmoor

    Price drop to $800
  6. SteveInMesa

    Christensen Arms LA Receiver

    I bought this for a project but I'm going in a different direction now. This is a new receiver from CA, not a take-off from a rifle. It's never had a barrel installed on it. Stainless steel Remington 700 long action footprint Magnum bolt face Fluted bolt with nitride coating Dual ejectors with M16 style extractor Side bolt release Ejection port cutout Skeletonized bolt handle Larger bolt knob There are some marks in the cerakote around the trigger pin holes. I have showed this in a picture. I'm guessing this had a trigger installed and was removed for my order. Located in East Mesa. If you have any questions, please ask. $800 face to face $820 shipped to your FFL
  7. SteveInMesa

    Beer Brewing Kit

    Nice beer brewing kit that I no longer use. (2) Carboys with temp strip (2) 7 gallon buckets with lids Wort chiller (46) amber 12oz bottles (2) amber 12oz flip-top bottles Bottle capper Lots of bottle caps Funnel with strainer Thermometer Hydrometer Stoppers Airlocks Auto syphon & tube Bottle filler Sanitizer How to Brew paperback Over $400 worth of equipment. All you need is a kettle to start making your own beer. $120 Local pickup in East Mesa
  8. SteveInMesa


  9. SteveInMesa


    Found these hiding in my cabinet and I'm not going to use them. 81 bullets.
  10. SteveInMesa

    Ruger Old-model Single Six - Mfg 1958

    I have one and it's a fun gun to shoot. GLWS
  11. SteveInMesa

    WTB 300 PRC Rifle or Barreled Action

    Not in stock but you can backorder a Christesen Arms barreled action from Brownells. Ridge Mesa
  12. SteveInMesa

    In Search of .270 WSM Brass

    If you are still looking, this guy is selling some nickel plated. https://www.longrangehunting.com/threads/270-wsm-brass.349409/
  13. SteveInMesa

    In Search of .270 WSM Brass

    It's Norma brass https://ravenrocksprecision.com/norma-270-wsm-brass-50-ct/