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  1. SteveInMesa

    Thinning out the gun safe

    3rds on the 365xl. LOL Wish I had seen this earlier. I have that same Marlin and it's a 22" barrel. Mine shoots lights out. Great gun.
  2. Peterson Brass 28 Nosler Unprimed Box of 50 - Graf & Sons (grafs.com) $152.49 Box of 50
  3. SteveInMesa

    Smith & Wesson M&P 45

  4. SteveInMesa

    Sale Pending - 45/70 UNPRIMED BRASS 100 PCS

    I'll take thirds if they are still available.
  5. SteveInMesa

    Smith & Wesson M&P 45

  6. SteveInMesa

    Retumbo, imr 4350, fed 210m and fed 215m

    I'll take all of the primers
  7. SteveInMesa

    Smith & Wesson M&P 45

    Selling my M&P 45. I've probably put less than 100 rounds through it at the range. It's been a safe queen and is in excellent condition. Full size frame with a 4-1/2" barrel. Comes with 4 extra mags for a total of 6, ten round mags. White dot iron sights. No optics cut. $600 OBO Located in East Mesa
  8. SteveInMesa

    Vortex viper pst gen 2

    PM sent
  9. SteveInMesa

    Sold Old model Ruger single six

    I've had the same pistol for over 46 years. It's fun to shoot and has never given me any problems. GLWS
  10. SteveInMesa

    Marlin Big Loop Guide Gun 45-70 govt

    That's a beauty! If I didn't have an 1895 already I would buy it. GLWS
  11. SteveInMesa

    For sale "JM" stamped Marlin 336...

    I'm surprised this hasn't sold yet. If I had the funds it would be in my safe but I have too many other projects going on. GLWS
  12. SteveInMesa

    Looking to buy or trade for N570

    I have two 1lbrs that I would trade to get you started.
  13. SteveInMesa

    Sitka Traverse Cold Weather Hoody XL

    That is my favorite jacket. GLWS
  14. SteveInMesa


    What length is the barrel?
  15. SteveInMesa


    Sorry, no. They have been sold.