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  1. SteveInMesa

    * SOLD *

    It's from Palmetto State Armory. I paid $335 after taxes for it but I see they are about $10 cheaper now. If anyone is interested, PM me a reasonable offer.
  2. SteveInMesa

    * SOLD *

    I put about 40 rounds through this upper to zero a red dot and then decided to go with a 300 Blackout. Worked great with no issues. It has been cleaned and lubricated. Only mark on it are some slight signs at the ejection port from the brass.
  3. SteveInMesa

    Gen II Vortex PST 5x25x50 Scope MOA

    What reticles do they have?
  4. SteveInMesa

    SOLD Bowtech Prodigy

    That's a good bow. I still use mine. GLWS
  5. SteveInMesa

    Any interest in a 6.5 prc?

    You have to mess with the formatting of the picture to make it square. I fought with that for a while until I figured it out. Nice buck!
  6. I have two 1500s for sale. Both work great and include all original parts, manuals and box. Both have a straw mod and the MK Machine tube inserts. No cracks, scratches or dents on either. Sorry for only one bad picture. They are both boxed up together as the previous buyer fell through. $270 each TYD $520 TYD for both
  7. SteveInMesa

    Fs Winchester Model 12 20ga

    Good looking gun. I had one in 12ga that I wish I never sold.
  8. SteveInMesa

    Magpul MOE stock FDE

    You are absolutely correct. I will update the listing.
  9. SteveInMesa

    *SOLD* Sitka Kelvin Lite Hoody Subalpine

  10. SteveInMesa

    Magpul MOE stock FDE

  11. SteveInMesa

    Remington Nylon 66 Black Apache .22 lr

    That's a great looking rifle. I had a blued/black Nylon 66 as a kid. Loved that gun. GLWS