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  1. cjl2010

    Reverse who was I?

    We are dead in the middle of deer hunts and guys have time to play games... SMH
  2. cjl2010

    Need a commercial roofing company

    Stark weather or broken arrow
  3. cjl2010

    Got her done.

    Flat brim and a 6.5, hellll right man. Congrats on an awesome buck!
  4. cjl2010

    Proof research 6.5 barrel

    Yup brand new from proof
  5. cjl2010

    outdoorsman fluid head

    Molested the prototype at RCM. It’s unreal smooth.
  6. cjl2010

    Proof research 6.5 barrel

    24” sendero contour 6.5 8 twist carbon barrel. $710 shipped Cliff 928-978-5053
  7. cjl2010

    Who is This?

    Pretty sure edge drank a beer with this guy once.
  8. cjl2010

    Happy Birthday CJ

    Thanks fellas, hope you all had a good day.
  9. cjl2010

    WTB Steel for centerfire shooting

    I’m good with people shooting mine whenever they want. Just leave them so we all can enjoy them haha.
  10. cjl2010

    WTB Steel for centerfire shooting

    I drilled two holes and welded nuts to them for threads. Those two bolt tighten the bracket up against the flat part of the t-post. The center bolt is actually positioned so you can drill a hole through the t-post and double nut a bolt to prevent someone who isn’t packing tools around from sterling the plate. You don’t have to use it. The top bolt with the spring is where I mount my plate. The plate goes between the two washers by the head of the bolt and the spring gives the plate a little flex on impact and also keeps the plate pushed out so it isn’t leaning. I need to paint my plates again so I’ll take a picture later with them mounted.
  11. cjl2010

    WTB Steel for centerfire shooting

    I might have a bracket at home I’ll take a picture in a few minutes.
  12. cjl2010

    WTB Steel for centerfire shooting

    Haha I don’t want to jinx myself but ya that’s always a possibility. They are 15 minutes from my house so I shoot a bunch but if the forest is closed or when lots of hunts are going on I’ll paint them tan and sometimes I have a hard time finding them haha.