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  1. cjl2010

    Cannon Safe Raffle

    Ridiculous... congrats glen.
  2. cjl2010

    Cannon Safe Raffle

    Well... who won?
  3. Probably sell the tailgate for that on Craigslist lol
  4. cjl2010

    14ft alumunum boat with motor

    2 kids... can’t afford that payment.
  5. cjl2010

    14ft alumunum boat with motor

    Wife said no... free bump
  6. cjl2010

    Trail Cam BAN

  7. cjl2010

    Trail Cam BAN

    I used to always drop my feed and check my cameras at night. Seemed to help me get more daytime pictures. I think people are confusing me as a person who cares.
  8. cjl2010

    Trail Cam BAN

    Why did you have to use the M word...
  9. cjl2010

    Trail Cam BAN

    Unfortunately you are probably right. It’s always an awkward time between elk results and deer draw odds. Until then I say we continue stirring the pot. Real hunters don’t use cameras.
  10. cjl2010

    Trail Cam BAN

    I have no clue. It’s always fun to stir the pot when it comes to cameras. I used to use them and now I don’t. I’ve thought about using them again but that would take funds away from building rifles and I much prefer buying powder vs batteries. Nobody will I’ll ever win the camera debate. I just hope there will be a world someday where people won’t steal stuff so we don’t have to hear whining about stolen cameras.
  11. cjl2010

    Trail Cam BAN

    I’ve seen 49 I think the concern would be less that 50 guys would check at one time but more like 50 guys every few hours all week long constantly pushing animals off the tanks.
  12. cjl2010

    Trail Cam BAN

    I don’t care either way. It was mentioned above about 50 cameras so that’s why I said 50 guys. Im sure everyone follows your trail cam etiquette.
  13. cjl2010

    Trail Cam BAN

    I don’t think it’s the camera itself, it’s the 50 guys going in all the time to check the cameras.
  14. cjl2010

    January Malay Elk Rifle Hunt Advice

    Hoss kills some absolute giants!!!
  15. cjl2010

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    I’m still not following why it’s so bad shooting of a road...