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  1. cjl2010

    22 super jet

    Thank you sir
  2. cjl2010

    22 super jet

    Looks like I misspoke. After further digging I have been fire forming factory rounds to the 22 super jet.
  3. cjl2010

    22 super jet

    Here is the ugly beast.
  4. cjl2010

    22 super jet

    Thanks I’ll check it out
  5. cjl2010

    22 super jet

    Is this a question or a statement? Do you have any die set ear pro combos?
  6. cjl2010

    Understanding Generic Earplugs

    Dude here at the range puts them in his mouth before sticking in his ears. I hate it.
  7. I’ve got a swaro x5 3.5-18 with 4w reticle. Comes with box and all paperwork. Has a few rub marks from being strapped to a pack. $1900
  8. cjl2010

    We need a CWT gathering

    I’d pay @oneshot to watch my generator for me.
  9. cjl2010

    We need a CWT gathering

    I hope you have a few drinks and then show up!!
  10. cjl2010

    Tag donation options

  11. cjl2010

    Rio Salado Range AKA Usery AMMO PSA

    Do you use a turret? You have multiple rifles that do this? how has your terminal performance been using bullets with an SG less than 1.5?
  12. cjl2010

    Rio Salado Range AKA Usery AMMO PSA

    Or just zero at 100.
  13. cjl2010

    Tikka T3x vs Bergara B14 HMR

    Only shooting factory ammo?
  14. cjl2010

    FirstLite Gear and 6.5cm Rifle/Scope for sale

    Agreed, my youngest son is on a payment plan, should get the title next year on him!