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  1. cjl2010


    Get a kelblys man. They are like $950. Absolutely an incredible action. I have been digging mine for sure. If if you want to do the switch barrel deal kelblys and others can but you barrels without seeing your action. If if you come to Payson let me know and you can hammer some rounds down mine.
  2. cjl2010

    Cool Rocks Found

    I found this rock tonight... was stuck in my tire and kept making a clicking noise. Drove me nuts for about 8 minutes... I’m thinking this one is a rock.
  3. cjl2010

    CC Hit

    Lot of emotions. You Sally’s need to butch up a little. Go shoot some steel you weenies.
  4. cjl2010


    If you get time come to Payson and walk through there shop. I’m sure they have one they could show you. They also make the actions for Bob Beck at MOA rifles I believe.
  5. cjl2010


    I’ve handled one. It was alright. I would night at day take my kelblys over one.
  6. cjl2010

    Factory 28 nosler suggestions

    Bet that guy could use a kahles
  7. cjl2010

    Factory 28 nosler suggestions

    Why have one rifle... that would suck. Get him a 6.5 of some sort to hone reloading skills and have as a practice gun and build a 28 when he knows for sure what he wants.
  8. cjl2010

    Kahles 624i SKMR3

    Bump, price drop.
  9. cjl2010

    Kahles 624i SKMR3

  10. cjl2010

    7mm Mag or 300 WM ?

  11. cjl2010

    CWT sweatshirt

    Me too!
  12. cjl2010

    Kahles 624i SKMR3

    Mil, it has the skmr3 reticle
  13. cjl2010

    Kahles 624i SKMR3

    Bump make offer
  14. cjl2010

    Kahles 624i SKMR3

    Monday morning tax return bump
  15. cjl2010

    Which Scope? Backpacking rifle

    Haven’t messed with one personally but a 2.5-10x42 nxs is what i would go with if I planned on twisting turrets.