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  1. Coues7777

    Looking to buy a canvas tent with stove.

    If the price is right ... ill buy Alakanak
  2. Looking for a good deal on a canvas tent for 4 people with stove. I'm thinking a 12x12 will do fine... Let me know what you got... Thankyou
  3. Coues7777

    Reloading Equipment

    Also the 7 rem mag dies...
  4. Coues7777

    Reloading Equipment

    How much for 300 win mag and 30-06 redding dies....?
  5. Coues7777

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    That's the reason why I always put it on my credit card..
  6. Got hit for 2 tags 4:00 p.m
  7. Coues7777

    Card Hits!

    Seems way to low a lot more people post...
  8. No antelope hits either..
  9. It looks non resident, archery, and youth hunts got hit only.... something off...
  10. Coues7777

    Card Hits!

    I agree by this time people are posting like crazy...
  11. Coues7777


    Hopefully it will be before the new mexico draw deadline ....
  12. Coues7777

    Swap No AZ for So AZ help?

    Send you pm
  13. Coues7777

    Custom 6.5 creedmor for sale price drop 1350 SOLD$

    How many rounds does it have done the barrel and what leupold scope is it ?
  14. Coues7777

    If you were looking for a 300" bull...

    My wife has 10 points also and I'm thinking of putting her in for late 23 or unit 1....
  15. Coues7777

    Spring tags

    I use a sharpie pen works great...