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  1. Coues7777

    Yeti Hopper Flip 8 For Sale

    Are you willing to ship it ?
  2. Coues7777

    2020 food porn... some wild some not

  3. Coues7777

    Oct Bear Opener

    Heading out tomorrow. .. Good luck
  4. Coues7777

    Best Tripod for the money???

    Bushnell advance 3 way head. Titanium... cant go wrong....
  5. Coues7777

    Another 2020 NM Pronghorn Hunt

    Awesome. ... Thankyou for sharing the story.... congratz to both of you on really nice pronghorns......
  6. Congrats on a really nice deer...
  7. Coues7777

    Not gov tag but OTC tag filled

    Awesome would love to know where that honey hole at.
  8. Coues7777

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    Thankyou....Good to know
  9. Coues7777

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    How many times can you use point guard ?
  10. Coues7777

    Leftover question

    If it didnt post yesterday to your account your left over tag your pretty much screwed then...
  11. Coues7777

    The Family Sheep Hunt - 2019 Ram

    Congratz ...
  12. Coues7777


    Bushnell advanced titanium 3 way pan head.... Highly recommended it...
  13. Coues7777

    Badlands 2200 Pack $150

    What camo pattern is it... The approach or approach fx ? Is it large or medium ?
  14. Coues7777

    2019 Bear Age Results Posted

    Thankyou was wondering when they were gonna post..
  15. Coues7777

    Looking to buy a youth hunting rifle

    How much are yhe howa going for ?