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  1. Coues7777

    Who's the oldest hunter you know?

    That's a Great idea..!
  2. Coues7777

    2022 Coues hunts

    Awesome... Good work..!
  3. Coues7777

    7 West Elk Hunt

    Do you have onx ?
  4. Coues7777

    Llama Elk Hunt

    Awesome 👍 👌......
  5. Coues7777

    Friends Matter

    Congratz to all of you ... Awesome buck...
  6. Coues7777

    Doubled down

    Awesome congratz to you and your son....
  7. Coues7777

    3 for 3 in 20C **UPDATED WITH VIDEO**

    Awesomeness 👌
  8. Coues7777

    Recommendation for a backpack for my daughter...

    Thankyou guys for your recommendations will check all these out...
  9. I've been looking for a good backpack for my daughter haven't found many options.. She has one we bought at Walmart but wanted to upgrade .. A tru fit... She is small weighs 70 pounds and measures 4'7... Thankyou..
  10. Coues7777

    Statewide Coues Tag

    Congratz..!What dreams are made of...
  11. Coues7777

    ISO Canvas Wall Tent

    How much are you asking ?
  12. Coues7777

    Anyone got an 8 archery tag?

    Hopefully they left a lot of good bulls for the late rifle hunt...😀
  13. Coues7777

    Copper Excalibur M52 in 280 AI

    Good deal..
  14. Coues7777

    Couple mounts recently finished

    Really nice... Good job..