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  1. Coues7777

    Lifesize Az lion finished up.

    Awesome work...
  2. Congrats to you and your kids... Awesome video of their hunt on YouTube..
  3. Coues7777

    My Mx buck

    Awesome buck..👍
  4. Coues7777

    We gonna do a 2021 CWT fantasy league

    Yeah I'll like to get in also on the 50 dollar league
  5. Coues7777

    Where to buy a 2022 OTC deer tag?

    The walmart hear in Douglas has them...
  6. Coues7777

    Javelina Hunts Video on YouTube

    Good work.... keep them coming...
  7. Coues7777

    New Mexico Fort Bliss Barbary Sheep hunt

    Awesome ... Congrats... Hopefully I get lucky this coming year and I draw...
  8. Coues7777

    Unit 23 success

    Great Bulll...
  9. Coues7777

    Coues Cape

    Awesome... Greatly appreciated man...
  10. Coues7777

    Coues Cape

    I'm interested ... I'm in need for one if it still available... I live in Douglas so that works out.
  11. Coues7777

    Champ 4b success

    Congratz awesome..
  12. Coues7777

    Want to buy a triclawps

    I need one for my daughter if there still available....
  13. Coues7777

    19A 2021 General Antelope tag

    Just awesome... Congrats to you all
  14. Coues7777

    We gonna do a 2021 CWT fantasy league

    Yes... 2 pick..!
  15. Coues7777

    Fast-paced 2021 NM Pronghorn Hunt

    Awesome... Congratz
  16. Coues7777

    7E - Scouting - Sept 10th Archery

    I'll message you some info....
  17. Coues7777


    Will you ship ?
  18. Coues7777

    Anyone Bear hunting?

    Can't wait starts next Friday... Saw this blob this past weekend... VID-20210808-WA0009.mp4
  19. Coues7777

    We gonna do a 2021 CWT fantasy league

    Sounds good to me
  20. Coues7777

    We gonna do a 2021 CWT fantasy league

    I'm in ESPN app ?
  21. Coues7777

    Draw Results Posted?

    My buddy is all worried because he still hasn't gotten hit and his 3rd choice is the 2nd hunt unit 30A and there always leftovers for that hunt... what was your 3rd choice .... Good thing there still hope...
  22. Coues7777

    Hits Started

    I'm pretty sure there will be hits tomorrow because my buddy his 3rd choice is a guarantee draw there always leftovers and his card hasn't gotten hit...
  23. Coues7777

    Verification code email from Game and Fish

    Wish I would have read this message a while back it's a hassle with all the emails..
  24. Coues7777

    Hits Started

    Thankyou...Super excited for my daughter...