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  1. Hello everybody just wanted to know if any body has some winchester ballistic silvertip 140 grain laying around that would like to sell... My daughter has youth hunt and I can't find these ammo anywhere... thankyou in advance
  2. Coues7777

    Want to buy some 7mm-08 Winchester silvertip

    Okay thankyou
  3. Coues7777

    Draw results

    Late December tag for me and Youth hunt for my daughter.... Got Lucky...
  4. Coues7777

    Tikka T3x 7mm Rem Mag

    Great guy to deal with bought a rifle for my daughter some time ago...
  5. Coues7777

    Tick Tock

    You are correct he had a better chance of drawing his 1st two choices then his 3rd and 4th choice there's no leftover permits for those units...
  6. Coues7777

    Tick Tock

    You gotta start early if you want to drink all day...
  7. Coues7777

    Tick Tock

    Youth hunt for my daughter.... hopefully it's not the same screw up from last year that they charged regular hunts as youth hunt...
  8. Coues7777

    Tick Tock

    Can't wait
  9. Coues7777

    Credit card update

    Awesome way earlier than what I thought...
  10. Coues7777

    Why Wait….Deer Draw

    Have they post when the last day to update credit cards ?
  11. Coues7777

    Our 2021 Coues Season

    Awesome write up 👍
  12. Coues7777

    Unit 26

    As you probably already know ... lots of private property...access is hard...
  13. Coues7777

    2022 Chiricahua’s Goulds

    I second that...
  14. Coues7777

    New Mexico draw

    All red for me .... Bummer
  15. Coues7777

    Deer mount

    Meateater is gonna do a calendar for f*cked-up old deer mounts... You might have a winner there...
  16. Coues7777

    Tikka T3x lite 6.5

    Is it still available.... interested
  17. Coues7777

    We got a new hunter

    I was there too with my daughter I'm pretty sure we were talking..
  18. Coues7777

    Tag increase

    Hit the nail on the head. !
  19. Coues7777

    WTT Tikka

    What is the barrel and stock for the tikka ?
  20. Coues7777


    Send you a pm
  21. Coues7777

    Lifesize Az lion finished up.

    Awesome work...
  22. Congrats to you and your kids... Awesome video of their hunt on YouTube..
  23. Coues7777

    My Mx buck

    Awesome buck..👍
  24. Coues7777

    We gonna do a 2021 CWT fantasy league

    Yeah I'll like to get in also on the 50 dollar league
  25. Coues7777

    Where to buy a 2022 OTC deer tag?

    The walmart hear in Douglas has them...