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  1. Big Browns

    Lucky tag holders new rifle?

    Beautiful gun Todd! 264 win mag is my favorite caliber!!!!!
  2. Big Browns

    Antelope Capes X2

    If you come by Queen Creek or Florence anytime soon, I'll take them.
  3. Big Browns

    Arivaca lake

    Very nice!
  4. Big Browns

    Polles fire (west of Payson) Helicopter down.

    OMG, that's horrible!!!!
  5. Big Browns

    HWY 87 ony 1 lane open

    No damage on that side. Mt. Ord is moon scape!
  6. Big Browns

    HWY 87 ony 1 lane open

    FYI, they have the North bound right lane closed from the top of Mt. Ord until the 188 junction. Major delays!!!!!! It looks like it's closed due to the guard rails being burned. Sucks!!!!
  7. Big Browns

    WTB Car for my son

  8. Big Browns

    New Axisworks 6.5 Creedmoor

    Wow, sexy looking gun!!!! Congrats!
  9. Big Browns

    WTB Car for my son

    I'm looking for a nice car for my son. He wants a 4 door sedan style. He has about $10.000 as a budget. I prefer the vehicle to have under 50,000 miles. Please let me know if you or someone you know is selling a nice car. You can text me pics and details. Adam 928 595 1554
  10. Big Browns

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    WOW, that's sad news!
  11. Big Browns

    New rifle build question

    Eric at Axisworks!
  12. Big Browns

    Old fashion handmade picture frames

    Where are you located?
  13. Big Browns

    My Lion mount

    WOW, looks Awesome!!!
  14. Big Browns

    Bull Elk Tag Transfer

    Get a new job or have a serious conversation with your supervisor. If your a valued employee you can most likely work something out. If not, hopefully you purchased point guard
  15. Big Browns

    Bull Elk Tag Transfer

    I highly doubt you will be able to transfer the tag. The regulations are very clear.