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  1. Big Browns

    Snowflake levee broke

    WOW, that's crazy!
  2. Big Browns


    LOL, I was waiting to see who was going to say it first:) FYI, they did in fact make them without Floride lenses.
  3. Big Browns

    Alaska 2021

    WOW, my dream trip!!!! What did the total trip cost?
  4. Big Browns


    Great deal!!!!
  5. Big Browns

    2021-22 governor's bear tag

    I'll definitely keep you in mind if I find anything. Just wondering, how much did the tag go for this year?
  6. Probably not. Haven't found a good replacement for the old farm. The good old days of shooting 100 + birds are probably over:(
  7. Big Browns

    Which shooting rest/bipod??

    What he said☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
  8. That's why I need more to live so I have more targets;)
  9. Big Browns

    Suns tickets wanted

    I want to take my wife to the game on Saturday. Does anyone have tickets they want to sell?
  10. We desperately need the rain, but the down side is a lot of dove we're killed this past weekend. Sucks!!!!!
  11. Big Browns

    Learning Taxidermy

    Over this past year I've been in the process of learning Taxidermy. I retire from the state in 7 years, so I'm hoping to make Taxidermy my retirement job. It's been a really fun learning process. Here are a few I've done recently.
  12. Big Browns

    Who is hunting where?

    22 December WT 😁😁😁😁😁
  13. Big Browns

    WTS CVA Scout V2 pistol

    I'm shocked this is still available. These are great guns!
  14. Big Browns

    Hits Started

    I got a late December 22 WT tag. Yepeeeeee!!!!!!