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  1. Big Browns

    Tripod Rifle Mount?

    Bog Pod Death grip is Awesome!
  2. Big Browns


    I've been using the same setup for about a year. It's incredible!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!!
  3. Big Browns

    First time turkey hunter

    PM sent Call me
  4. Big Browns

    WTB Stand-up Freezer

    If you have one for sale please give me a call. Adam 928-595-1554
  5. Big Browns

    SIG Kilo 10K HD bino's (SOLD)

    I have the 8K rangefinder. It's Amazing!!!!!! I've been told these binos are even better!!!!!! Free bump to the top.
  6. Big Browns

    Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 Zero Stop MOAR-T C507

    Great deal! I use the same scope on my primary hunting rifle.
  7. Big Browns

    Pay it forward - I will start

    I HIGHLY recommend hiring a lawyer!!!!
  8. Big Browns

    Desert Bighorn sheep full cape for sale

    I HIGHLY recommend you get it tanned and then sell it. Buying a green hide can be risky, especially when it's worth as much as this cape is worth. I use a Tannery in Montana who you could send it too. They will flesh and tan it for you. Once you get it back you can get top dollar for it.
  9. Big Browns

    Antelope with a Pistol

    100% without that break, using a rifle scope would be impossible!!!!!
  10. Big Browns

    Antelope with a Pistol

    About 2800
  11. I know it's not a Coues, but wanted to share my Wyoming Antelope I got with my pistol. Super fun hunt with my best friend. This was my 6th trip to Wyoming. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it!!!!! We saw hundreds of Bucks!!!! 642 yard shot with my Savage Striker in 6.5 Creedmoor.
  12. Today I completed a goal of getting a Coues Deer with my pistol. It was a lot of fun and challenging. Thanks to everyone who assisted. FYI, its a Savage Striker with a custom Break and Barrel in 6.5 Creedmoor.
  13. Big Browns

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Very cool, Congrats!!!!
  14. Big Browns

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Thanks for the updates. Stay positive and most importantly "have fun"!!!
  15. Big Browns

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Good Luck!!!