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  1. Big Browns

    Looking for Cell Phone tripod for picture taking

    I ordered it too. I recieved it today. It's exactly what I was looking for!
  2. Big Browns

    Howa .308 American Flag Chassis Rifle

    I'm not a big fan of Howa rifles, but they did a good job on this one. I hear they shoot really nice and they look Awesome!
  3. Big Browns

    Lake Pleasant Striper Guides

    dmoto, when we going?
  4. Big Browns

    Spotter Upgrade?

    I have the 20 x 70 eye piece. It's Amazing!
  5. Big Browns

    Spotter Upgrade?

    +1 for Sport Optics. That's where I purchased my S2.
  6. Big Browns

    Spotter Upgrade?

    I sold my Swarovski 80HD for the Meopta S2. You can buy one for under $2000. Trust me, you will love it!!!! You are welcome to take mine out if you want to try one out.
  7. Big Browns

    Gould’s Turkey Mount

    I HIGHLY recommend you take it to a furniture store or Antique shop in Norther AZ. There is always someone looking for something like that to decorate their cabin with. It's gonna be a hard sell to a hunter, because most of us want something on the wall that we harvested. Beautiful bird. Sven does AMAZING work!!!
  8. Big Browns

    The Draw ?

    I would pay extra to have them draw my name:)
  9. Big Browns

    Gould's success!

    Very nice, Congrats!!!!
  10. Big Browns

    Gunwerks 28 nosler

    Evolution bi-pods are the BEST!!!!!
  11. Big Browns

    Pig video 12 year old young lady

    Cool video! Congrats!!!
  12. Big Browns

    White Mountain Lakes

    Anyone know if Sunrise had a fish kill?
  13. Big Browns


    Has the action and muzzle break been cerakoted? If so, what color is it?
  14. Big Browns

    Unit 21 herd

    I remember seeing them around Sunset point all the time. I bet I haven't seen one around there in 10 years now.