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  1. Big Browns

    WTB KUIU Super Down PRO Hooded Jacket

    Wind yes, waterproof no.
  2. Big Browns

    Got My Buck Back...

    Definitely a monster in my eyes! Congrats!!!
  3. A 9 pound 300win mag is gonna kick like a mule!
  4. WOW, Amazing looking gun! Eric builds some of the best guns around! Congrats!
  5. Big Browns

    2019 Mexico hunt

    Congrats and I love the wall of success!
  6. Big Browns

    WTB KUIU Super Down PRO Hooded Jacket

    Still looking.
  7. Big Browns

    Dad Passes

    Very sorry for your loss!!!
  8. Big Browns

    Bull Elk 22 South

    FYI, the power lines are good, but in this case it was a joke:) FYI, really funny joke for those who know!!!
  9. Big Browns

    Packer for hire?

    Unfortunately there are not many "Packer" services in Az. In the past when I've needed help I've hired local kids to help pack out. Most guys will help for free if beers are included with a steak dinner. I've paid a few guys over the years as well. Once you have a bull down make a post stating you need help and you will have all the help you need!!!
  10. Big Browns

    Wyoming Guided hunt advice?

    You 100% do not need a guide to hunt Antelope in Wyoming!!!!! Plenty of public land and 1000's of goats!!!!
  11. Big Browns

    Manfrotto 496rc2 ball head for sale

    SPF to Hawkruiz69
  12. Big Browns

    Manfrotto 496rc2 ball head for sale

    $30. TTT
  13. Big Browns

    sxs windshield recommendations

    I have a full and half windshield. They both have positives and negatives. If I had to do it over again I would buy the full windshield that pops out at the bottom to help with the dust.