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  1. Big Browns

    I’m RICH !!!!!!!!

  2. Big Browns

    12g steel shot

    Wish I lived closer. I would love to have them.
  3. Big Browns

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    Great story! Congrats on getting a Goulds!!!!!
  4. Big Browns

    Taxidermist: Friend or Foe?

    This is exactly why I pay my tannery a "rush" fee. I get all my hides back in 6-8 weeks. It costs me 40% more, but allows me to have the hide back in my hands a LOT faster. Once I have the hide I usually contact the customer and finalize the form position and get parts ordered. This drastically speeds up the mounting process. When I started doing Taxidermy work, I decided quality of work and 100% honesty to the customer was going to be my standard. The honesty part has cost me jobs, but my conscience is always clear!
  5. Big Browns

    Learning Taxidermy

    I Completed my 5th Deer mount yesterday. I'm really happy with the results. I can definitely tell I get more confident with each mount.
  6. Big Browns

    FS Tanned Coues cape ready to mount

    Depends on the Taxidermist. Most are $650 plus. I include fleshing with my big game taxidermy prices.
  7. Big Browns

    Turkey Taxidermist - East valley perf

    I HIGHLY recommend Cut-N-Strut!
  8. Big Browns

    FS Tanned Coues cape ready to mount

    Yes, plus the cost to have it fleshed and shipped. I charge $150 to flesh in my shop. The recent supply issues has driven the cape costs up drastically.
  9. Big Browns

    FS Tanned Coues cape ready to mount

    Due to the recent shortage of capes, $300 has been the going rate for a tanned cape.
  10. Big Browns

    FS Tanned Coues cape ready to mount

    Stud buck!! With all the hides being confiscated at the border the past 2 years, mature capes are hard to find. This should go fast.
  11. Big Browns

    Big AZ Trout on the Fly

    Call me!
  12. Big Browns

    Road to Big Lake?

    You are 100% correct!
  13. Big Browns

    Road to Big Lake?

    Many, Many times!!!!!
  14. Big Browns


    WOW, crazy good!!!!!!
  15. Big Browns

    Colorado Deer Hunt