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  1. Big Browns


    I've never been more furious with AZGFD than I was today. We all know the system SUCKS, well now it SUCKS more!!!! They changed the system and therefore our passwords all needed to be changed. Took forever to get it to work. Now the new system doesn't automatically put in your license number. You have to manually add the number now. Well that sucks, because I put in 5 different applications. 5 more things I have to keep track of. Soooooooo IRRITATING & FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Big Browns

    Dan Wesson ECO & ECP for sale

    Sorry, sold
  3. Big Browns

    Looking for some help!

    I've seen the sheep herd all around Forest lakes in the past year. I would call the Forest Service, I'm sure they will have the grazing lease owners name.
  4. Big Browns

    WTB Canik

    I want one too, just can't afford one right now. They have excellent reviews. Good looking gun!
  5. Big Browns

    Best rifle scope regardless of price

    For the money Nightforce is impossible to beat. They are extremely tough and accurate scopes.
  6. Big Browns

    WOW really?

    I'm pretty sure this issue is dead, being that it was YEARS ago!
  7. Big Browns

    Ruff Land Kennel

    Send him a check and I'll pick it up for you.
  8. Big Browns

    (SOLD) Manfrotto 290 Xtra Carbon Tripod

    Great tripod! Exactly what I use.
  9. Big Browns


    Very nice!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Big Browns

    Over under suggestions??

    I HIGHLY recommend you go with a 20 gauge with a short barrel. The shorter barrel will allow you to swing quickly on flushing birds. The 20 gauge will save your arms from wearing out after long days hiking rough country. Whatever gun you purchase, I recommend you purchase extended choke tubes. These will allow you to quickly change chokes to match your hunting situation without having to need field tools.
  11. Big Browns

    Black Rain Ordinance AR-15

    BRO makes some really nice AR's!
  12. Big Browns

    Eberlestock RMEF Pack

    Why are you selling this pack? It's an amazing pack!!!!
  13. Big Browns

    Unit 27 Late Bull Hunt - Year 2

    Sounds like you had a fantastic hunt! Great job!!!
  14. Big Browns

    WTB Turkey Fryer

    I've got plenty of pots. I just need an additional burner.
  15. Big Browns

    WTB Turkey Fryer

    I need a second Turkey fryer for doing euro's. If anyone in the East valley has a used one for sale please let me know