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  1. 4 at once happens all the time in my line of work. Sounds like they got a batch laced with some bad stuff. I feel bad for all those who had already paid for and waiting to board for the next trip!
  2. Big Browns

    .264 Win mag

  3. Big Browns

    Loyalty Point

  4. Big Browns

    Best Tripod for the money???

    The Manfrotto 290 is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Big Browns

    SOLD - WTS - Dillon Square Deal B - Reloader - SOLD

    Great deal on the 650!!!!!!
  6. My wife and I had a great time dove hunting last night. We didn't limit, but we really enjoyed the cool weather. She made some great shots. The sun looked amazing through all the smoke. I'm already looking forward to September 1st 2021.
  7. Big Browns

    Dec Elk - need a jacket

    100% go with a puffy jacket. Much warmer and lighter!!!! I have several, but my primary for super cold is the under armour super down.
  8. Big Browns

    AZ Rifle Antelope

    Great job Keith!!!!!
  9. LOL, Congrats!!!!!
  10. I finally convinced my wife to go Dove hunting with me after 9 years of being Married. After she got her limit on her first time out she's officially hooked. We went out again tonight and she got another limit. Maybe now I can talk her into a guided Pheasant hunt:)
  11. Cool color bird!!!!
  12. I hunted the hay bales today. It was REALLY slow, but managed to shoot 15 Eurasians and 7 morning dove. I did my best to poach as many birds as possible from sharp shooter Lance:)
  13. I had a great time hunting the farm today with Chris! The flights were definitely slower than opening day, but I still got a limit and a few Eurasians. The wild game washing bucket cuts the cleaning time in half. I'll never clean birds without one again!!!!