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  1. Adicted

    Vortex viper pst 6-24x50 moa

    Smoking deal. Buy it
  2. Adicted


    tensor regulator will last you the longest and not leave you stranded...
  3. My son goes to NAU and hes ready to look for a job. I told him to wait out the first semester to get settled in and now he has Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon off every week. Looking for some part time work on the weekends, not during the week. Hoping to find something that hes into. Hes a good kid, received scholarship for grades, has his EMT License, great landscaper, (sprinklers, clocks, pretty much anything), amazing fisherman and hunter, loves animals, and is very reliable, etc. He would kill to work at the bow shop up there but that's a LONG shot. Several guys on here know my son and can put several referrals in. If you have anything that fits this let me know before he jumps in the fast food world. He has a reliable truck to get him to work. Flagstaff is small so its who you know not what you know. Thx guys
  4. Adicted

    Garmin Rino 120. 100$

    Works Like should. Few scratches from use. Uses AA batteries. No cord
  5. Adicted

    Can’t kill a buck

    Wheres that at
  6. Adicted

    Can we get hoodies made????

    3rd one for the front and leave the back. Green is perfect
  7. Adicted

    Can we get hoodies made????

    I like the back for sure. Any other options for front. Same size but something not as busy
  8. Adicted

    Can we get hoodies made????

    Same here. But basic design. Not alot of stuff
  9. Adicted

    Desert Muzzy Buck

    Great solid desert buck. Congrats
  10. Adicted

    Desert Muzzy Buck

    Is that the 39,40,41,42,43,44 muzzy tag? Always wanted that
  11. Adicted

    Prayers for my son

    Prayers sent. What they say about the first one. Any clue?
  12. Adicted

    Rocky Point Fishing

    https://www.rockypointtalk.com/ this well help u. Do a search
  13. Deer white mule up jacked a thats !!!!!
  14. Adicted

    Rocky Point Fishing

    Pull up some of my old posts about rocky point fishing
  15. Adicted

    Garmin Rino 610 GPS/Walkie

    Text sent