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  1. Adicted

    Mountain lion at 30 yards

    thats bad a$$
  2. Adicted

    FS: 357 wheel gun

    Post pics
  3. Adicted

    I need some toilet paper

    Anyone have some toilet paper i can borrow. Will give back when done.
  4. Had bill out to the house again to do some patch work. Great job and price as always. Dont hesitate to call him.
  5. Adicted

    Custom 28 nosler

    that thing is sweet
  6. i got in by phone...they r up
  7. Friday morning had 2 hits. Was super stoked. 1 guarantee bull rut tag and another bull tag but possible early or late. Called my credit card right now to see if anymore and she said yes. Another 135. Is this fraud? I said heck no this is awesome. So now I have another rut bull tag. Insane
  8. Adicted

    FS Two Old Guns

    every time you post guns I get excited...my favorite as your old octagon barrels...
  9. Adicted

    Credit Card Hit

    2 bull tags here
  10. Adicted

    Credit Card Hit

    Bs. Screenshot
  11. How many and where you think...