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  1. Adicted

    11m Bull tag last effort

    Going back up tonight for 5 days for my sons bull tag. Hopefully we can seal the deal. Got on 1 solid 6 opening day last week but couldnt seal it. On many elk after that but no shooters. This week might just be a freezer filler. Rut dying down. Any one else up there?
  2. Adicted

    What happened to this site

    trphyhntr continue as is please Post some pics of some beasts you killed. I know there are some you havent posted
  3. Adicted


    Hows it been going. Heading into 11m starting friday for sons bull tag
  4. Adicted

    1 for 3 so far

    Congrats...stay at it
  5. Adicted

    Things (snakes) that make you go, whew!

  6. Adicted

    Things (snakes) that make you go, whew!

    Stepped on this guy in 6b archery bull tag
  7. Adicted

    Dove bbq

    Was definately good bbq this year
  8. Adicted

    Dove bbq

    Had a great season. Went out 3 times. Birds flew good but not as great as last year. Had a bbq with all the buddies. soaked birds in buttermilk over night, rinsed, added salt, pepper, garlic. Put a piece of green chile and bacon. Put on traeger at 300 for about hr. Came out great.
  9. Adicted

    Optics Planet what a joke

    They r horrible. Will never order anything from them again
  10. Adicted

    Post them up!

    Dang bill. U dont have 45 points though right. Might be dumb question
  11. Adicted

    Post them up!

    I think its becuase there is always someone starting or talking chit about there kill or hunt pics. People are a$$holes now days
  12. Adicted

    Looking for 12 gauge shotgun shells

    Thx for all the pm’s. Got them guys
  13. Adicted

    Looking for 12 gauge shotgun shells

    Not the one I went too.
  14. Gonna take some kids dove hunting. Need some shells. Sell me a case or 2.
  15. Adicted


    Great deal in this market