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  1. Adicted

    Turkey down

    Tough hunt. Not 1 gobble but got er done. Snow came in and shut them down where we were. Found this guy and was able to get in front of him. Boom Look at the double beard. Pretty cool
  2. Adicted

    Lets talk ice makers

    Tired of my fridge ice maker. All the class action bs just tired of it. Even newer fridge. What ice maker u guys have that dont take a water line. Looking at the ge opal 2.0.
  3. Adicted

    Credit Card hit thread

    Youngest son 5b south archery bull sept Oldest son 11 m archery cow sept. Should be fun
  4. Adicted

    Credit Card hit thread

    Well Chit guys!!!!! Last time i looked was 1pm. Just checked again. 2 elk tags now. First one was 7 am.
  5. Adicted

    Credit Card hit thread

    Antelope???? Anyone
  6. Adicted

    Credit Card hit thread

    Come on elk gods.
  7. Adicted

    Let's see those side by sides!

  8. Adicted

    Classic car insurance

    Haggerty here also. No issues
  9. Adicted

    13 points archery bull

    Yeah. Many mixed reviews on 1. Some love and some hate
  10. Adicted

    13 points archery bull

    My son has 13 points and wants to archery bull hunt...What units think he can get?
  11. Adicted

    Good buck

    Heck yeah. Congrats
  12. Good god. Look up Yanet Garcia. Weather girl there also
  13. Adicted


  14. Adicted

    What's for dinner tonight?

  15. Adicted


    Crap. Guess u have to lay down sideways to see some pics.