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  1. Adicted

    bar mirrors

    Why u get rid of mancave
  2. Adicted

    White tank regional park

    What r u hunting and when
  3. Adicted

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    Heck yeah. Happy bday. Thx for this great site
  4. Adicted

    Crown King Fire

    Thats sad. So dry. That whole town could be in trouble
  5. Adicted

    Arizona Unit 20b Youth hunt

    dont give up. take your son on some smaller hunts to get him hooked. (dove, quail, ducks, varmit, etc...) that s what I did and worked like a charm
  6. Adicted

    Towing Behind a 5th wheel laws?

    Thats me again in 6 days headed south for coues
  7. Adicted

    Can I really not shoot right now? Fire ban

    Guess im taking the 30-30 open sites
  8. Adicted

    Can I really not shoot right now? Fire ban

    Kenny. Might have to do that. Texting u
  9. Planned on shooting long distance by my house in maricopa county. Can i not?
  10. Adicted

    Where Am I?

    Is that a half donkey half pelican????
  11. Adicted

    Polaris SxS tune up / service

    Yup. Have sent alot of people to him. Solid dude
  12. Adicted

    Lost Hunters?

    Thats alot of people involved for same day hunting.
  13. Adicted

    Polaris SxS tune up / service

    I have a great guy. Very good and reliable. ryan +1 (480) 286-0460 tell him travis with rzr 1000 sent u. Hes good