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  1. Adicted

    Roosevelt report

  2. Get a rzr and have fun. Put elk on roof, hood, backseat. Hahaha
  3. Search in retirement areas. showlow, munds, havasu, palm springs
  4. great buy... seems u can always find 10mm ammo in the store....that and 28 guage
  5. Adicted

    Slimey Hitchhiker

    holy chit...thats a monster.
  6. Adicted

    Looking for gun safe

    Just add a n for auction
  7. Adicted

    Looking for gun safe

    Not looking for a massive safe. Something that holds 10 or so rifles. Combination or key code opening. Shoot me a message if u have one u want to get rid of.
  8. Adicted

    Roosevelt report

    Cant wait. Wife and i going next thir-sun
  9. Adicted

    Flagstaff FS roads

    Ususally day before. Roads r still a mess
  10. How much u squat? No homo. Hahaha
  11. Just got the call......ITS IN!!!!
  12. Adicted

    Ride Now

    thumbs up for iron city...good dudes and mechanics... Ridenow blows
  13. Adicted

    Alamo is hot.

    Catch any?
  14. Adicted

    Easter Frybread video

    Good times. Family and food
  15. Adicted

    Easter Frybread video

    Hmmmmmm IMG_1685.MOV