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  1. Adicted


    No way!!!!!
  2. Adicted

    Rocky Point Fishing

    25 miles
  3. Adicted

    Happy Birthday Hog Hunter!

    Happy birthday brotha. Missed
  4. Adicted

    Rocky Point Fishing

    Great time today
  5. Adicted

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    Sun Devil... Rocky point? ?Going monday with a new guy
  6. Adicted

    Please delete

    wow low miles and great truck.. My son has same one and goes everywhere...
  7. Adicted

    Free pitchers mound

    All yours. Shoot me a pm with your info
  8. Adicted

    Free pitchers mound

    As good as drinking a glass of hotdog water
  9. Adicted

    Free pitchers mound

    Has wear and tear where foot lands but can be cut out and replaced. My boy is 6’ and used no problem. Heavy duty. Need truck and few big boys.
  10. Adicted

    Last junior bird down

  11. Adicted

    Last junior bird down

    Well we are 4-4 on his last tag. Hes 17 now and just needed wind do go away. Called him out of roost and he came in hot.
  12. Will try and get video. Wind is killing us though
  13. Will be staying at morman lake rv park and hunting from there
  14. Adicted

    SOLD!! 99 Jeep XJ

    Great reliable vehicle. This wont last
  15. Adicted

    Bartlett on Sunday

    Sounds like agood day