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  1. Adicted

    The kid smacked a yote

    Someone fix for me
  2. Last 3 times out chasing bucks with the bow seen yotes chasing deer. So since i suck at bow hunting we decided to try some yotes. My 16 yr old got em.
  3. Adicted

    Ever heard a deer do this?

  4. Adicted

    How big?

  5. Adicted

    Tessa’s Wyoming buffalo

    bro thats awesome...good job
  6. Adicted

    Go buy some groceries and commodities

    Chit like this is why we cant find ammo, toilet paper, strippers.
  7. Adicted

    Portable shooting bench—75$

    no pretty stable. your more than welcome to come and try it out before you buy it..
  8. Adicted

    Lot of 4 SPYPOINT evo cameras

    I might be interested in 2 if someone else wants 2
  9. Adicted

    Lot of 4 SPYPOINT evo cameras

    I watch the water tank levels and sometimes animals show up
  10. Adicted


    go to tractor supply or uhaul
  11. Adicted

    2021 starting off with a SWHACK!!!

    Good job guys
  12. Adicted

    WTS Hornady 6.5 143 grain ELD-X Bullets

    Bruh. I posted need these. U all suck. Haha
  13. Updated. Need 308 dies, ammo, or 45 ammo
  14. Adicted

    sxs radio info

    Rugged radios all day. Me and all my friends have. Great customer service. easy to install just get all the right mounting brackets.