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  1. Evinruud

    WTB: Atlas Bipod

    Looking for a 10" atlas bipod that attaches to a picatinny rail with a quick-release lever. Anything out there?
  2. The fixed panel window on the driver side is broken and needs to be replaced. Any members on here install these, or ever had to replace on your own truck? I have glass insurance, but the insurance company does not cover the camper window. Serial # K28132 Driver side
  3. Evinruud

    WTB Norma 7mm Rem Mag Brass

    Norma 7mm rem mag brass. Looking for new unused brass up to 300 pieces. Also looking for an Atlas Bipod.
  4. Wonder if that fits a 2013?
  5. Evinruud

    WTB Swarovski 12x50 EL

    Ive been considering making the same switch! Interested to see how you like the 12x50.
  6. Evinruud

    Yamaha Kodiak ATV | $2,200

  7. Evinruud

    Yamaha Kodiak ATV | $2,200

    Phoenix 40th St & Shea
  8. Evinruud

    Yamaha Kodiak ATV | $2,200

    To my knowledge this model does not have an hour meter. It is a lightly used machine.
  9. Evinruud

    Yamaha Kodiak ATV | $2,200

    I thought this would be gone by now! Great deal if you are in the market for a clean, never wrecked, functioning machine.
  10. Evinruud

    Yamaha Kodiak ATV | $2,200

    SOLD Make - Yamaha Model - Kodiak Year - 2000 Engine - 400cc Drivetrain - 4x4 Price - $2,200 OBO Very dependable, lightly used, adult driven, well maintained machine. Recent maintenance includes oil change, new battery and front CV boots. Seat was reupholstered a while back and is in good condition. Tires are in good condition. Before storing for long periods of time we would always give it a thorough cleaning, drain the fuel tank and carb, then cover. This bike will fire right up every time as long as it has gas and a good battery. Call my dad to set up an appointment. Dave 602-618-5550
  11. Evinruud

    ISO Hd Spotting scope

    I have a Swarovski HD 25-50X80 Wide Angle I would sell for $2,200. Also comes with a fitted protective shell made by swarovski.
  12. Evinruud

    ISO: Palm Tree Trimmer

    Yes, 32nd St & Thomas
  13. Evinruud

    ISO: Palm Tree Trimmer

    Anybody trim palm trees or know a good trimmer? IMG_5025.jpeg.pdf
  14. Awesome lightweight compact setup! Cant believe someone hasn't picked this up. That eye piece is the one to have.