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  1. Evinruud

    SOLD Hoyt Helix Ultra

    TTT. Ill throw in an empty box of 9mm.
  2. My number is 480 433-0371. I will be down in Phoenix area this weekend. I would like to try and get with you. 

  3. Evinruud

    SOLD Hoyt Helix Ultra

    North Tempe
  4. Evinruud

    SOLD Hoyt Helix Ultra

    Hoyt Helix Ultra Verde (Right Hand) This bow is in great condition and has not been shot much. Recently replaced factory strings with ABB platinum strings and cables. ZT Pro #2 cam. Draw length range 27"-30". Currently set at 30". 80% let-off. Limbs on the bow are 60-70 pounds. Also, have a set of 50-60lb limbs. $725
  5. Looking for 1,000-2,000 primers. Prefer to pick them up locally with no shipping. Willing to travel for pick up within reason. Located in Phoenix
  6. Evinruud

    Bruno's has CCI Primers

    Brunos does not have primers anymore. Price gouging? This is a prime example of supply and demand. Get in where you fit in and bring your cash! lol
  7. Evinruud

    Zeiss Victory RF 10x42

    Zeiss Victory RF 10X42 Purchased new eight months ago for the fall hunts. These binoculars are in 10/10 condition with no scratches, chips, nicks, or scuffs on the binoculars themselves. Sale will include the original box, factory lens caps, neck strap, and the after market Outdoorsmans stud so the binocular can be mounted to your tripod. Price $2,700
  8. Evinruud

    Kuiu Icon Pro 3200 (SOLD)

    Sold pending meet up.
  9. Evinruud

    Kuiu Icon Pro 3200 (SOLD)

    Tall Frame L/XL Waist belt Great condition $225
  10. Evinruud

    SOLD: Weatherby Vanguard .270 WIN (NIB)

    What a beauty! Is that a Tinajas Ram?
  11. Evinruud

    SOLD: Weatherby Vanguard .270 WIN (NIB)

    Can we see a better pic of that beautiful ram?
  12. Evinruud

    WTB: Atlas Bipod

    Looking for a 10" atlas bipod that attaches to a picatinny rail with a quick-release lever. Anything out there?
  13. The fixed panel window on the driver side is broken and needs to be replaced. Any members on here install these, or ever had to replace on your own truck? I have glass insurance, but the insurance company does not cover the camper window. Serial # K28132 Driver side