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  1. Coues 1

    Youth Guns

    Single shot .22 and single shot 20 ga still available.
  2. Coues 1

    Youth Guns

    22-250 is sold. The .22 cal was a semi auto at one time, but the feed tube was lost before I ever had it. Been a single shot to me since I used it. I will text azviking, but no plans to be in flag anytime soon. Message to PhxDT on 20 ga.
  3. Coues 1

    Youth Guns

    Looks like 22-250 is sold. Others still available. Thank you.
  4. Coues 1

    Youth Guns

    A few training guns available if anyone is interested... 1. Single Shot 20 ga, made by Investarm, $75.00 2. 22-250, Rem. 700 with Bushnell Scope Chief. $200.00 3. Single Shot .22 by Sears and Roebuck $75.00 All still shot fine, but my kids are getting older and have moved on. Located in North Phoenix. Drivers License required.