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  1. Sobrbiker

    WTT Phoneskope swaro spotter adapter

  2. Sobrbiker

    TRADED 125gr Magnus Ser-Razor Black Hornets

    Gilbert/Chandler area...
  3. TRADE PENDING I’ve got a pack of 3 125gr Black Hornet Ser-Razors (1 shot into foam once). I’d Like to trade them for 125gr Magnus Stingers or Buzzcuts. only reason I’m looking to swap is because I’m 28” 63#-figure the Stinger’s lower angle will be better for my setup... the one that was shot is on the tape checking flight w/field point at 25yds
  4. Sobrbiker

    Keeping them

  5. Sobrbiker

    Keeping them

    KEEPING THEM, gonna see if they break in with lighter socks. Brand new. Great AZ boot, tried around the house for 15 minutes w/clean wool socks on-fit is just to snug for me. I wear a 10 in most everything, and should’ve gotten a 44. Should be just right for 9.5 or narrow 10.
  6. SOLD PENDING MEET I bought (4)Day Six arrows, but they are a bit heavier than I’d like. 27” carbon to carbon, 28” nock to outsert (50gr inserts). Fletched arrows 394gr (no tip). 3 are 4-fletched with AAE max stealth and one is bare shaft (I have the vanes-two were starting to come off when I received them so I stripped them off to bareshaft test). These are a catch and release off Rokslide, figured I’d offer them up here if someone wants to try these before paying $200/doz. $45, just asking what I’m into them for. Would trade for 125 Magnus (Stingers or Black Hornets), Slick Tricks, or Exodus full. FTF east valley (ValVista/Elliot or thereabouts). pics are from sale ad I got them from.
  7. Sobrbiker


    Pm sent on what’s left
  8. Sobrbiker

    TruBall MaxPro4 release

  9. Sobrbiker

    SOLD-Eberlestock X2 (2019)

  10. Sobrbiker

    SOLD-Eberlestock X2 (2019)

  11. Sobrbiker

    SOLD-Eberlestock X2 (2019)

  12. Sobrbiker

    SOLD-Eberlestock X2 (2019)

    BTT for the week
  13. Sobrbiker

    SOLD-Eberlestock X2 (2019)

    Awesome meat hauling daypack, someone needs this! BTT
  14. Sobrbiker

    SOLD-Eberlestock X2 (2019)

  15. Sobrbiker

    TruBall MaxPro4 release

    $80, pick up east valley (Gilbert) Works great (tension currently set at 70#) just not my cup of tea. Would trade for select 125gr Magnus Black Hornets, ST standards, .264 140ish bullets, 65G brass, ARComp/4350 powder, hard bow case, try me...