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  1. Sobrbiker

    WTT Maven C.3 12X50 for 10X50

    Right now I’m only looking to trade for a set of C.3 10x50’s....
  2. Sobrbiker

    WTT Maven C.3 12X50 for 10X50

    Appreciate the offer, but gonna pass.
  3. Sobrbiker

    WTT Maven C.3 12X50 for 10X50

    I’d pull ad and hold ‘em if anyone wants to order a set of C.3 10’s to swap, or sell them for $400 (only if Maven has 10’s in stock).
  4. Sobrbiker

    WTT Maven C.3 12X50 for 10X50

    Unfortunately the 1mm better eye relief wouldn’t get me what I’m looking for-those C1’s are nice.
  5. Sobrbiker

    7-08 Hornady 139 SuperPerformance ammo

  6. Sobrbiker

    WTS/T GT Kinetic Pierce 340 (6)

  7. Sobrbiker

    WTT Maven C.3 12X50 for 10X50

  8. Sobrbiker

    Short notice late archery bull tag!

    I’m flexible, I do carry pruning shears-I just hate packing a blind in and then being stuck in a spot with limited visibility.
  9. Since I was successful on my first archery harvest in the early otc archery this year, I’ve been obsessing on January for OTC mulies... Everything changed this week when AZGFD called and asked if I’d like a surrendered 6A late archery bull tag-now I’ve got 6 weeks to get it together for a solo elk hunt!! I’d been putting in for “Hail Mary” tags the past four years since getting adult onset hunting addiction after getting out of shooting rifle comps, trying to build some points, so while elk is a big goal, it wasn’t on my radar for the next year or so. I’ve got time at work to hunt the whole hunt, but limited opportunity/experience to get up there much prior. I’m pretty anxious as what the weather and pressure are going to do to the elk between now and then. At least there’ll only be 29 other tags hunting that week.... I’m planning on not getting to far from Jeep, because I’ll need multiple trips for recovery (I’m in decent shape, but not “elk shape”), and after the weather changes that rolled that time of year that past couple years I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’m not looking for a trophy bull, just a good experience and hopefully a freezer full of meat and a first elk I can be proud of. Any tips on elevation/movement, general areas or advice would be awesome. I’m not much of a blind sitter, and with what I’ve seen from the weather it’s going to be either really dry or could be really wet by then....just feeling a touch overwhelmed. I’m good on gear, glass, have an inReach just in case-just a little scattered on where to begin putting together a plan A, B and C.
  10. I’ve got 115rds (5.75 boxes) of Hornady Superperformance 139gr SST #80573 ammo. $140, not looking to split. Trade (and partial trade) interests: -Kuiu Vias: Attack/Guide pants 34/34T, Pelton 200 top, heavy merino (M/L) -Powder: AR Comp, Longshot, RL16, 4350 (H or I), AA#9 -.264 pills (123 Amax/SST, 140Amax/143Eld-X) -Primers: WLP, WLR -XLR stock w/adj butt -22LR/22WMR ammo (40gr) -147gr 308 ammo (not the “crap” M80’s) -Wolf 556 55grHP -125gr Exodus broadheads -22LR carbine -Holosun/Sig red dot (2moa, auto on/off) -new 6.5 Grendel brass East Valley Sportsman’s/Val Vista & Elliot area.
  11. Sobrbiker

    OTC Elk questions

    Thanks. I’m used to picking up the non-permit tags for deer, lion, bear etc. Just didn’t know on the elk.
  12. Sobrbiker

    OTC Elk questions

    And are the OTC tags still avail at AZGFD or was it a limited number thing?
  13. Sobrbiker

    OTC Elk questions

    I’m curious about the OTC elk hunts, and have a question regarding land ownership in the WH/Rincon Basin areas... With the patchwork of BLM and land owned by tribes/tribal trusts, the question I have is this: are the parcels owned by tribe Mgmt or tribal LLC’s off limits (sovereign like the actual reservatio) or are they private land parcels subject to the same signage regulations as other lands in AZ? I’ve hunted coyotes up in that area before (pre-OnX) and didn’t even know I was on private lands (no signage).