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  1. Sobrbiker

    RV Spots in Eager AZ *update prices *

    -not trying to detail thread either. Quick bit of research I did only shows they do surrender and kill pen rescues, nothing about them being active in, getting their horses from, or financially supporting feral/wild horse programs…. I guess you won’t hunt BLM land here in Arizona since you are so principled, since so much money of our money is being spent with the TIP program, etc. I get your sentiment, but CVHR does surrenders, community, and veterans programs. I’m involved in the equine community via a ranch we board at, that does hippotherapy etc and I can guarantee that no organization that relies on donations from the horse community is going to be openly “anti wild (feral) horse”, regardless of their personal stance on the management of feral populations. If CVH were remotely “pro feral”, tell my why none of their stock are TIP mustangs? just playing devil’s advocate-personally if I were parking up there I’d support them, because I see daily what good horse therapy does in the lives of many. I can personally balance how much I disdain how the current “management” of wild/feral populations is doing to the habitat of the real wild population and still support a lot of the great things being done in the lives of folks with disabilities via horses. id support them over a shithole redneck off res RV park and wish them well.
  2. Sobrbiker

    7mm Berger hunter bullets

    Really well! 168’s at 2900 are nice! Was whacking sub-vital groups at 780 Friday. 162SST’s are shooting almost as well at 2970. Really glad I got into the caliber.
  3. Sobrbiker

    7mm Berger hunter bullets

    Thanks for posting that, hopefully I’ll put one of 168’s I just grabbed through a nice coozer in Aug!
  4. Other than maybe some brass and a few 180gr hard cast, I’m only offering what’s listed-it’s not the only 10mm or 1911 being cared for and fed in the stable.
  5. Bump with trades changed a bit. 45LC lever gun added to wish list
  6. Sobrbiker

    Iso h4831

    I’ve got IMR4831 and could use RL17
  7. Sobrbiker

    Lever actions and SAAs

    Any interest regarding the Blackhawk 45/45? https://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/109192-wtt-ria-ultra-fs-10mm-1911-for-vaquerosaa-clone-or-officer’s-1911/
  8. Sobrbiker

    Scammer is Back? - Strausburg, CO

    If you’re armdealer, please explain to the crowd how your claim that I need to get your PayPal account up to $350 before you can refund the $45 you scammed me for… Fool me once…. like I said to you yesterday: a man cannot have his integrity taken, he can only give it up himself.
  9. Added 45Colt lever gun to the trades I’m looking for.
  10. Sobrbiker

    Scammer is Back? - Strausburg, CO

    Got a hold of him via text, he said he couldn’t get money out of PayPal and is issuing me a refund…..we’ll see.
  11. I have a Rock Island Ultra FS 10mm 5” 1911 (Model 51991). I have fit a Wilson flat bottom firing pin stop and a 22# recoil spring, 3 metalform magazines, box, etc. Currently has magwell off, but will be included, or reinstalled (as pictured) if you like. I really, really like this pistol and it shoots 180XTP’s and 200gr WFNGC loads really well, and functions great, but have picked up a EAA poly 10mm for hunting carry. Not looking to sell outright currently. ONLY trades I’m looking for are: -45LC lever gun (92 capable of “Ruger only” loads preferably) or -RIA ULTRA CS 45acp,Springfield Micro Compact Loaded 1911 45acp, Springfield Compact Carry 45acp, Colt Officer’s or Defender 45acp, may consider other brand 1911 officer framed models, or a loaded 9mm 1911 EMP or similar.