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  1. Sobrbiker


    Length of pull n McMillan, and just to confirm, they are cut for magazine feed?
  2. Sobrbiker

    Holster Lot (226, 1911, m&p, etc)

    Safariland 1911 drop leg is an SLS 6004-53 BTT
  3. Box o’stuff-$60 or full pound of 4350 (H or IMR), HP38/231, IMR4895, WLR WSR or WSP primers -Safariland drop leg ALS 1911 govt; BH Serpas: p226, M&P, 1911 Commander; Safariland leather p226; Taraus Med revo grip, plus misc crap. not parting out ValVista/Elliot area.
  4. Sobrbiker

    SPF-6XC and 6.5CM brass lot

    SOLD PENDING MEET I have a good amount of brass I’m clearing out, catch is you gotta take it all. If you’re looking at this, you probably know what Norma 6XC brass goes for. $100 gets you: 525ish pcs of Norma 6XC brass (250ish are 2X fired, rest are less than 5X fired-all were 2900fps with 105-107 bullets so it hasn’t been hotrodded). 310ish pcs of 6.5 Creedmoor, 69 are S&B 1X fired and the balance are Hornady fired around 5X (2790fps 140gr loads). Val Vista/Elliot area.
  5. Sobrbiker

    Bergara Savage prefit .308 barrel.

    I was speaking rifle, but that answers the question😉. I haven’t seen Bergara’s Savage prefits. I’d be all over it if I didn’t have a 7-08 sporter already for my Savage. Good luck with the sale, that’s an awesome deal!
  6. Sobrbiker

    Bergara Savage prefit .308 barrel.

    Just for clarity, is this is a barrel made by Bergara with Savage threads/bolt face, or is it a prefit barrel with a Savage style locknut for Bergara/R700 actions? Both small shank Savage and Rem700 are ~1,062” but Savage are 20tpi and “Remages” are 16tpi.
  7. Sobrbiker

    Old Army Issue Colt 1911

    Serial number looks to be 1918, USN delivery. Nice.
  8. Sobrbiker

    Vortez Scope: Razor HD LHT 3-15 x 50

    Wish I had an MOA trade to offer. Been thinking of swapping my US Optics LR17 for one of these…. GLWS
  9. Sobrbiker

    Garage gunsmith needed

    What caliber/contour is the barrel that’s coming off?
  10. Sobrbiker

    Reloading Equipment

    Picture shows front bottle FFG
  11. Sobrbiker

    GONE Marlin 336 30-30

  12. Sobrbiker

    GONE Marlin 336 30-30

    Sent you his info. have had a lot of PM’s real quick….
  13. Sobrbiker

    GONE Marlin 336 30-30

    SOLD Posting for a buddy (not on CWT but has completed happy transactions with 3+ members): Marlin 336 30-30 w/1-4 Konus scope and one piece mount. $550 OBO, located in Chandler. —-PM if interested and I’ll get you his contact info——
  14. I’ve got one lightweight and one mid weight sets of Element Outdoors tops and bottoms I’m looking to sell/trade. neither has been hunted in-just tried on (I caught the Kuiu bug shortly after getting these). They cater more to Midwest market, so they only made this desert “Stalker” pattern for a short while, and their mid weight is closer to what western folks consider late season weight. Good stuff, not top-tier wilderness athlete level, but still quality gear. Tops are Med, pants are Large (mdweight are L-tall). I’m 6’ and 175-180 and they fit great. Looking for $50 for lightweight, $60 for mid, or $100 for both. Would trade for IMR or H 4350, IMR 4895 or 4166, AR Comp, WLR primers, 30-30 ammo/dies/projos, old Hornady .284 175gr RN bullets. located Gilbert/Chandler
  15. Sobrbiker


    My god that’s sexy. I wish I were in the market-good luck w/sale!