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  1. Sobrbiker

    Wts pre safety marlin 45-70

    Rear sight still intact?
  2. Sobrbiker

    Looking for RL17/RL16 East Valley

    Thx for the heads up, and I’m cool with $50/lb but unfortunately Bruno’s has been on my “not a dime” list for price gouging since the 2007, 2011, 2016, NewTown, etc price gouging shenanigans.
  3. Sobrbiker

    Looking for RL17/RL16 East Valley

    Added RL16 to my search
  4. Anyone have a pound or two of RL17 or RL16 in the east valley?
  5. Sobrbiker

    Free bear hide and skull

    Nicely done Matt!
  6. Sobrbiker

    Powder for sale

    Ever get to the east side?
  7. Sobrbiker

    Nightforce SHV 5-20x56

    Not mine, but the turrets indicate it’s moa
  8. Sobrbiker

    .264 and .308 bullets for sale

  9. Sobrbiker

    12a archery hunt, who else got drawn?

    Any more update Rob?
  10. Sobrbiker

    WTT Scott Little Goose

  11. Sobrbiker

    Sauer 100 6.5 PRC

    Solid setup, great price on the pkg! Wish I hadn’t just filled my sub-magnum slot... ....wanna sell the RL26?
  12. Sobrbiker

    7mm 162gr eldx projectiles

    Not any more...
  13. New with tags, Element Outdoors Drive (lightweight) pants in their Stalker pattern. XL, (I’m a 33 and bought L and XL and am keeping the L, XL probably 34-36) $40 or trade for .284 162 SST’s, .308 165 BTSP Interlock, or IMR 4831, 4895 or 4350 powder. WLP primers would be good too. FTF east valley-Sportsmans or ValVista/Elliot area
  14. I wish you were east side, I’d snatch the Plano case in a heartbeat!!
  15. Sobrbiker

    WTT/S Scott Little Goose release