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  1. Sobrbiker

    Eberlestock X2 (2019)

    BTT for the week
  2. Sobrbiker

    Eberlestock X2 (2019)

    Awesome meat hauling daypack, someone needs this! BTT
  3. Sobrbiker

    Eberlestock X2 (2019)

  4. Sobrbiker

    TruBall MaxPro4 release

    $80, pick up east valley (Gilbert) Works great (tension currently set at 70#) just not my cup of tea. Would trade for select 125gr Magnus Black Hornets, ST standards, .264 140ish bullets, 65G brass, ARComp/4350 powder, hard bow case, try me...
  5. Sobrbiker

    Eberlestock X2 (2019)

    Meetup hasn’t happened, back open
  6. Sobrbiker

    Eberlestock X2 (2019)

  7. Sobrbiker

    Eberlestock X2 (2019)

  8. Sobrbiker

    Eberlestock X2 (2019)

    I’ve got an Eberlestock X2 for sale. It the Doppelganger Skye pattern and is in great condition-all buckles/zippers 100%, no tears, no stains. I really love this pack, the layout is awesome, it’s well vented, and will haul out well first trip after a successful harvest. ONLY reason it’s not perfect for me is I didn’t do enough research and measure myself-I have a 20” torso length and this pack fits up to a 19”. Day hunting it was awesome for me (excellent spotter and tripod carry, plenty of room for layers kill kit etc, great organization), north of 30# on my particular build it carries too much on shoulders and not enough on hips. $160 located in Gilbert AZ. Interesting trades would be lightweight 2-3p shelter, size 10 insulated boots (Solomon, Lowa, Keen), quality breathable rain set or puffy jacket (L or M depending on make), 6 top tier 125gr single bevel broadheads, a bunch of old 140gr 6.5 Amax’s, Lapua 6.5G brass, mil/mil SWFA SS16 or 12X, local trades of budget 2A items or select powders (4350/AR Comp/AA#9). Open to other offers...
  9. Sobrbiker

    Looking for 12x50’s

    Thanks for your post Sean, I haven’t updated. After comparing side by side with ViperHD 12X50’s and RazorHD 10X50’s I decided to keep the Maven C.3 12X50’s. The clarity blows the Vortex away, and the eye relief difference was negligible (it’s a cross us prescription eyewear folks must bear I guess).
  10. Sobrbiker

    Eberlestock X2

    Bought new this past December, Skye Doppelgänger pattern, zero damage, zero issues. Hunted a few times since I got it. Great pack and I love the layout, but I’ve found out my torso length is a bit long for it-I have a 20.5” torso length and when loaded the weight carries on my shoulders more than my hips. $180 or would trade for a Badlands 2200 large frame (Approach/Approach FX pattern, newer model) in similar condition. East Valley
  11. Sobrbiker

    First deer ever!

    Right on, that’s one to be proud of! I’m 52 and this year is my first taste of DIY OTC archery (or any archery hunting for that matter)!
  12. Sobrbiker

    WTT Phoneskope swaro spotter adapter

    Would also swap for Slock Trick 100gr standards, Exodus 100gr heads...
  13. I’ve got a phoneskope adapter on its way that’s part of a package. As soon as it gets here I’m looking to trade it for one I can use. it’s one for a Swarovski ATM/STM/ATS/STS/STR HD (C3-033-A). I’m looking to swap it for one that fits a Kowa 25X LER eyepiece (C3-011-A).
  14. Sobrbiker


    May help if you add what color/pattern it is.
  15. Sobrbiker

    WTT Exodus 125 for 100gr

    I recently got 3 Exodus 125gr heads (bought on another forum) they’re not new in wrap, but haven’t been shot into anything. I just decided I’m gonna stick with 100gr for my setup. would swap for 100gr Exodus (non-swept) or 100gr Slick Tricks Standards. I'm in Gilbert, work in Chandler.