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  1. Sobrbiker

    Scale is likely a scammer.

    I won’t post a WTB ad on this forum anymore-great way to get scammed, hacked, malware’d, etc.
  2. Sobrbiker

    Brunos has...

    ….a long history of gouging during such times. not a dime.
  3. Sobrbiker

    Rifle scope

    Northern AZ from his other posts…
  4. Sobrbiker

    SOLD-Ultra Wheels/tires (fit gen2 Dodge 2500 and?)

    BTT, could also use a 4-6p four season tent
  5. Sobrbiker

    Credit Card hit thread

    22N, 6A, or 5B late bull archery for me. 7:08am email:
  6. Sobrbiker

    Draw Results Come Early this Year?!!

    Late archery bull was my three picks. Wells Fargo emailed me at 7:08 this morning saying I better get my old lazy butt in shape😉
  7. Sobrbiker


    If I liked to ride my high withered boy bareback I’d be all over that!!
  8. Sobrbiker

    SOLD-Ultra Wheels/tires (fit gen2 Dodge 2500 and?)

    BTT, could also use IMR4895/4350 powder, WLR primers, SR Primers, CF tripod/head, 9/45/10/223… Cash price is obo
  9. Sobrbiker


    New or old model? any interest in RIA 10mm 1911?
  10. SOLD I have 4 Ultra 195 16-8 wheels complete with center caps, 8 on 6.5 lug spacing. Tires are drivable Linglong Crosswind AT 305/70-16 “E” rated tires. 2 are close to wear bar, 2 still have a ways to go-no repairs or leaks. Tires are 33” diameter. Wheels/tires taken off a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4. Full wheel specs are at Ultra’s site, model is 195-6881 SB Located in Casa Grande (north end) but could meet in Chandler M-Th afternoons (south of downtown) $450 or trade for old SA Hellcat, old Taurus 357 4”, good metal chop saw (+cash), 1/8-3/16” steel plate (need 4’x11’), round pen panels, 5500w or bigger generator, or ???
  11. If neither is broken and scope is mounted properly, that statement is horseshit.
  12. Sobrbiker


    If I had a rifle for it, I’d be interested for sure. that said, the scope story is utter hogwash. Cheek height is shooter dependent, not scope dependent. I’d be adding to the cheek height on that comb for anything with a higher sight line than irons…
  13. Sobrbiker


    Length of pull n McMillan, and just to confirm, they are cut for magazine feed?
  14. Sobrbiker

    GONE!! Holster Lot

    Safariland 1911 drop leg is an SLS 6004-53 BTT
  15. Sobrbiker

    GONE!! Holster Lot

    GONE Box o’stuff-$60 or full pound of 4350 (H or IMR), HP38/231, IMR4895, WLR WSR or WSP primers -Safariland drop leg ALS 1911 govt; BH Serpas: p226, M&P, 1911 Commander; Safariland leather p226; Taraus Med revo grip, plus misc crap. not parting out ValVista/Elliot area.