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  1. Coffeeman

    My son's 2022 Elk hunt

    Wow awesome video! The bull he got is still pretty dang good.
  2. Coffeeman


    Seriously when I heard 33# and saw those fish I laughed out loud…
  3. Coffeeman

    New IPhone 14 with satellite communication

    So true… I’ve been there. Twice.
  4. Coffeeman

    Things (snakes) that make you go, whew!

    I stepped over one on the backside of Roosevelt when I was about 12 quail hunting with my dad it started buzzing and that sound haunted me for months. Still have its skin around here somewhere. The two that have given me nightmares were with each of my kids. We were hiking the Glassford hill trail three years ago and my daughter just 8 at the time got about 20 feet in front of us. The tumbleweeds were pretty thick and the trail was overgrown. About a minute later she screamed and came running back she almost stepped on a black tailed rattlesnake. We watched it slither away it was about 4 feet long. Last October we were at Alamo lake and the kids wanted to stop at the shore and swim. We have a little cove that we have done this in for years and never had any problems. After the kids swam we were looking for lost crankbaits and my son luckily saw a rattlesnake about 6 inches from his foot in 8 inch tall grass. The snake never rattled and we got lucky he didn’t get bit way out there. Still have nightmares about it.
  5. Coffeeman

    Discount Tire member?

    Alvarez tires in Prescott Valley. They are the best. I know they are probably off the map but they are awesome!
  6. Coffeeman

    Hair on mule deer hide questions

    Cool thanks guys, I was a little worried about getting it wet didn’t want the leather to get hard
  7. Coffeeman

    Hair on mule deer hide questions

    Just got my hair on mule deer hide back from the tannery, it came back in a box and its a little lumpy and he hair doesn’t want to sit right. I’m not sure what the best way make this look better. Just time out of the box? Is there a better way to orient the hair? Right now looks like a cat that got petted backwards…
  8. Coffeeman

    Geology Help

    Sure looks like this to me.
  9. Coffeeman

    Baiting javelina

    Have you been to Cornville? I’ve been there a lot and its always a circus side show.
  10. Coffeeman

    Upper lake mary

    Used to catch a bunch when I lived up there just threw a 3” chartreuse Berkely power grub on a quarter ounce jig head. Swam it close to the bottom like a crankbait. Points, flats with stumps, cuts/coves all were good. And yes very good eating
  11. Coffeeman

    Kaibab Report

    Awesome congrats! Way to stick with it!
  12. Coffeeman

    Kaibab Report

    Hey man that was a tough hunt, I think I talked with your kids on Sunday morning at Jacob lake and if they were, awesome kids. We were seeing 40-50 does a day Wednesday-Friday all up high. Only saw 2 spikes and a forky on Friday morning and tons of does. Ran into a small 4x on Friday night on telephone hill and hunt was done. Hope you guys get it done.
  13. Coffeeman

    Kaibab Report

    Spent a full day in 12Ae today first time in the unit, have hunted West before. Saw 40-50 does not a single buck… they have to be here somewhere. Hunt starts tomorrow
  14. Coffeeman

    Had a blast in 12awest

    Awesome and congrats! Headed up for 5-10 days tomorrow morning we’ll be in 12ae. Thanks for getting me all fired up!
  15. Coffeeman

    Help with Kaibab 101

    Had the late hunt in 2017. It started the day after thanksgiving that year and it was pretty warm. Killed on the first day and had to buy ice to keep the meat cool. The roads really are about as good as they get in Arizona. And the food at Jacob lake should not be missed, especially the sweets! Just be careful on the paved roads lots of tourists, cows, and deer. I’ve got the 12ae muzzleloader hunt starting 11/5/21… can’t wait! Taking the kids for the first 5 days hope to get done with them there