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  1. Coffeeman

    Anyone use My Pillows or Toppers?

    Brooklyn bedding. Not cheap made in Phoenix but the best bed/pillows ever
  2. I have a cobra 201d with a 225hp merc optimax lot of boat but never been worried while on the water even in 3-4’ rolling waves. Worst I’ve ever seen was tournament of champions on lake mead 6-7’ waves crazy... we were in an 18’ champion with a less than reliable Johnson 175... I was 19 and invincible that was 20 something years ago. Now I’m not sure I’d really think that was as much fun. Anyway buy as much boat as you can afford and definitely don’t under power with the outboard
  3. Coffeeman


    I spent most of last week at Alamo - kids spring break. Didn’t see or hear of any crappie, we were bass fishing. Caught quite a few between storms. Baby brushogs, burning spinnerbaits, crankbaits all caught fish. Most came in about 10’ of water, nothing huge big fish was a little over 3#, lots of brush and green slime in the water. We left on Thursday and the water has come up over 10’ since then so who knows what it’s doing now.
  4. Coffeeman

    Your First Big Game Rifle?

    I cut grass the entire summer before I turned 12 to buy my first rifle a Remington 788 in .308. That thing was the heaviest rifle I’ve owned to date. It had a cheap 4x Bushnell scope and the worst high gloss lacquer stock but it was mine. Killed my first deer with it shooting 150 grain nosier ballistic tips loaded in my grandpas basement. Sold it around 18 years old and can’t say I’ve missed it. Wow this brought back a lot of memories.
  5. Coffeeman

    AZ Meteorite

    Didn’t (See) witness it but woke everyone in the house up. Where my bedroom sits in nw Prescott Valley sounded north of us towards the airport/chino valley. Sounded like really loud rolling thunder... boom boooom bang! Wife and I sat up immediately and asked each what that was.
  6. Coffeeman


  7. Coffeeman


    Close to 6” when I looked out the window this morning. Hopefully some of that finds it’s way down to Alamo lake.
  8. Coffeeman

    Lost or Stranded/FUBAR scenarios while hunting.

    Tall timber and overcast got me soooooo turned around in unit 8 a few years ago. My wife, 2 kids 4 and 5 years old then and 10 week old puppy went for a 10 minute hike... Both my wife and I thought we were headed back to the truck but an hour and a half later we knew we were lost. We hadn’t really brought anything with us thinking we’d be gone 20 minutes tops. Finally after finding the rim of a canyon and seeing the power line in the distance and using the compass on my phone we were able to triangulate our location. Never had a pit in my stomach like that before it’s one thing when you’re on your own but when kids are involved it really ups the pucker factor. Made it back to the truck about an hour later but my kids still talk about it every time we go in the woods.
  9. Coffeeman

    Finally ended my free range bison quest!!!

    That’s awesome one elk isn’t one of those halves! Congrats!
  10. Coffeeman

    2019 Desert Muleys

    Don’t know how I missed this... but those are amazing bucks! Never seen anything like those matching cheaters
  11. Coffeeman

    3 Antlered Deer Photographed

    My grandpa had antlers of an elk he killed here in Arizona hanging in his garage that had three different beams
  12. Coffeeman

    Shooting from one unit into another????

    Shooting from or across a roadway is illegal. First thing that came to mind when I saw this topic, most boundaries are roadways.
  13. Coffeeman

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Accubonds are bad medicine indeed...nice bull!
  14. Coffeeman

    Desert Landscaping Question?? HELP PLEASE!!

    Hey, you guys do you’re thing I’ll take an actual doctors advice and not use it myself.
  15. Coffeeman

    Desert Landscaping Question?? HELP PLEASE!!

    Ummm not reading anything on Facebook. Just listened to what my Dad’s oncologist had to say about his diagnosis.