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  1. Coffeeman

    One ugly critter

    Check out the Fossa of Madagascar. They look a little cobbled together as well but still a pretty cool animal. I know they share some taxonomy with civets as well.
  2. Coffeeman

    More from China

    Wife has mailed the first three to the county...
  3. Coffeeman

    More from China

    Sorry didn’t upload first pic.
  4. Coffeeman

    More from China

    Just got a pair of “Ray Ban” sunglasses from China without having ordered them. Definitely knock offs...also got a second bag of seeds
  5. Coffeeman

    Arboreal rattlesnake, sort of

    That one looks like it hasn’t rattled in a long time...
  6. Coffeeman

    Toyota 4Runner Trd 17” rims like new

    Thanks “brother” don’t have to sell them just looking for some room in the garage.
  7. Coffeeman

    Toyota 4Runner Trd 17” rims like new

    Selling from a vehicle listed as a trd off road from the dealer so yeah they are trd rims. Per se
  8. Coffeeman

    Toyota 4Runner Trd 17” rims like new

    The guys at Discount tire put the original rims back in the new boxes... they are the factory rims and they came off a 4Runner trd off road. Here’s the new ones...
  9. Lightly used Toyota 4Runner six hole 17” trd rims $600.00 for all 4.... not selling per rim. I’m in Prescott Valley, willing to meet meet halfway. They came off a trd off road
  10. Coffeeman

    Comet Neowise Visible after Sunset

    Actually watching right now. Grew up in flagstaff spent so many nights watching meteor showers. Kids are having fun looking at the comet
  11. Coffeeman

    Comet Neowise Visible after Sunset

    We’ve been looking for it for a week and finally found it last night! My two kids (10 and 8) were so excited to see it, my wife saw it first and as the light faded it became easier to see. Even with a pair of 10x42’s my kids were able to take a good look. We were out on the patio until 10 last night looking at it and stars and planets. After we found the comet I downloaded the nightsky app and it really is accurate so if you can’t find it try one of the apps and it should get you close. Couple more weeks of viewing with July 22 being the closest. Anyway it’s pretty cool and yeah the kids do like too.
  12. Coffeeman

    5B wolf

    Saw this a while back... https://www.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=fa2f5e84ec5545f3985c917825805f65
  13. Coffeeman

    144 YEARS AGO

    True and terrible story for both sides.
  14. Coffeeman

    144 YEARS AGO

    They definitely gave him enough rope....
  15. Coffeeman

    144 YEARS AGO

    That national cemetery was amazing. Walking the gullies where some of the soldiers were killed was eye opening. Thought Custer was disliked by a lot of his contemporaries, he rushed in and didn’t have any backup coming