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  1. Coffeeman


    The front on the third antler could have been better... haha super cool bull congratulations!
  2. Coffeeman

    Deer coughing

    That's a better pic
  3. Coffeeman

    Deer coughing

    About 5 years ago I killed a small mulie in unit 8 that had some really odd antlers. I hung him on a gambrel in my garage and while skinning it out 5-6 larvae "grubs" came out his nose. I thought it was bot flies nothing wrong with the meat just kinda freaked me out for a couple minutes. Plus it was late December not sure if that had anything to do with it
  4. Amazing write up and pictures! Thank you for letting me be right there during your hunt... Like the rest of the regulars I have been checking in as much as possible for updates. Kinda want to start putting my points to that hunt and see if I could get it done with my longbow. Anyway that was fun thanks for the ride and any animal taken up there is a blessing congrats on two great animals this year!
  5. Coffeeman

    Archery goat 2019

    Great buck thanks for sharing!
  6. I think it really boils down to what you like. For me the funkier the better. My last couple of bucks are definitely in that category, the big typical looks like he has really good mass. So hard to tell without seeing from multiple angles. Either would be a shooter any minute of the season! Love the diy, best of luck!
  7. Coffeeman

    Where is I?????

    Not in my neighborhood... Never seen anything close to that alive
  8. Coffeeman

    Vietnam Veteran's Day: March 29

    Dad and uncles were all serving... All the flags were out here in Prescott valley! Love that about this town!
  9. Coffeeman

    5B north archery hunt

    Jaycox isn't a real place... Shoulda put in for 22n...
  10. Coffeeman

    Where Am I?

    Is it from Cherry?
  11. Coffeeman

    Just in time for the draw ....WINNER POSTED

    Bought mine Tuesday call me!
  12. Coffeeman


    Just drove home from flagstaff there was water running everywhere. The Verde river was running bank to bank and we're getting more this weekend? Can't wait to see what it does to the lake levels just wish they would leave more in Alamo. I know the Army Corp of engineers will drain it back down. It's a shame every time we get this blessing of water they can't wait to send it down the Bill Williams. Already a great fishery could be amazing.
  13. Coffeeman

    Fire coaches.

    Sarver and the Suns don't own the arena its owned by the city of Phoenix. They're asking for money to update the infrastructure in the arena - electrical, plumbing, etc. plus they would be kicking in 80 million. Basically like asking your landlord to fix a broken toilet. Not saying how this should go just wanted to bring some clarity to the issue
  14. Coffeeman

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    So happy it won't be me out there this year! Haha good luck to all those headed out! Stay warm and safe and have fun!
  15. Coffeeman

    Obscure Places With Great Taxidermy in AZ

    Did you miss the elk? Haha those deer are nice too!