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  1. Sunday bump…great day for a cruise with the top down.
  2. Siwash

    Trade: 6.5 140gr Accubonds

    Thanks… used them in the past and took several bulls with them in a 300 WSM…but they won’t work for my current applications.
  3. For trade in Tucson: 56 count 140 grain Accubonds in .264 Will trade for: -50 ct Nosler 180gr Accubonds in .308 -100 ct Hornady 143gr ELDX in .264 -400 large rifle primers Or these Noslers can be yours for free with the purchase of this car. Thanks for looking.
  4. Siwash

    Fishing Float Tube (fish cat)

    These are good fishing vessels. Bassmaster if you need kickfins I have a nice pair of Force fins collecting dust I will sell for $50 and ship for another $12, PM if you want to see some pics.
  5. In midtown Tucson: 2015 Lexus IS 250C coupe hard top convertible. V6 with leather, heated seats, all the options. Clean carfax, no issues. Tires are less than two years old. Pearl White. 46K miles. Deal is my father retired in his mid 70s and decided he had to have it...6 months later the wanting was better than the having and it needs to go. Posting here before it goes to Craigslist and the other usual places. 24K. Will consider partial trades on optics, revolvers, a bass or fish/ski boat under 18’ or bumper pull camping trailers. Thanks for looking.
  6. Siwash

    30 cal ballistic tips

    I am in Tucson and would also be interested in the primers.
  7. Siwash


    Bump. .308 is econo to shoot
  8. Siwash

    Card Hits!

    Anyone else fortunate enough to pull a tag have their portal change from showing a tag number to saying "no tag"? That's what is happening now for me for elk, had AZGFD charges on my CC for two tags and for the last few days the portal said tags 360/361, now nada.
  9. Siwash


    sold… For Sale in Tucson, midtown, but in the Sonoita area frequently too. FN Mauser Action with a heavy fluted 23" Hart Barrel, plus the brake (makes it more like 25"). 1:10 Twist, Bold Trigger, bedded in a Bell & Carlson Medalist stock with 20 MOA EGW rail. Yankee Hill brake is threaded for a suppressor. Weighs 9.4 pounds minus a scope, round count is sub-300 and it shoots sub MOA with the right load (and shooter). I got the barrelled action from another member several years ago and put this together. Intent was to be a dedicated target rifle and it performs well in that role. I'm just not shooting it... I'm not a Mauser expert but my understanding is the action is an FN Model 1950, standard 98 action, and the "ABL" is a combination of "AB" for "Armee Belgique" and "BL" for "Belge Leger", meaning "Belgian Army" in French and Flemish, the two official languages of Belgium. The "B" with a crown is for Baudouin, who was King of Belgium (correctly "King of the Belgians") at the time. $800 and will include some brass and 20 or so hand loads I have left for it. Scope/bipod in pic not included, but I have a Zeiss Conquest (circa 2010) 4-14x50 1" tube with target turrets I might include for more cash if someone was interested in a scoped package. Not looking for trades but if someone makes an offer on a quality sporter weight bolt in .308 or a cool lever gun I might not say no. Thanks for looking.
  10. Siwash

    Educate me on freshwater fishing AK

    It is a drive from Anchorage, but look into the pike fishing in Minto Flats.
  11. Siwash

    Line counters

    Are you going to troll and just need to know how deep you are? If so Just use the distance from your reel to the first guide…probs 12-18” depending on your rod…and count pulls to achieve desired depth. Skookum anglers might give you a funny look rocking a coffee grinder, but they will approve of the counting pulls method. Colored braided line can be confusing to keep track of if fishing is hot, but another idea is to run white or yellow main line braid (heavy, 80-100+#) and use a sharpie marker to note distance every 25/50/100 feet as needed, then just tie your leader to the braid. I do this with my BFT tuna reels and it works with jigs and sinker bait rigs.
  12. Siwash

    General Hunt Weather Report

    IMO hunting pigs while there is heavy rain is a waste of time. Hunting pigs right after a storm can be very productive. If its just stupid windy, traditional glassing may not be highly effective, look for washes/breaks from the wind and still hunt them or glass/move till you find them.
  13. Goldies Diesel on Oracle north of Glenn is good for Ford trucks.
  14. Siwash


    Cool set up, would be interested in the 300WM barrel and lefty thumbhole if you break it up.
  15. The Tucson Rifle Club, in 3 Points about 20 miles west of Tucson, is probably two hours one way from San Tan. Last time checked it was $100 a year (it has been a while so the annual may have increased). That fee used to cover two people in a household. Even on weekends after 1pm the place is is usually not crowded…you can shoot to 500 meters on the first range and 1k on the long range, if you are a member, but you gotta have a partner and radios. If you just wanna go for the day the 500 meter range midday to afternoon is a good deal at $20. You can bring your own paper or steel. They have pigs at 300m, turkeys at 400 and rams at 500 you can paint. I am in my 40s and I started shooting there in my 20s…I don’t think the steel they have has been replaced in that time but they did improve the restrooms a few years back