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  1. Siwash

    rifle build

    Clint Neff is a member on this board, Stomp442, and did a great job for me on a few Tikka actions and a Rem 700.
  2. Siwash

    Canyon 125qt

    PM trade offered.
  3. TTT. would trade rifle for a glock 17 or 19 plus $$$ on my end
  4. Will be in downtown PHX next Wednesday for work, probably free in the afternoon.
  5. TT with new stuff, more pics of Rifle, not sure why order shuffled in first post...
  6. Siwash

    Baja East Cape

    https://www.cactuscar.com/ Don't get jacked around by the U.S. car rental agencies at the airport...Cactus is legit, or book a private shuttle. Daily rates in the summer for a car rental might be cheaper than what you would pay for the shuttle/van roundtrip though.
  7. Big Tub, in the past I have tried using their FFL finder in my zip code and I got wrong numbers/disconnected or otherwise talked to people who were like yes I'm an FFL please don't ever call me
  8. I am near Reid Park. Thanks guys.
  9. I need a FFL in Tucson. Lost touch with retired cop I used to use, military guy I used recently PCS'd out of town and the other contact I had out of Lippert's also stopped doing it. Thanks if anyone has a contact, feel free to PM me too.
  10. Siwash

    WTB .22 Revolver - Tucson

    Looking for an affordable .22 revolver in Tucson. We have a rock squirrel problem and my old H&R is on snake shot assignment at the family cabin up north.
  11. Siwash

    Upholsterer needed

    Call Mr. Baca on South 4th Ave, 520) 622-2898
  12. Siwash

    Euro Mounts outside

    We had to mive this guy on the back porch last year. Shadeline photo is as close to direct sun as it gets...no obvious discoloration yet. Maybe some will occur over the course of a decade.
  13. Siwash

    CC Hit (First Elk Hunt) GEAR TIPS

    I'm selling my Kodiak...served me well on 3 late season elk hunts. Plenty of room for a table, stove/propane tree and a cot. Two cots would work ok too. I'm in Tucson. That's good advice if you use a Havalon too...surgical blades coupled with cold hands in dead bulls can lead to scary cuts if you are not careful.