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  1. Sale: 1998 Mercury SeaPro 25hp outboard, 2 stroke, tiller steer, long shaft/20” with electric start. I bought this with a boat from the original owner earlier this year. The motor was purchased in San Carlos MX. I believe the motor is designed and built for commercial salt water use and is more prominent outside the US. Always garage kept. Here is a quick video. Included in the sale are two different service manuals, a pair of spark plugs, a 3 gallon tank & fuel line and some two-stroke oil. I only have run the motor once since taking ownership of it and performed well without issue during an afternoon at Patagonia. Last weekend I did take it to Parker Canyon and just tried to turn it over to let it run for a few minutes and I think I flooded it; it would not start. Suspect a carb clean will resolve, I have ordered a smaller/lighter 4 stroke that fits my fishing needs better. $1350, includes EZ stick steering (lever will need to be repaired or replaced) Motor is in Sonoita but I can transport to Tucson for a serious buyer. Thanks for looking.
  2. Siwash

    Hunter safety

    AZGFD is not doing in person H.E. classes right now. I would do the online thing and look for an online field day. You can get started here: https://www.hunter-ed.com/arizona/ and then watch for field days. I volunteer with AZGFD and we have just started doing field days for students who took the online course in the last few months.
  3. Siwash

    Force Fins - Tucson

    TTT if you have a float tube for fishing these are the kick fins you want
  4. Siwash


  5. Siwash

    Force Fins - Tucson

    Up for sale is a pair of Made in the USA Force Fins. $80. I used these back when I was doing a lot of float tube fishing, but they have other applications. This pair can be worn with wading boots or with the light neoprene boots provided. I wear a size 11 wading boot and think they will work with 10-12 or so. I don't see this model on the site: https://forcefin.com/ I have owned them for over 7 years and got them 2nd hand. Would also trade for a ML or M bass casting rod 6-7' They are in Tucson, thanks for looking.
  6. Siwash

    Any CWT want to do a SD fishing trip?

    https://www.intrepid.net/detailed_report.php?report_id=176738 They are on an 8 day.
  7. Siwash

    T/C Encore barrels

    PM sent on 7mm
  8. Siwash

    New Tucson processor?

    Yea, Dickman’s closed to sportsmen for game processing, they are still open. Great deli and butcher, but in 2008 I brought them a skinned and quartered buck with the straps removed , decent 80+ or so Coues. Went back and picked up close to 55# of processed meat. After that I never went back. Not sure who elses buck I got, When I told them that seems like a lot of meat they said what are you complaining about it’s a lot of meat. it did taste good though.
  9. Siwash

    New Tucson processor?

    Willcox Meat Processing does keep a refrigerated trailer open, at least during hunting season, south of Ajo and west of Palo Verde, for drop off and pick up. I used them a few years ago. Since Dickman’s closed the Tucson community has been underserved so it is good news if there is another processor. I still like WGP and use them whenever I can, but I don’t know if they can handle the volume of the entire Tucson community.
  10. Siwash

    SPF Bowtech Insanity CPXL : LEFT Hand

    TTT, would trade for a saltwater reel of equal value.
  11. Siwash

    Draw Results Posted?

    I finally got a $90 charge for two deer tags this AM. My 3/4/5 choices all traditionally have leftovers and/or are easily attained in those draw choice selections, but I was starting to sweat it after Tuesday morning with nothing pending.
  12. Siwash

    Best Salmon Fishing in the Lower 48 (or Vancouver)?

    I have no knowledge of Vancouver but I would look at doing whatever you’d like to do in Seattle and not plan on fishing from there directly. There are charters for Coho (aka Silver) salmon and usually the limit is 2. You might check a Chinook (king) but Coho is probably pretty reliable by mid July. Earlier probably not as much. Grays Harbor is the area I am familiar with. They run albacore tuna charters out of that port too. It would be a full day trip from Seattle and require an overnight stay. I would probably fish for tuna one day and Coho the next. If you have a car rental you can pay for it to be ferried across the Puget Sound and drive down Highway 101 through the Olympic Peninsula to get to Grays Harbor. That is an incredible drive and an experience in and of itself. Plenty of water on the way too. You can also fish in some of the coastal trib rivers east and north of Seattle, But if you want to catch and kill fish go to the ocean. It’s been almost a decade but the last time I fished out of Grays Harbor the limit was three and the five people we had on our charter boat limited no problem.
  13. Siwash

    SPF Bowtech Insanity CPXL : LEFT Hand

    TTT price drop to $200
  14. Siwash

    SPF Bowtech Insanity CPXL : LEFT Hand

    unfortunately no plans in the next month or more.