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  1. Siwash

    WTS/WTT: Harris Swivel Bipod 6-9/9-13

    bump. lots of tall grass in SoAZ right now, someone needs the 12-25” for their hunt next week.
  2. Siwash

    Henry lever action 22

    Texted you, I will take it.
  3. 1. Harris 12.5-25" non swivel well used, older model: $40 2. Harris "LM" 9-13" range use only/near notched leg model: $60 Would trade across or plus a little cash for a "S" swivel model Harris in 6-9" or 9-13." I'm in Tucson. Thanks for looking.
  4. Bump for a good guy, good deals too. Thanks for the R22 and 4831!
  5. PM sent.
  6. Just a quick post to thank board member Stomp442, Clint Neff, for donating several trigger guards to AZGFD's Hunter Education program. I volunteer with them and we needed a few trigger guards to drill into some dummy rifles we use for TAB+1 training, the +1 was tough without trigger guards so the donation really helped. Thanks Clint!
  7. Siwash

    WTB: Claw/Triclawps

    Thanks guys. I personally own the Outdoorsmans rest now, and it was used to kill a pair of Coues last year. I have owned the Claw in the past...it works fine you just need to mind your rifle’s lug screws. I have experimented with many elevated shooting rests over the years. I am looking for a Claw/Tricawps to gift to my friend as I am no longer loaning people my gear if it is unsupervised by me ...if someone has a used one let me know.
  8. Siwash

    WTB: Claw/Triclawps

    Looking for a used Claw/Triclawps. Missed a few sold on here recently, looking for one for my friend's upcoming youth hunt. I'm in Tucson but can pay for shipping if anyone has one they are willing to ship. Thanks for looking.
  9. Thanks for asking. I'm not an expert here but there is nothing obvious suggesting it is an Interarms or FN, etc. It has an R with some type of marking below it followed by 5 digits, the bolt is stamped the same underneath the bolt handle. It's a control feed action, obviously Attached a few more pics. Also, it does not have a rear tang safety, it's a more common/simple on/off switch to the right of the bolt, not integrated into the bolt...
  10. TTT how about $300 for the rifle and 28 rounds of handloads or $425 for the rifle, ammo and Leupold PRW rings with a more or less brand new (been to the range twice) Burris 3-9x40 Fulfield E1 scope. Still have the other items in original thread too.
  11. Siwash

    WTS/WTT: 7mm Rem Mag Ammo

  12. Siwash

    WTS/WTT: 7mm Rem Mag Ammo

    sold, thanks mtuck!
  13. Siwash