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  1. posting this for my neighbor, he is a disabled vet and cannot complete the restoration: https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-1950-chevy-3800-pickup/7166377625.html
  2. Siwash

    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

    re: the Paria walk-in, it’s usually legit. Be very careful if you cross what looks like packed sand where the Paria dumps in, it can turn into quicksand mud very quickly. I went thigh deep in the mud once in the winter and had to have my buddy pull me out. I’m not sure I would’ve gotten out by myself. Also in that stretch in my experience there are as many fish within 10 feet of the bank is there are if you wade out 15 to 20 yards. Fish that hard before you make your way into the wider, deeper runs.
  3. Siwash

    Saltwater 2020

    Yep, open party And to your point the trip was meals included and like any good angler I’m at the rail at 5 AM in the dark. We didn’t get dinner on both days until after 830pm which is not cool if you’re up fishing before dawn. The chow was acceptable but not good, And it’s not like the cook was busy helping people during a wide-open bite. He mostly sat and played solitaire by himself in the Galley from 530 until eight.
  4. Siwash

    Saltwater 2020

    Chuck. I believe his son was running the Legend Sunday...they put 20 or so BFT on a day trip on Sunday and called our boat in on it at the tail end, we got a similar call from the Glory Hole too that day...I am not saying the capt didnt try hard I am saying his crew did not work together well on this trip. BFT can be finicky, suffered similar fates on more than one trip over the years, but we were on schools all day, particularly Saturday, and a lack of quality bait (which mysteriously became awesome Sunday, they decided to break out the good stuff, WTF?) coupled with deckhands that didnt chum to keep the school engaged made a tough bite even tougher. Fishing is fishing and I have done it a lot from MX to AK with good success but along the way I’ve had plenty of days with nothing to show for it but a sore back and when I was younger a wicked hangover...low counts on the Excalibur aside the overall experience was really poor last weekend and I will probably never get back on the boat as a result of it, which is a shame because the boat rides well and at its price point it has decent bunks, several state rooms and the heads are pretty nice, No marble sack for your nuts required.
  5. Siwash

    Saltwater 2020

    Yes, the counts from the trip a few days earlier were solid...but another angler on the boat said he fished it in June and outside of the captain the entire crew was new...more than one person broached their frustrations directly to the captain on the trip. It was a was bad. For example: multiple times multiple anglers had to ask the deckhands to refill the bait tanks on stops...routinely there were 2-3 dead baits floating in the tanks the deckhands never chummed bait on boiling fish...and the captain drove OVER breezers, pushing them down... we moved around a lot...the capt gave like 30 seconds notice and we were all fishing deep and several people on several stops got tangled when we motored and they had lines 100+ yards out. If you are new to SoCal fishing and see stuff like that speak up, its not normal and it will kill the trip. Hope the other guys on the boat fare better this week.
  6. Siwash

    Saltwater 2020

    Had a less than stellar 2.5 day last weekend out of HM on a relatively new boat, the Excaliber. Capt has been around forever and it had OK reviews on Bloody Decks, but things were off from top to bottom. Disorganized crew that didn’t seem to care and it showed in the counts, 12 BFT and a few YT for 27 anglers on two full days of fishing. I was one of the lucky ones, but I won’t fish the boat again...the operation was sloppy.
  7. Siwash

    Poor man's Alaska fishing trip?

    Sure, but if you are gonna fish the saltwater you will want a hotel room for those days, crawling into a tent after 8-12 hours on a boat is tough.
  8. Siwash

    Poor man's Alaska fishing trip?

    My wife and I just cancelled a week long trip to AK. We got out tickets roundtrip from Tucson to Fairbanks for $703 total for two, and they were good flights both ways. We have friends in Fairbanks and I was gonna fish Minto Flats for pike and sheefish then my wife and I planned on driving to Valdez and doing a halibut 6 pack charter one day, $400 each, and a silver salmon 6 pack charter another, $250 each. Our total budget for the trip including airfare was 3K...but we have places to stay for free and a truck to borrow so that helped with keeping costs low. Now is a great time to get cheap flights but they do require travelers to do a series of CoViD tests: https://covid19.alaska.gov/travelers/ If you do go make sure you have legit rain gear, all rubber bibs, etc. You will get wet if you fish in AK;)
  9. Siwash

    got one

    Been there done that, hacksaw is better than a sawzall...by the time I got done prettying up the old Wards 5100 I cut up I had way more of my time than the $150 a new barrel will cost when they are in stock.
  10. Siwash

    got one

  11. Siwash


    Thanks for the great deal and expert broadhead shipping technique. Free bump!
  12. Siwash

    got one

    Thanks, I have several 870s, I just need a barrel right now not a complete shotgun.
  13. Siwash

    got one

  14. Siwash


    Hunted along a few guys who run these, they did not miss anything while glassing.
  15. Siwash


    PM sent on the Slick Tricks, also answered my question re: 100 grains by re-reading your post.