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  1. 4huntrs

    308 Brass

  2. 4huntrs

    308 Brass

    Had these posted awhile back. 309 surplus head stamp is Lake City 68. 14 live rounds to go with it. Make a reasonable offer. Thx 602 679 7887.
  3. 4huntrs

    Wtb 280 rem brass

    I have 50 cases. Some looks new and primed and some once fired. Came from an estate sale. Call or text if your interested. 6026797887.
  4. 4huntrs

    Lab WTS Condo

    Lower price $50.
  5. 4huntrs


    I remember about .75 cents a gallon only because my Dad came up with the Let’s Go Brandon slogan about Jimmy Carter as we pulled into the gas station in Benson.
  6. 4huntrs

    Akc lab pup 1 special black left

    Yes. Ready for someone to take home one of your pups.
  7. 4huntrs

    Akc lab pup 1 special black left

    Bump for a little cross-merchandising.
  8. 4huntrs

    Lab WTS Condo

    Get a new pup on this site and a carrier.
  9. 4huntrs

    Lab WTS Condo

    She is house broke now and no longer needs it. Used for maybe six months. Rated for 70-90 pounds. $60 602-679-7887.
  10. 4huntrs

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    Yes it’s going to be an honor system just like bear and lion. However when it’s full electronic tags the only way to tag it will be through the app system and it’s your survey.
  11. 4huntrs

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    We’re about to be 100% by your portal account. No survey, No apply for next hunt.
  12. 4huntrs

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    If everyone would return the hunter surveys that get sent out for all hunts by email and paper they would have really good data. Participation is only around 40%. Can’t blame anyone but the hunter for that.
  13. 4huntrs

    WTS 2011 Ford Ranger

  14. 4huntrs

    WTS 2011 Ford Ranger

    2011 Ford Ranger XL. 4 cyl runs great. Everything works. Leer Fiberglass Shell. 163000 miles. Has been my daily driver last couple years. $7400. Call or text me for more details or pictures. Located in Goodyear. 602 679 7887.
  15. 4huntrs

    WTS H1000

    Sold to Donkeyman.