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  1. 4huntrs

    LMT lower Aero upper price drop

    Would this be legal on the HAM hunt? Sweet pistol.
  2. 4huntrs

    Shotgun Loaders

    20 ga. Sold. 12 ga available.
  3. 4huntrs

    Shotgun ammo

    Somebody got a smokin deal.
  4. 4huntrs

    Shotgun Loaders

    PM replied to
  5. 4huntrs

    Shotgun Loaders

    Both loaders available. Buyer backed out.
  6. 4huntrs

    Smells a little Scammy to Me

    Just got the same lead from jayrobbin. Scam for sure.
  7. 4huntrs

    Brass in quantity

    PM sent
  8. 4huntrs

    WTB Grendel Barrel

    Anyone have a 6.5 Grendel barrel for sale? Preferred 20 inch. Considering 18 inch. 602 679-7887.
  9. 4huntrs

    Shotgun Loaders

    Versa/Jr sold pending meet up. Grabber still available.
  10. 4huntrs

    ISO 20ga reloader

    I have a mec jr. Call me or pm. 602 679 7887. Have Versa in 12 ga also.
  11. 4huntrs

    Brass in quantity

    Is the 223 brass sized and cleaned?
  12. 4huntrs

    9mm brass polish and deprimed

    Don’t own a 9mm but this is a great deal. Let me know if you do any 223.
  13. 4huntrs

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

    Congratulations Adam and Tracie. Agreed it’s a pistol as classified by ATF and Game and Fish. 100% legal. Hunters need to stop the fighting amongst themselves. Game cameras are not going away because of live feed. Game cameras are going away because Game and Fish is tired of all the fighting at water holes and the complainants about cameras being stolen. The Anti hunters and Anti gun nuts love to see us eating our own.
  14. 4huntrs

    WTB 209 shotshell primers

    I have 700 Rio 209 if interested. Used 10s of thousands of them with no problems.
  15. 4huntrs

    Reloading Supplies for sale

    PM sent.