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  2. 4huntrs

    Lapua 300 prc brass

    Anyone looking for these. PM for details.
  3. 4huntrs


    Looks to all be once fired picked up in desert. (62) 30-06 mix head stamp. (91) 45 Colt (38) 44mag & Special That many 9mm and a few 380. Trade for 12pk Bud Lt. located in Goodyear 602-679-7887.
  4. 4huntrs

    Scam Turner99

    See these reports on here often. Curious how the scam works. Is it some kind of virus your device gets from the email or the “send me the money “.
  5. 4huntrs


    I’ll take the last one if still available. Thx
  6. 4huntrs

    Dog porter

    70-90 pound model. Only used a few months then she decided she liked the foot stool better. Been inside always. $30. Located on Goodyear. 602 679-7887.
  7. 4huntrs


    I’ll take 1 if your in the Valley.
  8. 4huntrs

    Kayak for trade

    She Gone down the River.
  9. 4huntrs

    Kayak for trade

    I person kayak, pump and paddle. Trade for 12 pk of Bud Lt. Free if your not old enough to buy beer, I already cut the grass. Located in Goodyear. 602 679 7887.
  10. The first 2 pictures are my Grandfather Mac Miller and the third is my Uncle Roy Miller. Years are unknown 30s and 40s?
  11. 4huntrs

    308 Brass

  12. 4huntrs

    308 Brass

    Had these posted awhile back. 309 surplus head stamp is Lake City 68. 14 live rounds to go with it. Make a reasonable offer. Thx 602 679 7887.
  13. 4huntrs

    Wtb 280 rem brass

    I have 50 cases. Some looks new and primed and some once fired. Came from an estate sale. Call or text if your interested. 6026797887.