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  1. 4huntrs

    Kuiu Valo clothes

    Pm sent.
  2. 4huntrs

    Elk Rut

    Just got home from scouting. Found 1 bull that was screaming for 2 hours nonstop. He sounded like a rusty car door opening. He was checking his cows but none were impressed by him. Was fun to watch and listen he would respond to anything. Couple other really small bulls way off by themselves. Seemed like bulls are waiting and cows not ready. Dog happy to see me home. Everybody else asleep.
  3. 4huntrs

    Elk Rut

    Yes saw that. About half of that thread has gone sideways. Started a new one.
  4. 4huntrs

    Elk Rut

    Anyone have any feedback on how vocal the bulls are? I’m starting my scouting today for upcoming muzzy hunt. 3 weeks off. Of course can’t be gone entire time the dog would miss me too much. Went to 23 on Saturday and only heard a couple bugles early. Seems like this weather has really messed with the Archery hunts.
  5. 4huntrs

    Outdoorsman Tall Tripod - 400.00.- SOLD

    If he doesn’t take it I will. Have scooter will travel
  6. 4huntrs

    Who does Euro Mount?

    BigBrowns aka Adam does great work. He has done a few skulls for me. And their lab approved.
  7. 4huntrs

    Knife Makers

    I have a couple old files out of my grandfathers tools and hunting knives I thought would be a great way to put them too use. Not sure how old they are or if they are good for knives.
  8. 4huntrs

    Knife Makers

    Does anyone here make knives out of old files?
  9. 4huntrs

    Outlaw bc777

    Statistics say and prove pretty accurate that serial poachers will not stop. The arrogance involved wont let them. He’ll get caught again long before the 10 years is up.
  10. 4huntrs

    Outlaw bc777

    I took it that the second case was his partner in crime.
  11. 4huntrs

    Shotgun Loaders

    Try it 1 more time. Make offers if interested or trade for hunting, shooting, camping, reloading equipment.
  12. 4huntrs

    Shotgun Loaders

    Price Drop $125 Versa $325 Grabber
  13. 4huntrs

    Anyone selling Labrador puppies?

    And landscape rocks.
  14. 4huntrs

    Shotgun Loaders

    Price Drop $150 on the Versa $375 on the Grabber
  15. 4huntrs

    Shotgun Loaders

    1. Versa Mec/JR set up for 20ga. 2. Mec Grabber set up for 12ga. 2 shot bars 1oz and 1 1/8oz. 3 powder bushings. $175 for the JR. $425 for the Grabber. Call or Text 602-679-7887.