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  1. 4huntrs

    WTB Dillion Primer Pocket Swagger

    Dillion does have them in stock. I found one to borrow. Don’t plan on making a career out of swagging military brass. I’ll get about a 1000 done and should be good for quite a while.
  2. Checking to see if anyone has one for sale. 602-679-7887 Thx
  3. 4huntrs

    ISO 28 nosler brass

  4. 4huntrs

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    Exactly my point. Don’t want to see Arizona become the pay to play system like so many other states.
  5. 4huntrs

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    Kind of a Tangent here but If I remember right Chairman McDonald went to prison over this land purchase. He was one of the investors that bought the land then sold it to the Nation for a multimillion dollar profit.
  6. 4huntrs

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    Nope. Would not be happy about it. But that’s a completely different issue to try and keep that from happening. If it did Game and Fish and State money would no longer be involved.
  7. 4huntrs

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    You have completely missed the point. That’s a bit of sarcasm. But to start Reservations are Sovereign Nations not private land. If someone closes a lot to hunting it doesn’t change the entire make up of the Unit. The ranch can close I said that. Fine but don’t sell the animals to the highest bidder. Arizona has avoided that system and I personally don’t want to see it change.
  8. 4huntrs

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    I’m not saying that I have to have access to the Big Bo I’m saying as it’s already been established is the Game animals belong to the state whether they are on public or private land. Close it down if they want. But don’t close it down then profit from a public asset. Think that would be welfare. Chase all the game animals off it then high fence it to keep them out. Then they can bring in exotics and charge people to shoot them just like Texas.
  9. 4huntrs

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    Just curious did that action say no hunting on the ranch or just lose the tags. That could be a double loss. Some could draw what’s left of a tag then if they can afford it pay big money to hunt where the tags were supposed to be taken from.
  10. 4huntrs

    36C Late December

    Did you Tag out?
  11. 4huntrs

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    If this stays this way and access is lost to the Big Bo Game and Fish needs to remove it from Unit 10. A piece of land this size has a huge impact on the type of hunting in Arizona. Don’t want to see it become all about money like so many other states. Yes I think there are private property rights. But there’s a difference with this one. If I close my backyard to elk hunting, nobody’s gonna pay 50 Grand to hunt there. If Big Bo does, it becomes a Rich mans sport.
  12. 4huntrs

    Powder Trade

    Looking to trade 1 pound IMR 4895 for 1 pound IMR 7828. 602-679-7887.
  13. 4huntrs

    .257 and .308 bullets for sale

    Where are you located.
  14. 4huntrs

    Kodiak Outdoor Bow

    Back up. Buyer backed out.