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  1. nmurray10

    Wts/wtt Aero Precision M5 AR10

    Friday bump: Cash reduced to $1k send me your 2A or optic trades as well
  2. nmurray10

    Remington 597 22LR

    Great .22, FYI if you buy the new mags from Remington, that solved my feeding issues with mine
  3. nmurray10

    Wts/wtt Aero Precision M5 AR10

    Midweek bump want it gone, hit me up
  4. nmurray10

    Wts/wtt Aero Precision M5 AR10

    Monday bump open to all offers, worst I can say is no
  5. nmurray10

    Wts/wtt Aero Precision M5 AR10

    Saturday bump!
  6. nmurray10

    Wts/wtt Aero Precision M5 AR10

    Bump can supply more pics at your request
  7. nmurray10

    Wts/wtt Aero Precision M5 AR10

    I have a Aero Precision for sale or trade. Low round count and in excellent condition. Will come with 5 or 6 mags (need to check how many I have). 18” stainless barrel, with a brake on it. Upgraded the hand guard to an Odin Works 15” M-lok. Looking for $1200 cash WTT for: I want @motzauce1991 Ruger Gunsite but he won’t trade me. That’s what I get for being buddies with him for 10+ yrs I guess 🤷🏼‍♂️😂 Browning BLR Henry Long Ranger a nice 9mm 1911 Sig P320 xcarry/ M18 and cash (or other non base variant) Compact straight spotter 15x binos Open to other firearm trade offers, as this has been sitting in my safe! 602.663.2934 located in Fountain Hills, but work in North Phoenix
  8. nmurray10

    Ruger Gunsite with Leupold VX 3i 2.5-8

    Motz is great dude and a personal friend. Buy with confidence!!
  9. nmurray10

    . Sold

    Any chance you’d separate bags? I’d be interested in the beartooth if so
  10. nmurray10


    Just the one? Any others you saw??
  11. nmurray10

    Sig 365 X Macro

    Is this the non-compensated version of the macro?
  12. nmurray10


    Great price, got my ‘12 4cl, bare bones accord for the same price a year ago with similar mileage. Great vehicles, wish I had the 6 cause the 4 is a total dog haha
  13. nmurray10


    Hoping it will be, but will likely go quick
  14. nmurray10


    If I had my bonus, I’d be all over this. 1 mo too early!
  15. nmurray10


    Interested in the circular and sawzall. Do you come to Scottsdale/Phoenix area?