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  1. nmurray10

    Outdoorsman Palisades 90 Back Pack W/Extras $375

    Any interest in selling just the bag? I have a frame
  2. Outdoorsman’s posted on there instagram account that they have a bunch of stuff free for pickup. Frames, shoulder harness, and hip belt. Basically everything except the bag itself. From what I could see it was for both the palisades and the spur i went down and picked one up for myself and a buddy. Plenty of gear as of an hour ago. They are changing warehouse locations I guess, everything is located about a half mile west of their shop on parkview (same street off of saguaro as their shop) grab one while you can!! I’m sure they will go quick
  3. nmurray10

    Please delete

    Literally looking for one of these. Can’t get out to NM because of 2 little kids. If you make it to the phoenix area let me know
  4. nmurray10


    Thank you
  5. nmurray10


    Yes, I understand that. There are multiple reticle options. Standard plex? Ballistic plex? Etc
  6. nmurray10


    Was gonna ask the same thing! If it’s a BDC of some sort I’m interested
  7. nmurray10

    SOLD!! 99 Jeep XJ

    I tried, wife would kill me haha To everyone else, you won’t find a better deal on an XJ. Wonderful rigs, even a bone stock one
  8. nmurray10

    SOLD!! 99 Jeep XJ

    Also, color may have gotten washed in the first photo, but why does it have the color matched rear fender flares and bumper (sport package typically) and not the front?
  9. nmurray10

    SOLD!! 99 Jeep XJ

    Makes me miss my 98 XJ. How did the mileage get off during the cluster swap?
  10. nmurray10

    The outdoorsmans

    FYI they are also closed on Sunday’s too. I live about a mile away from their shop. If anyone needs something in a pinch but can’t get to their shop in time, just pm me and I can pick it up
  11. nmurray10

    Howa 1500 + free dies SOLD

    Love mine in .308, good luck and a great price!
  12. nmurray10

    Sold. Springfield Hellcat with goodies 500$

    Excellent deal. I just paid $530 out the door about a month ago. No holster, laser, upgraded trigger or grip. Wish I waited! is this an optics ready model?
  13. nmurray10

    Glock 48

    Good deal, should sell fast. Good luck!
  14. nmurray10

    Maven S1

    A buddy of mine will be PMing you, he’s a new member