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  1. nmurray10

    ISO Starting Pistol

    https://gun.deals/product/heritage-manufacturing-rough-rider-22-lr-475-6rd-22-mag-cylinder-combo-1328 $132
  2. nmurray10

    Sig p320 40 cal, Sig x-carry, PVS14, IR laser

    Interested in the x-carry. Sent you a PM
  3. nmurray10

    ISO Starting Pistol

    I was also going to suggest blanks if you already have a .22 pistol as well. The other guys might be spot on with the ruger and heritage 👌🏻👌🏻
  4. nmurray10

    ISO Starting Pistol

    Can I ask, why a starting pistol?
  5. nmurray10

    WTB Upland Vest

    Check out Marsuial Gear’s system, little pricey but I think it’s worth it
  6. This post is over 2 yrs old…and saw these at costco in Scottsdale recently
  7. nmurray10

    Vortex Pro GT 3-way Pan Head

    Pm sent
  8. nmurray10

    Vortex 6.5x20x44 scope $150

    Let me know if it’s sold, I’ll take it too
  9. nmurray10

    Price Drop 6.5 Grendel AR-15 Wilson Combat

    Would you part out just the scope? If so how much?
  10. nmurray10

    WTB Full Archery Set up

    Thanks to everyone who sent in offers, my buddy bought @jrc0415 PSE Evolve! good luck to everyone braving the heat during next weeks opener 👌🏻
  11. nmurray10

    Scam Turner99

    Got a very similar message, boot him!!
  12. nmurray10

    Vortex Viper Spotting Scope

    Text sent
  13. nmurray10

    WTB Full Archery Set up

    This would be an excellent option, I’ll keep you updated
  14. nmurray10

    WTB Full Archery Set up

    No elk tags for any of us. they want the opportunity that the OTC archery tags offer, and to learn a new backcountry skill
  15. nmurray10

    WTB Full Archery Set up

    I think they are looking for something a bit newer, but I will pass it on!