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  1. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    No I did not, I called people that contributed nothing and just name called trolls
  2. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    I try to heed my own advice. Notice I never blamed everyone else, I included myself. I am definitely not perfect. I do try to do the right thing. You’re right, I could have and should have approached my response in a more tactful way. My apologies.But I don’t respect obvious misinformation either... being a moderate myself , it is definitely not one side or the other at complete fault of the problems we have. I agree with you about those things the extreme left is doing.trust me, It infuriates me as much as it does you. The extreme right is also doing things that are extremely detrimental to our country. That also infuriates me. The scary thing is that more and more are being pulled to the extremes it seems. There’s no such thing as a good extremist. we will NEVER convince people of our values,beliefs,or opinions by telling each other how dumb they are, or that they’re a commie for disagreeing. Never. If this continues, we all lose.
  3. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    What worries me more then anything is that as a people we have circled all the way back around to witch hunts and McCarthyism. We are all Americans on the same team but as soon as anyone disagrees with someone’s point of view they’re a liberal, commie, or sheeple. Dosent bode well for our collective future when we can’t even have conversations , different views, or opinions without considering each other the ‘enemy’. we all think we are right about everything, but truth is we aren’t, and until we all gain some humility and become willing to work with each other,we are in serious trouble
  4. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Yeah there’s definitely something wrong with that guy!
  5. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    One video to consider, I agree. But too many are convinced by one video, cast a wide net and do unbiased research and look at as many pieces of the puzzle as possible before making important decisions. it wasn’t long ago a significant number of people seemed convinced by a few crazies that Obama was a lizard.
  6. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2034577 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/is-the-covid19-vaccine-safe%3famp=true https://www.ucsf.edu/magazine/covid-vaccine-safety https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)32661-1/fulltext
  7. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Dosent matter what the trolls have to say. I respect anyone’s decision to get or not get the vaccine. All I’m saying is it’s vital to do real research and not base decisions on any one source these days. Get information from a wide variety of sources. If you only look at extreme right or left sources, you are not getting good unbiased information a lot of the time. You’re getting politicized information. Then before you know it, all you can muster is calling people that do their own research and make decisions for themselves sheeple. Pretty ironic...
  8. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Because of double blind medical trial results
  9. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Why wouldn’t I believe you? I’m sure that has happened. I’m sure they’ve also missed some. The financial benefit argument is another conspiracy that dosent hold water... hospitals money makers are the elective surgeries, they’d never shut those down if that was the motivation. don’t get so mad at me. We are Americans on the same side here. I want the best for us just like I’m sure you do. I just think it’s important for people to base their decision on the facts, which I know is tough to decipher these days. for those that can’t acceptthe facts as facts, there’s no reasoning with them(not talking about you here) that’s the danger of these conspiracies, no matter how strong the information and evidence, those people just dismiss it as “fake news”. There’s no way to convince people like that.
  10. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Sounds like I’m not the one with a fear of the boogeyman....
  11. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    One difference...the boogie man(or bad acid reflux drugs for that matter)dosent kill 2,000,000 real people (at least) in less then a year. And add a zero to that of people that will have life long issues as a result of covid.I hope the best for you, but I think it’s dangerous for people to buy into the random theories out there as fact. Ex. Hydroxychloroquine is ,according to the trials thatve been run, ineffective at best and harmful at worst. I have no problem with your pediatrician advising against it. I don’t know the circumstances or the doctor. But he/she is in the vast minority. im 100% for people making educated decisions for themselves, but that means they need the facts based in science, not theories that are untrue,disproven or at best unproven based on real science.
  12. dustin25

    COVID Vaccine Info

    All I’ll say is wow. The misinformation continues. I’ll go for the consensus of the worlds top medical professionals over some random conspiracy theorist who happens to be a doctor. if anyone happens to watch this video, please ,for your own good, research this lady before you take any of her advice seriously. And then make your educated decision.
  13. dustin25

    First Coues Buck

    Well that dosent happen very often:... congrats on a nice archery coues!
  14. dustin25

    Ammo for trade

    Couple offers fell through due to distance... I’ll throw this up again
  15. dustin25

    The Swhack Attack Continues!

    Very cool, and nice buck too