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    How about this thought....all of us on here are pro gun and pro hunting, obviously. And the more people in our country that are on our side,the less trouble we are going to have preserving those things we love. Is it really such a bad thing to have rinella as an ambassador to those people that are apathetic or never exposed to what we do? I'd be willing to bet that rinella would turn a whole lot more liberals into pro (or at least not anti) hunters then most people that many hunters think are great for our cause. Rinella is articulate,has great explanations for why we hunt and why conservation is so important,and he's willing to listen to other people's views.THAT is what wins people over! Especially versus someone like Ted Nugent,who is in your face and closed minded.those type of people only turn people who are on the fence about hunting/guns off to our cause ,which ultimately makes things more difficult for us,and as a result puts the things we want to accomplish,or keep,in danger.
  2. dustin25


    I think you guys are jumping the gun big time. I definitely DO NOT claim to be one political party or another.i use my own brain and make decisions on issues that I believe are right,not what some guy in Washington tells me that I should think is right. And I'm an avid Hunter,and completely back what is best for hunting and conservation. I can hear some minds blown from here. Probably the minds that,at the direction of their political party, are supposed to be blown at a comment like this....
  3. dustin25

    Backpack suggestions

    I just recently bought a Gregory baltoro 65. Couldn't be happier so far. Only time will tell,but so far I'm thinking I got twice the pack for half the cost( actually much less,thanks to eBay) of my hunting branded camo packs. I'd put the comfort and just overall quality up against any interal frame "hunting" pack I've come across. Just food for thought, I feel kinda foolish looking back at what I paid for average at best hunting packs instead of being a little wiser and opened minded
  4. dustin25

    Deer hit, broken arrow question

    Tough to say.only time I've seen a clear fluid on an arrow is on deer hit in the void space above the vitals and below the spine.the broken arrow is a complete roll of the dice as far as how that'd happen in my experience.sorry I can't be of more help.good luck tomorrow!
  5. dustin25

    Swarovski 10x42 question + vortex 15x50

    If you are a rifle Hunter, 12s alone are probably the most versitile choice.maybe even 15s alone. But if you are a spot and stalk bowhunter, that's where having the lower powered binos on your chest is worth it's weight in gold. 8x32s for me. When you're up close,hearts pounding,know there's a buck within shooting distance but you just can't pick him out. ... You definitely want something that you can hold with one hand and search without too much shaking. 8x32s are the ticket for me in that situation
  6. dustin25

    Swarovski 10x42 question + vortex 15x50

    To my eyes, I'd take the slc's even if they were the same price. The El's field flattener lenses take away from the depth of view,which is one of the most important things to me. And the 15x is definitely an advantage in my opinion,the slight edge in clarity for the els dosent make up that extra 3x for me. Both top of the line binos, just splitting hairs
  7. dustin25

    Swarovski 10x42 question + vortex 15x50

    There's a ton of benefits of swaros over vipers, but to me the biggest are clarity, the ability to really see into shadows, and the depth of view. I used to have vipers,and I thought they were pretty good til I got my slc's.the swaros are significantly better in every category
  8. dustin25

    Backcountry Tent

    I've been eyeballing the Nemo hornet 2p to upgrade my setup.awesome tent. Basically the same thing I use now but half the weight. I've considered using a tarp instead of my 4 lb tent, but I'd happily carry the extra lb (when I get the hornet) to have the extra comfort and critter protection of a tent personally
  9. dustin25

    Vortex razor 16-48x65 $600

    Still available
  10. dustin25

    Vortex razor 16-48x65 $600

    Sent you a message
  11. dustin25

    Vortex razor 16-48x65 $600

    $600 bucks takes it.thats a great price on a good scope....
  12. dustin25

    Vortex razor 16-48x65 $600

    It's been brought to my attention that these can be had for 650,man they've gone down in price! So I'm lowering price to $650 obo for it, hopefully that'll save someone on taxes and shipping.thanks to the guys who let me know
  13. dustin25

    Vortex razor 16-48x65 $600

    I can add some when I get home, it's the grey and green hd one
  14. dustin25

    Vortex razor 16-48x65 $600

    Vortex razor hd 16-48x65 angled spotting scope for sale. It's in perfect condition,great scope. Im relatively new to spotting scopes,and honestly I just don't use it nearly as much as I thought I would,and I'd like to upgrade some other gear instead before January.also comes with an additional wide angle eyepiece and a case. Asking $600 .located in Tucson. Thanks for looking