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  1. dustin25

    The future of bowhunting is here my friends

    Looks like more to carry with no benefit. No thanks. Might be cool on a nerf bow though
  2. dustin25

    What do you carry with your 15x's?

    8x32 meostars
  3. dustin25

    Draw Results!

    I drew a 24 Coues tag... was a tough hunt last year...shot a buck, but was rough. I swore I wasn’t going to put in for that hunt again, but after all the effort I put in learning the unit, figured I’d give it one more shot
  4. dustin25

    First time

    Best advice I can give is to start reading on this site, there are literally thousands of topics you can read up on to start getting an idea of how to hunt. You’ll get more info doing that that anyone can possibly give you in a post or 2
  5. dustin25

    New Mexico draw

    Wonder if it’ll be before April 24.... if I remember correctly results came out about a week before the posted date last year...
  6. dustin25

    New Mexico draw

    I think there are gonna be a lot of disappointed people if they actually believe this.... as if just not drawing isn’t disappointing enough...
  7. dustin25

    New Mexico draw

    I read that on another site on April fools day...
  8. dustin25

    Trad. coues for 2019

    I’ve been running around with a recurve for the first time this year. Whole different animal, that’s for sure. I have a 55 lb southwest archery spyder xl, and am shooting 31” 300 spine gold tips and 175 gr woodsmans. Seems to shoot nice to me but I don’t have any higher end bows to compare to
  9. dustin25

    New Bowhunting in Arizona book available!

    Just ordered mine, looking forward to getting it!
  10. dustin25

    well place shot

    Maybe I took it wrong, I read it as don’t worry about making a great first shot, just worry about taking multiple shots... which in my opinion would be terrible advice. My apologies if that’s not what you meant
  11. dustin25

    well place shot

    What?! Can’t say I agree with that one
  12. dustin25

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Yep they’re up
  13. dustin25

    CC Hit

    My brother and I got hit last night and this morning
  14. Can be very tough to find for sure, except on the couple best units
  15. Coues are generally much more in pockets in nm vs Arizona. Except for a couple units