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  1. I have 50 plus boxes of various .22 cal bullets for sale. Several different brands and grains. I’d rather sell all together for a good deal,but let me know if you’re looking for anything specific. Best offer today gets them if you want them all. In tucson
  2. dustin25

    How AZGFD determines harvest data

    Then they should’ve gathered the info through mandatory reporting for a couple years, then made changes
  3. dustin25

    How AZGFD determines harvest data

    And that’s not to bash azgfd. I’m a supporter. But There is no real data collected, so it’s literally impossible for them to come up with real harvest data. That’s why this whole archery deer change is so frustrating, if it was backed by data, id be all for it.But it’s not, because there is no data. For example,I saw something that’s said success rates on archery coues in southern Arizona was as high as 20%. There’s no way, for one. For two, there’s no mandatory reporting so it would be impossible to know.
  4. dustin25

    How AZGFD determines harvest data

    This is how…
  5. I’ve never used a guide, but Ive heard it runs about $300/hunter/morning. I sat and watched a guide with clients for a couple hours last year after we tagged out, and they definitely knew what they were doing…but isn’t learning how to hunt animals most of the fun and reward anyways? We’ve enjoyed figuring it out on our own, with some definite failures along the way… as for draw odds, I have no idea and I don’t think I’ve ever seen any numbers on it. Certainly not a guaranteed tag though
  6. dustin25

    Winchester 209 primers

    All spoken for that I want to get rid of, except I’d trade for some bh209
  7. dustin25

    Primers and powders for sale or trade

    I think I got back to everyone, insane amount of responses so bear with me please
  8. dustin25

    Winchester 209 primers

    I finallly found some 209s at a halfway decent price so I bought more then I needed in case someone needs some . I have 5 extra boxes of 1000, I paid $50 for them. Let me know if you need some. I’m in tucson
  9. This is what’s available…. 6000-Winchester WLP large pistol primers 900-GM205m small magnum rifle 1200- cci300 large pistol Approx 200-cci200 large rifle powders, some are old, some are open. I’ll just throw them on here in case anyone needs any of these….all are approx unless specified…. If interested I can weigh. 1 lb h110 3+ lb herco 7 lb solo 1250 10lb scot 4100- 1 unopened keg and one with 2-3 lbs 4-5lb or more win 473aa in open paper keg… 8lb universal clays also 3 hornady 366 shotshell reloaders. One each set up for 20ga, 28 ga, and .410.if interested I can give pics and details i do also have several thousand w209 that id rather keep but I’d let go of for an interesting trade or what I paid(I paid up for them compared to normal prices but not nearly $75+ most places are selling them for) ifsomeone really needs some id let some go, I know they can be hard to come by.I need some bh209,magnum 209, lead shot, heck a gun if you want a bunch…. Let me know. if interested just make me a fair offer, I don’t know exactly what these all go for but I’Ll look into it, I’d let them go for under current market for sure. im in tucson thanks
  10. dustin25

    Wanted- 6x12 flatbed trailer

    I was in the same exact boat in November and got lucky And found a solid Carson for $800…. I’ve been looking just out of curiosity since then and o don’t think I’ve seen one under 2k since
  11. dustin25

    Duwane Adams ?

    *If anything happened at all…..
  12. dustin25

    Duwane Adams ?

    How about someone just let us know what really happened? Somebody here knows
  13. dustin25

    Tony Mandile - Outdoor Writer

    RIP Tony. Thanks for all you did for outdoorsmen everywhere. I always appreciated the knowledge he shared, obviously had been around the block a couple times!
  14. dustin25

    Gas Prices, how high will they go?

    Don’t be ridiculous, just feed the kids less like I did