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  1. dustin25

    Remington 11-87 Sportsman 12 gauge - SPF

    Sent you a message
  2. dustin25

    Ammo trade

    Send me a message with what you have!
  3. dustin25

    Ammo trade

    I have… 6.5creedmoor-1 box federal fusion, 2 boxes Winchester deer hunter .308-6 boxes Remington corelokt 6 boxes tul .223 1 box underwood .44 mag hardcast 500 cci 209 primers looking to trade for 3 or 3 1/2” shotshells with sizes 2 through T buck, lead preferred, or heavier then steel at least. Only steel I could use would be bbb or t shot. im in Tucson. anyone interested? thanks!
  4. dustin25

    Looking for muzzy 209 primers

    You in Tucson?
  5. dustin25

    Point guard plus

    Does the 25 include point guard on all species all year? Or is it in addition to regular point guard?
  6. dustin25

    WTB shotshells

    Really…. I’ll give em a call. Thanks!
  7. dustin25

    WTB shotshells

    Kind of a long shot…Looking for some 3 or 3 1/2” shells with size 3,2,bb,bbb,or T LEAD (or maybe bismuth or tungsten)shot. Preferably not turkey specific shells. Located in Tucson. Thanks!
  8. dustin25

    Non Covid bug going around

    There it is, indisputable fact….
  9. dustin25

    shotgun/pistol powder

    If you happen to end up in Tucson or half way…. I’ll take red and green dot!
  10. dustin25

    Long time coming

    Awesome! First success I’ve seen this year…. 10 years?! Nice perseverance! Congrats
  11. dustin25

    PSE EVOLVE 35 70 lb

    I tried calling you about this bow a few times from the Craigslist ad…
  12. dustin25

    2019 fall cow bison shoulder mount done!

    Man that’s some great work
  13. dustin25


    Oh sorry I was thinking of a different member with a similar name on here!
  14. dustin25


    What happened to treestandman?! Geez….