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  1. dustin25

    Trad. coues for 2019

    I’ve been running around with a recurve for the first time this year. Whole different animal, that’s for sure. I have a 55 lb southwest archery spyder xl, and am shooting 31” 300 spine gold tips and 175 gr woodsmans. Seems to shoot nice to me but I don’t have any higher end bows to compare to
  2. dustin25

    New Bowhunting in Arizona book available!

    Just ordered mine, looking forward to getting it!
  3. dustin25

    well place shot

    Maybe I took it wrong, I read it as don’t worry about making a great first shot, just worry about taking multiple shots... which in my opinion would be terrible advice. My apologies if that’s not what you meant
  4. dustin25

    well place shot

    What?! Can’t say I agree with that one
  5. dustin25

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Yep they’re up
  6. dustin25

    CC Hit

    My brother and I got hit last night and this morning
  7. Can be very tough to find for sure, except on the couple best units
  8. Coues are generally much more in pockets in nm vs Arizona. Except for a couple units
  9. dustin25

    Elk Draw

    Just use your bow during the rifle hunt if that’s what you got... I do it all the time
  10. dustin25

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    OTC deer tag= best tag in the state anyways.... (bargaining stage...or maybe acceptance I dunno )
  11. dustin25

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Anybody hear anything about how much the Sonoita area got?
  12. dustin25

    CC Hit

    Haha better a month early then spacing it out!
  13. dustin25

    CC Hit

    Just a month and 30 minutes to spare!
  14. dustin25

    Docter 30x80 Binoculars - Price Reduced

    Incredible buck
  15. dustin25

    How come this stuff never makes news in AZ???

    I’m a bit stumped by your reaction to me. I’m on your side here... you don’t think sometimes things go a little too far in the heat of the moment as a cop? You’ve never taken someone down a little harder then maybe you should’ve? Or pepper sprayed or tased someone, only to wonder later if it was completely necessary? I’m just saying that people need to comply with law enforcement. That’s what you guys do. It’s for everyone’s benefit. That cop got carried away. heck im human too. Maybe you’re so well trained, so level headed that going a little too far is unthinkable. But, most cops are humans, and it happens,even to the best of them. If that guy just answered the questions, and didn’t start stashing things and digging through his bag, which obviously and rightfully made that cop nervous, then none of this would’ve ever happened