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  1. dustin25


    Oh sorry I was thinking of a different member with a similar name on here!
  2. dustin25


    What happened to treestandman?! Geez….
  3. dustin25


    What happened?
  4. Dammit just bought one a couple days ago…. For quite a bit more…. At least it’s pretty awesome
  5. dustin25

    Who is hunting where?

    Wife’s first time putting in for deer, late 34a coues tag….she’s more excited to hunt cranes again…. 😐
  6. dustin25

    New Left Hand 870 Express

    Haha time will tell! But I’m not so sure you’ll get double what’s it’s worth because it’s left handed. I say raise the price so you can really rub my nose in it when you sell it!
  7. dustin25

    New Left Hand 870 Express

    Just joking, best of luck with the sale
  8. dustin25

    AZ Draw Major Card Overcharge?

    I’m hoping they double charged me for 3 crane tags…I’d be happy with that
  9. dustin25

    AZ Draw Major Card Overcharge?

    I just got charged 180…. Which equals nothing I put in for. Hopefully they charged me double for crane tags
  10. dustin25

    Prime Logic CT5

    I’m interested. Where are you located?
  11. dustin25

    Sig Mosquito .22lr

    I’m in Tucson, if it falls through I’ll take it
  12. dustin25

    SOLD.......2021 PSE EVO EVL 32 70#

    I REALLY wish this was the 34….hmm…
  13. dustin25

    Kuiu Gila Ls Crew

    I’ll take it if this dosent work out
  14. dustin25

    Kuiu Gila Ls Crew

    If you’re in Tucson I’ll take it
  15. dustin25

    Gila wilderness bulls.

    That videos awesome, and great bulls man