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  1. dustin25

    Never too early

    Some people just can’t stop living in the past
  2. dustin25

    Let's see ALL the cool stuff you've done with Javelina...

    How long does that take you?
  3. dustin25

    Outdoorsman Carbon Tripod

    That’s just crazy…. Heavier then my promaster (and 7x the cost) and likely not much better if at all. I’ll stand corrected if I’m wrong but I just don’t see how it would be much more stable.
  4. dustin25

    Impact Wrench recommendations?

    No mines the dewalt, score 1 for Milwaukee
  5. dustin25

    Impact Wrench recommendations?

    That’s cool. The impact driver won’t loosen lug nuts on my truck, but the impact wrench does easily
  6. dustin25

    Impact Wrench recommendations?

    I use them both, Milwaukee at work and dewalt at home. They are both awesome, I don’t prefer one over the other. I’d probably go with dewalt just because I think there are more tools out there that use their battery
  7. dustin25

    Swarovski 10x42 slc hds

    Sent you a message
  8. dustin25

    Carbon fiber arrow / broadhead question

    My experience is sometimes they break in an animal, sometimes they don’t. Usually they don’t. I always figured it was from the movement of the animal breaking it after being hit, I’ve never seen one break on impact before the animal ran
  9. dustin25

    $25 European Skull Mount Plaque! Local AZ business

    One of the cooler forks I’ve seen, looks great on the hanger
  10. dustin25

    Non-Res Deer tags sold out

    Full of whining and entitlement…What part of California are you from?
  11. dustin25

    Non-Res Deer tags sold out

    Should probably pay closer attention. No sympathy here
  12. dustin25

    Help Identifying Deadhead

    I’m amazed at how nice those came out! I’m gonna try it!
  13. dustin25

    Help Identifying Deadhead

    Looks awesome! How’d you do that?!
  14. dustin25

    Help Identifying Deadhead

    Texas whitetail. Not coues.
  15. dustin25

    New record Coues ?? Does anyone have the scoop?

    Absolutely insane…