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  1. dustin25

    Prehunt action for the upcoming season

    He missed by like 8 feet, obviously has no business shooting that kind of distance
  2. dustin25

    "Not going back that way."

    It looked like he did when it ran. Scary stuff....but he had me cracking up with his comments! it’s the slim chance if something like that happening that keeps me carrying...
  3. dustin25

    The Draw

    I have like 17, the wife has 2...so we are in with 10
  4. dustin25

    The Draw

    What’s it normally take points wise for a merriams hunt? Very open question,I know, but I can’t find any info on it.
  5. Why would you want a set of balls to hang on to while you shoot.....?
  6. dustin25


    Yeah only a few hundred from the swaro hd.... or buy the meostar hd for like 1100ish
  7. dustin25

    Daughter gets her biggest buck to date

    VERY cool!
  8. dustin25

    Bino harness for heavy glass???

    Either you’re a little dude or that harness is like a backpack on your chest!
  9. dustin25

    WTB Sig P365

    My p365 has a great trigger in my opinion. Feels super spongey and weird when you dry fire it, but when actually shooting it’s great
  10. dustin25


    Blake “I can’t help it no bull, I just wanna kiss her” nobull “ew sicko that’s our cousins horse” blake “I’m not talking about the horse...”
  11. dustin25


    So there I was , noodling for catfish, and all of a sudden.....
  12. dustin25


    I know there are fish sticks around here somewhere, I can smell em...
  13. dustin25

    Heritage Revolver .22lr

    If it falls this far I’ll take it. Also in East Tucson.
  14. dustin25

    Outdoor Writer - Best Wishes with Medical

    Best of luck to you Tony, hoping for the best! I’ve always enjoyed your contributions
  15. dustin25

    Tough archery hunt

    Got some unreal pictures! And a great buck too! Congrats man!