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  1. dustin25

    Max’s Bull of a Lifetime

    Great googly moogly
  2. dustin25

    AT&T or Verizon - which is better for hunting

    It’s not AT&T I can tell you that much
  3. dustin25

    Got my archery bull

    What a bull! Congrats man!
  4. dustin25

    6th Time is the Charm

    That’s one heck of a steep hillside! Nice job on a nice buck
  5. dustin25

    Died and Went to Hillbilly Heaven

    It’s good stuff!
  6. dustin25

    Died and Went to Hillbilly Heaven

    I believe this is the same guy as old leatherstocking
  7. dustin25

    A 2022 6A elk hunting saga

    Thanks for the write up! Not enough people take the time on here anymore. I enjoyed reading your story, hope you can get back out!
  8. dustin25

    Heavier than my heaviest dream buck

    Incredible buck!
  9. dustin25

    .410 wanted

    Looking for a .410 youth shotgun in the tucson area. If you have anything you’d like to sell, let me know! thanks guys
  10. dustin25

    ISO Starting Pistol

    Would using a shotgun with empty primed shells work?
  11. I’ve been seeing probably double the amount of quail I’ve ever seen out there! The other day I glassed from 5 different hills and kicked up a covey on every single one. Then I drove through a covey on the way out. I think this is going to be a quail year for the books
  12. For the first time in a long time, I couldn’t get off work for the opener unfortunately. Yesterday I went to the area I usually go the first day, it would’ve been a quick morning tomorrow!
  13. dustin25

    I've been blessed again!

    Very, very nice! Congrats! Thanks for posting it
  14. dustin25

    Cabelas -20 degree Magnum 44 sleeping bag

    If you happen to be coming near tucson I’ll take it!
  15. dustin25

    Vortex Optics Truth

    Compared to some I’m sure the glass isn’t very good! The glass on mine id classify as just ok.I did shoot a buck a few years back in almost a worst case scenario shot into the sun. The color was very washed out, but I was able to identify which of the 4 bucks I wanted to shoot at about 400 yards. Good enough for me! I’m not a vortex fanboy…or even necessarily a proponent. I’ve owned various vortex binos, they’re all gone in favor of swarovski and meopta. But the viper pst 4-16x50 on my rifle has been reliable and good overall for the price. If I had significant extra money to throw into a scope, absolutely I’d upgrade! But I haven’t had the NEED to replace the viper at all