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  1. dustin25

    How bout them Devils!

    A season like asu’s and Arizona losing in the sweet 16 isn’t much of a pendulum swing… yeah I wish Arizona made it further, potential for more left on the table, disappointing for sure. But sweet 16 is respectable even though it’s about the minimum expectation for a good team,even though we always hope for more. when’s the last time asu made a sweet 16?
  2. dustin25

    Tricer head sold

    I’ll take it if it falls through
  3. dustin25

    Spring Break 24

    Love alpine! Can’t wait to get up there in a month. Thanks for sharing!
  4. dustin25

    ISO Federal 215M primers

    I believe I have several hundred I can part with, I’ll have to check when I get home. I’m in vail, where are you located?
  5. dustin25

    How bout them Devils!

    Man that was some serious home town reffing! Absolutely ridiculous! Kept it an exciting 18 point game this time instead of 40 again haha
  6. dustin25

    Credit Card hit thread

    All charged at once in az,congrats!
  7. dustin25

    Credit Card hit thread

    finally got hit this year! 50/50 if I got early archery or my wife got rifle cow…. I really gotta start using different cards
  8. dustin25

    Trad HAM

    That’s cool! I want to build one of those kit hawkens specifically just for hunting pigs
  9. dustin25

    Unit 33 October

    I think it’s a very likely tag to draw with 5 pts but the way things are going it might not be guaranteed… just thought I’d point that out. Other than that it sounds like you answered your own questions! Only bad thing about that hunt is about 2/3 years it’s still hot out. 33 is as good a unit as any
  10. dustin25

    Unit 33 October

    Not a guaranteed tag at 4 points. Just like basically all the southern units, there are good bucks to be found if you’re willing to put in the work
  11. dustin25

    Are coues deer in trouble?

    It was a tough year for us too, very strange deer movement this year. But the deer are doing just fine
  12. dustin25

    Any 29 tag holders out there?

    See ya up there!
  13. dustin25

    Good buck

    Very nice! Congrats!
  14. dustin25

    New years day buck

    Nice work! Good lookin buck!