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  1. AZ11

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    I agree, but the radar is about the only good thing on it.
  2. AZ11

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    The weather channel also has a good app for weather radar.
  3. AZ11

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Tucson looks like they're getting hit hard again tonight.
  4. The drama queen is back.
  5. About time that they banned trail cams. I see that you don't like talking about the first round of comments back in January that went in favor of a trail cam ban or regulations to cameras 1274 to 1200. Also in the second round of comments March 11th through April 11th, they didn't even ask people to comment on whether they wanted a ban or not. They said to comment on the two new proposals of a quarter mile from water, and trail cams from February 1st thru June 30th as long as they're not placed within a quarter mile of a water source. I remember you going out telling people to send comments for a non ban, but nothing was ever mentioned in the Arizona Game and Fish email that was sent out to comment on supporting a trail cam ban. So in the second round of comments people probably had no idea whether to comment in support of a ban because they weren't asked to.
  6. AZ11

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    It looks like Tucson and San Tan Valley got hit pretty hard.
  7. AZ11

    USFS Closures

    Looking at radar yesterday it looked like the kaibab and 12b got some decent rain. I'm not sure how much rain that it's going to take to open the forests.
  8. AZ11

    Coconino NF to fully CLOSE Wednesday 6/23/2021

    They have now updated the Rafael fire under incident command online. It looks like it's almost to Turkey butte in unit 6b and lonesome pocket in unit 8. Hopefully they get some rain up there the next couple of days.
  9. Actually 1274 people supported a ban or some type of regulation while only 1200 wanted no ban. So more people wanted something limiting trail cameras than people who didnt. 832+442=1274 in support of regulation.
  10. This wont divide hunters anymore than they already were about trail cams. Just look at all of the previous posts debating it before they were banned.
  11. AZ11

    Friday in Payson Trail Cameras

    I'm glad they banned them
  12. AZ11

    Another fire near Superior

    It looks like there is a fire that started today at 3am on slate mountain 23 miles northwest of Flagstaff, and it's called the slate fire. They say that the fire is currently at 100 acres.
  13. AZ11

    2020 Buck

    Great looking buck