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    That's why I avoid this unit.
  2. AZ11

    Northern AZ bow shop

    Yep bull basin is the best shop and you won't be disappointed.
  3. AZ11

    Junior Bird Down!!!

  4. AZ11

    Turkeys gobbling

    Under the youth section, the turkey 6b post says that the roads are open now. Good luck youth turkey hunters
  5. AZ11

    Turkeys gobbling

    Hopefully they open those roads for the youth hunt.
  6. AZ11

    Turkeys gobbling

    Thanks for the replies so far. If anyone notices an uptick in gobbling soon I'm all ears on when it's happening.
  7. AZ11

    Turkeys gobbling

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone has heard any turkeys gobbling yet this year? I've been out a couple of times and haven't heard one yet. I did see a flock that had six hens and four toms though. Thanks.