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  1. AZ11

    E-Tag Poll

    It should ask do you like the e-tag or not. You dont need experience with it in the field to know that it's a dumb idea.
  2. AZ11

    Double Down

    Impressive, congrats
  3. AZ11

    shuttin 'em down

    I wonder why earlier today they had unit 1 and unit 6A mule deer shutting down at sundown August 30th, 2023 but now they both say closed as of sundown September 6th, 2023? Both of their quotas were filled before sundown August 30th, or atleast that is what it had shown for the number killed for each unit.
  4. AZ11

    New National Monument in Arizona

    This state is ruined now.
  5. AZ11

    Early vs Late Season

    I've had a little better luck on the first hunt, but the second hunt can be good too.
  6. AZ11

    Colorful Colorado

    Great looking photos
  7. AZ11

    7 West Elk Hunt

    You can pick up a off road travel management map at the forest service office in Flagstaff or William's Arizona. The arizona game and fish office in Flagstaff, Arizona might have them as well. The travel management map just shows you what roads are open to go down. Although I don't agree with the travel management, it is what it is. Also, on the south Kaibab national forest you can go a mile off road to retrieve your downed elk. Most of unit 7 west lies on the south Kaibab national forest. ATV's are legal on all opened roads on the travel management map, you just need an OHV sticker. Good luck on your hunt if you decide to go.
  8. AZ11

    Go Vote

    Liberals want your guns, and wolves to eat all your game animals so you have nothing to hunt. If you're voting for a liberal, then you're voting for someone that wouldn't blink to take the gun that you use for hunting. Also most liberals want to get rid of hunting.
  9. AZ11

    Go Vote

    You must not like hunting that much if you're a liberal.
  10. AZ11

    RIP 4A

    Sad to see
  11. Should have done a draw for archery. This call in quota system is as stupid as having to look at a map to see if a road is open.
  12. AZ11

    Feral Horses Black River

    email didn't go thru with this address. At first it looked like it went thru and then it sent back later saying it didn't. I typed it exactly how they said to. Instead I just went to the Apache Sitegreaves National Forest Service website and put my comment in there. I also called them at 928-235-5764 and left a comment with them.
  13. AZ11

    ASNF Removal of Feral Horses

    my email didn't go through with this address either. Instead, I just went to the Apache Sitegreaves National Forest website and put my comment in there. I also called the number listed above at 928-235-5764 and left a comment for them over the phone.
  14. AZ11

    Lion,Bobcat, Bear Hunting Future

    I just sent my comment to AZHuntGuidelines@azgfd.gov Thanks for the letting everyone know.
  15. AZ11

    My 2021 RAM!!!!!

    Congrats recurveman