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  1. Curtis Reed

    2006 Yamaha Rhino 660

    Fantastic deal
  2. Curtis Reed


    which models or specs for NF/Trijicon?
  3. Curtis Reed

    Easton axis 4mm

  4. Curtis Reed

    Meat Rabbits

    yeah very much so
  5. Curtis Reed

    Credit Card hit thread

    5BS early archery and 23 youth 👍🏻
  6. Curtis Reed

    Meat Rabbits

    they live out of state 👎🏻 otherwise i’m sure they could hook you up
  7. Curtis Reed

    Meat Rabbits

    My sister and BIL do…. they are always butchering rabbits. They get a lot of meat from those things.
  8. Curtis Reed

    Thank You!

    Can’t argue with that
  9. Curtis Reed

    Thank You!

    Yeah, the CWT forum is buzzing with non stop hunting discussion and new topics (not). If it weren’t for draw results, classifieds and sharing photos of the sloppy joe I made for dinner this forum would be dead. By the way…. what does “What I had for dinner” have to do with hunting exactly? Bad take.
  10. Curtis Reed

    Credit Card hit thread

    Pretty sure you should draw that tag in bonus pass with 16 unless there was major point creep
  11. Curtis Reed

    Credit Card hit thread

    I got hit for early archery and a youth tag
  12. Curtis Reed

    Friday Tunes

    Post Malone - Wow
  13. Curtis Reed

    Mountain House Buckets

  14. Curtis Reed

    Posted in error