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  1. Curtis Reed

    Electric F150

    Hey at least I told you I reported it… Gives you closure. Unlike the Brandon snowflakes who report me all the time and get my posts removed. I’m thinking about pulling an Elon Musk and buying this forum so we don’t have to delete any posts. Make CW Great Again? I figure an offer of $250 and a box of 6.5 CM is fair for this graveyard.
  2. Curtis Reed

    Electric F150

    Well done young sheep…. well done. To obey is everything. You have a bright future with the party.
  3. Curtis Reed

    Electric F150

    Reported for name calling and political content. But since stanley loves this post I am interested to see what happens. After all, Amanda has made it perfectly clear on what is unacceptable on this forum.
  4. Curtis Reed

    Electric F150

    stanley right now….
  5. Curtis Reed

    Line-X or Inyati or something else?

    Universal Liners if you’re in the East Valley. Family owned. Best liner i’ve had… and I’ve had a few. https://www.sprayinliners.com/
  6. Curtis Reed

    Tikka Superlight (SOLD)

    Good deal.
  7. Curtis Reed

    23 North Early Archery

    Personally, If I had that tag I would hire a guide.
  8. Curtis Reed

    New Member

    DV isn’t a criminal charge. Crim Dam is the charge with a domestic relationship between offender/victim. If there is a domestic relationship, even if the victim declines prosecution, the police will arrest and charge anyway.
  9. Curtis Reed

    Trijicon Credo vs Nightforce SHV

    Thanks, but I bought a NF SHV already.
  10. Curtis Reed

    Trijicon Credo vs Nightforce SHV

    I dropped down in magnification. On a 308, I sold LHT and went to a 3-10x
  11. Curtis Reed

    New Member

    My money is on kidnapping the Lindbergh baby.
  12. Curtis Reed

    WTT Glock 27

    She’s a Gen 3
  13. Curtis Reed


    Wow their timing is impeccable. NYC active shooter where 13 people shot. What a coincidence!
  14. Curtis Reed


    Stanley about to send this to the dungeon.
  15. Curtis Reed

    Mystery Ranch Bino Harness