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  1. Curtis Reed

    New Sportsman’s Warehouse

    That’s cool man, thx for the update!
  2. Curtis Reed

    New Sportsman’s Warehouse

  3. Curtis Reed

    New Sportsman’s Warehouse

    Don’t care. They have good gear. I backpack more than I hunt. It’s the only place you can find a pair of Altra Lone Peak 5’s in stock, which I just bought I bet you guys are real fun at parties! A simple thread letting people know a Sportsman’s is opening turns into a b1tch fest. Toxic place
  4. Curtis Reed

    New Sportsman’s Warehouse

    You all acting like it’s Monday morning lol. Sportsman’s is opening a store. Horrible, I know.
  5. Curtis Reed

    New Sportsman’s Warehouse

    I was just at REI in Chandler (I-10/Ray). Next to it they have a large empty location that has a “Coming Soon” sign for Sportsman’s Warehouse. 👍
  6. Curtis Reed

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    going through east mesa on way to work. Nice to see…. IMG_2778.MP4
  7. Curtis Reed

    Mossberg 590A1 for trade

    Doubt it.
  8. Curtis Reed

    Discobed 2XL Cots. PRICE DROP

    PM sent
  9. Curtis Reed

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Where do you live? my neighbor owns a roofing company in STV. I would recommend him. He is a hunter but a heads up he is very busy right now fixing up roofs from the storm Tell him Chip sent you Legion Roofing Garrett @ 480-747-1688
  10. Curtis Reed

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    we got it good in san tan valley fri and sat. I lost a few roof tiles friday night and last night out street was flooded.
  11. Curtis Reed

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    Thanks for the heads up. I called Tonto NF and they confirmed only way in is from the south via Rogers Trough. I better start training now lol. Been there done that.
  12. Curtis Reed

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    Good to know.
  13. Curtis Reed

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

  14. So i’ve been backpacking in the Supes before and love it back there. Figured I would try a backpack hunt in there this year and got drawn for the first Nov hunt. From my trips back in there it looks like there is good habitat up near the ranch but more of a stand hunt where as the trip in looks like some good glassing opportunities. I’m looking for some general advice for first time hunting that unit. I plan on making camp closer to the ranch due to water availability but those plans can change if I find drinking water away from the ranch I have hiked from north and south in the past and am planning on coming in from the north since i’ll be packing more weight than usual and the climb from the south is a ball buster. For guys that glass north of the ranch do you have and consistent drinking water sources you could share with me in a PM? Or do you camp near the ranch for water? Any advice is much appreciated. I’d like to pack in as little water as possible and keep my base weight below 30 lbs. My non-hunting base weight is around 17 lbs. Optics and rifle are heavy additions
  15. Curtis Reed

    Apache Trail improvements

    i’ve driven that road and wound up with cracked a windshield and lost fillings from my teeth. But that’s what I liked about it. Keep it the way it is!