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  1. Curtis Reed

    SxS Mechanic?

    Could be battery. Can Am will go into limp mode for low battery voltage. Check voltage....Should be between 12.5v to 13v. Start machine and while running check voltage to see if the machine is charging. Should be around 14v to 14.5v.
  2. Curtis Reed

    HID lights in ATV/UTV

    Depends on your machine. Whatever headlight it takes. Mine takes 886, 880 type. Pull your bulb and look on it. It will be written on base of bulb.
  3. Curtis Reed

    HID lights in ATV/UTV

    HID Kit from DDM Tuning. Select bulb style for your specific machine. I used the 5000K temperature bulbs. The 55W are almost too bright (almost). I had a guy flash his high beams at me the other day because of them. But they will be the bees knees on the trails. They also make a 35W kit. Best part it’s only $44.95. https://ddmtuning.com/Product-Categories/HID/HID-Kits/DDM-HID-Kits
  4. Curtis Reed

    HID lights in ATV/UTV

    These cost $45. No chance I’m spending $500+ for Rigid
  5. Curtis Reed

    HID lights in ATV/UTV

    In case anyone is considering HID lights, here is a video I made comparing to factory Halogens:
  6. Curtis Reed

    HID lights in ATV/UTV

    I was considering putting a light bar on the Ranger for driving the dark FS roads and trails but I couldn’t really find a good mounting solution I liked (I don’t have the Pro Fit bars). I wanted to keep everything stock so I could return it to original config if I ever needed too. No mods, drilling into roll bars, etc. I ordered a 55w 5000k HID kit from DDM Tuning instead. Does anyone run HID’s in their off road machine?
  7. Curtis Reed

    RTIC Cooler

  8. Curtis Reed

    WTB Polaris Ranger / SXS

  9. Curtis Reed

    Bergara B14 6.5 Creedmoor

    Good deal. Ugh I just bought a 700 in 308 otherwise I’d be a buyer. Good luck.
  10. Curtis Reed

    WTB Cz 75D

    Keep your eye out for both the CZ 75 Compact and the P-01. They are the same gun. I have a P01 and they are great guns.
  11. Curtis Reed

    Utility Trailer 12ft SOLD

    Nice trailer... If I hadn’t just bought a Karavan 6’x10’ last weekend I would be all over this. GLWS
  12. Curtis Reed


    $533,446.13 is what my math says. Remember TROY ounce 😂
  13. Curtis Reed

    Tree Stands

    I was up 20’ in a small platform tree stand one morning when it was still pitch black and I could hear and feel this dang bat fly past my face about 30 times in a 20 minute time span. I had nowhere to go and couldn’t see anything. That sucked. It got within an inch or two every time.
  14. Curtis Reed

    Benchee/Odes UTVs

    https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/snw/d/chandler-heights-2006-polaris-ranger/7208127584.html This looks like a clean/low mile option for a hunting rig.
  15. Curtis Reed

    Benchee/Odes UTVs

    All I know is they are Chinese parts assembled in USA somewhere. I think Texas. I have no first hand knowledge, but I would stay away and buy a used Polaris, Yamaha, Honda or CanAm. I just bought a 2016 Ranger 570 Full Size with 47 miles (yes, 47) for $8,500. The guy is from NY, used it for one hunt and moved to AZ and it’s been in garage ever since. If you’re patient and keep looking there are deals out there. https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/garland/profile/atv/bennche-llc-0875-90306831/complaints