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  1. Curtis Reed

    Art de Crack Head

    He is laundering money.
  2. Curtis Reed

    Southwest Airlines Deal

    Vaccine not required. Just have to show covid negative test.
  3. Curtis Reed

    Southwest Airlines Deal

    Oahu. When you go to main page click on “Book with promo code” yellow button. Then when you get to the “Book a Flight” page click on “Low Fare Calendar” and it’ll bring up the lowest fares for everyday that month. You should be able to get a sat-sat for $360 each to maui when I looked depending on the days
  4. Curtis Reed

    Southwest Airlines Deal

    Just a heads up guys, Southwest has a deal right now. If you book a flight today or tomorrow and flights are between 9/15-11/3 all fares are 50% off. I just booked 4 round trip flights to hawaii for under $250/ person AFTER taxes and fees. couldn’t say no. Use code SAVE50
  5. Curtis Reed

    Electrician needed

    A few months ago I also asked for a electrician referral. Vowell told me to contact Ryan @ Rio Electric They did a great job http://www.Rioelectric.com
  6. Curtis Reed

    Looking for a Roofing repair guy in the easy Valley

    Call Garrett at Legion Roofing. Tell him his neighbor Chip referred you. Great guy and fellow hunter. https://legionroofingaz.com/
  7. Curtis Reed

    Arizona's Mnt Rushmore of Hunting

  8. Curtis Reed

    Crazy observation about this site

    Probably the same reason that forums about arts and crafts are filled with women. Forums for craft beer are men. Most girls are not interested in hunting and shooting even though TV and marketing is pushing the women hunter thing. Even if there are women here and there who maybe like to hunt they certainly don’t have the interest level we do where we talk about it on the internet with each other all day every day Pretty simple.
  9. Curtis Reed

    Hyperinflation is coming...

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/06/10/economy/may-consumer-price-inflation/index.html Get silver while it’s cheap and available. Won’t be for long trust me.
  10. Curtis Reed

    Dehydrated food

    High sodium is actually a good thing when hunting and hiking up and down mountains. Helps fight dehydration. Added bonus! Not for everyday consumption of course. There is a reason there is sodium in Gatorade.
  11. Curtis Reed

    Dehydrated food

    Packit Gourmet. What’s wrong with MH? I love their chicken and rice or chili mac!
  12. Curtis Reed

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    This aged well…. got in at .27
  13. Curtis Reed

    Make sure your HVAC is up to speed...

    I use Mechanicool. They went above and beyond for me in the past. Good guys, check out Yelp reviews.
  14. Curtis Reed

    Make sure your HVAC is up to speed...

    Thx for the reminder. I scheduled mine for next week
  15. Curtis Reed

    Hyperinflation is coming...

    Used vehicle prices.....