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  1. 5guyshunting

    Park trailer in Flagstaff for a couple of weeks?

    The "freeways meet" in a town called Flagstaff.😫😫
  2. 5guyshunting

    Park trailer in Flagstaff for a couple of weeks?

    I'm pretty sure Bellemont has one on the south side of I-40 with an rv dump. It was there a couple years ago. Aka camp navajo.
  3. 5guyshunting

    Flagstaff Meat Processing

    If you use Casey's have the round steaks tenderized. It makes excellent chicken fried steak.😏
  4. 5guyshunting

    Kestrels new glassing monopod

    Will this work with a BTX? 😄
  5. 5guyshunting

    Rut Activity

    Climb a hill.
  6. 5guyshunting

    Desert Shooting

    Every sign on state trust says no target shooting, but it seems as if know one cares.
  7. 5guyshunting

    A/C tech needed

    Are there still normal people? Sorry, I just had to say it😳
  8. 5guyshunting

    Did I screw up? ... brass cleaning

    Throw it in a tumbler and it will be fine. Harbor freight.
  9. 5guyshunting

    Backcountry coffee

    What’s wrong with good ole cowboy coffee. 👍
  10. 5guyshunting

    Backcountry coffee

    Tastes like coffee and you don't get the jitters.😝
  11. 5guyshunting

    Rut Activity

    How many bugles are man made? Cows and calf's no bulls 20 total no bulls and elk don't drink with cattle.
  12. 5guyshunting

    Help sighting in

    One of the best set ups I have seen go with it.
  13. 5guyshunting

    ATX/STX 95mm objective lens

    It says south texas
  14. 5guyshunting

    ATX/STX 95mm objective lens

    It says 1750
  15. 5guyshunting

    Tundra oil change.

    If any noise was heard , there is a problem. Toyota or Ugo.