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  1. 5guyshunting

    Frustrated By Potential Buyers

    I'll take it or I'll buy it should be the sale. If any other post has questions or wants a pm, then they are negotiating and that's all good, but maybe a day late and a dollar short.
  2. 5guyshunting

    Elk tags

    It's all still good, He just wants to go. His name is TRUMP. Sorry for yours.
  3. 5guyshunting

    Elk tags

    He wouldn't take it, he's ready to go😊
  4. 5guyshunting

    Elk tags

    I've been waiting 10 years and still no tag in the box.
  5. 5guyshunting

    2 tags back in 21 and I got #2

    I thought the same. Curious, how many bonus points were involved.
  6. 5guyshunting

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Watch your SHIB.
  7. 5guyshunting

    Deadly Gila Monster Bite?

    Over the years I've probably found a couple dozen while out roaming. You would have to almost try to have one bite you.
  8. 5guyshunting

    Dr. Trimmer Mower - Price Reduced

    Is this still available?
  9. 5guyshunting

    Credit Card hit thread

    Put the kids in for general hunts, easier draw odds. 213 years is a long time 😂
  10. 5guyshunting

    Credit Card hit thread

    I get to be a "helper" aaaaagain. Better than a sharp stick in the eye🤔
  11. 5guyshunting

    Credit Card hit thread

    You don't have to show it, just talk about it.😀
  12. 5guyshunting

    Credit Card hit thread

    "Honey holes", it won't be long now.
  13. 5guyshunting


    I'll take them all. I can meet you tomorrow. I'm just a few blocks away.
  14. 5guyshunting

    Let's see those side by sides!

    2006 Rhino 660 1900 hours.
  15. 5guyshunting

    az ground pounders

    Hiring someone for a personal hobby would suck.