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  1. 5guyshunting

    Worst Waste of Money

    I'm thinking taxidermy work, because I don't think anyone cares but yourself.
  2. 5guyshunting

    WTB 22 Pistol for daughter

    Get her the SA heck Cat with the safety. My 21 year old son was hitting 13 of 14 consistently at 25 yards on a 6" AR500. His first trip out shooting it.
  3. 5guyshunting

    Looking for youth tag team partners

    Not sure about better odds. There are 33,745 general tags and 2,650 general youth tags.
  4. 5guyshunting

    Looking for youth tag team partners

    I think some people don't realize kids don't have to put in for jr. Hunts.
  5. 5guyshunting

    Looking for youth tag team partners

    Only if the other applicants have several bonus points. If four kids are on the app. The total points are divided by four. From past experiences, skip the jr. Hunts and put him in for the general hunts the chances are much better because there are way more tags.
  6. 5guyshunting

    Coleman Portable Hot Water Heater

    Go back in time 4 years or so.
  7. 5guyshunting

    Cooler Size Question

    Except you need 2 people people to carry the RTIC
  8. 5guyshunting

    Cooler Size Question

    Coleman extreme. I don't think my RTIC is any better.
  9. 5guyshunting

    Cooler Size Question

    I brought back 150 lbs. Of flash frozen halibut from Alaska. Filled the coolers with fish and no ice. Approx. 36 hours later it was still rock hard frozen. I don't see the need for ice until you notice the meat thawing. I think ice is going to melt at the same rate the meat will thaw.
  10. 5guyshunting

    Cooler Size Question

    Not sure bring an extra?
  11. 5guyshunting

    Cooler Size Question

    Regular ice and prossed in phx. Didn't know it was a family adventure.
  12. 5guyshunting

    Cooler Size Question

    Step up that game. I've done Ohio to Phoenix several times in 27 to 32 hours. With deer meat.
  13. 5guyshunting

    Diesels in Valley

    Not sure. I do know the cat was cut open on top. Saw that when I pulled the bed off. My wife drug the dually bed around a pipe bollard at mickey D,s.
  14. 5guyshunting

    Diesels in Valley

    I bought a 2017 ram out of Texas that was deleted and it passed emissions last year.
  15. 5guyshunting


    Good for hand guns, but a one time shoot for large caliber rifles