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  1. 5guyshunting

    Bull Elk 22 South

    That's a fine morsel, did you eat the rest on the mountian😏
  2. 5guyshunting


    Left over means $hit Tag.
  3. 5guyshunting

    Packer for hire?

    Did he draw the tag? If he did, now the? Is legit.
  4. 5guyshunting

    Pronghorn Hits?

    I'm at 19. I figured the dollar amount for points minus hunter safety and loyalty point. The total is $160.50. I sure would spend more than that for 10 more points😏
  5. 5guyshunting

    How many tags will they sell now?

    No more than a couple of cheap table dances😄
  6. 5guyshunting

    Elk Draw Delayed

    And they farted.
  7. 5guyshunting

    January Muley

  8. 5guyshunting

    New business

    Sorry to be a dikk, but i have had several flex fit hats. Cabelas and sportsman and have returned a few. The band wears out in a few months and the retailers have made good on the one's i returned, but who needs to return a hat? No more flexfit for me.
  9. 5guyshunting

    Guinea bird dog

    I never thought catfish were that great, but too each their own.😏
  10. 5guyshunting

    How to Post a rifle for sale

  11. 5guyshunting

    How to Post a rifle for sale

    I thought you had to be logged in to post as you are now. The site has recently changed so i may be wrong.
  12. 5guyshunting

    How to Post a rifle for sale

    Its close to the bottom of the forum topics.
  13. 5guyshunting

    Guinea bird dog

    Hopefully she will get a taste of 7 more!
  14. 5guyshunting

    Guinea bird dog

    They have pigs now too, but not a problem now they are not in my yard. Swine is not allowed but i won't bitch if it doesn't turn into a summer stank.
  15. 5guyshunting

    Guinea bird dog

    My neighbors decided they needed 8 guinea hens. These things squawk constantly, come into my yard, rooftops and trees chitting on everything. I found out today that my heeler Dixie is going to take care of the problem.😏