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  1. ofdscooby

    petersons 6mm creedmore

    sold thanks for looking
  2. ofdscooby

    petersons 6mm creedmore

    Sorry guys these are LRP I apologize I’m helping out a friend that’s a little older. I made him send me a pic to prove it.
  3. ofdscooby

    petersons 6mm creedmore

    SRP sorry I didn't include that initially
  4. ofdscooby

    petersons 6mm creedmore

  5. ofdscooby

    petersons 6mm creedmore

    I have three boxes of 6mm Creedmore for sale it is unopened Petersons brass. I would trade for Berger 168vld hunting bullets all same lot. Other wise they will be $180 for all of them shipped. I'm in North San Diego near Camp Pendleton so FTF is probably out.
  6. ofdscooby


    I have 8lbs of N570 that was supposed to be used for a 300 PRC build that didn’t happen. I paid 45 a pound and these are all in 1 pound jugs same lot number. I’ll trade for Varget or RL-16. Crappy part is that I’m in north San Diego (Fallbrook) but I’ll be in Welton this weekend if anyone wants to meet.
  7. ofdscooby

    300 PRC brass/dies

  8. ofdscooby

    300 PRC brass/dies

  9. ofdscooby

    300 PRC brass/dies

    No wanna keep it together.
  10. ofdscooby

    300 PRC brass/dies

    I have two unused boxes of ADG brass in 300 PRC. These are $100 online and currently unavailable. Also have a Hornady die set for a 300 PRC. $250 shipped for everything. build went in another direction and these weren’t used.
  11. ofdscooby

    Nosler 6mm BT’s

    I picked these up sometime ago and don’t need them. I don’t think these are available anymore. I thought someone may need them with things being as crazy as they are. 300 55 gr Nosler BT’s 300ish 70 gr Nosler BT’s one box is open looks full but I’m not gonna count. I’ll go $120 shipped for all of it.
  12. ofdscooby

    143 ELDX bullets

    400 from an Optics Planet order in early August 2020
  13. ofdscooby

    143 ELDX bullets

    Thanks for the interest have a trade in the works.
  14. ofdscooby

    143 ELDX bullets

    I just got a back order of 400 143 ELDX’s I will trade 200 of them for 200 140gr .284 TSX’s or 200 168gr VLD hunters .284. I will not sell these I will only trade.
  15. ofdscooby


    I hate wasting money on good pants and then have them shredded when wading through cat claw. I have a couple pairs of First Lite pants that are just shredded after a couple of seasons with the cat claw. I’m not a fan of hiking in blue jeans or heavy canvas type pants. I’ve heard rumors that wrangler makes a cheap synthetic pant that holds up pretty good. I’ve also heard the Kuhl’s are pretty tuff and good for hiking. Anyways looking for something that comfortable to hike in but will hold up. What’s being used out there.