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  1. ofdscooby

    143 ELDX bullets

    400 from an Optics Planet order in early August 2020
  2. ofdscooby

    143 ELDX bullets

    Thanks for the interest have a trade in the works.
  3. ofdscooby

    143 ELDX bullets

    I just got a back order of 400 143 ELDX’s I will trade 200 of them for 200 140gr .284 TSX’s or 200 168gr VLD hunters .284. I will not sell these I will only trade.
  4. ofdscooby


    I hate wasting money on good pants and then have them shredded when wading through cat claw. I have a couple pairs of First Lite pants that are just shredded after a couple of seasons with the cat claw. I’m not a fan of hiking in blue jeans or heavy canvas type pants. I’ve heard rumors that wrangler makes a cheap synthetic pant that holds up pretty good. I’ve also heard the Kuhl’s are pretty tuff and good for hiking. Anyways looking for something that comfortable to hike in but will hold up. What’s being used out there.
  5. ofdscooby


    Non-res hit 2 elk tags there goes my Biden bucks
  6. ofdscooby

    hollywood press

    dang is that what those are worth? I had a whole Hollywood press set up that I learned to reload on it was a multi stage unit that could handle shotgun dies or .50 cal dies. I liked that press it was a tank. I gave it back to the family after I had purchased all my own stuff. Good luck solid old school press.
  7. ofdscooby

    Bushnell Elite Conx

    I have a Bushnell elite Conx mile range finder. It will range out to a mile on a tripod. You can download an app and customize 3 rifle profiles. It will also connect to a Kestrel (but I never did this). I have original soft case and paperwork. I’ll also send the with a mystery ranch case that mounts on pack waist belt. I’ll add some pics later but it works perfect and no damage what so ever. I live in north San Diego county and can ship. $325 shipped. I’ll add pics of rangefinder and pouch later. Mike
  8. ofdscooby

    Need help fast

    Got it found it in the search it definitely was not in any of the folders I have in my email but the search worked. I'm updated thank god. Probably still not gonna get drawn... This worked
  9. ofdscooby

    Need help fast

    I have no idea I still have some from previous years in a file but not the recent ones
  10. ofdscooby

    Need help fast

    no when you go to the portal you need to enter your last name and your reciept number. When I log on to look at my apps there is no reciept associated with the app
  11. ofdscooby

    Need help fast

    I'm screwed just talked to the wife bank issued new CC's two days ago even though they were still valid for another year and I don't know why. Also cant find any of the info in my deleted emails. I cant find the full receipt numbers on the portal anywhere. So disappointed in myself right now...
  12. ofdscooby

    Need help fast

    Just found out when I went to use my CC an hour ago that it’s not working not sure why but I logged onto my bank and somethings up they changed the website can’t log in. Freaking out I need to switch CC’s and don’t have my “full order number on receipt” anyone know where to find these I didn’t save the emails and there no order numbers when I look at my pending apps. I can live with myself if I miss a hint but I put my son in for his first cow hunt and don’t want him to miss out. Please text if you can help Mike 760-525–6772
  13. ofdscooby

    Savage LH 30-06

    I used to be into Savages and had this one for an easy back up gun. However I'm building a custom 6.5 Creed for my soon to be 10yo and need money for parts or to trade for parts. This is a Savage 110 flat back with a 3 screw trigger that breaks crisp around 2 1/2 pounds. The stock is a Stockade Gun Stock out of Nebraska it is the Hunting Sporter model. The barrel is a factory sporter and has always done real well with RL19 and 150 NBT's. I added a machined barrel nut and ground lug and the whole thing was professionally Cerakoted black. I'm looking to trade for a Remington 700 SA RH BDL. Ill sell straight up for $650. Let me know what you got. Sorry about the sideways pics Scope has already been removed and is not coming with the gun but the 1'' rings will and I have some 30mm as well if you need them. Thanks for looking....
  14. ofdscooby

    Help Needed, Yuma Area Information

    PM coming at you
  15. ofdscooby


    Do you know the LOP or at least is it shorter than other rifles looking for this as a kids gun. Is the stock there are or fiberglass and does it have pillars? Thanks...