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  1. azsugarbear

    Selling H4350, RL26 and Fed 210 Lg Rifle Primers

    One pound of H4350 sold to Bucks&bulls.
  2. azsugarbear

    Selling H4350, RL26 and Fed 210 Lg Rifle Primers

    RL26 sold to creed_az_88.
  3. azsugarbear

    Selling H4350, RL26 and Fed 210 Lg Rifle Primers

    Primers sold to Cougarfan.
  4. Went by Bruno's earlier this week to see if they had something I needed. They didn't, but I was able to buy some H4895 powder as a favor to ctafoya here on CWT. While I was there, I saw a couple other items that are normally hard to get. Because things were flying off the shelves at Bruno's, I bought them just to make them available to shooters here on CWT. Not looking to make anything on these items - just trying to help others out. Price is actual cost and I will/can provide receipt for each. If these don't sell, I'm good with that as this is all stuff I use anyway: 1 - 8 lb. jug of RL26 $325.75 SOLD 4 - 1 lb. bottles of H4350 $195.25 or $48.82/lb 1 lb. Remaining 1 - case (1,000) of Federal 210 Large Rifle Primers $86.82 SOLD Again - I'm happy to keep it all, but willing to pass along to others with a greater need. First "I'll take it" in the thread trumps all PM's. Once spoken for, we can hash out details via PM. I live in N Phx/Scottsdale area.
  5. azsugarbear

    WTB lil-gun powder

    I have some, but it is in an 8 lb. jug - and I need to keep some for myself. I have some empty one pound bottles we could fil up. Let me know if you would be willing to work with a situation like that. I live in N Scottsdale area.
  6. azsugarbear

    Varget powder

    Bought some at Sportsman's Warehouse in Yuma about a month ago. Paid close to $42 with tax. Felt lucky to find some. It seems more of the scarce powders are becoming available at long last. Not sure if we will ever see pre-2020 prices again.
  7. azsugarbear

    WTB Tikka T3 OEM Bolt Shroud

    I appreciate the offer. Working with someone in Phx. area. If that falls through, I will contact you.
  8. azsugarbear

    WTB Tikka T3 OEM Bolt Shroud

    I know some of you guys have bought after-market shrouds for your Tikka's you aren't using anymore. I painted my oem shroud, then put it away to dry while I went on vacation. Now I'm back and can't remember where I put it. I want to do some load development now, so I need to get another shroud painted and on my rifle. Just as soon as I buy one, I know I will find my old one - just how it goes. Let me know what you want for yours.
  9. azsugarbear

    Once-fired R-P brass in 300 RUM

    Using some down time to slowly clear off the reloading bench. I have 53 once-fired R-P brass in 300 RUM for sale. They were deprimed and resized, but never loaded a second time. I switched over to Norma brass several years ago, and these got shoved to the side somehow. Need to find them a new home. Price is $50. Not looking for trades. Low-ballers walk on by. First "I'll Take It" in the comments section trumps all PM's and text messages. That way, everything is in the open for all to see. Nobody fets to use the back door to snipe a deal that someone has already pledged to complete. Karl: 602-361-7191.
  10. azsugarbear

    WTT federal small rifle primers

    There are only a few powders that work well with the 300 BO. I believe H110 is one and the other is Lil' Gun. Both are right next to each other on the powder burn rate chart. I have some extra Lil' Gun, if you want to trade.
  11. azsugarbear

    Tikka Action - Medium length w/Mag Bolt Face

    It was a pleasure. Positive feedback was left for you in the Good Buyer thread.
  12. azsugarbear

    Good Guy Buyer List

    So I Hunt is a top notch Buyer in my book. Bought an action from me. Great communication. Straight forward transaction. All-around great guy.
  13. azsugarbear

    Tikka Action - Medium length w/Mag Bolt Face

    Sale Pending.
  14. I have a near new Tikka action for sale. It started life as a 300 WSM, so it has the magnum bolt face with the medium length action. As most of you know, this same action can be converted to long or a short action by simply changing the magazine and the bolt stop. Since I intended to keep this action for a second custom build, I did a few extras such as the bolt fluting ($60 cost), plus the upgraded trigger spring kit. If I can't recoup the cost I have in it, then I will just hang onto it for a second build. It comes with everything you see in the pictures: the action, fluted bolt, factory bottom metal and medium magazine. One of the pictures also shows the clean/perfect action face for those who are wanting to do a shoulder pre-fit barrel. I am firm on price of $600. This may seem like a lot to some of you, but you need to consider the initial cost of the rifle, the shipping and FFL fees, the cost of the extras and the cost of having the barrel removed from the action. Not looking for any trades at this time. Low-ballers - please ignore ad. The first "I'll take it" posted in the thread trumps any PMs, or text messages. Send a PM or call/text Karl at 602-361-7191 with any questions or comments you have.
  15. azsugarbear


    Did you find your Varget? If not, I may be able to help,