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  1. azsugarbear

    Good Guy Buyer List

    Freakycamo bought a stock from me. Smooth, quick transaction. Easy to deal with.
  2. azsugarbear

    Laminate stock for Tikka T3 or T3x

    Transaction completed with Freakycamo
  3. azsugarbear

    Laminate stock for Tikka T3 or T3x

    SPF to Freakycamo. Great talking with you on the phone.
  4. Up for sale is a near-new Boyd's Featherweight Thumbhole laminate stock inlet for a factory Tikka T3 or T3x (may fit other models that I am not familiar with). Barrel channel provided full free float of their 300 WSM barrel contour (0.630" at muzzle). Like most Tikka stocks, it comes with a separate steel lug already imbedded in the stock. The action/lug area of the stock has never been bedded. Stock is also inletted for factory bottom metal. Color of the stock is Forest Camo wood laminate with a Satin finish. It comes with a 1" Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. Length of pull (LOP) is about 13.5". It weighs 2 lbs. 6 oz. on my scale. Forearm is about 2.25" wide with flat bottom and two solid sling studs up front. There are a couple of very small scratches on either side of the forearm (at its widest point) that occurred from sitting in the safe. Overall condition is excellent. Boyd's website lists this stock at $152 plus S&H - possibly tax as well. This is a great upgrade over the factory plastic stock -no bend/give in the forearm. Asking $115. Live in the north Phx area. Not looking for any trades. Call or PM with questions. Karl 602-361-7191. First "I'll Take It" in the thread gets priority over any and all PM's.
  5. azsugarbear

    Good Guy Buyer List

    clanderson is GTG. Great to deal with. Bought 50 count of Nosler 300 WSM from me. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
  6. azsugarbear

    Items looking for new homes - ALL GONE

    I'll take the tent. I live in the N pHX area. Send me a PM with mobile number and I will text / call and come pick it up.
  7. azsugarbear

    Rules For Classifieds

    It's interesting to see all the different responses. Here's another example: I seem to recall that on several occasions someone has put up an item for sale w/o a price - and several members have jumped in and stated that the OP had to list a price in ordeer to post an item Am I crazy, or was this on another site? If not, where is that rule written down? I've seen a lot of posters claiming this or that on the classifieds, but there just doesn't appear to be any rules. Again - I'm not advocating either side, I'm just trying to separate fact from fiction. It sounds like there is no set of rules, other than ones own personal code of conduct.
  8. azsugarbear

    Rules For Classifieds

    That's how things were explained to me when I joined ten years ago by other members. I know I've seen it in writing, but it was probably the OP setting his own rules as to how he was going to sell something. Not a big deal in this case (just some old reloading stuff), just thought it was a little more organized than it really is. I guess I have been lucky thus far in my dealings on CWT. All dealings have been straight up and honorable. Thanks for the input.
  9. azsugarbear

    300 WSM - Nosler Brass 50 Count

    SPF to clanderson
  10. azsugarbear

    Rules For Classifieds

    Is there a set of rules for conduct when buying/selling in the classifieds? I just did a cursory view on the site and couldn't find what I was looking for. I recently had a deal go sideways with a newbie seller who didn't understand an "I'll take it" post in his thread. Losing out on the deal was minor compared to the amount of time I wasted putting my schedule on hold (it meant a couple hour trip to pick it up from him) , waiting for him to respond to me. When I told him how things normally work on the site, I wanted to refer him to some ground rules as to how we operate. Do they exist, or is it something we have informally made up and others learn over time by being on the site? I'm talking about such things as an "I'll take it" posting in a thread, or how a posting in the thread takes priority over a PM, etc. Inquiring minds want to know......
  11. azsugarbear

    Reloading supplies

    Tyler, buddy.......you have gone dark on me since your voicemail Monday at 1 PM. Although you were a new poster on the CWT website, I decided to take a chance on you. I need to hear from you soon.
  12. azsugarbear

    300 WSM - Nosler Brass 50 Count

    Price reduced: $80
  13. azsugarbear

    Reloading supplies

    Always looking for an excuse to go on a road trip. I'll do some varmint calling on the way up and pick it all up before heading back home. I'll take it. PM sent with contact info.
  14. azsugarbear

    300 WSM - Nosler Brass 50 Count

    Most are new brass, but about 20 have been fired once. Asking $100. Karl 602-361-7191. North Phx / Scottsdale area.
  15. azsugarbear

    H1000 FS...maybe

    Still on board.