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  1. Too many people have 'hyped' or tried to push the 300 BO beyond its intended purpose. It is not a "do-all" or general purpose round. It was originally designed as a more lethal round for suppressed AR15's than the currently-available pistol rounds: mainly the 9mm. In this capacity, it does an outstanding job. Better ballistics & more stopping power while remaining subsonic. It can also take hogs and deer with good results using lighter bullets at supersonic speeds that approach the ballistics of the venerable 30-30. However, if I am going with a supersonic round, then there are many choices that will surpass the 300 BO in my opinion. My 300 BO is a dedicated suppressed rig and is both quiet and deadly out to 100 yds. If stealth is the primary goal, then it is hard to beat the 300 BO.
  2. Kill zone for lion should be the same as any other rifle: the pocket behind the front leg. Assuming you are using the heavy-for-caliber bullets in a suppressed 300 BO, I would keep my shots to 100 yds. and under. I reload for my 300 BO. The best performing bullets at subsonic speeds that I have found are the 220 gr. rebated boat tail and the 225 gr. roundnose from Outlaw State Bullets; and Lehigh Defense Bullets in the 198 and 210 Controlled Fracturing and the 194 gr. Max Expansion. I have heard from others that Corbon and Lehigh Defense offer the best loaded ammo for 300 BO.
  3. I currently have a suppressed 300 BO. The early problems with this setup was finding rifle bullets that would perform at suppressed velocities. There are a couple of good sub-sonic bullets to use at this point in time, but they sell at a premium. This problem can be avoided by shooting suppressed pistol calibers. Handgun bullets typically move at/near sub-sonic velocities (some will exceed speed of sound of sound). The 45 ACP is a great stopping round that is hard to push above sub-sonic levels. Great performing bullets are cheap and easy to find. Take a look at the ‘new’ Extar EP platform. Currently available in 9mm (not ideal for suppressed), it will be coming out in both 10mm and 45. For the price, you can’t build anything similar on an AR platform.
  4. azsugarbear

    Swarovski 15X56 Non-HD Bino's for Sale $1,400

    Bino's are SPF.
  5. Just stepped up to the newer HD version of these bino's earlier today (thanks Hunter1981). Now I need to re-home my older version of the same model. Up for sale: Swarovski 15X56 Non-HD model with the Swarobright lens coating. I have used these out in the field for about 8 years now. Glass is in fantastic shape with no scratches, marring, etc. on either the objectives or eyepieces. Have worked hard to keep them near pristine. The armor is also in great shape with no gouges, scratches or tears. Bino's come with everything you see in the pictures: 15X56 Binos, caps for both the objectives and eyepieces, strap for the bino's (rarely used), swaro field bag, strap for field bag, camera adaptor for eyepiece, outdoorsman stud and requisite packaging. The Swaro field bag is not for the 15X56,but rather the 10X42. Must have gotten them mixed up when I sold my older Swaro 19X42's. Not looking for any trades at this time. Need to recoup some of my cost for stepping into the next generation bino. Asking price is $1,400 firm at this time. First "I'll take it" on this CWT thread gets precedence over PM's or text messages based on time. If you have questions, you can PM here or text to 602-361-7191.
  6. azsugarbear

    Good Guy Seller List

    Hunter1981 is GTG. Bought some high dollar Swaro glass from him. Great communication. Item exactly as described. Smooth transaction.
  7. azsugarbear

    Swarovski 15x56 HD

    I'll take these. Let me know where you are located.
  8. azsugarbear

    Expectations vs Reality

    I'm an empty-nester now, but the days of young babies, new financial commitments and never feeling to have enough time seems like it was yesterday. All these new things can make you feel a little overwhelmed. Stay the course. Hang on to what you got, but go back to the basics. My grandpa used to say "beware the one gun man". Pick one weapon as your 'release' and get to know it inside out until it becomes part of you. Hang on to your reloading stuff. I found mine to be a great release or escape. It was something that took concentration thereby relaxing me - and I never had to leave the house. I was always right there if my wife or kids needed my help. You will slowly acclimate to the new changes in your life and as you better manage your time, things will get easier. Kind of like a heavy pack. You get used to it the farther down the trail you get. Hang in there. You sound like you are going to be a great Dad.
  9. I bought several boxes of these several years ago to help break in my barrel. I have since started to reload for this rifle. Up for sale is one box (20 rounds) of Federal Vital Shock loaded with the 200 grain Nosler Partition bullets. I could not find this particular loading from Federal during an online search. I did find several other loadings from Federal that all seemed to run anywhere from $36 to $42 before shipping and/or tax. Looking to get $30. I live & work in N Phx/Scottsdale airpark area. If interested, send me a PM or text/call Karl at 602-265-0707.
  10. azsugarbear

    Browning Camo BPS 12 Gauge Shotgun for Sale

    I'm up in the north Phx / Scottsdale area near Tatum & bell Road. I'm probably gonna list this on gunbroker.com later today if there are no takers. This is a great price for a camo synthetic BPS.
  11. azsugarbear

    Good Guy Buyer List

    rszkutak (Rob) is a great guy and easy to work with. He bought a Swaro spotter from me and it was a smooth transaction. An easy add to the Good guy list.
  12. azsugarbear

    Browning Camo BPS 12 Gauge Shotgun for Sale

    weekend bump
  13. Just in time for the Fall turkey season......Up for sale is a Browning Pump Shotgun (BPS) Invector Plus Shotgun. This 12 guage has a 26" barrel with the Invector choke system. The shotgun accepts 2&3/4", 3" and 3&1/2" magnum shells. The BPS is designed with a straight stock (no right or left off-set) and bottom ejection to appeal to both the right and left hand shooter. The stock comes in the popular synthetic camo pattern. Shotgun comes with three different choke tubes (Full, Modified & Imp. Cylinder) along with a choke key for removal and installation. Barrel has vented rib with gold bead front sight. Smooth action. Used, but not abused. The camo does have some wear which I have tried to capture in some of the photos. Selling to raise funds for a hunt. Not looking for trades at this time. Price is $325. If interested, leave me a PM, or text/call me at 602-365-0707.