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  1. azsugarbear

    ISO a Freezer FOUND!

    I have an old freezer that I put out on the side of the house 6 mos. ago. It was still working at that time. It is not "frost free", but you can have it for free. I live about 1.5 mi. south of north 101 Loop and 56th street. LMK if interested.
  2. azsugarbear

    Found- 380 ACP Carbide Die Set

    Found one. Thanks to all.
  3. azsugarbear

    Found- 380 ACP Carbide Die Set

    FoundI just picked upa little Ruger LCP. I need some inexpensive 380 acp dies to load some ammo for this pocket pistol. Let me know what you have.
  4. azsugarbear

    WTB old black powder. east valley

    I have some, but it is pretty scarce to find right now. I also have some partial cans of black powder substitutes such as Pyrodex and Triple Seven. I assume you are aware that black powder 'explodes' while modern propellants burn. It can be tricky stuff when you put a match to it. Where do you live? I'm up in the N. Scottsdale area.
  5. azsugarbear

    SOLD - Kahles 2-7x36 Helia CL Scope - Price Reduction

    Scope is now SPF.
  6. azsugarbear

    Found, thanks

    Not sure what kind of 22lr match pistol you are looking for, but I have a Ruger Mark III with 5.5" bull barrel with OEM target sights just sitting in the safe. Probably only a couple rounds through the barrel.
  7. azsugarbear

    SOLD - Kahles 2-7x36 Helia CL Scope - Price Reduction

    TTT - Reduced Price: $650
  8. azsugarbear

    SPF - RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo #98923

    SPF to red arrow. PM sent.
  9. Just pulled this off a rifle I recently purchased, so I have no history with this scope and it doen't fit my current needs. I will probably regret selling this at some point in the future. This Kahles Helia has the same German SHOT glass for which all Kahles scopes are famous. The scope has a 1" tube and is best suited for close to medium range rifle work. The reticle is the 4A Plex, which is much harder to located than the standard Kahles Plex reticle. Both the Objective and Ocular lenses are pristine and free from any scratches. The aluminum scope housing is matte black with a couple of small, but visible scratches in the objective bell finish as well as some slight marring where the rear ring was located. I have included images of these areas in pics 4 & 5. I can't think of anything I need at this time as far as trades go - unless you happen to have a TBAC 30 cal. 5/8x24 SR mount hanging around somewhere. First "I'll Take It" in this thread trumps any emails or PM/DM's regardless of time stamp. Save those for questions about the scope. I live in N. Phx/Scottsdale area near 101 Loop, but will to meet in half way in greater Phx area. Price is $700. Now $650.
  10. azsugarbear

    SPF - RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo #98923

    TTT - with lower price.
  11. azsugarbear

    SPF - RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo #98923

    I live/work in N Phoenix area near 101 Loop and 56th Street. I can meet at Bass Pro near the 101 & 202 for east valley dwellers, or at Sportsmans Warehouse on N I-17 for those in the west valley.
  12. azsugarbear

    WTB Heavy 22 cal Bullets for Reloading.

    I have some extra 85.5 gr. Berger Hybrid Target bullets that I use for my 22 Creedmoor. They are a little heavier than what you specified, but an 8 twist will stabilize them just fine. I also have several boxes (50 count) of Sierra 77gr. hollow point boat tail bullets.
  13. azsugarbear

    WTS - Tikka T3 RH Long Action w/Std. Bolt Face

    Yes. Located in N Phx near 101 Loop and 56th Street
  14. azsugarbear

    WTS - Tikka T3 RH Long Action w/Std. Bolt Face

    They are harder to find and generally cost more than those that are standard calibers. If you look at the cartridges offered in Tikka rifles, about 80% are standard. The only cartridges with magnum case heads are 270 WSM, 300 WSM, 300 WM and 6.5 PRC.