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    COVID Vaccine Info

    If your looking hard for an opinion or answer that you want you will probably find it.

    Tent Rental

    So far managed 7 nights in this tipi and it’s been great. Set up is pretty easy and for what you get the weight is unbeatable. Maybe the only slight downside is the large footprint but it works in most areas. Using this ahead of purchasing one was a game changer.

    300 blackout brass

    What powder?
  4. electronic tags are basically you use your phone that has your tag on it and when you harvest you validate the tag with your phone. I saw somewhere they are using it already but not sure what states. Seems like it wouldn't work good for me I never have signal. I just wish they would sell the otc tags online real soon. That sitting in the parking lot waiting for them to call is silly
  5. I posed the question of what was the reasoning for banning in another thread and it was never answered. I wasn't being sarcastic I genuinely only had a few guesses as to why. I use cameras off and on mostly in new areas to me to get a lay of the land other than glassing it. I have never set cams on water or even within 100 yards of water but the one main reason I would support not using them is just general pressure. No way around the round the clock pressure of humans on the lands. If you add up all land use its never ending pressure on the animals.

    Any Outdoorsman pack users

    Ya I hate squeaks, baby powder works well or dry lube spray. I have 2 cots that used to squeak bad but baby powder solved it.

    Any Outdoorsman pack users

    Recently picked up the palisade 90 bag due to the fact that I have 2 of the atlas trainers and 2 frames so figured to save some money (when my main pack broke) and just convert 1 trainer over to backpack. I like this set up so far, used it on day hunts recently and hauled tree stands as well. Just returned from 3 days in the wilderness in full camp on back mode and it was a good set up for that. I just have one question, there is a zipper access on the back bottom of the bag to access the inside but the main bag comes all the way down past this access so its basically non usable if anything is in the main bag???? not an issue just curious what the thoughts were on this odd set up. FYI I loaded 5 days worth of food and gear and did not use the extra accessory bag and fully loaded water and food was 37 lbs. Pack rode nice and stayed tight, I did have to squeeze a lot of my wind checker on all the touch points to the frame due to major squeak noise but that cleared it right up. If I could change two things I would have given more room for the lid to come over the top of the load and a little larger lumbar pad. The tripod set up is really good. Hoping to separate the bag from the frame for some meat hauling soon!!!!!

    WTB Canoe

    Thanks to chuckster for the new toy. Headed out soon for an adventure. Happy new year.

    Tent Rental

    Just want to say a big thanks to Adam in Peoria for loaning me a nice Kifaru 6 man, spent 3 days in it up in the Mazatzals and worked out perfect with snow, wind, and really cold temps. some really great people on this site, happy new year.

    Tent Rental

    Long shot here but what are the chances of someone having a high end TIPI style tent for backpacking they would rent out for December Jan hunts?? Really looking to buy the Redcliff from seek outside but they have long lead time and no stock. would love to try one out or maybe 6 man tipi from seek or kifaru. I have a Lite outdoors Titanium stove already that I use in a larger tent for the Mules but where im going isn't going to work with them and its 13 lbs so not going to carry that thing.

    Dry Rub Venison Back Strap

    Ah very nice

    Anybody shoot the 30 cal Berger EOL 245gr yet?

    I have a box to try in my 300 blk ,,, should slow it down enough for no bang bang noise out of the can. !!!!

    How much rain

    Jay Scott had reports of 1/2 in or ,more down that way. How did you do at your farm here??

    New good old country music

    Y a little joke there, I was needing to jump on there anyway since Rogan jumped over but ive not been on it yet, ill be checking yours out thanks for the hard work.


    FYI those storm shad baits work awesome when stripers are going off