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    Gunsmith to Move Sight and Thread Barrel?

    Aark Machine may have some time in the west valley mhughes@aarkmachine.com

    Gun Room Clean Out

    I will take the 260 AI with the removable pilot. PM inbound

    New Mexico 2024

    Very nice, we just got back as well, struck out but found a few to play with and walked some new country. Didnt see one camp and maybe 2 folks drove by in 3 days. weather was awsome.

    RMEF Phoenix NL Pure Raffle

    Here's a little teaser for the live auction. RMEF Aark Machine Remington 700 6.5 PRC Remington 700 Donor Action HS Precision Stock Action trued under .0002 Upgraded oversized 8-40 Base Holes Custom Carbon Wrapped Bolt 5/16-18 Bolt knob conversion Custom Bolt Knob Bolt Face and Shaft Trued under .0002 Action Bedded to Stock Proof Carbon Barrel Barrel aligned under .0002 chambered in 6.5 PRC 5/8-24 Muzzle threads Custom Muzzle Break Turned to Barrel Diameter 20 MOA one piece scope base oversize 8-40 mounting Scope base bedded to action Timney Trigger

    New mexico otc?

    headed out next week, heard some good reports from 2 weeks back.

    What Round would Sell Best?

    Do a little more research, it can be a short. Doesnt mean it should be but it can. Not every projectile needs to be hanging out 2 inches and 200 grns. To make it a short would kill resale so not going to happen but it was a "short" thought. I settled on the 260 almost for sure but not totally for sure.

    AR 10 cycling issues

    not sure what you want in (pinning)? A small spot where the set screw goes is all you need. It wont move. Depending on makers some barrels have them stock and some dont. And some are misplaced depending on gas block maker. Pain in the butt. Let me know if you need it done but im far west of you.

    What Round would Sell Best?

    As far as resale the idea was to build a nice rig and play for a while then sell and move on. I can do everything myself so resale will still be a profit if i can find a buyer. I have a Barrel already in 6.5 and a nice action which is why the constraints.

    What Round would Sell Best?

    Ya I have some ideas on the short action 6.5 284 but it would be hand load only and its not proven. Im leaning towards the 260 rem and second the creed. Ive never shot a creed in 6.5 other than an AR10 but i always loved the 260.
  10. Choosing between a few rounds for a new build and looking for resale efficacy for each. Lets say retail on this site, what bolt action rifle would sell better in your opinion? Maybe top two? All are Standard, short action. 260 REM 6.5 284 Norm 6.5 Creed 6.5x47 Lapua

    7mm Rem Mag vs. 7mm PRC thoughts

    Just ream some more free bore in.

    AR 10 cycling issues

    Mag fit, undergassed. Where did it toss the brass? behind you? 90 degrees to the right is optimum rule, forward toss is overgassed I see alot of gas holes in barrels off to the block. After shooting pull it apart and be sure the block didnt move and look at the hole in the barrel, most times I see a figure eight shape from the gas hitting the barrel where its out of alignment.

    Pagosa Springs GMU 77,771 and 78

    Whats the dates?

    2012 tracker 175 pro

    2012 tracker pro for sale. upgraded 75 horse optimax Merc upgraded 24 volt 65 lb trolling motor upgraded sonar well kept with normal cosmetics (top of seats cracking) serviced regularly, lower unit and water pump done last year 13,000 firm