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    Woodbury Fire

    I don't think the fire will hurt the dwellings , I think people will be shocked if it exposes a bunch that weren't known before.

    Woodbury Fire

    Bummed for all involved. Let's hope all are safe and it helps the area for the future.
  3. I was thinking of trying those Zion when my kuiu blow out

    Bowtec users

    The other thing I have mentioned before to people is they took really good care of my buddy with military discounts

    Bowtec users

    Update, purchased the Boss 36 ATA and its freakin nice. Pretty sure I'm going to borrow this baby for August this year.

    Ron Robison custom arrows

    It's break time again. Arrow testing and bow tweaking for a friend who is on his way overseas so we can do stuff like this
  7. Camo means nothing to me either. I'm in for performance. I like my pant to be stretchy. I wear eddy Bauer hiking pants at work and hiking. The kuiu and most high end camo have stretch to them. I hate legging up over a log and you get like half way and your pants bind up and you toe pick said log and hit the dirt. Another thing these companies have is all the right pockets and zippers. The tiberon a are vented on both sides down the leg and I love the crotch zipper being a double for venting also. They dry fast also
  8. I just wish I could get first lite and kuiu to blend together. I like suspenders and zip off pants. That would be sexy, shorts with suspenders in camo. Haha it is AZ though and even in January it's hot hiking in anything
  9. Kuiu tiberon. Nothing else is as light and breathable. Price is better too. I would rather run all Marino wool but no one makes it light enough
  10. That attitude is exactly what's wrong with this site these days. Sometimes a guy or gal just wants to talk to other hunters. Guys like me have very few friends and are alone with their wife most of the time so these conversations are hard to come by. Lighten up A little and humor a fellow human. You might make a friend or help someone out.

    Suppressed 300 blk

    Wow not sure how I missed this, I did know about the mag limits but totally missed the suppressor . That will be very nice on my daughters elk hunt. Thanks for the info

    Suppressed 300 blk

    I was under the impression they are not legal for hunting in AZ??????

    Suppressed 300 blk

    Oh dude your going to love that, short and quick.

    Range day

    it was a good day.

    Suppressed 300 blk

    Without being able to hunt with this thing not sure why one would want one. I thought that until I shot subsonic 300 blk and sub .308 !!!!! Crazy fun, the 308 is like a pellet gun in recoil and sound. Absolutely crazy. Only issue is the 308 won't cycle but who cares it's super fun. IMG_1543.MOV