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    WTB outdoorsman palisade

    Not much of a showroom. Looked like they were doing some construction maybe but ya I’m guessing they don’t do much in person sales. Spent a total of 2 minutes and saw everything. They have stuff in the back and will let you test anything you want just not much window shopping.

    WTB outdoorsman palisade

    Ended up making the drive to fountain hills and grabbed an OD green palisade 90. They had a few in stock now. I took a buddy with me to check the shop out but nothing to see there, empty lobby with a desk basically. Quick and easy now to test this thing out

    White tank regional park

    You can get out just roll all the way up to the main gate and it opens automatically. They can ticket you if your not camping or paying for camping. I received a few warnings on my window last year but that’s it.

    Coues in the Oaks

    whats the youtube channel? Its blocked for me but ill check it out at home

    Some recent trail cam pics

    great shots

    Crown King Fire

    Ya its a bummer this year, setting up the wall tent next week and not even bringing the wood stove. No dutch ovens either. piled up firewood all year planning for these fall trips. Oh well at least everyone is safe so far I guess.

    10yr Old Daughter's rifle bull

    Cool deal man congrats to you guys

    Sous Vide - Sounds weird.. changes the game..

    That’s a good one

    Best Backpack for late elk hunt

    I forgot my pack the other day and was hauling salt so just tossed 50lb bag in a 10 dollar duffle and slung my arms through the carry handles, haha not very comfy but made a few miles with it.. anything will work so don't sweat it too much.

    Another Canyon...


    Sous Vide - Sounds weird.. changes the game..

    The circulation is better but my big high end unit doesn't circulate and its been great for 13 years. Heck you could just try it in your oil. No reason it shouldn't work as well or better than water as long as the temp is right. oil aint going to hurt the freezer bag. I doubt that temp controller is going to kick on within 2 degrees though. Im guessing 10 to 15 drop then it will kick back on and most likely over temp it.

    Sous Vide - Sounds weird.. changes the game..

    One thing not mentioned I do a lot with this method is take a whole roast frozen and toss it in the machine in the morning and let it ride all day. At dinner time just sear it off hot and slice and serve. Nice and easy. Another fun one is to take frozen steaks and toss them on the smoker for an hour then bag them up and sous vide them for another 2 hours at 129 then sear them off and serve, that one is really good.

    Sous Vide - Sounds weird.. changes the game..

    That will do the same thing as long as it will hold the temp where you want it. Anywhere from 120 to 165 I started out using this method with a cast iron pot and the oven. I just put temp probe in the water and kept an eye on it, when the temp started to get lower I would kick the oven on for a few minutes then turn it back off. Not as easy but the same thing. I catered a party and did 4 whole fillets in my sous vide machine and then transported them to the party in a cooler with 132 degree water in it. An hour later it was still 129 and worked out perfect. As far as cost I bought my first machine 13 years ago for 459.00 so todays 119.00 units are much more affordable. I still use my original unit.


    I would look for a machinist that might have a thread file set. with those fine threads probably just have some light deformation that could be coaxed out by hand. I would think maybe outdoorsmans might be able to hook you up with the shop they use. They make some rally fine threads on some of their parts.

    Crown King Fire

    Ya that thing was nasty yesterday, smoky at the house this morning but I left in the dark and couldn't see anything up there.