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  1. Hoytman


    It really is. I paid 120 for 2# directly from hodgdon
  2. Hoytman


    Dang they got all the good stuff. I need some h1000 too
  3. Hoytman

    Taurus TX22 FS

    Sweet little pistols that are fun to shoot!
  4. Hoytman

    XDM Elite Precision 5.25

    I’ll throw in a 50round box of fmj brass ammo
  5. Hoytman

    XDM Elite Precision 5.25

    I have a used but excellent condition xdm elite 5.25 in 9mm for sale. I’ve had it awhile but mostly sat in the safe. The only real wear I see is on the barrel like all pistols show. This model has a slide cut out on the top. It will come with the box and 2 mags, extra fiber for front sight and a soft case as pictured. Asking 700obo might be interested in trading for other full size pistols but I already have a Glock 45.
  6. Hoytman

    WTB or trade for 140 eld m bullets

    Sorry my post wasn’t very clear. I have several extra boxes of factory ammo 6.5 creedmoor precision hunter 143eldx I’m looking to trade for 6.5 140eldm projectiles.
  7. I know it’s a long shot but I’m looking for some 140eldm bullets... I have some factory precision hunter 143eldx to trade if anyone is interested or willing to buy. Thanks
  8. Hoytman

    AR Pistol

    Sale pending
  9. Hoytman

    AR Pistol

    As others have pointed out angled fore grips are allowed. Also the lower does have the screw to adjust the fit with upper
  10. Hoytman

    AR Pistol

    If anyone is interested my brother can meet tomorrow morning at 9 in Phoenix with it
  11. Hoytman

    AR Pistol

    It’s chambered for 223wylde so 556 and 223
  12. Hoytman

    AR Pistol

    Sorry I’m in Prescott
  13. Hoytman

    AR Pistol

    I have a nice AR Pistol for trade. It has been duracoated gray. Forged upper with 7.5 integrity arms barrel, kak flash can, seekins adjustable gas block, free float quad rail, strike industry dust cover, mega charging handle, FA BCG. Magpul Afg, And metal flip up sights. Billet Sun Devil lower, CMMG lpk, oversized takedown pins, magpul grip, magpul ASAP plate, phase 5 buffer tube, kak blade. Carbine buffer and spring. I will include a 30round pmag. as you can see this has been assembled with quality parts. It shoots great and has a few hundred rounds through it. Asking 850obo
  14. Hoytman

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I’d be in for some 143 6.5 and 212 eld x 30cal
  15. Hoytman

    M1A magazines

    No markings that I can find