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  1. Hoytman

    22S Last Night

    I'm not sure many broadheads will punch through a bulls shoulder. I was shooting a 70 pound carbon spyder turbo 3 years ago and my broad head and arrow came out of a shoulder shot at 30 yards. That being said there are definitely some flimsy mechanicals out there that probably won't hold up passing through ribs
  2. Hoytman

    Rut Activity

    Hard hunting up in 8 for us. Up there opening weekend and this weekend. Still saw bulls running solo and some groups of cows without bulls. Most bulls stop bugling just after light. Evenings have been pretty quiet. Hunted the cedars and pines same thing in the areas we were in.
  3. Hoytman

    New Tracker utv

    I've been considering one also. From what I can find the higher end models are made by arctic cat. Interesting to see if anyone here has any first had experience.
  4. Hoytman

    Hunting in the whetstones

    Thanks guys good to know. E scouting and looking at maps had me planning like jacob said. Should be interesting for both our first coues hunt.
  5. Keep at it Idgaf. Like many have said love this thread and hope you can stick a biggun. This thread has me committed to waiting it out for and archery strip tag instead of,burning my points on a kaibab tag
  6. Wife was able to get a leftover 34b Nov tag. Planning on hunting in the whetstones. For those have hunted there what kind of vegetation is it? Easily glassable? Thanks
  7. Hoytman

    Magpul Hunter 700 SA stock

    Sold to hunter4life09
  8. Hoytman

    Magpul Hunter 700 SA stock

    Price drop 175
  9. Hoytman

    Magpul Hunter 700 SA stock

    I have an excellent condition magpul hunter 700 in fde. Fired exactly 40 rounds then took off. Stock will,come with everything it came with in box (lop spacers, bdl spacer, etc.) I'll also include the magpul magwell, with 5 round mag, and a magpul mlok bipod adapter. Asking 200obo. I can also ship if needed.
  10. Hoytman

    Left Overs

    Wife got a 34b leftover. Should be interesting for our first coues hunt. Looks like some access issues down there. Better than no hunting ha
  11. Hoytman

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    With the huge number increases wonder how much longer before the otc archery hunts are eliminated and go to draw..... Good luck to everyone.
  12. Hoytman

    Beretta Nano

    I have a used in good condition single stack 9mm Beretta Nano. It will come with one 6 round mag and the box. Asking 300 obo
  13. Hoytman

    Left handed bowtech

  14. Hoytman

    Left handed bowtech

    Bow is still available
  15. Hoytman

    Left handed bowtech

    400 complete with ripcord ace and cbe 5 pin slider. If i remember correctly its a tek hybrid with a 4 inch dovetail.