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  1. BeardWonder62

    WTB 12x50 Binos

    I’ll check them out.
  2. BeardWonder62

    WTB 12x50 Binos

    Looking to buy 12x50 Binos. Mostly looking for vortex UHD or HD also Maven B6.
  3. BeardWonder62

    Maven B.6 12x50

    Still available?
  4. BeardWonder62

    Vortex razor HD 12x50

    Still available?
  5. BeardWonder62

    Reloading Items

  6. BeardWonder62

    Vortex razor HD 12x50

    Still available?
  7. BeardWonder62

    Reloading Items

    Ammo and powder $40 piece.
  8. BeardWonder62

    Mathews V3X 33” R/H $890

    33 or 29?
  9. BeardWonder62


  10. BeardWonder62

    Reloading Items

  11. BeardWonder62


    Are you interested in trade.
  12. BeardWonder62

    Reloading Items

    I have couple items for sale. 30 Cal 165gr BTSP Interlock(100count) 30 Cal 180gr SP interlock (100count) 30 Cal 168gr Match(100 count) RCBS Scale for sale nothing wrong with it. I just upgraded to automatic dispenser. Only open once.( Sold) Powder - 1lb H335 Never been open. Willing to separate everything ammo and powder $50 a piece. The scale $30. Located in Chandler willing to meet half way. Three Zero seven Three two one eight six zero eight
  13. BeardWonder62


    $40 for 1.
  14. BeardWonder62


    How much for 1lb ?