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  1. coueser4

    2019 regs

    Did anyone see the recommendations posted online for this year? It’s helpful to see the changes from the previous year. I didn’t see it this year but could be my mistake in not finding it. Anyone have a link or copy if they were posted somewhere?
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    Cut Resistant Gloves for Field Dressing

    Just ordered 4 pair! Been meaning to get something like these for quite a while. Sliced up some jerky tonight and thought of them again. This was too good of a price to pass up. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Its a transgendeer..
  5. Those numbers are super impressive! Comparing the two it looks like the 6.5 SS load should have the edge on the 280 AI load even taking over on energy beyond 600 yards. Both loads are very impressive. That 6.5 SS is intriguing though. May have to look more into it. With these being lighter weight builds hows the recoil on them? Thanks again for posting this stuff. Always learning something new on your threads.
  6. coueser4

    Mathews quiver and Scott release....SOLD.

    I’ll take the quiver.
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    Bump still available
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    WTB Phoneskope for Iphone 6

    I have one for the iPhone 6. Just the phone case side. Pm sent.
  13. coueser4

    any 2017 success yet?

    Noted. Thanks. Congrats on getting your buffalo for your AZ big 10!
  14. coueser4

    any 2017 success yet?

    Do they allow you to shoot your buffalo with a bow on the ranch? Or any rifle/muzzleloader restrictions? Just curious how they could make it a little tiny bit more interesting.