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  1. Eli

    Leica Duovid 10+15x50 Price drop

    Free bump for a great pair of optics, glws
  2. Eli

    Tikka t3 7-08 for sale

    That was quick!
  3. Eli

    Too Early Draw Results Countdown

    Seeing tag number too but no hunt number yet. Youth hunt though
  4. Eli

    Card Hits!

    Tag numbers are up in portal but not what hunt
  5. Eli

    Card Hits!

    So we just got hit for an adult and a youth tag.
  6. Eli

    Card Hits!

    Congrats crazymonkey! still haven’t seen any antelope hits outside one that wasn’t the poster who’s friend may have drawn one on MM
  7. Eli

    Card Hits!

    Fair enough
  8. Eli

    Card Hits!

    Still odd to me no one has a pronghorn hit yet
  9. Eli

    Card Hits!

    Anyone seen any antelope hits?
  10. Eli

    Card Hits!

    Seeing youth hits posted too
  11. Eli

    Too Early Draw Results Countdown

    Congrats on a great tag!!!
  12. Eli


    This was my math too. They posted the cc card update deadline on 2-23 last year, with the deadline being a week out
  13. Eli

    55 and 49 Marlin 336 30-30s

    Nice guns
  14. Eli

    Need hide tanned near Bass Pro Mesa/Tempe

    I sent a cow elk to Moyle and was happy with the results
  15. Eli

    Lookin for a lefthanded youth rifle.

    Don’t discount single shots too. CVA makes a pretty sweet compact break action for around $250