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  1. Eli

    WTB Swarovski 80/85mm ATS or ATX

    Rokslide had a few if you are on there
  2. Pm sent, I’ll take it
  3. Eli

    Fs Winchester 94 pre 64 30-30

    Beautiful gun
  4. Eli

    Anybody need 6.5 ammo?

    I don’t need any but thanks for looking out
  5. Eli

    Using blanks to train a pup

    I did the same thing. Just the little revolver one and ring caps. Worked well
  6. I thought they were partnering with kuiu and making point guard plus pro and point guard plus ultra…. I have my loyalty and hunter Ed and my individual bonus points and group average (for an application of just me) don’t match so I’m guessing one just isn’t getting counted somewhere in the display. always worth a call. They can tell you if you are showing the point. For what it’s worth my brother didn’t draw a tag he had points to bonus pass last year based on the report. My guess is some of the tag cuts shuffled where people applied
  7. Eli

    Draw results

    Was within seven days last time, hoping today
  8. Eli

    Hits started

    I want to say around 7-10 days last time? I’d expect this Friday at the way earliest, but most likely next week
  9. Eli

    Hits started

    CC just hit for $45……
  10. Eli

    Lights on Beeline Hwy

    I called a buddy in the know. Navigation aids for falcon field flights. I was really curious as well
  11. Bump for a well written, thoughtful post. GLWS
  12. Had a catahoula as a kid growing up. Very protective, extremely smart. Great dog. Good luck with sale!
  13. Eli

    WTB Blackhorn 209 powder

    My complete apologies, I was in the gym and did not look close enough. I thought it was in stock last time I had looked, but that was On hodgdons site. Again, sorry about that
  14. Eli

    WTB Blackhorn 209 powder

    Scam link, my apologies
  15. Eli


    Agree on all of the above that whatever you shoot best is the best pick. Multiple rounds on target fastest is the goal. For most people, once you get above 44 mag the recoil recovery limits quick accurate follow up shots That being said, a small RMR optic on a 10mm would be pretty hard to top I’m bear country . I prefer Glock but any of the three would work well.