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  1. Eli

    ISO CVA Paramount Pro

    Not sure if you are still looking but camofire has them listed today
  2. 4 boxes for sale, asking what I paid $60 a box. As the title says, nosler 140 etip in 280ai. WTT for nosler factory 140 ballistic tips or accubonds. Live in Mesa, work in Phoenix 480-241-8one8two
  3. Eli

    Iso (ammo)

    https://ammoseek.com/ammo/22-magnum I ordered some last week, good variety actually
  4. Eli

    WTS Savage Axis in 223

    Yeah, they are. Have a few axis and all are sub moa. Bump for a deal
  5. Eli

    Hits Started

    Congrats! Nada here
  6. Eli

    Tract Toric 4x20 mil

  7. Eli

    Wtb 300 win mag ammo

    Www.ammoseek.com https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1001756036?pid=873479&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=ammo-seek&utm_campaign=873479 pricy but midway has in stock
  8. Eli

    Leica Trinovid 12x50 BA 2 pairs

    Free Bump for great glass. The earlier trinovids are higher quality than the current trinovids. Good luck with sale
  9. Eli

    300 win mag ammo

  10. Eli

    spring turkey 2021 status?

    Congrats flatlander!! Heard that area was hot for birds. We had a few gobbling Friday AM in 23 as well but couldn’t close the deal. The wind definitely put a damper on it.
  11. Eli


    https://www.ar15.com/forums/ar-15/What_s_the_rule_on_putting_a_front_grip_on_an_AR_pistol_/122-698368/ I never like sourcing legal advice from the internet but I believe this is right https://www.guntrustguru.com/can-i-add-a-vertical-fore-grip-to-my-ar-15-pistol.html vertical fore grip seems to be the no no for the atf
  12. Eli

    Archery bull scouting

    My mistake, it’s the 6a herd. Cool resource regardless
  13. Eli

    Archery bull scouting

    https://westernmigrations.net/ so this is a pretty cool site and I’m pretty sure the 6B elk herd is on there. It’s gps migration data and I know there’s an early/late overlay. Good luck with your hunt!
  14. Eli

    spring turkey 2021 status?

    https://youthoutdoorsunlimited.com/jrturkeycamp/ May be a good resource if you aren’t getting on birds. Good luck