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  1. Eli

    300 win mag ammo

  2. Eli

    spring turkey 2021 status?

    Congrats flatlander!! Heard that area was hot for birds. We had a few gobbling Friday AM in 23 as well but couldn’t close the deal. The wind definitely put a damper on it.
  3. Eli

    AR Pistol

    https://www.ar15.com/forums/ar-15/What_s_the_rule_on_putting_a_front_grip_on_an_AR_pistol_/122-698368/ I never like sourcing legal advice from the internet but I believe this is right https://www.guntrustguru.com/can-i-add-a-vertical-fore-grip-to-my-ar-15-pistol.html vertical fore grip seems to be the no no for the atf
  4. Eli

    Archery bull scouting

    My mistake, it’s the 6a herd. Cool resource regardless
  5. Eli

    Archery bull scouting

    https://westernmigrations.net/ so this is a pretty cool site and I’m pretty sure the 6B elk herd is on there. It’s gps migration data and I know there’s an early/late overlay. Good luck with your hunt!
  6. Eli

    spring turkey 2021 status?

    https://youthoutdoorsunlimited.com/jrturkeycamp/ May be a good resource if you aren’t getting on birds. Good luck
  7. Eli

    Ammo at Gander Mesa

    It’s around main st and Gilbert?
  8. Eli

    Ammo at Gander Mesa

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. Eli

    Tags in the mail?

    Colorado bumped their deadline back three days
  10. Eli

    Tags in the mail?

    Still waiting on ours too. Guess they didn’t make the only deadline they had. Thanks for the update
  11. Had it in November. Down for a week, all fine now. Lost smell for about three weeks.
  12. Eli

    Getting goats!

    a buddy had just sent me this so maybe you are on to something
  13. Eli

    Late Season Archery Bull tag Unit 22N

    Movement on those late hunts is more from pressure than weather a lot of the time. Go shed hunting for sure and start looking for nasty canyons and water away from roads. Congrats on a fun tag!
  14. Eli

    9mm S&W shield $200

    What color was the slide painted?
  15. Eli

    Unit 23n early hunt outfitter

    AZ ground pounders has turned up some monsters in there (but I’m not sure in the N/S split). Congrats on an amazing tag