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  1. Eli

    2024 youth turkey hunt

    Man, I was thinking the same thing. Congrats to those who punched tags. We got into birds and gobbles and had a blast but couldn’t seal the deal.
  2. Eli

    Savage 64 Bull Barrel .SOLD

    Nice gun
  3. Eli

    Turkey shot size question (Updated)

    Flight control wads are pretty crazy with buckshot too. I’ve seen some guns stack some tight 40-50 yard groups with those
  4. Eli

    Wtb 243

    @Cambow has a 243 ruger American listed somewhere in here for a good price
  5. Eli

    Weatherby Range Certified 6.5 Creedmoor

    My understanding is it was like the old Winchester 1 of 100 or 1 of 1000 editions for the 1873 and 1876. All vanguards are guaranteed sub-moa. During testing, some obviously exhibit higher accuracy than others, and these are set aside for that series. I forget the specs for the old Winchester program but I believe the top 10% were going to 1/100 series and top 1% to the 1/1000 series or something like that. Similar concept but unknown on what level of accuracy above sub-moa designated it as one. From what I’ve heard from people with them, they are shooters, but there is no heightened accuracy guarantee. Nice rifle and GLWS
  6. Eli

    Turkey shot size question (Updated)

    Interesting. What kind of range are you getting with that?
  7. Eli

    Turkey shot size question (Updated)

    My wife was quick to point out that each shell costs about as much as just buying a frozen turkey. Not nearly as much fun though
  8. Eli

    Turkey shot size question (Updated)

    So per the regs, not that you would but since it doesn’t specify size, buckshot would also be legal then?
  9. Eli

    Turkey shot size question (Updated)

    I’m not sold one way or another yet honestly. More testing needed. Both targets would have been dead turkeys.
  10. Eli

    Turkey shot size question (Updated)

    Funny you mention that, our next trip out was to shoot both closer and further to see how it did. The blended loads of TSS and lead are designed to address the issue you speak of where they are supposed to open a little faster up close but still have the shot density down range. From what I can find, the gel penetration is better than #4 lead at 40 yards. Only time will tell for us guess . I’ve heard the long beard is a crusher of a load but I’m having a heckuva time finding any in 20ga. Midway just got some in in #6
  11. Eli

    Turkey shot size question (Updated)

    My son’s turkey gun is a 20 ga so the tss #9 was a little cheaper. Bottom target was a Remington #5 nitro turkey at 30 yards. Top target was a TSS#9 at 40 yards. It was impressive.
  12. Eli

    WTB Swarovski ATC spotter

    https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1026979695?pid=886549 just came out in email today
  13. Eli

    WTB Swarovski ATC spotter

    Not sure if you’re on there but rokslide usually has a few, may be worth a look too
  14. Eli

    Application Strategy… Mistake?

    Hoss, I forgot that aspect of the bonus pass that they go by point total, nice explanation. Thanks
  15. Eli

    Application Strategy… Mistake?

    My understanding is it’s a 10% non resident cap, but not a quota. Could be less but can’t be more. I think it goes by straight point total, stopping at the cap if they reach it, so the non-res tags would be interspersed. Non res may have something like tags 1, 4, 11 and 23 depending on BP amount. I’m just glad it’s so easy to figure out, yikes