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  1. Eli

    Spring draw

    Youth turkey hit
  2. Eli

    22 youth success

    Great deer!
  3. Eli

    .410 shells WTB

    I’m NE Mesa also. I have a half a box lying around if you want to Shoot me a PM
  4. Eli

    Last minute lucky

    Fantastic job to keep pushing!! Great job!
  5. Eli

    Let’s talk youth Camo Clothing

    Walmart and kings are what we did. Midway has some end of year sales too. Sportsman’s has the youth kings stuff so you can try it on and confirm sizes too. We have found good deals on insulation on eBay, but not as much camo. where are you located? I may have a pair of pants my son just outgrew.
  6. It’s pricy at $60 and $80 something but nosler factory 280 AI 140 gr BT and AB are back in stock on their website
  7. Eli

    Hornady 162g eldx 7mm

    Pm sent
  8. Eli

    Free bear hide and skull

    I re-read the initia post as well, my bad. Congrats on the bear!
  9. Eli

    Free bear hide and skull

    Did you check it in with AZGFD at the ADA camp in 23 by chance?
  10. Eli

    JR elk hunt 2 weeks away, can’t wait!!!

    Sounds like a great hunt! Thanks for the write up! Congratulations!
  11. Eli

    Grandson’s first coues

    Awesome deer and congrats on what sounds like a great weekend
  12. Eli

    Sunday unit 23 cow tag filled!

    Thank you for straightening it!
  13. Eli

    Sunday unit 23 cow tag filled!

    It’s a special time for sure. Has taught me a loooooooot of patience.
  14. After missing at first light on opening day and spending Saturday jockeying with other hunters, my son punched his tag Sunday morning. Second cow tag he’s filled and he turns 12 Wednesday. Aside from the tag being filled, it was a great hunt. He got to see bulls sparring and we were right in a lot of bugling still. He’s able to handle most of the gates finally which was a huge plus for me. I hiked him up and down some steep stuff and into and out of some thick nasty stuff, and he packed out a front quarter even that was probably half his body weight. Beyond proud. Now the processing fun begins. Huge thanks to Dave and all the ADA volunteers for a great camp. You do an amazing job. sorry for the sideways pic
  15. Eli

    2 cows opening day!!

    Congrats on doubling up!