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  1. government worker

    Lightweight Manfrotto and heavy duty Slick tripods

    Couldn’t PM you. Plz text me (520)955-4295 if available for me to meet you re: manfrotto. Thx. Kent
  2. government worker


    Hi AZBOW. Are GM215s still available? Would you sell just a couple of slips? Price? Heading from east side of town to Oracle right now. Thx.
  3. government worker

    WTB Bino Eyecups

    TTT (guess that’s how this works)
  4. government worker

    Want to buy Leupold or vortex scope

    Are you still looking? Similar to folks above have VXiiis in 6.5-20 and 4.5-14.
  5. government worker

    WTB Bino Eyecups

    Needing new eye cups for some aging Optolyth binos. Anyone have ideas on an eyecups-R-us? Thinking about it ditto for some B&L in the closet. Thx! anyone
  6. Good morning. I would like to take advantage of you being in Tucson on Tuesday 18-May-21 and purchase hogue stock. Even though I should probably know plz confirm it is for short action. Thx.
  7. What contour barrel will stock accommodate? Thx.
  8. government worker

    WTB .243

    Have Rem 700 ADL synthetic stock very much non custom if you want to go that route. Tucson.
  9. government worker

    FS: Ammo & Powder--ALL SOLD!

    Plz see PM on 6.8
  10. government worker

    Eberlestock M5 Team Elk

    What is the chance you are in the Tucson area and will be around this weekend?