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  1. clintb

    270 WIN ammo SOLD

    Where are you located, I’m interested
  2. clintb


    Interested if it gets to me
  3. clintb

    Remington 700 Timney Trigger W/ SAFETY

    I will take it if he passes, text sent
  4. clintb

    Traeger Renegade Pro

    Interested, if it gets to me
  5. clintb

    Swarovski 10x42 question + vortex 15x50

    I tell people, never look through 12x50 el’s in the field, till you can afford them, they’ll ruin you. Once I had mine, I would not be happy going to anything else. Several of my buds use swaro 15’s, one has vortex 15’s and my son uses Meopta 12’s. Distance swaro 15’s hd, clarity swaro 12’s.
  6. clintb

    Tombstone best restaurant.

    If you’re eating in Tombstone, Puny Johns BBQ. Very good
  7. clintb

    Kuiu Hooded Super Down Jacket

    If it's free plus $10 for shipping, I'll take it! Seriously what's the price?
  8. clintb

    WTB Remington 700 30-06

    PM sent
  9. clintb

    McMillan A5 stock

    Do you know the weight?
  10. clintb

    NEW PRICE $500 takes everything

    I'll take it.
  11. clintb

    **YETI 105**

    I'll take it if it makes it to me
  12. clintb


    Yes. Picking it up today
  13. clintb


    pm sent
  14. clintb

    CZ Woodcock o/u 20

    text message sent