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  1. clintb

    Favorite Westerns

    Blazing Saddles if you want a laugh McClintock if you want a western Unforgiven if you want the best
  2. clintb

    Leupold Gold Ring 10X42HD

    Great binos!
  3. clintb

    Caldwell lead sled, Burris scope

    If it gets to me, I’ll take the scope, putting a gun together for my nephew
  4. clintb


    message sent
  5. clintb

    Lifetime License

    I’ll be 221! If I’m still hunting, I’ll sure miss my friends and family!
  6. clintb

    Ruger MKl, powder, accubonds

    Pm sent
  7. clintb

    WTB winchester ballistic silvertips

    I have 18 rounds of what you’re looking for. I also have 10 rounds of 150 grain Speer Grand Slams. I also have brass and dies if you reload. I’m in Sierra Vista
  8. clintb

    WTB 7MM Rem Mag ammo

    Which swap meet? I maybe tempted.
  9. I saw this and had to chuckle, I feel your pain. I purchased a Ruger M77 Mark II in 300 win mag, 20 years ago, when I started putting in for the “elusive early rifle bull tag”. It sits in my safe unused. If I had known it would take this long to draw, I would have never put it for the early rifle hunt. Sitting on 22 points, maybe 2021 will be the year!
  10. clintb

    Variety of 300WM ammo

    I’ll take them all. Pm sent
  11. clintb


    Where are you located
  12. clintb

    WTB/ISO: Cabover Camper

    Short bed or long bed?
  13. clintb

    2011 Ford Escape

  14. clintb

    2011 Ford Escape

    Bump - updated price
  15. clintb

    2011 Ford Escape

    If a tow hitch sells it, I will install one! Lol, I posted from my phone, not sure how to rotate the pics.