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  1. clintb

    .45 ACP AMMO

    Sierra Vista is home, I own the Alpine Garage in Alpine
  2. clintb

    45/70 thunder five revolver

    Oh that must be a wrist snapper! Shot a Thompson Center 45/70 it was stout. This pistol would go perfect with my Ruger #1 in 45/70!
  3. clintb

    .45 ACP AMMO

    I will take whatever’s left, problem is I’m in Sierra Vista and Alpine!
  4. clintb

    Sunlight calculator!!!

    Been doing this since I was a kid, seems to be pretty dang close!
  5. clintb

    Best unit for 2022 with 23 points resident

    Thanks for all the input. I applied 23n 1st choice and 23s 2nd. Good luck to everyone in the draw!
  6. clintb

    Best unit for 2022 with 23 points resident

    I hear you, I cant imagine not hunting for 23 years! I hunt every year, been fortunate to hunt some places many people will never get to. Just haven't drawn elk in Arizona. Truth be told, if I had known how long it would take to draw, I never would have applied for early rifle. At some point, you accrue enough bonus points, that only applying for the early rifle makes since.
  7. clintb

    Best unit for 2022 with 23 points resident

    Thanks for all the input. I'm in decent shape, walk 4-5 miles everyday, and hike when I can. I'm not in the shape I was in when I started putting in for an early rifle tag, but I'll be ready for the hunt when I draw. Being that I will never put in for a early rifle tag once I draw, I will more than likely hire a guide.
  8. I have 23 points going into the draw this year. I was pretty confident I would draw unit 1 early rifle last year with 22 points. That is the hunt I have always wanted. Looking at odds, unit 23n, 23s, 3a/3c and 27 are viable this year, everything else should be a given. My dilemma is should I keep waiting on unit 1, or go for another unit? Looking for suggestions, thanks.
  9. clintb

    Help Wanted Auto Technician

    I own Vista Auto Care in Sierra Vista and The Alpine Garage in Alpine. We are looking for an experienced Auto Technician and a Tire/Battery/Lube Tech in Alpine. This is a great opportunity for someone who enjoys being outdoors. We offer competitive pay, paid time off, paid holidays and the ability to be hunting in units 1 and 27 in a matter of minutes! I can be reached at 520-249-1211 or through email at Clint@SVautocare.com
  10. clintb

    Leupold scope and QR rings SOLD

    Where are you located
  11. clintb

    Sold - Ruger 10/22, w/extras

    I like it, where are you located?
  12. Joohnnybgood, thanks for the recommendation. I have a shop in Sierra Vista and in Alpine
  13. clintb

    Bear Wallow Cafe closed?

    Closed for some remodeling during the winter. It should reopen soon
  14. clintb

    Favorite Westerns

    Blazing Saddles if you want a laugh McClintock if you want a western Unforgiven if you want the best
  15. clintb

    Leupold Gold Ring 10X42HD

    Great binos!