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    WTB/ISO: Cabover Camper

    Short bed or long bed?
  2. clintb

    2011 Ford Escape

    Nice clean vehicle, would be great for a new driver. 2011 Ford Escape XLT Automatic V6 Flex Fuel 99,720 miles Excellent condition Tires are in excellent shape Well maintained Clear Title Power Windows/locks/seat AM-FM/CD/Sirius/Aux Jack Very clean, never been smoked in Ready for its next owner! Located in Sierra Vista I don’t know why the pictures are side ways! If interested text me and I can send you the pics. 520-249-1211 $9,900 OBO
  3. clintb

    2011 Ford Escape

  4. clintb

    2011 Ford Escape

    Bump - updated price
  5. clintb

    2011 Ford Escape

    If a tow hitch sells it, I will install one! Lol, I posted from my phone, not sure how to rotate the pics.
  6. clintb

    2011 Ford Escape

    This V6 powered chick magnet is rated at 19 in the city, 25 on the highway for an EPA estimated 21 combined. Loaded down with hunting gear, I suspect it will be towards the lower number!
  7. Helping some old folks sell. 1997 Newmar Mountain Aire 40 ft. 8.3 Cummins with Allison transmission. RV is in great shape, tons of pictures available. 40,840 miles, clear title, ready to go. This unit is setup with a Blue Ox towing system to pull your toys. $27,900
  8. clintb

    1997 Newmar Mountain Aire Diesel Pusher

    Sierra Vista, AZ
  9. clintb

    SOLD. Another Tikka 260 Remington

    Interested if the deal falls through
  10. clintb

    5B wolf

    My son and I were archery hunting turkeys this year in 27. Out before sun up, did a couple turkeys calls and had 3 wolves respond. Our first time hearing them in the woods, was pretty cool. Every time we called they would howl, they were on three different sides of us. We decided there wasn’t any turkey around where we were at and hiked back to the Jeep.
  11. clintb

    How many hunters vote?

    I always vote, in person at the polls. When I hear someone say “my vote won’t matter” I tell them “your vote may not matter, but it’s your ticket to bitch”.
  12. clintb

    A Man & His Dog

    I learned more from my first GSP, than he ever did from me. Dogs are just about as perfect as it gets. Love them like family. Actually love them more than some family!
  13. clintb

    Outdoorsman tripod medium FS

    Im interested, where are you located
  14. If you're willing to ship, I will take all the federal
  15. clintb

    Looking for Unit 5A info

    My nephew drew a left over youth elk tag for 5A. I have never been there, I'm planning on taking him and his brother up for the youth turkey hunt, so we can get some bearings. I ordered a forest service map and am scouring the net for info. Couple of questions 1. Places to stay or should I plan on taking my camper? 2. Road conditions, I have been in units 1, 27, 3A. Are the forest roads similar? 3. Should I contact Clear Creek Ranch for access? Any other info would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. clintb

    Looking for Unit 5A info

    I was wishful thinking, that’s how I knew! Just kidding, the youths can have a portal account, after a certain age, I think 12 or 13.
  17. clintb

    Leupold VX6 3-18x44

    Where are you located
  18. clintb

    Sold- delete

    Every now and then one slips by! Great deal on the 44
  19. clintb

    Outdoorsman Med Tripod

    If it falls through, I will take it
  20. clintb

    Elk draw

    21 points, still believing “this will be the year”
  21. I’m a resident, have 21 points. I always said I would be happy if I drew an early rifle tag before 40, well that’s come and gone. If someone had told me I would have to wait this long to hunt elk, I would have never started putting in for the damned early rifle hunts! When I draw, it’s a once in a lifetime hunt for me, I will hire a guide. If I were in your shoes, it would all come down to my health. I know 70 year olds who can hike all day, and 70 year olds who can barely check the mail. If you feel good, and doc says you’re good, keep trying for early rifle, hire a guide or bring some boys along and make the best of it!
  22. clintb

    Beretta O/U 20 gauge Perennia Grade III

    Where are you located, I sent you a message
  23. clintb

    270 WIN ammo SOLD

    Where are you located, I’m interested
  24. clintb


    Interested if it gets to me