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  1. Dkart4

    WTB the wife a vehicle

    If you’d send me your neighbors number that’d be great. Thanks
  2. Dkart4

    WTB the wife a vehicle

    Haha she already does....if only money grew on trees
  3. Dkart4

    WTB the wife a vehicle

    Going to be in the Mesa area on Saturday. Looking to buy the wife a reliable vehicle. Looking to not spend more than 8k. Let me know if anyone has anything. Thanks. 9286510588
  4. Dkart4

    2020 Chevy Equinox LT

  5. Dkart4

    AKC Silver and charcoal labs

    Good looking pups. Bump
  6. Dkart4

    2020 Chevy Equinox LT

    2020 Chevy Equinox LT. We bought it brand new from Kempton Chevrolet in February of 2020. It has just over 15k miles on it. Pretty much a brand new car absolutely nothing wrong with it. Does have aftermarket tinting all the way around. Asking $21,000. $20,000 for CWT members, priced below blue book. Car is paid off clean title. Just looking to put more money down on a house or else we wouldnt sell it. Located in Safford area.
  7. Dkart4


    Hey he might have some you never know. Give the guy an email😂😂
  8. Dkart4

    WTB 32gr 20cal Vmax Bullets

    I found some locally. Thanks
  9. Dkart4

    WTT for 9mm

    He’s wanting to trade has 357 sig. for a 9mm. He doesn’t have any 9mm ammo I don’t think
  10. I’m located in the Safford area. Will buy out right or trade 22lr for them. Thanks
  11. Dkart4

    Leupold 3-9x40 CDS

  12. Dkart4

    Like New SWAROVSKI EL 12x50

    Will include Tan Outdoor Vision Bino harness for full asking price. Spaced on taking pics. Will have them up tonight.
  13. Dkart4

    Like New SWAROVSKI EL 12x50

    Gonna get a pair of 12x42 NLs