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  1. Shotgun (rem 870 youth) is used and has a couple dings and a bit fade on the wood but functions perfectly. If your interested shoot me a pm. I’ll send you a pic. Thx
  2. Dkart4

    Swaro slc 10x42HD

    I don’t understand why it was even necessary to chime in FC80....
  3. Dkart4

    Time to cross UPS off the list

    I work for UPS and I have never heard about this.
  4. Dkart4

    Interest in 6.5 PRC?

    $1400 if I sell it. Comes with 60 reloaded rounds
  5. Dkart4

    Interest in 6.5 PRC?

    I have a CA Mesa Long Range with load development and ballistics chart. About 100 rounds through it. I drew a tag this year and I am planning on using it just so I do not have to go out and sight in/shoot another rifle before my hunt. Possibly tossing around the idea of trading for/selling to buy a lighter rifle. It’s just under 9 lbs without the scope. Awesome shooting gun. Shoots 140gr Berger’s at 2964fps. 5 shot group at .38”. Mainly just gauging interest right now. Thx
  6. Dkart4


    Next if it happens to fall through. Doesn’t sound very likely
  7. Dkart4

    Marsupial medium bino case

    Do you have the straps?
  8. Dkart4


    Ttt Best binos I have ever looked through
  9. Thanks guys just got a 1800 BDX at sportsmen’s on greenfield for $299
  10. Looking into buying this model. Have heard pretty good things about Sig rangefinders but never had any experience with them. Does anybody own one and could share their opinion on it?
  11. Dkart4

    FS: Vortex Ranger 1800

    Still available?
  12. Dkart4

    Burris elimator II (SOLD)

    Next in line if it falls through
  13. Dkart4

    MEOPTA vs SWARO???

    Gonna get me a pair of 12x50 ELs soon. Thanks for the input guys!