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  1. RLT620


    PM sent
  2. RLT620

    Good Guy Seller List

    As Tracy indicated above, SpotNStalk (Art) belongs on this list. Exceptional communication with a prompt meet and transaction. Randall T.
  3. RLT620


    Private Message sent
  4. RLT620

    Looking for .17 HMR ammo

    If you go to the AMMOSEEK search site, there are currently five vendors selling 17HMR for under $20 per box. Good luck, RT
  5. RLT620

    Browning Citori

    On the early Brownings, the last three digits of the serial # give you the gauge and the year on manufacture. H = 12 ga (which is quite obvious by your photos) 57 = 1975
  6. RLT620

    Federal & Hornady 300 Win Mag Ammo

    Pleasure meeting you Brett. Flatlander was spot-on! Great seller, thumbs-up to PBRTallboys!!
  7. RLT620

    Double Tap ammo for sale

    I’ll take 4 of the 380 if they’re not spoken for. I’m off of Shea in Fountain Hills so we’re close. Randall T. Text me @ 818.399.5788
  8. RLT620

    ISO 45-70 brass

    Sent you an earlier PM re: 45-70 brass. Found 40 empty cases that you can have. I’m in Fountain Hills and available tomorrow and Friday if you’d like to meet. Text me at 818.399.5788 Randall T.
  9. RLT620

    ISO .410 Bird loads

    See you at 1100
  10. RLT620

    Leupold scope sunshade 40mm

    Will take, sent you a pm rlt620
  11. RLT620

    WTB FAL mags

    I think I might have one (maybe two) and I don’t have an FN-FAL. If I can locate it’s your no charge. I’m in Fountain Hills
  12. I am Interested in your Leupold scope (and brand new to this site). Randall T. rlt620@yahoo.com 818.399.5788