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  1. Rich, I'm in Fountain Hills and have a 16"+ Husqvarna that I've had for years. It was serviced 2 years ago but never used (chainsaws in the hands of a 70+ year old never has a good ending). I can PM you my address and you can bring gas and check it out. If you like all I ask is for a donation to any USMC charity - you decide the amount. Randall T
  2. Eddie, I have 200 rounds (4 boxes) of 40 gr. FMJ CCI if you're interested. Sending you a PM with details. I'm in Fountain Hills Randall T
  3. Current “Blue Book of Gun Values” has 100% guns at $1150. Blue Book says there were 19,999 guns manufactured in 1983, starting with serial # CCH1 - CCH19999. Calhoun appears spot on with his info.
  4. Not sure why the photos are so far down from text. Make offer - I'm in Fountain Hills. Randall T.
  5. I've got an older Rossi pump (Mod 62 SA) that is unfired and still wraped/taped in the box - has all paper work, too. Unable to age the gun but it has a 6 digit serial # ( 215***) - in the event there's a more knowledgeable Rossi person who sees this.
  6. RLT620

    17 HMR Ammo

    Comment deleted
  7. RLT620

    ISO - CZ 455 22Mag

    Gun mag warehouse (.com) has 455 .22wmr mags in stock for $40.00 - as of 5 mins ago. Earlier this morning, Ammo Seek had four vendors selling .22 mag for under 15 per box. Hope this helps. RT
  8. RLT620

    WTB: .380 ACP and .22 WMR Ammo

    Did you try Ammo Seek? They currently have four vendors selling .22WMR for under $15.00 per box.
  9. RLT620


    I have one in the box I'll PM you
  10. RLT620

    F.S. N570 (3/4LBS.) AND HMR17 (5 BOXES)

    Will take the 5 HMR
  11. RLT620

    ISO 38 Short Colt Ammo

    Out of curiousity, where are you at?
  12. RLT620

    ISO 38 Short Colt Ammo

    I located an old box (maybe 1950s ???) of 38SW. It contains 38 rounds of 145 grain lead round nose. If you determine your Colt can shoot this particular round (these are not black powder), you can have the box. That said, the box is in very good condition and would make a good keepsake to go along with your revolver. Let me know. I am in Fountain Hills - fyi RT
  13. RLT620

    S&W 2213 stainless .22

    Jeff, we're back in town. Randall T
  14. RLT620


    PM sent
  15. RLT620

    Good Guy Seller List

    As Tracy indicated above, SpotNStalk (Art) belongs on this list. Exceptional communication with a prompt meet and transaction. Randall T.