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  1. Boarman03

    Scopes for sale

    Location? If I decide I want to buy one, where may I pick it up, which city in AZ?
  2. Boarman03

    Did you Draw A MUZZLELOADER ELK TAG?!!

    I got my first mulie at about 340 yards with a very similar setup that Todd at Southern Xpress Custom Rifles built for me. I used 111 grains of BH209. Parts and ammo are pricey but very accurate and effective!
  3. Boarman03

    Buck 110 Auto - As new

    My first buck knife cost me $107,000.00 in 1995. I also got a small orange Grove with it as bonus!😂
  4. Boarman03

    Thank You!

    It is helpful to know of a good diesel mechanic just like it is to know a good gun smith/maker/builder. Probably not the best approach but much better than the miriad of scammers we've had on here lately. Since I've made my mistakes on this forum, as many of us have from time to time, I am not going to throw stones. I look forward to some of your future posts about hunting or hunting products that are for sale. Congrats on your apparent good name and your appreciation of the people on here. Best wishes and a sincere welcome.
  5. Boarman03

    Whirlpool Electric Duet Dryer (white)

    Happy wife happy life?😅 Washing machines now don't hold up very long. Every 5 to 7 years something goes wrong with the electronics or whatchamacallit. To keep her happy, plan on buying a new set every five to seven years.😂
  6. Boarman03

    Need garage fridge/freezer

    How short of a pier?😂
  7. Boarman03


    Thinking on it. I love the AR platforms. But..... I'm in Mesa.😂
  8. Boarman03


    I assume the AR10 is .308 cal. Does the bipod come with the rifle as shown? Does the rifle come with additional magazines? What capacity magazine(s)? Thank you for your time. Do you know the Manufacturer of the two stage trigger? Drop in or individual pieces?
  9. Boarman03


    Pacifics are great dies, just not the current brand names. Pacifics have loaded an lot of ammo!
  10. Boarman03

    Scammer alert Charlie120

    120 creepy clowns!😂
  11. Boarman03

    Scammer alert Charlie120

  12. Boarman03

    KE 9mm lower $150 sold

    PM/DM sent.
  13. Boarman03

    Savage/Stevens 954 22lr $125 sold

    PM/DM sent.
  14. Boarman03

    2015 BigTex 10SR Dump Trailer - Price Drop

    May I ask, what locks do you use?
  15. Boarman03

    Scammer alert!!!

    Just something else we all have to look for!