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  1. Boarman03

    WTB Small .22 rifle

    Look at a Henry Survival AR7. Very light weight. They even say they float in water.
  2. Boarman03

    WTB AR-7

    I have two or three. Sent PM.
  3. What type of roof? Tile, shingle, shake, metal, flat, foam, etc?
  4. Boarman03

    Looking for 30-06 brass

    Imy dis-organized right now. I know I have it but I can't find where I put it.
  5. Boarman03

    Looking for 30-06 brass

    I'll check tomorrow in the day light. I believe I have sufficient.
  6. Boarman03

    Looking for 30-06 brass

    I may have a fair amount. How many are you looking for? I'm near Bass Pro ( in Mesa).
  7. Todd at Southern Xpress makes fantastic rifles. Dang guy is a perfectionist. Built me a blackpowder rifle that shoots 700 yards plus. I just put in for my hunts yesterday. Doesn't surprise me that it shoots 1000+ yards. Take a close up picture that shows how the muzzle break blends in perfectly with the barrel. That's machine work!
  8. Boarman03

    Wts Redfield and sig red dot and ammo

    It's easier to be a keyboard giant than to gather all of the facts first. To be informed is good. Having been self-employed for over 36 years I know that on occasion there is someone who is nearly impossible to please. I had a perfect record at the Registrar for over 30 years.. With computers and chat boards, it is easier to try to leverage or impugn a person's reputation over a disagreement. That's why there is a star rating system for many transactions now. Sounds like Swampokie could be a 4.9 star advertiser. Wouldn't necessarily stop me from a deal. I'd just make sure everything was very clear on a deal so there would not be a misunderstanding. FYI; "Like new" to me means no damage, pretty much like it came out of the box.
  9. Boarman03

    Atv tire, trailer hitch

    Load Leveling hitch for RV trailers/big box trailers. They can be very handy. Good luck with your sale.
  10. Kelley Blue Book will most likely be low compared to actual market.
  11. Approximately $25k to $30k as stated with limited info. Lariat and King Ranch more to the nearly $35k to $45k. Also depends how quickly you want to sell. These are very rough numbers.
  12. Boarman03


    Those takedown PC Carbines are great! Good travel gun.
  13. Boarman03

    Anybody know where I can get a 30/30

    Talk/ IM/PM to Levers. He's a go to guy on 30-30's.
  14. I have a couple in different manufacturers and models. Sent IM/PM yesterday morning for you to text me so we could talk.