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  1. Boarman03

    NEW Aero Precision AR-15 18" Wilson Combat

    It's a very nice rifle, period.
  2. Boarman03

    WTB cabinets

    Also the disaster contractors that do fire and other damage. Many times cabinets are pulled that can be repaired or cleaned up.
  3. Boarman03

    WTB cabinets

    Stardust and classifieds in other sites. Talk around to remodel contractors. That's where I got mine for a couple of my rentals.
  4. Boarman03

    NEW Aero Precision AR-15 18" Wilson Combat

    I know next to nothing about pistols. I've learned a lot about rifles, but there is a lot I don't know. I do know this guy has a lot of more expensive parts on his AR. It looks to be a very quality gun. It is a good looking gun and 18" is more desirable than 16", unless close quarters. If someone doesn't buy it I may have to make him an offer, even though I have enough very similar guns.
  5. Boarman03

    NEW Aero Precision AR-15 18" Wilson Combat

    Definitely not the smartest, but open to learn. I've spent a lot of time chasing AR parts. I'm having fun with them and have more than my fair share. One of my goals is to have an AR in every available caliber they make. Even though I have the resources, I am very frugal and I scourer the internet constantly. I try to put together the best gun for the lowest amount. And I have no problem sharing the information in a pm. Prior to 2014 I knew little about guns. Since then I have been absorbing as much information as I can daily. I became good friends with a guy who manufactured AR's. Unfortunately he had to close his shop with the economic shift. I am friends with a great rifle maker. I know some very knowledgeable people that I pester on occasion. I'm not a know it all, but I do want to absorb as much as I can, while I can. And I don't mind sharing.
  6. Boarman03

    NEW Aero Precision AR-15 18" Wilson Combat

    I understand, but $250? Like I mentioned, the bottom off brand 16" build from the cheapest source was $269 less a stripped lower. I'm extremely frugal but $250 was just a little rude. A base lower end complete and built is typically worth at least $350. This has brand named parts, not the cheaper ones. You make my frugality look like frivolity. That's quite an accomplishment! One person posted a generic AR15 for $650, later dropping it to $550. I would have paid only $375 for it, but this one is different. Probably worth more than what I would want to give but I seldom offer what others are willing to give. I'm not saying you are a terrible person. I'm just saying that your bid was extremely low and truthfully a little on the rude side, even for an AR15. This site in general has not been kind to AR15 sales, and perhaps we should be a little more polite. Maybe you were just poking some fun, but even so that "bid" could be considered offensive. Let's play nice in the sandbox together and everyone enjoy life.
  7. Boarman03

    NEW Aero Precision AR-15 18" Wilson Combat

    $250 was rude. Those name brand parts run more, although not always worth the cost. With this soft AR market and on this site, not the kindest on AR's, $350 for none name brand parts other than upper and lower to possibly $900 or more for all name brand, depending on the names. Last Thursday one vendor had a complete 16" AR15 build minus only the stripped lower for $269.00 + tax, free shipping. Stripped lowers have regularly dropped to $34.99 + tax. Sorry for the timing. In a good market $1000.00 + would not have been unusual. Maybe with the elections the market will move up. Nice build and 18" barrel.😁 Just curious, how were your groupings?
  8. Boarman03

    22-250 savage FV

    22-250 should be pretty "kick butt" for varmints and smaller game.
  9. Boarman03

    22-250 savage FV

    I bought two, 204 Ruger and 6.5 Creedmore. Nice rifles.
  10. Boarman03

    Gun cases, cast iron, ammo, military surplus, more added

    Fortunate to be so frustrated.😁
  11. Boarman03

    Hodgdon Powder

    NW Phoenix to Tucson, you are a traveling man. Be safe.
  12. Boarman03

    Winchester model 1890 22

    May be more of a GunBroker item. Very pretty.
  13. Boarman03

    Gun cases, cast iron, ammo, military surplus, more added

    Truthfully, the larger the Dutch, the greater the value, plus names may add even more. Size and names, as stated before, adds value onto condition. Don't short change yourself.😁
  14. Boarman03

    Gun cases, cast iron, ammo, military surplus, more added

    Yes, anything above 7 is too many! LOL