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  1. Boarman03

    Remington Baikal spr 453 12g

    Nice gun. Tucson people have lots of fun things!
  2. Boarman03

    Looking to buy a Propane Fire Pit

    On BLM land you have to pack your ashes and everything out with you. Leave absolutely no trace behind (Butterfield Trail/Mormon Battalion). Would work the same for National Forest land and State Trust land. Very nice.
  3. Boarman03

    Looking to buy a Propane Fire Pit

    Mmmm, very nice. I may have to get one for the Scout/youth outings.
  4. Thanks for being easy to deal with. Look forward to the dies and stock. Too bad I already have the other dies. Funny, my first serious high school girlfriend from 1976 lives there in Stafford. She and her husband are great people, as are most people I know or met that live there. Thanks again.
  5. Nice package and no sales tax.😊😊
  6. Boarman03

    Wildlife Sculptures

    I don't research everything, just the things that interest me. And when is research a bad thing? I thought they were very nice so I checked the info. Spent less than 5 minutes. When I saw the exact thing so high, I didn't want him to potentially lose a lot of money. Excuse me! I was having problems with the PM, which was sent only in part, so I finally posted here so he would know. Amazing how much time you guys have to police every ad and comment, more time than it takes to do some quick research. At least my comment was about the ad and an attempt to help, to be positive, not just an effort to hijack the OP and be negative. How about letting the OP decide if he doesn't like it? I've purchased a lot of items on this site, given away things, received some things for youth and Scouts, and tried to honestly help. I've made some mistakes, apologized and moved forward. I've even donated time to help others on the site discretely. What is your purpose and intent?
  7. Boarman03

    Wildlife Sculptures

    Found this on eBay. Someone is asking $495 for the deer statue. You may want to do further investigation. May be someone shooting for the moon or may be current value?
  8. Globalordnance.com has Tula 9mm 115 grain fmj steel cases on sale for $154.99/1000 plus tax and flat rate ship of $12.95. .223 55 grain fmj steel case Tula for $209.99/1000 plus tax and flate rate ship of $12.95. Just an FYI for those looking.
  9. Boarman03

    Duramax Diesel Mechanic or Parts

    My buddy/ my 2001 was done a little earlier than 2015. Still would not hurt to try. It was a known problem and may depend on the mileage. Worth a good fight.
  10. Boarman03

    Duramax Diesel Mechanic or Parts

    My buddy had his done as a recall since it was the first time. Might be worth checking into. I have the truck now and loving it.
  11. Boarman03

    WTB Imperial Dry Neck Lube

    Monkey Dust, Derby Pro Lube? Don't know if these will help.
  12. Boarman03

    WTB Imperial Dry Neck Lube

    Pinewood derby cars for their axles used a very specific fine graphite for top performers, can't remember name, but is available at Hobby Lobby, other hobby stores.