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  1. Boarman03

    Apparent Scammer tbt250602

    FTF is safest. I'll just stick to that, especially on higher dollar items.
  2. Boarman03

    Apparent Scammer tbt250602

    If he is legit, I apologize. But he should have explained more. From what information he gave, see the thread, from last to first, and you'll see why I made my decision. New last Friday. Unusual Name, didn't give any personal info and wanted my email address. If he is legit, he needs to be more open to verification.
  3. Boarman03

    Apparent Scammer tbt250602

    System reversed the thread order. If it looks like a scammer, acts like a scammer, smells like a scammer, it must needs be a Scammer.
  4. Boarman03

    Apparent Scammer tbt250602

    Says he is an FFL in Strausburg, Colorado, and his legal name is Der Scharfschutze (The Marksman).
  5. Looking for the 17 caliber center fire items that people no longer want. Please PM me with what you have, how much you are requesting, and where you are located. Thank you.
  6. Boarman03


    A little bit lighter as the player part has been removed. Still very heavy, but all pianos are.
  7. Boarman03

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    I heard one can, but I don't know enough to make a judgement call or know how. I stay away from that I don't know and isn't very tangible. As good as my imagination can be at times crypto is just imaginary money and if someone decides it isn't worth imagining it has worth anymore it can just disappear as quickly as it appeared without any trace. Very discomforting to a guy like me.
  8. Boarman03

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Referring to crypto currency, not life, right?😇
  9. Boarman03

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    I heard everything crashed today, stocks now down by 20% and cryptos by %17 since January. Houses may be next in the not so far off future. We are in for another "fun" economic roller coaster ride! Grab what's dear to you and hang on! Up down, sideways and upsidedown. Yee haw! Time to put on the big boy chonies. Recommendation: Seriously tighten your budgets. Figure out what your necessities really are. Write down in a small notebook, for as long as you can bear it, every item you purchase and how much it cost. Then review. Was it really a necessary purchase? If not, re-evaluate how you are spending your hard earned money. Save as much as you can, you may need it, and if not, you can invest or spend it later. Best wishes and good luck be yours in what you do in honest intentions.
  10. Boarman03

    Hornady Varmint Express .204 40gr VMax

    Perfect! That will work out well. PM has info.
  11. Boarman03

    Anyone do security camera installs

    Wrong side of the world. Happy to tell him how. I'm a low voltage contractor of over 37 years. Security Alarms, Alarm Monitoring, Cameras, Fire Alarms, Phone Systems, Computer Network Cabling, Satellite Dishes, Intercoms, Access Control, Gate openers, Surround Sound, Home Automation, etc. I've had a lot of "fun". PM me. I'm Semi-retired now.
  12. Boarman03

    Hornady Varmint Express .204 40gr VMax

    I'll take, but where are you located?
  13. Boarman03


    But your box won't receive messages, must be too full already?
  14. Boarman03

    FS: Stevens Model 84c 22 S, L or LR

    Solid shooter. Great gun.