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  1. Boarman03

    POF USA .308 W/ EOTech and Magnifier 

    Nice! You may need that and 2500 more rounds one day.
  2. Boarman03

    Built 6.5 creedmoor

    You're a nice guy to do that for a friend.
  3. Boarman03

    Tractor Implements

    I believe 8th pic is also known as a border disc or berm builder ( you called a disc bedder) and the last is also known as a rotating single bottom plow that can rotate for left or right throw. You identified them and people use different names like scraper blade ( 3point tractor blade), brush hog or mower deck( Woods Cadet rotary mower), etc. One question is, What category tractor are they for? Cat1? Cat 2? Way too small for cat 3.
  4. Boarman03

    Lee Challenger Press

    He's North Peoria, Glendale, Cabela's general area if my memory serves me right. Great member.
  5. Boarman03

    Lee Challenger Press

    OK, that is the challenger, not the classic. I should have noticed the side plate first thing!
  6. Boarman03

    Lee Challenger Press

    If that is the Classic, I'll take it.
  7. I have a bunch of soft water potassium salt bags, some are taped to keep salt in where bag is torn. I'd like to trade for Ammo, or what ever I can use with the youth in shooting, outings, etc. In Mesa near Bass Pro area. Trade value is $25 for an untaped bag and $20 for one that had a tear and is taped, but still close to 40lbs.
  8. Boarman03

    Want to trade soft water salt for Ammo, etc.

    I still have quite a few left. Bags have a tear but have been taped. We can weigh them. I'll make sure you go home with at least 40lbs per bag. Trade value at $20 per taped 40lb bag. Home Depot/Lowes have them for around $35 each.
  9. Boarman03

    FYI just an FYI on 9mm ammo

    Will 9mm get back to $0.17 per round?
  10. Boarman03

    Boots, tripod, vest, compound/crossbow target

    Text sent
  11. Boarman03

    RV Spots in Eager AZ *update prices *

    One can like the people, be friends with the people, but not agree or support their cause. This string remained respectful and I appreciated that, and it was also informative.
  12. Boarman03

    Pacific Shot and powder bushings

    I'll take them if we can meet half way in Phx. I'm in Mesa.
  13. Boarman03

    2022 GMC Sierra 3500 AT4

    True, but now your house is worth 4 to 5 times that, just like the trucks are. Huge inflation! It's all relative, except wages did not rise equally. Just the cost and value of everything else. And anger and hate has risen as well. Sad and unfortunate, but it's our new reality! Best wishes to all!
  14. Boarman03

    2022 GMC Sierra 3500 AT4

    But aren't we "entitled"? Won't they forgive the debt because of the next COVID (20?) And because of the war? Why be responsible? But it is a very pretty truck with fun features! And women? Could be more baggage than value if one isn't very careful!
  15. Boarman03

    2022 GMC Sierra 3500 AT4

    Chevy vs Ford. Also different suspension, and not necessarily the same capacity, typically considered a 1 ton class 3 with less hauling capacity vs. 1.5 ton class 4 with greater hauling capacity. Ford typically has a stiffer ride, feel. Also a matter of preference, accustom. At one time the Ford frames were more rigid on their HD's. Different drivetrains. Etc. I have older, (2000) F250 and (2001)Sierra 2500. Definite differences, equal class 2. Easy to Google each and read the differences as far as weight, haul capacities.
  16. Boarman03

    2022 GMC Sierra 3500 AT4

    And then there is the annual Vehicle License Tax, like a thirteenth payment each year! Pretty truck though.
  17. Boarman03

    Stackon Metal Cabinet

    Nice shelf modification. Do you still have the key to the lock?
  18. Boarman03

    Vortex Viper Spotting Scope

    He sold it.
  19. Boarman03

    Please Delete (Thanks)

    Bolts would be different?
  20. Boarman03

    Please Delete (Thanks)

    Tikka T-3 Lefty stainless .243 Win with custom bolt knob. Mesa Near Bass Pro. PM/DM with contact number.
  21. Boarman03

    WTB 12 Gauge Press

    Where are you located? I have a few different ones.
  22. Seeing how I've never killed an Elk yet, I was being generous and using gross net numbers from a steer/bull. So figure 250lbs which doubles the price per lb from $10 to $20, unless I'm having another senior moment and someone is bored and wants to make themselves feel better by trying to put me down. Yes, I would love to buy the tag. Yes I could possibly afford it. No, I can't get myself to justify the expense. I still need to be extra responsible until my last two kids are through college. But for someone who could justify the tag, when they get one it should be great!
  23. Boarman03

    Sold. Marlin model 60 22lr

    The 75C which is just a little shorter barrel has the tube and the barrel the same length. Otherwise the 75C looks pretty identical to the 60, or at least ours does.
  24. Boarman03

    Sold. Marlin model 60 22lr

    Very nice 60. Great guns! If I didn't have a couple already I'd probably be sending a PM/DM to you.
  25. Senior moment. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.😁