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  1. AZ Free Man

    Found ! Thanks too all for help on Tractor Tires

    I'll try and find the number for a guy that we buy a lot of tractor tires from and get it to you. Are the "blue" weeds silver leaf nightshade? If so, a cocktail of 2,4-d and dicamba at at the right growth stage should smoke them pretty well.
  2. AZ Free Man

    FYI: Clearance prices on hunting rifles at Wally Land

    That's crazy. I thought they limited customers to 4 firearms or something like that.
  3. AZ Free Man

    New Sig Cross rifle

    It's when you "hunt like a warrior".😂
  4. AZ Free Man

    Badlands 1/2 price sale thru July 19

    The title says through July 19th
  5. AZ Free Man

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    Ballsack. Just kidding, but my brothers and I have always wondered the same thing and thought it was pretty silly looking.
  6. AZ Free Man

    late desert muzzy hunt

    I put in for it with my second choice with 3 bonus points. I'm sure I won't draw, but we'll see.
  7. AZ Free Man

    How many hunters vote?

    I vote, and my extended family, (mostly) hunters do as well.
  8. AZ Free Man

    Doves and pellet guns

    The Eurasion Collared doves can be hunted year round I believe. Maybe you're lucky and those are the ones giving you problems.
  9. AZ Free Man

    Smith and Wesson Model 686

    His last post (right above yours haha) on March 31, says its sold.
  10. AZ Free Man

    Pistol Steel Question

    I've shot a little bit of everything, but the vast majority have been plated and cast lead (obviously pretty soft as far a boolits go). If I remember correctly, if you go shoot a Tuesday night steel match, they dont make sure you're shooting a certain type of bullet. I have seen people get tiny cuts though from fragments coming back😮.
  11. AZ Free Man

    Pistol Steel Question

    The steel matches are definitely pretty close range. I've shot quite a bit of steel at pistol ranges, just make sure to wear eye protection. Sometimes little bullet fragments will come back at you, I don't think it's enough to cause a mortal wound, but could put an eye out. Obviously if you go shoot an actual steel match, they require eye protection, and ear protection of course.
  12. AZ Free Man

    Salt and Verde River Lakes are filling up

    Man that is great to hear!
  13. AZ Free Man

    Group hunt?

    Yes, up to four applicants.
  14. AZ Free Man

    29 palms ca anyone know the area

    Seems like you have to be 25 to rent a car, maybe I'm crazy though.
  15. AZ Free Man

    WTB sheds

    I have a set you can borrow if you'd like. They're a little sun rot though (not sure if that would affect the sound and whatnot). I'm in Gilbert