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  1. AZ Free Man

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

    Lol. I was literally reading the last post before yours... thinking to myself how is trphyhntr going to reply to this.. I had a couple ideas, but you simplified it๐Ÿ˜‚.
  2. AZ Free Man

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

    Can a farmer be a hunter as well?
  3. AZ Free Man

    Arizona Desert

    The farmers are probably even more satisfied haha.
  4. AZ Free Man


    Hurry and buy it so I can quit thinking about it.
  5. AZ Free Man

    the 2nd hardest thing I'll ever do

    I've been thinking the same thing. Reminds me of that Earl Thomas Conley song, holding her and loving you.
  6. AZ Free Man

    Why we need Trail Cams

    That is one crazy video.
  7. AZ Free Man

    Hard core round up.

    I personally think that actual roundup brand (Bayer) seems to be a little more effective like their powermax and weathermax offerings compared to some of the generics. Supposedly they have a better adjuvant package and most of the generics are around 4lbs active ingredient vs 5.4lbs or something like that for roundup. We've had a hard time finding it in bulk packaging, but the generics have been available. Regardless, I would use a good water conditioning agent like AMS and would add a good surfactant as well.
  8. AZ Free Man

    Getting Muzzle loading supplies

    Cal ranch is a store. Theres one in casa grande I believe, but I'm sure theres other locations as well.
  9. AZ Free Man

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    San tan valley, qc and SE Gilbert have been getting it hard, hail too for a little while.
  10. AZ Free Man

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    The last time I was in the area, couldn't get a truck to Reavis trailhead because of the road closure, but I think you can get a quad or maybe sxs to it.
  11. AZ Free Man

    PPB (post pandemic blowout)

    Price on the 69a? I'm interested
  12. AZ Free Man

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    I believe most of the area burned down around the old ranch/homestead, but they were able to save the ranch. I haven't been in there since it burned, but it used to be very very thick around the ranch so glassing was very difficult, but that might be all different now. Which trailhead and trail are you planning on going in on?
  13. AZ Free Man

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    Creed is definitely correct, there are certain state leases where access is closed (whether you have a hunting license or not).
  14. AZ Free Man

    monsoon here???

    Do it!!