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  1. AZ Free Man

    Son's turkey fan

    Best part is, he sure looks happy.
  2. AZ Free Man

    Please Delete (Thanks)

    Don't they all have the same action length regardless of whether they're chambered in a long or short action cartridge?
  3. AZ Free Man

    Looks promising

    That is great news!
  4. AZ Free Man

    Getting into welding question

    Probably depends on what welding field specifically. There are many different welding fields and I'm sure there's some that you need certs or you're obviously not getting a job. Probably need certs and experience, etc. There's also jobs that you just have to show that you can weld to get hired (small shops where a bad weld isn't going to cause a catastrophe). I think it probably just depends what field he wants to get into. Maybe underwater welding?
  5. AZ Free Man

    Storm Precip

    I covered my tomatoes, was afraid they'd get smoked, hopefully a tarp makes the difference.
  6. AZ Free Man

    Locked gates in 36A

    Too many entitled disrespectful people out there probably.
  7. AZ Free Man

    Sold of STIHL MS261C’s for sale

    From getting cut by the chain. Look up YouTube videos of them, they are pretty cool how they work.
  8. AZ Free Man

    Sold of STIHL MS261C’s for sale

    I'll take the new one.
  9. AZ Free Man

    Sold of STIHL MS261C’s for sale

    How old are the saws, newer M-tronic versions?
  10. AZ Free Man

    WTB Meat Goat

    Good points. Reduction of irrigation water is likely going to be a big contributor to higher prices as well.
  11. AZ Free Man

    Roger Hildebrandt

    Will do! Thank you!
  12. AZ Free Man

    Roger Hildebrandt

    I know him. What's up?
  13. AZ Free Man

    my next rifle scope.

    Nice! Lol
  14. AZ Free Man

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

    Lol. I was literally reading the last post before yours... thinking to myself how is trphyhntr going to reply to this.. I had a couple ideas, but you simplified it😂.
  15. AZ Free Man

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

    Can a farmer be a hunter as well?