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  1. AZ Free Man

    Reloading question

    Unless you know you will never reload it or need the money, I would hang on to the brass. Doesn't cost anything to keep and takes up little space, but I'm a brass hoarder..
  2. AZ Free Man

    A little humor

  3. AZ Free Man

    Rid-A-Rat Pack Rat solution?

    Probably not... the stank would attract more rats.
  4. AZ Free Man

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Theres probably guys that agree with what you said, but they're not going to say as much because it came from you.
  5. AZ Free Man

    New Member

    Exactly what I was thinking lol.
  6. AZ Free Man

    How much rain

    We got .24" outside of Coolidge and about. 46" southeast Gilbert.
  7. AZ Free Man

    Can you kill sows and cubs now???

    Hopefully they wouldn't, I think they're just messing around.
  8. AZ Free Man

    12g wad info

    The sad thing is even finding reloading components right now is about impossible, making it hard to get into reloading right now. I would get a shotshell reloading manual and start reading up, it should have a section on buckshot loads with information on wads depending on the hull length and the weight of the payload.
  9. AZ Free Man

    Orchard Heater/Smudge Pot

    Unfortunately, not so easy to come by anymore.
  10. AZ Free Man

    WTB 1911’s

    Like shaking hands with John Wayne lol.
  11. AZ Free Man

    Polaris Ranger diesels???

    I've never ran one in really cold weather, they definitely start fine down into the low 30s, but I realize that's not very cold. They're not terribly noisy, just a different kind of noise compared to a gas engine of course. A gasser with an aftermarket exhaust may be louder. They are mechanically injected (at least the ones from a few years ago) so they are not real quiet like a new diesel truck, but not as loud as like a 12 or 24 valve Cummins in my opinion. Of course I think the displacement is only like a liter so shouldn't be as loud.
  12. AZ Free Man

    Found ! Thanks too all for help on Tractor Tires

    I'll try and find the number for a guy that we buy a lot of tractor tires from and get it to you. Are the "blue" weeds silver leaf nightshade? If so, a cocktail of 2,4-d and dicamba at at the right growth stage should smoke them pretty well.
  13. AZ Free Man

    FYI: Clearance prices on hunting rifles at Wally Land

    That's crazy. I thought they limited customers to 4 firearms or something like that.
  14. AZ Free Man

    New Sig Cross rifle

    It's when you "hunt like a warrior".😂
  15. AZ Free Man

    Badlands 1/2 price sale thru July 19

    The title says through July 19th