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  1. krp

    Tikka T3X in 223 Rem - New Proposal

    Ok thanks, figured it was a 12, was interested if it was an 8. Kent
  2. krp

    Tikka T3X in 223 Rem - New Proposal

    Twist rate? I believe the 8 and 10 are stamped on the barrel, and an unstamped barrel is 12. Kent
  3. krp

    update... powder FS or trade

    Herco traded Kent
  4. krp

    update... powder FS or trade

    updated for sale Kent
  5. krp

    update... powder FS or trade

    Ok if I get enough interest on that side of town maybe we can organize something. Kent
  6. krp

    update... powder FS or trade

    Trade or sell? we are a long ways apart for sure. Kent
  7. This last week I picked up a 'bunch' of older powder from different sources, so I have these recent powders I bought, for trade, as they are not needed now. Trade for #8, #7.5 or #6 shot, I would buy the shot also. Trade for 209 primers also. Also consider 22, 22mag, handguns, maybe a rifle, especially for the grandkids as trade if you want enough powder. Will also offer the powder for sale after considering any trades first. Will update post then... Now for sale, if you are buying pickup is either Recker and the 202 or McDowell and Power. If trading I may travel some for the right deal. Green dot... 4 lb jug... 120.00 Herco... 2 lbs... 32.00 per lb... TRADED Clay dot... 4 lbs... 32.00 per lb WSF... 2 lbs... 32.00 per lb WST... 4 lb jug... 110.00 WIN 296... 1 lb... 30.00 Win 244... 2 lbs... 30.00 per lb WIN Staball 6.5... 2 lbs... 35.00 per lb Accurate 2495... 2 lbs... 30.00 per lb IMR 4166... 5 lbs... 40.00 per lb VV 133... 3 lbs... 40.00 per lb VV140... 1 lb... 40.00 PM or text 480 292 4554 east Mesa, 202 and Recker or McDowell Kent
  8. krp

    shotgun/pistol powder

    I would sell the WST and WSF for 180.00 combined, that's a few bucks less than what I paid. Kent
  9. krp

    shotgun/pistol powder

    No plans to go south this year. I hadn't seen red dot or green dot in a long time. I wanted some red dot for paper hull loads. Anyway I bought extra to pass on to others who are also looking. Kent
  10. krp

    shotgun/pistol powder

    Updated WSF 2 lbs... 70.00 WST 4 lbs... 120.00 If you want just a 1 lber then it's 40.00 for any of them. PM or text 480 292 4554 east Mesa, close to the 202 and Recker/McDowell/McKellips turn Kent
  11. I also have a 4lber of WST... 120.00 2 lbs of WSF... 70.00 Kent
  12. IMR 4350 SPF... Kent
  13. krp

    WTB: Bullseye Powder

    Powder Valley had bullseye available right now. Kent
  14. IMR 4350 8lb... 300.00 2lbs Clay Dot... 70.00 Win 244... 2lbs... 70.00 VV N 133... 2lbs... 100.00 IMR 4166... 4lbs... 50.00 ea Win Staball 6.5... 2lbs... 90.00 Accurate 2495... 2lbs... 80.00 Large pistol primers(remington or federal 1000 count only selling 1), small pistol magnum(federal), 1000 count... 100.00 ea or trade for other primers. East Mesa, Power and McDowell area... Also have a place at Christopher creek so can meet in Payson, even up to Forest lakes, when I'm up there. Kent PM or text 480 292 4554
  15. krp

    Looking for imr4895 in Phoenix

    Brownells just listed it yesterday, limit 2lbs so 102.88 with hazmat and shipping, don't know how long it will last. If they have other powders you want, you can get more on the same hazmat. I do have a couple pounds of AA2495 available, why they called it 2495 instead of 4895 who knows. AA designed it to duplicate imr4895, now that Hodgdon owns both IMR and Accurate and both are made in the same plant in Canada, only difference may be the label. They have always loaded really close to the same, within lot variations. The difference in H4895 is it's an extreme powder made in Australia. I bought the AA2495 as backup when I couldn't find H4895 which I use a lot of, I finally found some. Kent