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  1. krp

    Reloading Items for Sale

    - 38 cal 130 gr RNFP guessing probably 250 rounds minimum left in it. & 38 cal 158 gr Hollow point 100 rds Not sure if these are sold and if not what's the price? Kent
  2. krp

    Powder and primers up for trade

    What are you still looking for? I have 2 lbs of WSF and 8lber of Win572(same burn rate and application as blue dot} Kent
  3. krp

    Scammers are busy lately

    Ya, I just delete the pm... I'm FTF on deals here, won't buy or sell a firearm that's shipped from an individual. Scammer doesn't need my explanation... delete... Kent
  4. krp

    Reloading bundles...

    .224 and .45 SOLD Kent
  5. krp

    Reloading bundles...

    Not spoken for at this time are the 30 30 bundle, 6mm bullets and .313 bullets. Kent
  6. krp

    Reloading bundles...

    Also working a deal for the 22 stuff. Kent
  7. krp

    Reloading bundles...

    Ok sounds good, working right now let me get home and contact you then.
  8. krp

    Reloading bundles...

    Ok sounds good, working right now let me get home and contact you then.
  9. FB67

    I will take the 45 cal lot. Let me know where you want to meet it will have to be later today

  10. krp

    Reloading bundles...

    PM sent
  11. krp

    Reloading bundles...

    Lets try this... going through my reloading stuff I have bullets I will never use, so I'm bundling them with primers and powder, you just need your brass and dies... except 30 30 that's obvious which brass you need. SOLD .224 bullets 750 total... 500 bulk packed HNDY SPBT 55gr, 250 Nosler BT 55gr with cannelure 2nds, likely special order overruns because of the cannelure... 800 federal 205 primers srp or CCI 450 srmp... 3lbs of VV N133 or 3lbs of IMR4166 depending on chambering. 340.00... if you need another pound of powder for a 22 250 or similar I can add a lb of 4166 for a bit more. SOLD SOLD .45 bullets 1000 total... 500 X Treme 230gr RN, 100 HNDY 230gr XTP, 400+ 200gr cast SWC... 1000 rem lpp... 1lb of Autocomp or CFEpistol or Win244... 270.00 SOLD .308 HNDY 200 160gr FTX, midway 2nds, 200 lrp either CCI or win, 1lb of leverevolution powder, 50 win new brass... 150.00... all of this is from around 2011. 6mm... 400 total... 200 EDLX 103gr, 200 interlock 100gr... 120.00 ,313 120gr cast RNFP... 30.00 I probably have powder for the last 2 depending on what chambering you have. NE Mesa meet. Kent
  12. I wasn't the first either. Kent
  13. I'll take it if still available. Kent
  14. krp

    Hodgdon powder

    H1000 and H4350 were picked up today. Kent
  15. krp

    ISO Colman Camp Oven

    https://www.amazon.com/Coleman-2000016462-Camp-Oven/dp/B0009PURJA/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=coleman+oven&qid=1666917290&qu=eyJxc2MiOiIyLjg4IiwicXNhIjoiMS4xNCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMzUifQ%3D%3D&sr=8-2 Probably this one... can't believe they are that much now. Kent