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  1. krp

    Packer for hire?

    Take a knife, fork, salt, pepper and a months supply of toilet paper. Kent
  2. krp

    Pronghorn Hits?

    Portal out, I got 4b archery tag 5. Kent
  3. krp

    Guess the score

    270 Kent
  4. krp

    Guess the score

    310ish, that's one of the bulls I tell folks... that tell me they 'haven't killed an elk before and will wait on a 350 bull minimum'... that's one of the bulls I tell them the best advice is to screw score and shoot if he looks good to you. Few elk hunters in this world have killed a 310/320 bull, it's a small club. Kent
  5. krp

    Pronghorn Hits?

    4B, rifle first choice archery 2nd, 14bps so could go either way, wasn't in the BP pass for either. Kent
  6. krp

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Antelope, archery or rifle same unit. No elk Kent
  7. krp

    I'm giving away this Camp Kitchen

    Well I went and looked because of curiosity that this is obviously a promotion giveaway that you must enter... the person this will be given to will be chosen the 27th, 2 days, and there are almost 400 folks that have shared, liked and commented... which were the requirements. For those that don't facebook and were curious. Kent
  8. krp

    Oneida Lite force magnum bow

    249 with a 380 gr, 28" arrow one or two turns off from max. Kent
  9. krp

    Oneida Lite force magnum bow

    Last year I hunted this bow was 2006 I believe, if I remember right somehow I lost the screw through the grip and replaced it with a hardware store one.
  10. Original condition, replaced cables and string a few years ago, shot a couple times through the crono and it's been under the bed since. Short modules, 80% let off, I shot it at 27" with a release, it can go lower and I can adjust it to 29" maxed but easily adjust to 28.5"... I have it at around 28" as i was thinking of using it with fingers. Original matching quiver, original sights, rest are some I had in my box, originally had prongs, then whisker biscuit. All accessories have been removed and replaced changing cables so not tuned to bow. I bought it new from Bear Mt in mesa 1997, killed 4 elk and a couple deer. Now I use a switchback and this bow collects dust. 500.00 or trade for 45LC revolver/lever or lever in rimfire/hand gun calibers. Kent
  11. krp

    Super Bonus Point

    You are correct in the proposed format. I'm hoping they just haven't thought this through, though the dynamics aren't hard to recognize at first sight. Kent
  12. krp

    Super Bonus Point

    1 species per year and permanent BP makes no sense mathematically or marketability. The draw is already too gimmicky. All but the top tier BP holders will ditch the gimmick after a couple years and the revenue will be very low. 13 bucks is way to low for a permanent BP, 100 bucks is more realistic but then becomes a game for haves and have nots. Back to money buys public resource. 1 BP per species for that year, I apply for deer, elk and antelope, that's 3 purchases as a customer instead of one, others apply for more species. 5 bucks per BP and that would be $15 every year, at 13 bucks it would be $36. I would be good with either or anywhere between, I can afford it to further education, a family may need it to be less and I'm good with that. It's a good idea but the parameters are totally wrong. Kent
  13. krp

    Super Bonus Point

    I was able to take the survey and expressed this in comments. Kent