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  1. krp

    Roosevelt report?

    Sunday was rainy in the morning and cold, water temp was 54 to 58 so not there yet. Was able to boat 5, had other hits and lost the biggest one at the boat... 2 hrs fishing. They weren't on shore but moving up out of deep water in 12 to 15 ft. Warmer weather and water temps will help. Kent
  2. krp

    Anybody dealt with “thehunt”

    Only way I'd do a shipped deal with a new/unrecognized member is they ship to me first, I'll pay if it's legit. Someone has to send first, money or product... trust goes to the established member. It'll weed them out. Kent
  3. krp

    Anybody dealt with “thehunt”

    Any WTB offer shipped from a new member is a scam. Only do WTB face to face, unless it's from a well established member here. Kent
  4. Functional but scratch and dent. Weaver El Paso... 4XW TV view... tank of a scope but has two dents in the objective end, missing a cap. Weaver El Paso... K4 60C... fine crosshair with dot... but cosmetically poor shape. Weaver El Paso... B4... this one is in really nice shape. Plus Marlin 4X micro vue and Monoscope 4x32 Japan. East Mesa pickup. Kent
  5. krp

    Tract 12.5x50

    I think they are the best under 1000.00 glass out there now in the 12 range. I have swaro and leica, just to many binos to use for myself and the grandkids. I'm not attached to them so they are the ones to be offered up. The market is soft for guns and hunting stuff I know, but someone may be looking for these and they are available if so. Kent
  6. krp

    Tract 12.5x50

  7. krp

    Scopes, Leupold, burris, weaver

    Oh, I'd also trade value to value for an 8 twist Tikka 223 or 22-250, or a tikka T1X Kent
  8. krp

    Tract 12.5x50

    Lowest price... 540.00 no stud available Kent
  9. krp

    Scopes, Leupold, burris, weaver

    Still available... trade interest would be for Lab radar or Garmin Xero. Kent
  10. krp


    Darn, thanks, some were 8, I was hoping. Kent
  11. krp


    Is the Tikka twist 8 or 14? Kent
  12. krp

    Tract 12.5x50

    I would say they are a decent 800.00 bino... but don't compare with the more expensive euros. Kent