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  1. krp


    San Tan Valley, I know my phone won't show location when my computer will. Kent
  2. krp


    Unfortunately every contactor I work for cannot find architects or get plans drawn in a timely manner. One contractor's long time architect died, took him 8 months to find someone else to do his work... everyone and every trade is swamped. Kent
  3. krp

    Mathews v3 27

    pm sent
  4. krp

    Mathews v3 27

  5. krp

    Bullets FS

    I didn't get a PM or a text Russ, try again... 480 292 4554 Kent
  6. krp

    Bullets FS

    300 ct 7mm 139gr SST... 100.00 SOLD Midway Blems... 253 ct hndy 150gr GMX... 150.00 279 ct hndy 160gr FTX... 75.00 NE Mesa... North 202 and Recker/Power and McDowell area. Kent
  7. krp

    Mc davis. SCAMMER?

    I had 3 on my WTB 442 thread, he was one and the most recent, I just ignore them. Kent
  8. krp


    Ok I'm up at Roosevelt so I'll get back to you.
  9. krp


    I'll take it if still available for my granddaughter. Kent
  10. krp

    Midway has Retumbo in stock

    Powder valley had it yesterday. Kent
  11. 3lbs of CFE pistol and 2 lbs of Win244... 40 bucks ea. NE Mesa Kent
  12. krp

    Trade for or buy Powder

    Sure, I'll text you so you have my number. I'm in no hurry. Kent
  13. krp

    Trade for or buy Powder

    N E Mesa, Recker and the 202 is the closest place. Kent
  14. krp

    Trade for or buy Powder

    40 bucks a lb or 150.00 for all 4, I bought it with some other powders to bring the hazmat and shipping per lb down, seems people look for it often enough. I've never used it as I don't have magnums anymore. Kent