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  1. krp

    Oneida Lite force magnum bow

    Yes I still have it. Kent
  2. They both were picked up a bit ago, sorry. Kent
  3. I'll get ahold of you tomorrow. Kent
  4. The big one is ok not collector grade, the utility knife has some grinder marks and not as pronounced, I may have 1 or 2 more in my 5th wheel, I can look if you just want forgecraft. Someone else has asked for the knives to be shipped out of state, I'm trying to confirm if it's all of them. Edit, still available. Kent
  5. I run the stoves off of propane if I'm cooking for a large group or a long camp, the stove tanks work well for small movable camps. Kent
  6. 5 various knives instead of 6, the clever has been asked for separate.... 45.00 now Kent
  7. Lodge skillets sold immediately, sorry Kent