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  1. WittenAZ


    I will take these if still available. 928-651-0764
  2. WittenAZ

    12x50 leica ultravid hd +

  3. WittenAZ

    12x50 leica ultravid hd +

    Wanting to sale or trade for 15x56 of equal value or close to with added money. Asking 1750$ These are like new except 1 little mark where I installed the outdoorsman adapter. Glass is perfect 928-651-0764 live in safford
  4. WittenAZ

    Wtt reloading supplies

    Wanting to trade. Here is what I have: Powder Reloader 17 2.5 lbs. H 4350 1.75 lbs. IMR 4350 1.5 lbs. Hybrid 100v .75lbs. IMR 7828 .75 lbs. Primers Winchester wlr large rifle 1590. Remington large rifle 9 1/2 970. Federal large magnum no.215 150. Bullets 30 caliber 185 Berger vld hunting full box 30 cal 168 Berger vld hunting 38. 30 cal 200 grain eldx 57. 30 cal 180 grain swift scirocco 2. 50 box. 30 cal 180 grain nosler Etip 50 box 6.5 140 Berger vld hunting 18 Things I need: RL 16. H1000. Nosler 7mm brass. Nosler 6.5 creedmoore brass. Cci 200 large rifle primers. 7mm 180 grain Berger hybrid bullets. 6.5 hornady 140 grain eld m bullets. Please text me at 928-651-0764. I live in Safford.
  5. WittenAZ


    Just checking to see if someone was thinking about selling their 12x binoculars. Mostly looking for Swarovski, leica, meopta.
  6. WittenAZ

    Swarovski 15x56 NEU SOLD

    15x56 slc neu non HD. Glass and body in great condition. No scratches or damage. Came back from Swarovski last year for cleaning and replaced lens with small scratch. Comes with Swarovski adapter. 1,350$ live in Safford area. Message me for info. 928-651-0764
  7. WittenAZ

    San Carlos Lake

    Does anyone know if San Carlos lake had another fish kill this Fall? I was hoping there would be at least some small fish from this springs spawn.
  8. WittenAZ

    White Mountain Lakes

    Just got back from a Turkey hunt today. Fishing was pretty good to me.
  9. WittenAZ


    Is there a contact number I missed?
  10. WittenAZ

    San Carlos

    We did pretty with Crappie in April. I heard they are catching the catfish really good right now. I know the water level is getting way to low.
  11. WittenAZ

    San Carlos Lake

    I think he might have been talking about white crappie. I don't know when those gizzard shad got in there.
  12. WittenAZ

    San Carlos Lake

    BTW nice haul biglakeJake. Did you catch any shallow?
  13. WittenAZ

    San Carlos Lake

    Thank you guys for the responses. I'm going to try to get down there pretty soon. I would guess it's just a matter of a few weeks before they are spawning.
  14. WittenAZ

    San Carlos Lake

    Has anyone been down there lately? Are the crappie up in the sticks Yet? Do you guys think the lake will make it through this year? We did pretty good last year but I'm worried it might go belly up again.
  15. WittenAZ


    Do you have a phone number I can get a hold of you with?