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  1. krp

    308 powder Update

    I like N140 in 308 but haven't tried with heavier bullets, Big game should be good with the 165s. Kent
  2. krp

    San Carlos Stocked Today

    Only catchable fish in the lake now would be the ones that rode the flood waters from Talkalai or down the Gila... not many... next year though. Kent
  3. I've used it in pistols and 223, works fine, I bought some 7mm08 just to have but haven't needed to load it yet. Any new brass I may need I'll get starline. Kent
  4. !970/80s Chicago Cutlery and Cutco knives, USA made... also a Cabela's 18pc set china. The Cabela's set is 50 bucks, decent for the camper or cabin. Cutco 5pc set for 100.00 SOLD Chicago cutlery, the older USA made, good quality knives, we've butchered a lot of animals with just a boning and slicer. The wife can abuse them in the kitchen and they sharpen up easy, keep them out of the dishwasher because of the wood handles. I've put together one nice butcher set, 62S boning, 66S slicer, 65S fillet, 45S breaking, and the cream of the crop, a 94S lamb skinner, plus a steel. 100.00 SOLD A basic kitchen set of a 42S chef, 66S slicer, 61S utility, 62S boning and a paring. 50.00 I have enough knives to make multiple sets. I have a block set of 103S steak knives. 40.00... and some loose singles. A simple butcher set of a 62S and 66S for 25.00 can make multiples. Also have some loose specialty knives... RB10 roast slicer, BT10 bread, 78S fillet, 71S curved boning, 103S steak, steel... you can add to a set. 10 to 25 bucks depending on knife. Mesa around 202 and Recker/Power. If you want it shipped, must add whatever it costs. Prices are already low so firm. Kent
  5. krp

    Vintage Butcher/kitchen knives

    7 more knives sold, plenty left. Kent
  6. krp

    Vintage Butcher/kitchen knives

    If you have a set of these older Chicago cutlery knives handed down from your parents or grandparents, and are missing 1 or more to complete it, I probably have what you need in these boxes. Again these are old USA made, not the china stuff CC makes today. Originally CC made professional knives, then they became popular with public so they brought them to the main stream. I remember them, inherited a couple, started looking for them, picking up one here a couple there... I have over a hundred loose ones. Good knives the family can abuse and keep on cutting. Kent
  7. Like old cast iron pans, these old knives are still useful, and if they could talk the stories they could tell. Some are from the 1800s and others early/mid 1900s. I love carbon steel knives but have way too many in my old butcher box, I've used them all, at least to cut a tomato up, most have sat in granddad's box or drawer for years never used, or an old butcher's stash, time for them to be used again. Some are worth some real money and others not so much, but all are better than most knives made today, get razor sharp easily. I'll describe them the best I can, if you already know carbon knives you'll understand better. I'll throw some prices but really most likely they will be mixed and matched by the buyer so a price can be agreed to depending on that. First Two knives are 6 pin, so from England or Germany trade knives from the mid 1800s. The big knife is worth the most of these knives, the little one works great for a boning... 40 bucks for both. The next 3 are F VOGT, not a lot of info on these knives, made in Portland OR in the 1800s, 5 pin, which the american makers used to differentiate them from the European guild 6 pin knives. The forth one is a very old Russell Green river, took awhile looking but found the triangle on it, originally was a 5 pin but someone put on more handles with bolts... 40 bucks for all 4. Next 3 are 2 saw blade knives and a Camillus, probably made during WWII when metal was used in the war effort and knives were made from saw mill blades... 40 bucks all 3. Next 4 are 3 carbon steel chicago cutlery and a L Bean Dexter, the first knife has a cracked handle, too bad as it's worth a bunch if not, the fillet knife is in good shape... 60 bucks all 4. Last 3 are an Old Hickory, Forgecraft, Ekco forge... 20 bucks. The two on top are cheap knives, if someone wants them they are free with any other knives, before I toss them. Mix and match any combos and we'll figure a price. Mesa, 202 and Recker/Power area. Kent
  8. All knives are spoken for... Thanks Kent
  9. Knives 1, 2, 12 are gone or spoken for. The rest still available, I'll make the best deal I can to get them to someone that will use them. Only ones that need to be kept together are the F VOGT, they are so rare and almost no info on, they need to be together. From the left Kent
  10. Chris, I only have the two carbon steel cleavers, the green river and a Foster bros that go with a set. I may have another Chicago cutlery cleaver from the 80s and a Wustoff. Kent
  11. These are the ones I'm keeping in the box... Some Foster bros, Dexter, Henckels, Chicago cutlery, Russell, the huge one on the end is a cutco from way back before bakelite handles. Kent
  12. First 2 knives from the left are spf, the big and little 1800s 6 pin. Kent
  13. krp

    Vintage Butcher/kitchen knives

    Butcher set sold Kent
  14. The old knives have the nostalgia factor... I killed an elk in January, Took this 1800s meat saw (with newer blade) to break it down, then at home used these 1800s Russell green river knives to butcher it, Some of those knives might have come across America in covered wagons... just stuff I like to do... what those knives have done for 150 years. I have newer knives that would work, use them for everyday stuff. Kent
  15. krp

    Vintage Butcher/kitchen knives

    Cutco sold to jdown Kent
  16. krp


    I'll take it if still available Kent
  17. CFE Pistol, Win 244 25 bucks a pound Fed LPM, SPM, SR 90 bucks 1000 NE Mesa, Recker and 202... Power/McDowell area meet up. Kent
  18. krp

    $25 lb Powders, Primers $90 ea

    Federal LPM and SPM still available Kent
  19. krp

    $25 lb Powders, Primers $90 ea

    Fed SR primers, 244 and 2lbs of cfe SPF Kent
  20. krp

    H1000 For sale

    The cheapest online cost of the main suppliers is Powder Valley, they've had H1000 a couple times in the last week... and it goes immediately... if you can get the maximum 5lbs it is 306.84, that's over 61 bucks a lb. Everyone else is more... if they have 5lbs to spread out the hazmat and shipping. Kent
  21. krp

    Savage Mark II rifles (2), 22LR

    Both spf to 2 different members
  22. 1 SOLD the other SPF 2 Savage Mark II, 22LR only One is drilled for scope bases and the other grooved, I have 2 Kmart Japan scopes for them, though never shot them scoped so not sighted in. Bought from a member here for the grandkids to learn on, shot single shot, lightly used for 1 year then they moved on to a 10/22. Both in good shape, no marks or scratches. 180.00 ea or 350.00 for both NE Mesa, Recker/202 or McDowell/Power meet up. Kent
  23. krp

    Savage Mark II rifles (2), 22LR

    160.00 ea... no scopes Kent
  24. krp

    Classic Firearms

    Ok I'll pass. Thanks Kent
  25. krp

    Classic Firearms

    I thought I sent you a message but I guess you can't recieve them. Kent