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  1. Passinthru

    WTS BSA Sweet 22 scope

    Interested, pm sent.
  2. Passinthru

    Hornady .308 178 eldx in stock

    Thanks for the heads up. Have you bought stuff from there before?
  3. Passinthru

    Ruger American predator 22-250

    Pm inbound.
  4. Passinthru

    Massive Powermatic table saw

    That’s a 3 phase motor correct?
  5. Passinthru

    Mystery Ranch quick draw sling.. sold

    Maybe I need to give it another try. Were you not a fan of the mystery ranch one?
  6. Passinthru

    Mystery Ranch quick draw sling.. sold

    Any chance you’d be interested in trading for the kifaru universal gun sling?
  7. Passinthru

    Winchester model 190 22

    Where are you located? Thanks
  8. Passinthru

    .303 British In Search Of

    Awesome, thank you all. I will forward this info along. I know he is hoping for an original. I’ll keep you all posted. Thank you
  9. Passinthru

    .303 British In Search Of

    Looking for my neighbor, he wants a magazine. Nothing else, he killed his first deer with it and it was handed down to him.
  10. Bump, how do you all like your teyrx? Been thinking about getting a sxs, dang sure seem like a nicer price tag. Mainly just for hunting/cruising with kids. Thanks
  11. Passinthru

    Leupold VX-3

    Pm inbound
  12. Passinthru

    Vortex Kaibabs 15X56 $450

    Really? Did Matt get hacked or something? I can vouch for Matt, I’ve done electrical for him…stand up guy
  13. Passinthru

    Crispi Crossover Light Pro

    Sending pm
  14. Passinthru

    Crispi Crossover Light Pro

    I’m interested, where about sin Tucson are you?
  15. Passinthru

    WTB- RL-22

    Awesome thanks guys. I live out in San Tan/Florence but go into town often. I’ll pm you my number so we can work something out. Thank you