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  1. Passinthru

    Mystery ranch stuff

    Where are you located? Thanks
  2. Passinthru

    Savage 110 Carbon predator 308

    Pm sent
  3. Passinthru

    Firewood 1.5 cords Aspen/Fir $500

    My buddy had this bull on camera many moons back, I happened to stumble upon his old sheds a few years back. Another friend found a brown set off him. This year while packing in my buddy found him about half a second before I did! Go figure, but being the good guy he is gave her to me. Was worth the pack out
  4. Passinthru

    Firewood 1.5 cords Aspen/Fir $500

    Thank you all for the bumps…I was hoping the deadhead would help👍🏻 pics to come
  5. Cut some wood over the weekend with my boys and my buddy's kids and they aim to sell it. Lookin to fill up their piggy banks to buy some pistols.haha I'd say the wood is roughly at a 1.5 cords, mostly consists of split aspen, there is a layer in there of doug fir. Willing to deliver, would prefer to keep it in the east valley or oracle area (not to familiar with Tucson) we live out in the San Tan/Florence area. Looking to get $500 for it??? Posted on the campfire section to get a feel for pricing and that seemed to be close to the suggestion give. For the right price we'll stack it upon delivery...put my little dudes to work. Thanks 1AF05BA5-5C20-4C54-9B1C-6F0BBB8D57C1_(1).MP4
  6. Passinthru

    Firewood-Aspen and Dougfir

    Wonder why this didn’t notify me of responses. Thank you all for the responses. I’m from Springerville and we burn the heck outta aspen. We’ve never burnt pine, unless it was over a camp fire…to messy for the flue. Usually cut aspen, fir, oak and juniper. Last year prices were crazy in the middle of winter in Springerville…people were paying $250-$300 for a cord of aspen split and delivered. Back in highschool we’d sell a cord of aspen for $100 and a case of beer if we were lucky.haha $250 for a cord of juniper split and delivered. Guess I’ll move this over to the classifieds and see about getting $500??? Get my little helpers paid.haha Thanks again
  7. Passinthru

    Firewood-Aspen and Dougfir

    Kids and I went camping up north and cut/split 1.5 cords of mostly aspen along with dougfir. My boys are 5 and 6 and wanting to sell it here in the valley. Any thoughts of what we should ask? Thanks located San Tan/Florence area.
  8. Passinthru

    FS Man’s best friend/hunting dog

    Good looking pup, bump for a reliable seller
  9. Passinthru

    UTV Rental??

    Hey guys, Been kicking around the idea of renting out my side by side. Does anyone have experience on doing this? Thanks
  10. Passinthru

    Tandem axle steel flatbed 900$ price drop 600$

    Is it functional? Thanks
  11. Passinthru

    Antler buyers?

    Right on, must be buying for Trinity. I know Jerry retired years back, dang good guy. Not sure if he’s still buying for him or not but if anyone’s interested I’ll hit them up