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  1. Passinthru

    WTB Cord Wood

    I checked out some of the websites off predators link….do people really pay $700+ for a cord of oak down in the valley?
  2. Passinthru

    100 grain broadheads trade

    Sounds good I’ll take them. I’ll pm you my info and figure out payment options. I live out in florence
  3. Passinthru

    100 grain broadheads trade

    Both for $25 total? I’ll take them depending on location or if you’re willing to ship. Thanks
  4. Passinthru


    Pm sent
  5. Passinthru


    Not to speak on his behalf but looks like he’s asking $2300 on OfferUp.
  6. Passinthru

    Knoll Lake

    Is Knoll lake pretty crowded during the summer on weekends? Thanks
  7. Passinthru

    Looking for Boys Power Wheel

  8. Passinthru

    Looking for Boys Power Wheel

    Hello all, looking for a power wheel no longer in use, my kiddos have used and abused theirs. Let me know what you I have. I’m located in Florence, due to our great gas prices I’d prefer to deal with east valley. Thank you IMG_2551.MOV
  9. Passinthru

    SOLD! Please delete

    Bump for a good seller, buy with confidence
  10. Passinthru

    Glock 43-$500

  11. Passinthru

    .38 Special +P Airweight $500

  12. Passinthru

    Glock 43-$500

    Hello all, Looking to sell my Glock 43, we did install a night site on the front site, I’ll look for the packaging and give the brand it is, I believe it was around $60-$80. Pistol will come with the sticky holster. Pistol has not been shot much. Located in Florence. Buyer must sign a bill of sale. Thanks $500
  13. Passinthru

    .38 Special +P Airweight $500

    Hello all, Looking to part with my .38 special +P Smith and Wesson Airweight. Should have some rounds to go with it. I have not shot this pistol much, I believe I have some rounds to go with it and a sticky holster. Located in Florence and work down toward Eloy. Buyer must sign a bill of sale. $500 thanks
  14. Passinthru

    All gone. Please delete

    I’ll take the rest
  15. Passinthru

    20.6’ Maxum Boat w/ 4.3 Mercruiscer

    Not sold. Please delete. Nice to meet you Russ