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  1. Passinthru

    $1,000 2004 Nissan Frontier 4dr needs motor

    Not sure what insurance you have but check with them. Had a similar deal happen on my dads pickup. State Farm covered it🤷🏼
  2. Passinthru

    Free winch

    Thank you
  3. Passinthru

    Free winch

    I’ll take it if still available. Could pick up tomorrow possibly around 3 if that works for you? Thanks
  4. Passinthru

    sold please delete

    Buy with confidence. Bump for a good seller
  5. Passinthru

    1-6x24 Vortex Strike Eagle For Sale

    Sold. Nice meeting you Skip
  6. Passinthru

    1-6x24 Vortex Strike Eagle For Sale

    Pm inbound
  7. Hello all, Looking to sell my strike eagle scope as I no longer need it. Not 100% sure on the reticle. It does have 11 stages of illumination on the reticle. Has one superficial scratch. Will come with weaver rings ready to attach to your rail. Comes with the scope caps. Not sure what to ask, thinking $300 with rings but open to offers. If I’m off on the price fill free to pm with suggestions...I appreciate it. Located in Florence, but travel throughout the East valley often and head up to Springerville often as well. Sorry for the upside down pictures
  8. Passinthru

    WTB Youth Shotgun

    Bump. Thanks
  9. Passinthru

    ISO gunsmith around Phoenix

    Not sure what all work they do but I had a muzzle brake installed on a rifle by Phoenix Custom Rifles, they did awesome work, fast turn around and pretty reasonable I think. Think they’re in Tempe area, near Tempe Marketplace
  10. Passinthru

    .300 wby mag ammo

    Sold. Thanks
  11. Passinthru

    300 WSM Ammo

    Interested, I’ll shoot you a pm.
  12. Passinthru

    WTB Youth Shotgun

    Thank you, I’m fine with new just more so looking for $100-200 range. Sorry should have specified, just looking for good starter gun for the 9 year old. Maybe one that a good game of whiffle ball has been played with, not baseball but whiffle ball...just a little dinged up
  13. Passinthru

    WTB Youth Shotgun

  14. Passinthru

    WTB Youth Shotgun

    Thank you, are youth guns hard to find on here?
  15. Passinthru

    WTB Youth Shotgun

    Sounds good. Appreciate the feedback and the bump