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  1. Passinthru

    Vortex Kaibabs 15X56 $450

    Really? Did Matt get hacked or something? I can vouch for Matt, I’ve done electrical for him…stand up guy
  2. Passinthru

    Crispi Crossover Light Pro

    Sending pm
  3. Passinthru

    Crispi Crossover Light Pro

    I’m interested, where about sin Tucson are you?
  4. Passinthru

    WTB- RL-22

    Awesome thanks guys. I live out in San Tan/Florence but go into town often. I’ll pm you my number so we can work something out. Thank you
  5. Passinthru

    WTB- RL-22

    Curious if anybody has any for sale or know where to buy some. Not looking for much just want to reload a few rounds for this up coming season. Thank you
  6. Passinthru

    Thermador Wall Oven W/ Trim for Microwave

    Yes sir correct, we have a stove top on our island then had the oven and microwave on the wall. Yes sir it’s called Merril Ranch Anthem or something like that. Sun City for the folks over 55 and Parkside for the families.
  7. Passinthru

    Thermador Wall Oven W/ Trim for Microwave

    Offers welcome
  8. Wife wanted a double oven opposed to this. I do not have the microwave for this. Just the oven and the trim piece for the microwave. Would appreciate input on price for this, it is a few models old and not sure what the market is for it. Always open to trades. Thank you. Located in Florence Anthem.
  9. Passinthru

    Mathews Switchback

    I’ll take the kids now if still available. Pm inbound
  10. Passinthru


    Pm sent
  11. Passinthru


    Least he took one piece of rat s**t with him
  12. Passinthru


    Sold. Please delete
  13. Passinthru

    Taurus 380 for sale

    Thanks for the pistol. Good guy to deal with, nice to meet you
  14. Passinthru

    (2) 9mm 50rnd jacketed hollow pt. 115gr.

    Where are you located? Thanks
  15. Passinthru

    Taurus 380 for sale

    Pm inbound