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  1. RatherBhuntin

    Back packs

    Camelback pack is sold
  2. RatherBhuntin

    Duck decoys

    I 17 and carefree highway
  3. RatherBhuntin

    Duck decoys

    Correction, 5 drakes and 5 hens
  4. RatherBhuntin

    Back packs

    I got 3 back packs for sale. All of them are in good condition. 1st camel back back pack with waist strap. Has pocket for hydration bladder. $20. Second, no name brand, has waist strap, no compartment for hydration bladder $20. Third is a hi-tec backpack. Never been taken out backpacking. Plenty of straps and storage space. Lots of padding so it’s a comfortable pack. $50
  5. RatherBhuntin

    Duck decoys

    $20. Green head gear mallard decoys. 4 drakes and 5 hens. Never used.
  6. RatherBhuntin

    McMillan Carbon Stock for Tikka T3/T3X

    Long or short action?
  7. RatherBhuntin

    Back pack

    Not a name brand pack. Has a rifle scabbard and plenty of storage space. Bought it brand new and never used it. $50
  8. RatherBhuntin

    Large rifle primers

    I’ll take them
  9. RatherBhuntin

    Price drop Marlin 45-70 stainless steel

    Still for sale?
  10. RatherBhuntin

    Federal Premium 180 gr Trophy Copper 300 WSM ammo

    Do you want to trade for 300wsm Barnes ttsx 150gr?
  11. RatherBhuntin

    ISO of tikka 300wsm

    Looking for a tikka in 300wsm, any out there?
  12. RatherBhuntin

    Winchester model 94 30-30

    Still got it?
  13. RatherBhuntin

    Vortex viper

    Vortex viper pst 6.5-20X50. 30mm tube. Has not issues and the glass is clear. Never had to send it in, always held zero. Only selling to go to a different style reticle. $550obo
  14. RatherBhuntin

    Powder and projectiles

    I’ll take the 4350
  15. RatherBhuntin

    Remington 700 SPS 223

    Pm sent