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  1. elkhunter

    2010 and up Toyota 4Runner Wheels

    My wife 4Runner got lifted and I sold the stock wheels in a day through FB marketplace with several interested parties. They fit Nissan and Chevy SUV’s. Post it on FB and it’ll sell quick
  2. elkhunter

    WtB muzzleloader package

    pm sent
  3. elkhunter

    Kids pig

  4. elkhunter

    Plant identification

    Yeah you're right deer will live around it but never have I seen them eat it, I think it's more for protection/security. Mountain mohogany is king
  5. elkhunter

    Plant identification

    I thought you had posted something regarding this plant in the past but I couldn't find the thread so I started this guy up. I helped out a student of mine on his HAM hunt out your direction and it was loaded with these sand paper brush. Glad I finally know what they are, I've ignored them for 24 years and just now realized I don't know what the heck they are.
  6. elkhunter

    Plant identification

    That's it! thanks!
  7. elkhunter

    Plant identification

    I saw that but it doesn't match up, the leaves are circular and the bark/stem are light grey. These brush are all around north face on Mustangs and over by Kartchner caverns and around Tombstone.
  8. elkhunter

    Plant identification

    Trying to find out the name of this plant- grows in Southern Arizona high desert areas with limestone pockets. It’s the green shrub behind my back in the picture.
  9. elkhunter

    Wife’s 2021 javelina

    I told my wife no weapons in the pictures to avoid controversy- thanks!
  10. elkhunter

    Wife’s 2021 javelina

    When my wife has a tag, it really is the most enjoyable hunts out of the year. We set up camp Thursday evening and I was able to locate a herd at last light miles away. Friday morning we perched ourselves 800ish yard away from the last sighting. We were watching 3 bucks when the herd of pigs walked by them bout 730 and the stalk was on. They dropped down deep into a cut, with the wind and grass causing issues we got the wind right and went right at em and she took a 33 yard shot. Hopefully the video works out, this pig took a sleeping pill through her whole body 👍 FullSizeRender.mov
  11. elkhunter

    2021 Muzzleloader javelinas

    Pops and I had a great time as usual. We spotted a herd Friday evening after sunset and weren’t sure where they bedded. On Sat morning we set up across the canyon and was able to find them bedded and made our move when they got up to feed. Pops harvested his first muzzleloader javelina at 60 yards. We spotted another herd but I had to go back in town for my daughters bday party. Sunday I picked up my buddy and we rolled out early and met pops at his camp. We located a new herd going over a mountain and no luck relocating them again, in this unit we’ve glassed herds in the past moving over 1000 yards from bedding grounds to feeding grounds, crazy. We then went to another spot and after 2 hours we glassed up a herd moving it’s way to bedding grounds. After a 30 min hike over some mountains, found myself 138 yards from the nearest pig and sent a 50 cal sleeping pill his way. This makes pig #49 and #50 for pair of us, pretty stoked to make our batch of jerky.
  12. elkhunter

    How big you think this elk was

  13. elkhunter

    Another one with the guys!

    So you’re the reason why Randy was able to harvest a javelina 🤣🤣 Congrats to everyone.
  14. elkhunter

    Pops pig 2021

    Nearly zero moisture over the summer. Population size is roughly the same as usual in the unit.
  15. elkhunter

    Pops pig 2021

    Quick spot this morning, had to deal with wind changes and pops ended it with a 23 yard shot. The kid got to watch it all over his shoulder.