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  1. elkhunter

    Wife 2020 javelina

    6a is awesome, back in my college days we had several days where we would glass up 4-5 herds a day.
  2. elkhunter

    Wife 2020 javelina

    Unit 9 as always- best unit for pigs in the state
  3. elkhunter

    Wife 2020 javelina

    Hollister sweater and American Eagle jeans 😂
  4. elkhunter

    Wife 2020 javelina

    My wife harvested her rifle pig, was a rough one this year. Last weekend we spotted 5 herds while scouting. Opening day we spotted 2 herds but they were on the move and never fed. Spent the whole time relocating those herds. Saturday it rained all day, no luck. We could only hunt til 12 today and at 1045 after walking several miles they were just below us 400 yards, snuck in and she took a poke at the largest pig and it was over.
  5. elkhunter

    2020 Ham- double down

    You guys talkin bout unit 9 right? 😆
  6. elkhunter

    2020 Ham- double down

    PRDATR- that blows, I'm sure they knew it was wilderness and were playing dumb to avoid any issues.
  7. elkhunter

    Prayer my son Enoch

    That’s rough, he’s a tough kid for sure. 👍👍
  8. elkhunter

    2020 Ham- double down

    For sure without a doubt- we are pulling off more hunts, fishing trips and camp outs than ever, gotta maximize it all before he’s not able to do so anymore. Yes that shirt is faded, you can see through it at parts. The company doesn’t make these originals anymore so I’m screwed.
  9. elkhunter

    2020 Ham- double down

    Unit 9- probably the best pig unit in the state
  10. elkhunter

    2020 Ham- double down

    Couldn’t find much in the usual spots so we headed to a cool little canyon we discovered last year, a nice hike out of sight from the road and we got to glassing. At first we glassed up fresh digs a good 500 yards out and kept glassing, we figured the pigs were bedded down for their midday nap. About 2 pm we caught movement of pigs and the stalk was on. We arrived and only one pig was out. We were 112 yards away. My pops is confident at 100 with his TC so he let me shoot first with the new muzzleloader. I hit my pig and she went down screaming, that woke up the whole herd and they came into view. Pops got the pistol settled on a pig at 103 yards and it was over. Usually the HAM hunts kicks our butt with us walking miles and miles for 5 days. It was refreshing to harvest on the first day out!
  11. elkhunter

    Teamwork and spotting/guiding a shooter in on a buck

    Funny you brought that up, half my family including me, are deaf, no radios here and can still get it done 👍👍👍 we keep winning radios at sporting/raffle events, we have the worst luck
  12. elkhunter

    Teamwork and spotting/guiding a shooter in on a buck

    Lol, it’s one of those things you’ll get better at but never master. Keep going, 100 more stalks with a spotter and ya’ll get a little better It’s best to talk landmarks before going on the stalk. When I’m stalking I always think in perspective of the spotter, you can interpret information yourself in the field and you know exactly where your spotter is and the angle they are looking at.
  13. elkhunter

    Youth Rifle Recommendations for Big Game

    Ruger American predator 6.5 creedmore, thank me later
  14. Easy- I’m deaf so I ain’t hearing the hounds- send it
  15. elkhunter

    My daughter's second pig

    Awesome, congrats!