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  1. elkhunter

    AGFD - Don’t forget the non-lead ammo

    I was a college intern that drove bucks accidentally harvested during the jr hunt to a processor in Flagstaff, always wondered bout the guts.
  2. elkhunter

    AGFD - Don’t forget the non-lead ammo

    Any idea what AZGFD do with the gut piles that are brought back to them?
  3. elkhunter

    Tough archery hunt

    Yeah it was Colorado 😀
  4. elkhunter

    Tough archery hunt

    Congrats Houston on your archery buck!
  5. elkhunter

    San Tan Valley Combs school

    I’m a teacher. I didn’t walk for red for Ed. I don’t get half a year off. I coached 3 sports for a while, now down to 1 sport. I don’t get paid much, I do more for my community than most people. Tons of teachers are ready for in school teaching, I sure wish Combs had real teachers.
  6. elkhunter

    34 A/B

    How’s the hunt going?
  7. elkhunter

    Archery Goat Down

    Congrats Christian!
  8. elkhunter


  9. elkhunter

    Massive Coues Buck

  10. elkhunter

    Massive Coues Buck

    Came from 34a, it’s posted in the cw.com photo album.
  11. elkhunter

    2011 Polaris Ranger 500 EFI with trailer- $5000

    It was sold yesterday
  12. elkhunter

    2011 Polaris Ranger 500 EFI with trailer- $5000

    Unit is sold
  13. Looking to sell a great running ranger with a tilt trailer. Oil has been changed every 500 miles along with regular maintenance. No mechanical issues, ready to run and hunt. Has a brand new belt installed. The ranger has a rack on top of the trunk- easy to remove and add. We put a tool chest in the back and it has a lock so you can secure valuables. Trailer is a tilt trailer, much easier to use than a trailer with a ramp, very easy to haul and move around. The ranger and trailer track real well on the highway. Looking to get $5000 for both trailer and ranger. I have the title for both. Send me a message if interested. I’m based out of Sierra Vista. I can meet Phoenix people halfway in Marana for a sale.
  14. Polaris Ranger 500 EFI with 5030 miles plus trailer for $5000 obo, cash and trades are welcomed. The ranger is in great working order and the trailer is a tilt trailer. I’ll get the pictures loaded shortly.
  15. elkhunter

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    Can we get a picture of the bull?