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  1. elkhunter

    Son’s general javelina

    Last tag for javelina this year. We had some bad winds this week after my wife killed on Friday. I spent the last 4 days wondering if I forgot what a javelina looks like in the binos. My son and I went out everyday after school with no luck. We put on some good miles hiking and glassed til dark each day. Yesterday evening we got an email from the school district that we have a snow day and there’s no school on Thursday. So this morning we booked out for a last day of the season hunt. The morning portion ended up seeing diddly squat. I remembered that last Saturday I spotted a herd 3 miles out but I had no idea how to get there and couldn’t landmark the area. We watched a young lady stalk that herd but couldn’t tell if she harvested anything. When I was running out of options today, We decided to head there and see if we could pick up the herd. I glassed up a single pig moving in a wash bed and we gave chase, got to 30-50 yards but no shots. The pig caught on that he was being chased and eventually ran off. We moved to another glassing spot close by and saw another single pig walking and we gave chase. Snuck in to 85 yards and waited for a broadside shot and got an opportunity and my son (Colby) knocked him down. I’m guessing the young lady got a shot off on Saturday since both pigs were solo and moving. This one is gonna be one of the best snow days Colby’ll have. He was ecstatic with harvesting a pig on the last day of the season. The pig was a nice sized boar 7-8 years old, real stinky. Gotta have been a breeding boar.
  2. elkhunter

    Unit 22 tagged out!

    Awesome, congrats.
  3. elkhunter

    Wife’s general javelina

    Friday morning we gave chase to a herd and they totally disappeared when we got to where they were. On our hike back to the glassing spot, my dad called and he had spotted a different herd and we started walking in that direction. We had a tough time getting a clear shot in the tall grass across the canyon, so we decided to stalk the herd like we were archery hunting. A couple pigs popped out but didn’t give us a shot and after following behind the herd for 10 min, one pig decided to stop and feed giving my wife a 49 yard shot. Hopefully the video works! FullSizeRender.MOV
  4. elkhunter

    Missing binoculars-34a

    Long shot, we are packing up for this weekend’s hunt and realized my sons binos are no where to be found. From what we can figure out, he likely left it behind on a road after we packed out a pig. It’s an older Zeiss conquest 8x32, you can see it in the picture below. He’ll be paying cash if someone returns it.
  5. elkhunter

    Pops HAM javelina

    Time flies for sure. I’m 36 now and when I joined AZSJ I believe I was 13 or 14 🤣.
  6. elkhunter

    Pops HAM javelina

    I’m thinking some of you are tired of javelina pics by now. We lucked out this morning, parked the truck before sunrise and started glassing. By 830 a herd of javelina woke up and started to feed 300 yards away from us. We had to wait a bit, get the wind right and sneak over a hill to get an 80 yard shot. Another smoke pole javelina for Pops.
  7. elkhunter

    2023 HAM hunts

    My son is in the middle of his first year of big game hunting. We were going to try to get him onto some pigs and have him take the first shot. Friday morning, the first spot didnt produce anything but deer and cattle. We changed locations and caught some pigs moving into a cut out of the wind. We made a big circle and found the pigs bedded down for the afternoon. We snuck into 45 yards and started our waiting game. No shots due to the pig pile. Shortly after 3 pigs came to our left, we had no clue they were there and got busted. All the pigs scattered, my son located a lone pig and took him down. Turns out it was a pretty tiny one 😂. All jokes aside, he was proud of his first muzzleloader harvest. Saturday we spent the day chasing pigs but kept getting busted or they would disappear as we got closer. The winds kept the pigs down low and out of sight. Sunday morning at 9, a herd was located far out in rough country. My pops is unable to do those kind of hikes these days so my son and I took off. We were able to get to 124 yards and take this older boar down and had a brutal pack out. We'll head out next week to hopefully locate pigs in a spot that my pops can hike in.
  8. elkhunter

    2023 archery pigs

    28 apiece for pops and I and he’s on a 19 year streak on archery pigs. 😳
  9. elkhunter

    2023 archery pigs

    I picked up a recurve 3 years ago, luckily been able to harvest 3 as well. My shots are usually under 15 yards, I figured a recurve would be a lot more fun than a compound. Cheaper too because I always recover my arrows on missed shots
  10. elkhunter

    2023 archery pigs

    The first two weeks was basically chasing pigs in the flats as they never moved up in the hills. 0 opportunities and a whole lot of exercise. The warm weather has em holding low and being very mobile and moving constantly. We were excited for a cold weekend, it’ll keep the pigs feeding in a small area. My son and I snuck out Saturday morning for a quick hunt before an afternoon bday party. We glassed up a herd feeding and made a move, I was able to stick an arrow in this herd boar with my recurve, he freaked on me and took 2 more in the chamber before dying. My son got to watch the whole show by my side which was great. Battle scars everywhere. He bit off and broke two of my arrows. This morning it was just pops and I out trying to keep his archery success streak alive. The morning started off dull until 9:30 when a herd was spotted feeding on an agave. We made a move and crept up to 17 yards and pops was able to harvest this old old sow. Molars were worn down to nubs and very little meat on her frame.
  11. elkhunter

    2022 Coues hunts

    Not quite yet. Got enough room for one more buck
  12. elkhunter

    2022 Coues hunts

    Wouldn’t have anyone else be part of it!
  13. elkhunter

    2022 Coues hunts

    October hunt, my wife and pops were able to tag out on a pair of decent bucks. Little more hunting pressure this year than usual and had to hike in a bit farther to locate the bucks. Nov hunt, my buddy smoked this great buck that did a head dive into some boulders, we were able to recover the broken tine and had a cool, long pack out in the dark. Junior hunt- my son had his first big game tag for deer and javelina. He had an away basketball game in Nogales, after his game I picked him up and we were off to camp. We completed 9 failed stalks on Friday-Sunday and was finally able to get within range of this buck. After some careful shooting and assistance from my dad and Christian who were spotting from the distance, we were able to knock him down. That evening we decided to go out look for javelina (haven't seen any yet). At last light, Christian glassed up a herd far out. We made plans for the morning and they were up and feeding in the grey light. A short stalk later he was able to put his first javelina down. Thanksgiving hunt- my buddy and I found a whole bunch of deer, a lot of tiny ones. Finally Sunday morning we located his buck way up in the mountains. A gruesome hike up a steep ridge, he was able to dump 2 rounds into the chest. I'm glad that pack out was all down hill and in the flats.
  14. elkhunter

    Wife 2022 javelina

    Close, bout 20 miles west. Sonoita area gets too many weekend warriors these days
  15. elkhunter

    Wife 2022 javelina

    Since we hunt different units for archery, ham and rifle hunts, we went out last weekend scouting for the wife’s rifle hunt, see where the pigs are hanging out this year. We basically learned where there were NO javelina, couldn’t find any sign either. Opening day we made plans to go into a roadless area, where pigs often go after being pressured. About 9:30 my wife caught some movement in a wash a mile out, she was sure it wasn’t a deer. We watched for another 15 minutes and sure enough 9 pigs walked out of a draw to feed. We snuck in to 120 yards and waited for the larger boar to turn broadside and she took her chip shot. Whenever we’re hunting we always pick up trash, mostly beer cans. As luck would have it my wife spotted a pile of valentine day balloons tangled up in a brush. She went and grabbed them so we could take some of the weirdest pictures I’ve been part of.