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  1. elkhunter

    Another one with the guys!

    So you’re the reason why Randy was able to harvest a javelina 🤣🤣 Congrats to everyone.
  2. elkhunter

    Pops pig 2021

    Nearly zero moisture over the summer. Population size is roughly the same as usual in the unit.
  3. elkhunter

    Pops pig 2021

    Quick spot this morning, had to deal with wind changes and pops ended it with a 23 yard shot. The kid got to watch it all over his shoulder.
  4. elkhunter

    Kodiak Tent - Initial Thoughts

    Absolutely- bought mine from a member here, 10x14 and one man operation. Set up in 6 minutes
  5. elkhunter

    Early Nov buck

    For the early Nov hunts I like to go help my buddy Nate, we always have a great time chasing bucks in the hills. We looked over and passed up 19 bucks and got soaked on Saturday. When the rain cleared at dusk this buck was located and we quickly closed the distance from 1100 yards to 185 yards. Nice tall, long tined buck
  6. elkhunter

    Wife’s 2020 buck

    Yeah- same here, not many oct coues post just yet
  7. We had a wonderful time, chasing big bucks on Friday and Saturday with some bad luck with closing the deal. There was always something spooking the bucks before we could get a shot off (gunshots, hunters walking nearby or predators pushing bucks away). We knew Sunday and Monday were going to be rough with the wind and weather. Sunday morning standards were lowered and we watched coyotes chase this buck, he finally settled and bedded down. We stalked in for a single shot at 255 yards. This is her smallest buck 😂
  8. elkhunter

    AGFD - Don’t forget the non-lead ammo

    I was a college intern that drove bucks accidentally harvested during the jr hunt to a processor in Flagstaff, always wondered bout the guts.
  9. elkhunter

    AGFD - Don’t forget the non-lead ammo

    Any idea what AZGFD do with the gut piles that are brought back to them?
  10. elkhunter

    Tough archery hunt

    Yeah it was Colorado 😀
  11. elkhunter

    Tough archery hunt

    Congrats Houston on your archery buck!
  12. elkhunter

    San Tan Valley Combs school

    I’m a teacher. I didn’t walk for red for Ed. I don’t get half a year off. I coached 3 sports for a while, now down to 1 sport. I don’t get paid much, I do more for my community than most people. Tons of teachers are ready for in school teaching, I sure wish Combs had real teachers.
  13. elkhunter

    34 A/B

    How’s the hunt going?
  14. elkhunter

    Archery Goat Down

    Congrats Christian!