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  1. Yeah stay away from 34b early hunts, it’s so bad that I’ve only been able to kill my biggest bucks there. Horrible! Stick to the 36’s, more hunters but far more opportunities. 5 bucks a day in 34 is same as 15 bucks a day in 36’s. Dont fall for the horror stories you read about hunting pressure- most of those folks are hunting by the road. Hike over a hill or 1/2 mile from a road and you’ll be alone most of the time.
  2. elkhunter


    Pm sent
  3. elkhunter

    Day 4 Stink Pig /1st Ever

    Awesome! You reminded me of a time I had javelina located, maybe 700 yards off and they all spooked. I was glassing around and could only see a road runner, I was watching it and caught moment below. A bobcat was stalkin the roadrunner and shortly after got it! One solid leap and he pounded it. Those pigs ran off a good half mile and started feeding again, wouldn’t surprise me if bobcats slay those red/juvies all the time.
  4. elkhunter


    Makes sense- congrats again!
  5. elkhunter


    Congrats. Why did you try calling when they were bedded down?
  6. elkhunter

    Wife’s 2019 javelina

    Glassing wasn’t working well- snow was 12-20 inches on the hillside. About 11 we decided to start hiking ridgelines and try to find pigs down in the cuts. After a few hours finally located a herd. We snuck in to 143 yards and the rest is history! Fun facts- it was 3 degrees in the morning- the key in the ranger ignition was frozen solid, had to use coffee to get the ranger to turn over several times in the morning.
  7. elkhunter

    Last Day pig

  8. elkhunter

    2019 Ham Javelina

    Good times on this hunt, weather was against us, managed to drop two on the 7th stalk.
  9. elkhunter

    Javelina #20

    The month of January had colder temps during the day with more wind than usual, we were finding them down in washes this year. Usually find them up top or on the side of the hills. Numbers were about the same as usual, just harder to find in Southern Az
  10. elkhunter

    Do we really need a border wall?

    He’s got more than half a mil of toys! got a personal tour of that house it was pretty awesome! He never got time for his crime tho, his house got raided twice by LEO, paid fines and moved along.
  11. elkhunter

    Pops javelina

    She was a big ole sow- we grind up all the meat with pork butt. 1 lb of pork per 5 lb of javelina. Then buy the jerky spices mix they have at cal ranch or sportsman warehouse, mix it all. Then use a jerky gun to put em into strips and dehydrate em or oven.
  12. elkhunter

    Pops javelina

    We jerky the whole pig- best way to eat em!
  13. elkhunter

    Pops javelina

    Streak continues! 16 consecutive years with an archery javelina and 20th pig for pops. This pig is a biggun!
  14. elkhunter

    Javelina #20

    Beaton- that’s rough!
  15. elkhunter

    Javelina #20

    Toby- I’m getting older and I’m listening to my feelings more often. 👍